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Professional (Now Freelance) Artist/Writer/Designer/Voice Actress.


In it's natural habitat, the Melty Cat thrives under quiet conditions, often preferring the company of family members to that of any other species. Obsessed with the creation of fine art and the written word, the Melty Cat will spend a lot of it's time hidden from the public eye. Reclusive and often hostile, she must often take time off to regain her composure, as the Melty Cat is prone to bouts of anger.


When not in an angry state, she enjoys cooking (Although, she is an 'angry cook'.), dance, researching her favourite subjects such as military aircraft, biomedical science, forensics and so on and so fourth. Sleep patterns for the Melty Cat are often irregular and appearance times may vary somewhat. Although reclusive and a little antisocial, the Melty Cat does enjoy travel. It never likes to stay in one spot for too long when it has nothing to work on and can be seen in places such as Greece from time to time, enjoying the Ionian islands and the mainland for its abundant food and peace and quiet. (Not so much the pine trees which causes it's airways to close up though.)


The Melty Cat is hindered a lot by its health issues. It is prone to allergies and nerve conditions in it's upper limbs. Allergies to things such as water (Aquagenic Urticaria.), dust, cats, dogs, wild flowers, tree spores, pine trees, lentils, honey, duck down and spider webs make it sometimes more miserable than normal. Its nerve condition in it's upper limbs (Cubital Tunnel Syndrome.) are actually not natural to the species and is caused by the constant creation of written work and art.


A lover of animals and such, the Melty Cat enjoys ownership of birds. Budgies and cockatiels being the preferred types. She currently owns 4 budgies (2 males - Greenie and Skittles and two hens- Aya and Fudge.) and 4 cockatiels. (2 males - Steve and Nicole and 2 hens - Stiny and Peter.)


When it comes to courtship, the Melty Cat pulls no punches. It prefers the direct approach and has been known to ask outright if the intended mate wishes to pursue a relationship. Not fond of mind games and annoying wild goose chases, she prefers honesty and you will always know where you stand no matter what. When the time comes, the Melty Cat is bonded for life and is fiercely loyal to the point of physical aggression to any would-be mate stealers/flirty onlookers. Her preferred mate, the elusive 'LJ' can attest to such actions.


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