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  1. *lurking on here* >w> its been awhile...<w<...HI!!! =D

  2. Lilly

    Happy OtakuBoards Day!

    Yesh lol sorry for a late reply Alla XD
  3. Lilly

    Happy OtakuBoards Day!

    Sorry this is random but hope you have fun on OB day!!! :D And again random X3
  4. Lilly

    New Members: Introduce Yourselves Here

    ~HI Iggy Welcome to the OB~ =3
  5. Lilly


    1. CaNz


      Thankz MiRa. :7

  6. Lilly

    New Members: Introduce Yourselves Here

    ~HI Luna Fang!!! Welcome to the OB~ =D
  7. Lilly

    New Members: Introduce Yourselves Here

    ~HI Nan Welcome to the OB!!!~ =D
  8. Lilly

    Working Out

    Well I so-so go to gym but with my family together but there's few things I do to get fit. I have problems with my weight so I do is walk around the house about 30 or 40 mins but just be careful when walking around. If not this then you can do either Just Dance game or well my mom and I been doing hip-hop abs and it get tiring but it helps. If this doesn't help sorry
  9. Lilly


    That was an interesting test. =3 I got 50.833 masculine/ 96.667 feminine/ 61.667 androgynous
  10. Just watched Empire and it was awesome! =3

    1. CaNz


      Make a thread about it! I flooded the recent topics box. '~'

  11. Lilly

    Valentines Day

    I'm going out with my parents and big bro probably the movie or something. ovo
  12. Lilly

    Super Bowl XLIX

    I don't watch much of sports but I agree in all. That was an awesome game. =3
  13. Sleepy Hollow really good!!! :D