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  1. Hi, at first I was a little nervous joining this site cuz everyone seems older than me, but everyone here is so friendly so im cool, :D and i haven't been very social online cuz my favorite mmorpg shut down ;_; But i'm happy to be here and back on the grid!
  2. Hello! :D I'm 13 so i guess i'm pretty young... If been watching anime for about 2 years now so I know some things... I'm always happy to make knew friends so don't be afraid to talk to me :3 My favorite animes is hetalia and OHSHC. So nice to meet you, there is a link to my google plus in my profile.
  3. Here is some popular ones: Attack on Titan, Bleach, Fairytail, Naruto, One Piece, Black butler, Sword art Online, pokemon,free, hetalia, and etc.   Comedy/parody: nichijou, Hetalia, Ouran highschool host club, kill me baby, lucky star, panty and stocking, Haruhi suzimiya,  ( i don't think i spelled that right :3) Hevans lost property.   Romantic/romantic comedy: kotura-san, My little monster, Ouran Highschool Host Club, sankarea, Kimi no todoke, Heavens lost property, My bride is a mermaid, hyouka, toradora, yamadas first time.   Fighting stuff: Blue exrocist, ( and pretty much all the popular ones above)   Supernatural stuff: ghost hunt, ghost hound, another, death note, tokyo ghoul, soul eater.   Others: Durarara, xxxHolic, assassination classroom, So long Mr. Dispear, K-on, Sgt. Frog   There are a TON more i just named the ones that are on my mind right now ( there may be some spelling errors)  ^_^, so i hoped this helped a little!   Fluffy kitten for good luck! :3
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