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  1. FINAL SCORE: NE 28 SEA 24 That was, without a doubt, one of the best games I have ever watched. Except for that fight right at the end, truly worthy of the legacy of the title history. Both teams played their hearts out, and those last two 4th Quarter drives were absolutely ******* incredible. The last two plays of Seattle's drive were especially nuts. Seattle should not have held onto the football to get that 1st and Goal, and New England should not have been able to intercept it on the one yard line (or, alternatively, the Seahawks should have run with Lynch instead of passing, but whatever). I don't remember having this much fun watching a professional sports game since I got to see the Carolina Hurricanes take the Stanley Cup way back in .... oh man, 2006, wasn't it? I had just graduated high school. Criminy, that was almost a decade ago now. Anyway, no. Incredible, incredible game. The Patriots have proven themselves again, and absolutely no one can talk **** about Seattle having a freak program after taking their conference championship and then playing New England down to the absolute wire. Great football programs, great teams, great game, magnificent Sunday evening.