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  1. Nuts to it. *Changes username to be more recognisable again* I'm buds with lots of Otaku people on FB anyway, so just hit me up at FB/MissMeltyCat. I have no issues people friending me, so yeah. Just do eet or something.
  2. I do a lot of my crap over on FB anyway for work, so I'm on a lot if people wanted to add me. I'm always up for anything that involves you guys, y'all know that. ;) (Also, I'm wondering how many people are actually going to be able to recognise me with this here OB alias. Haha. Ut. )
  3. Dude... Dude. Dude. Like, dude. Yes. But, in all seriousness, this gets a thumbs up from me. I've already been battling to try and get chat active again, but I always enjoyed this forum.
  4. This Axel here has been slacking with regards to visiting OB... So, here. Have some gross pics:
  5. Latest Piece Turbo was sat with his knees up to his chest as he enjoyed his nightly cigarette and surfed the internet in his garage. He had found a huge amount of fanart of himself which made his ego inflate even more, but he even some of himself with people's OCs. His nose wrinkled as he saw image after image of romantic scenes. He sighed, rested his head on his hand and shook his head. "Do I look f**kin' cuddly to you?" ---- Just a bit of something I whipped up in 20 mins. I couldn't resist. XD [Disclaimer: I do not support or condone smoking. This was just used as a character feature.] Art © Rachel Prince Turbo © Disney
  6. In fresh mornings I greet you. My island home. Surrounded by a shawl of turquiose. Crowned by the most majestic of mountains. Your waves caress my feet like the touch of an old friend. Your balmy breeze fills my senses. Olive trees in the evening, with a jasmine kiss... The smell of home.
  7. [attachment=15444:1406764314887.jpg] Nick (User Ninja Spoon) [attachment=15445:1407173707570.jpg] Arion & Ionia [attachment=15446:1400628085893.jpg] Space Child Altea
  8. Very happy with how TheOtaku.com Brigade is going on Facebook. Here's to a good revamp!

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      Says "no trolling".

  9. An old digital painting of my female cockatiel Stiny. (Wotsihiss to some of you. ;) ) Painshop Pro - Airbrushing   [attachment=15364:stinyness.jpg]
  10. [attachment=15338:vodite2.jpg] Drawn from memory using a HB pencil. Vodite, an XBox Live friend of mine and Lee's. I was going to give him a speech bubble cursing over how crap Colonial Marines is, but I felt it was better without. ;) Art © Me Xenos etc © Giger & Fox & Other peeps  
  11. The Dawn of Hellas     Basic Synopsis   The human race now has robotic helpers (Known as the Hellas faction) to aid them in their daily lives, as well as thwarting disasters. But, with all good bots, there are bad bots. Which side are you on? The good, the bad, or maybe you are a human caught in the middle. Either way, the bots have a hard task on their hands.     Detailed Description   The humans race now has robotic helpers (Known as the Hellas faction) to aid them in their daily lives, as well as thwarting disasters. But, with all good bots, there are bad bots. Which side are you on? The good, the bad, or maybe you are a human caught in the middle. Either way, the bots have a hard task on their hands. Hellas - The good guys. Humanities helpers. They each have their own special ability and role. Aetna's Disciples - The bad guys. All under the leadership of Aetna, the sisterbot of Ionia of Hellas. These bots usually have destructive traits. Humans - The guys caught in the middle of it all. You can fight, cower in fear, or just act completely indifferent to everything. After all, you are in Greece. Food, wine and sun!     Rules     Try not to go overboard with abilities. We don't want any super-sues with a billion skills. While we accept robots and their skills, we generally don't want magic users. It has to be at least a LITTLE believable. Please no vampires, werewolves, etc. Yes, you may play an OC, or any other existing character so long as it follows the above rules     Main Locations   Zakynthos   [attachment=15331:zakynthos2.jpg] Zakynthos (Also known as 'Zante' to some.) has an approximate population of 40,650 humans. The surface area stretches to approximately 407.58 km2. It is the third largest of what is known as the Ionian islands and is very beautiful. It has plenty of white, sandy beaches and a lot of coves and caves. (One cove in particular has been claimed by the bot Ionia as her special hang out spot.) The largest mountain on the island is home to the Hellas Team.     Ionia's cove is also located on the island.     Nisyros   [attachment=15332:Fig2_large.jpg]   The volcanic island of Nisyros in the Aegean sea. It is home to Aetna's lair.             Basic Info Required   Name Race (Robot or Human, etc) Age Gender Allegiance Abilities Role (IE: Scout, Tactician, etc.) Description (Body type, colour scheme, optic colour, etc. Or if you are human, the usual stuff.) Location on the Island, or in Greece that you are based in. (Please look it up. Don't just say 'Crete', as there are a lot of villages and towns on Crete.) Back story  
  12. Thanking you! Much appreciated.
  13. OK, so I logged in to find it had finally updated on my end. How odd.
  14. Happy 2013. It's the year of the snake this year. (As of Feb) Any snakes out there?

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      Happy New Year. :D

  15. I am more determined than ever to get my arms sorted for 2013. Since I have been essentially off work since 2007, I think it's high time things started going my way.   I have a nice physio program to adhere to and I am now a freelance artist and designer. I am also taking on more photoshoots, acting roles and voice over roles.   I have over 100 illustrations to do for a book which I am hoping to finish by the middle of the year if possible and I am looking at growing my Melty Shoes business as well by teaming up with charities. I also have some good connections in the 'celeb' world being in the VA industry and all, so I'm hoping that I may be able to coax one of them into teaming up at some point. Hohoho.   I am also looking forward to my eldest future sister-in-law having her first child. It should be due around July/August time. <3   So yes... Resolutions written in a simpler way:   Fix arms (STICK TO PHYSIO PROGRAM!) Finish private commissions Get more commissions Grow businesses Do more photoshoots Network more Pursue childhood dream of joining the fire service which was put off when my arms started scredwing up Help others more with their careers by offering tips and free marketing Stop procrastinating as much Gain more weight Give blood (I'm an O neggie, so it will be useful.)
  16. I already tried that. And deleting history/cookies, etc.   I'll give it a few more minutes and let you know what's going on.     [EDIT: Still doing the same. Going to hurt Firefox in a moment if it carries on... If it is showing up as the 4th on your end though, it should be fine now. I'm just confused about why it isn't on my side of things.]
  17. No. It keeps showing up as the 1st on here. D: How odd. I'll just go back and check in my settings. I'll edit this post once I finish and let you know what I find.   [EDIT: Still giving me the old 1st thing. Let me load it up in IE.]     [EDIT 2: Funny. IE shows it as 4th.]
  18. Having a job in art is bloody fantastic, unless like me you end up crippled from all the years of scribbling away for your employer. While I don't have the rights to post SOME of my past professional work (Darn pigs wouldn't part with snot), I will post some of my personal stuff and the work I have done since turning freelance.   First off, I'd like to share my latest commission.   Client: Name Witheld Price: £23 (New years discount) Dimensions: 1000 x 1000 Pixels Subject: Client's son as a superhero.   [attachment=15322:capt_zpsb1233191-1_zps46a621a4.jpg]
  19. So, I had my birthday set as my actual day and month. Now it's saying it's on the 1st. I've been getting birthday wishes and it's not even my birthday yet until the 4th. I attempted to edit the date as well as my timezone since that was showing wrong suddenly as well and it refuses to update!   Any ideas?
  20. [b] [url="http://www.theotaku.com/worlds/axelsdiary/view/289353/ye_olde_axel%27s_ghost_story/"]Ye Olde Axel's Ghost Story[/url][/b] My family moved into the house on the corner of Wood Street in 1987. Ever since the move to this new house, my family experienced odd things. My sister would complain of 'people' sitting on the edge of her bed during the night, my father was followed by a hooded figure and my mother had personal items vanish. Over the years, the activity became more and more intense. In 1995 my father moved out and went to live elsewhere, but we (My mother, sister and brother) stayed in the house. My sister complained of activity in the house when we were out. Banging and scraping from the kitchen, items being shuffled, plates clattered. She got so scared at times that she would run into my mother's bedroom and sleep in there. The stairs and landing area always held some nasty element to it and on the whole the entire family hated it. If we had to turn off the light in the hall, we'd run out and run back in. If we had to turn off the landing light at night, we'd do the same. We'd run out of the bedroom and quickly turn it off, only to hurl ourselves back into bed as fast as we could. And heaven forbid we needed the toilet during the night. My sister eventually moved out and got married and so did my brother. This left myself and my mother alone in the house. My mother got a job not long after, so I would often be on my own from 5AM to 12PM. It was then I began to really notice things. One morning, I had decided that instead of staying awake from 5AM, I would get some more rest. I settled back down into bed and closed my eyes. The next thing I knew, I heard a banging sound followed by hurried footsteps coming up the stairs. The thing was, I knew it was our stairs, as they had a unique and distinct squeak to them. The top step would creak and the next two steps up would make a lighter squeak then a thud. It was definitely them. I thought Mom had come back due to forgetting something. Like keys, or her purse. But there was silence. We had had a break in a couple of years previous, so I was naturally on edge. It was actually my first thought, so I grabbed my phone and called my mother who was almost at work. I was on the phone when I heard the exact same footsteps again. I have no idea how I did it, but I got back to sleep about half an hour later. A couple of years passed where nothing much happened. Just the odd thing. Like items vanishing and reappearing, noises from the attic. Then we started noticing it again. My mother and myself went to the shops one day to pick up a snack from the local deli. When we returned, there was dripping coming from the ceiling just above the back door. We could hear whooshing from the pipes too. We bolted upstairs to find the bathroom taps fully on and the plug in. The bathroom was flooded. To this day, we have no idea what the hell happened there. This happened again about 2 years after when we returned from an outing with my brother. This time, the plug was not in thankfully. It was from that point it began to get more and more frequent. I would see things at night that I couldn't explain. I first put it down to lucid dreaming, but I was not the only one seeing them. I would see strange insect-like creatures crawling up the curtains and on the ceiling. I'd stare at them and they would vanish after about 15 seconds. There was one time that I was not sleepy and I was looking out the bedroom window at the street. It was about 1AM at the time and I saw something very strange on the hedge that surrounded the house. The only way to describe it was a spider. But it had ridiculously long legs and it was gliding effortlessly across the top of the hedge. My fiance also saw this for himself back in 2009! Other things I would see were a man in my room. He would be half way through the floor of the room. (The stairs were directly under my room.) Sometimes I would open my eyes and see a face looking back at me in close proximity, only to fade in a second or two. I admit, that was very unwelcome. The last few years of living in the house had more physical things happen. Objects would be thrown across the room, things would stop working, or randomly activate by themselves (IE: My laptop. Which, by the way, does not do it anymore now I live elsewhere.) and we (My mother and myself) would have our covers pulled from us when in bed. I remember one night literally having to battle to keep the cover on me. There were also random and vile smells. Almost like rotting meat. Thankfully, this only happened once and only lasted 3 weeks or so. My fiance moved in with me in the house not long before we moved out. He was the type that didn't believe in ghosts. He had been taught from an early age that when you die, that is it. My mother began to date again and was out of the house frequently, leaving myself and my fiance alone. We decided to clean the house up a little, as we wanted to make my mother feel happier. (She had been suffering from severe depression.) I don't think it was approved of, as things kept going wrong. The vacuum would randomly overheat (Even though in this new house it never has!), things would fall on us, items would vanish, I even had the unit of our old computer literally fling out from under the desk and hit me square on my shin, even though there was no way it could have. I also had the vacuum cleaner itself chucked at me. We could also hear loud thumps from inside the wardrobe as if someone was punching it from inside. We'd joke and say 'oi, enough of that.' Probably not the best of ideas... Another thing we noted was that when the door to my brother's old room (Which had been used for storage over the previous few years) was left open, the toilet light would turn itself on. We would be out during the day, return at night and it would be on. Or we'd wake up in the morning and it would be on. But, it didn't happen when the door was shut. One day, I recall the door being left open and I saw a stack of my drawings get lifted and flipped through right in front of my eyes. This was in the dead of winter with no doors or windows open. Needless to say, I was not impressed and slept with the covers over my head that night. One night, my fiance was upstairs shaving while I was amusing myself playing a Facebook game. It was midnight, so naturally I was hungry. (I always get hungry for some reason after midnight.) So, I went to the kitchen and started making myself a snack. I was addicted to omelette and cheese bagels at the time, so I started making one. After it had finished cooking, I took it into the living room and continued messing about on the game I was playing. I had almost finished it when I heard Lee shout from on the landing. (We had no bathroom light at that time, as the bulb had gone and we couldn't get the light cover off to replace it, so Lee was having to use a mirror on the landing.) I went up to see what he wanted and he said that he had seen a man in the mirror looking back at him. I was naturally confused, but my gut did flip flops. I asked what kind of man and he said it was a short, bald man. He even said that he stared at him and could see him out of the corner of his eye looking over his shoulder as if it was a real person present. I admit, I was a touch unnerved. The door to my mother's room (Which we had taken as our own by that point) was open a little way and for some reason I daren't look in. I also felt a horrible cold feeling that felt as if it wrapped around my ankles. I didn't want to stay up there at all. I went downstairs and called my mother up to see if there was anyone in the family who had died that fit the description. She said there was none. I rang off, tried to shrug it off and finished the last bit of my bagel... Only for my fiance to shout again. He came running down the stairs with foam still on his face saying that he'd seen him again, only this time it was as if he was screaming at him but he couldn't hear any sound. It had freaked him out and he was incredibly uncomfortable. I said for him to finish shaving quickly and come down. Reluctantly, he went back up and tried to shave... But, for some reason the razor was not cutting anymore no matter how hard he pressed. Also, the cold tap was chugging out scalding hot water which burned his hand. During this time, I had gotten onto my mother again and told her he had seen this man again in the mirror. While I was on the phone I could hear odd noises coming from upstairs. My fiance finished shaving and ran downstairs again, only to pause and stare into the kitchen with an absolutely horrified look on his face. I stopped talking to Mom to ask him what was wrong. He said that he had seen the man again outside the kitchen window walking past with an unearthly grin on his face and his was very skinny and looked like he had no arm on one side. I told him to get into the living room and while I was still talking to my mother I could hear loud footsteps coming from above me. (My mother's old room.) My bones were also cold and the atmosphere was horrific. She suggested I get in touch with my brother so I could stay the night at his, but while she was talking I felt the atmosphere lift suddenly. It was instantly warmer again and I felt oddly happy. I actually mentioned it to her, as it was so sudden and drastic. But, then it dropped again. The feeling of dread and the cold returned and it felt as if something was circling us. I got off the phone with her and called my brother. In a state of panic I explained what was happening and the fact that we just couldn't stay in the house. We ended up at his that night sleeping in his living room. And now my fiance is more open minded about the paranormal... The house was never right from the start. I would love to know just what was going on there, but I guess I will never truly know. The day we moved out was interesting too. During the move, my mother had experienced a couple of little things while alone. (IE: A piece of paper scooting across the bedroom floor.) But, it was when the house was totally empty and the power had been turned off... Myself and my brother's Mrs went to check the rooms to be sure we hadn't left anything. All was well and clear... Then we got to my brother's old room. We opened the door was were hit in the face by the most intense cold breeze. It was bone chilling. It made our eyes water! We turned to each other, nodded and said that it was fine and we should go. We legged it down the stairs, said goodbye to the house and left to live in the new house we are in now.
  21. Photos are (c) to MCD, Kevin Sheldon and Pete Bills and such. You know... Photoshoots and junk.
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