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  1. Zai took the hand offered, he beginning to search for  a means to connect to the Phoenix. While he was able to connect with the automated computer systems operating life support, Zai was not able to ascertain the answers he was looking for.   "Sorry, I can't answer. The ship isn't exactly being communicative." Zai stood, and then felt the shift in gravity before he drifted up off the floor. "Now this is just peachy." he said sarcastically.   The two drifted, making smalltalk, until Zai caught sight of a large object drifting near them. "My my... what do we have here?"  
  2. A blow of steam and vapor accompanied Zai's cryo-stasis pod opening. His eyes opened slowly, and he could feel his body resisting movement. His body was still stiff, though that was a side effect of his body being artificial. It was much more prominent in articicial organic matter, from what Zai understood of the whole cryogenic process.   "Still in one piece, that's good news I suppose." He stretched, releasing tension in his muscle structures and allowing for better mobility. He began stripping off his cryo-suit. He stood naked, looking over to Arin. He looked so innocent sleeping the
  3. Zai was keenly poked and prodded after donning the cryo suit, while he listened to Arin talk about weapons. Zai held up his tablet computer. "The cargo manifest is right here... Looks like they did accomidate you. My weapons and two spare bodies are also here. Thankfully, the bodies were from my own stock of them." Zai looked down at the technician overseeing the preparations for cryo-stasis, and he observed them stick a needle into his left forearm. There began several needle insertions, and Arin shook his head. "Do you not feel that?" he asked as yet another was shoved into Zai's shoulder.
  4. Zai eyes the holoscreen as the woman speaks, he paying close attention to the energy readings the space vessel had taken before crashing down on the planet's surface.   "Hm... that's peculiar..."   "What is?" Arin asks, craning his neck to look at the screen. "I don't see anything..."   Zai shakes his head. "I do. She's looking through preliminary scans the science crew performed. There's a power source that is different from those found on the planet at large. An anomaly."   "What's so weird about it?" Arin asked, his brow furrowed.   "Those energy readings
  5. Zai looked down at the hand offered. "Zai Renn. I mirror your sentiments." Zai took the hand, shaking it briefly before continuing on the path they were walking. "As for our chances of survival, in all honesty I would rather think about that when the time comes." "Can't say I fault you for that..." The blue furry replied. "Did I hear correctly you're a cyborg?" "Yes, you heard correctly. Why do you ask?" Zai glanced sideways over at Arin. "You're not exactly the most intimidating looking cyborg I've met. What's been cybered on you? Zai smiled. "All of me. And I have been a cyborg
  6. I return to less than much bravado.

    1. K.G


      I know it's late. but welcome back.

    2. Inuyasha Fandom
  7. It's been awhile. I think I will reappear with this ^^ Name: Zai Renn Age: 127 Race: Human Species: Cyborg/ Type Model XZ-00000 Appearance: Personality: Life doesn't do returns on damaged goods, and Zai is case and point. He can be somewhat of an enigma, what with his wild mood swings, but he is normally bright and bubbly. As unpredictible as he is efficient with his weapons, he is a tactical nightmare, either three steps ahead or just winging it. No one can be sure just how he operates. Bio: Zai is the sole survivor of the Star Ocean, a massive vessel known as a 'space liner' t
  8. Inuyasha Fandom


    Dark shook himself as the confining energies dropped off, and then looked around. Kayin was floating in the air as the lich used his magic to carry him back. Dark saw that Mikhail was gone, and his eyebrow twitched and he felt a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. The lich let the unconcious half demon slip to the floor, and Akieen rushed to him, feeling for a pulse. She breathed a sigh of relief, he was alive. Dark moved over to Barracus, aensing his power had greatly increased. "Where is Mikhail?" Barracus closed his eyes. "I am afraid he has departed to the next world." Dark
  9. Inuyasha Fandom


    "Dark, we need something done about all this ash!" Akieen huffed as she sprinted to the others. Dark could feel not quite solid things trying to claw at the two. "You think I don't know that?" He retorted. "This ash and dust isn't normal. If you'll let me go I'll attempt to do something about it." Akieen oblidged him, and Dark turned to the skeletons and churning dust. He waved his hands in front of him, and the air began to move sround him. With a deft motion, he sent the mass of moving sir down the tunnel, blowing the ash away and leaving the group in the clear. Thr skeletons still adva
  10. I still have the same screen name as I always have.
  11. Julian made his way to his designated living quarters, unsure exactly of what to expect. As he walked through the entryway, he was met with a splendor he had known at his previous home, though this was making his previous home look like cheap income housing. Julian treaded across the lush black carpeting, looking around. There were surprisingly few walls, and the entire floor was lined with floor to ceiling widows. Julian found himself drawn to a terminal, and had to whistle at the amount of electronic equipment that had been installed. Top of the line, and even making his previous terminal lo
  12. I've been thinking about getting into GW2, it looks like a blast. I used to play the first one, my guild was the Slaughter Fairies. Is the second one as good or better than the first?
  13. Recently I started watching Ergo Proxy, and am four episodes in. It's pretty good so far. I also started watching Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt. It's hilarious. I giggle constantly like a psychotic schoolgirl. I've watched four episodes of that.
  14. Julian was making his way to the parking garage, holding his head. The throbbing was even worse now. A beeping signaled Julian someone had sent Julian a message on his mobile. Pulling it from his pocket, he sighed. It was a message from his father. He tapped the screen, and began reading. "You insolent, disgusting wretch of a human being. How dare you make an ass of me and vomit on me in front of the members of the board. You will be punished, ill or not when I get home. I should have had your mother abort you when I had the chance so I wouldn't have had such a problem in my life, your brot
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