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    RPG Wasteland: Stranded

    Zai took the hand offered, he beginning to search for  a means to connect to the Phoenix. While he was able to connect with the automated computer systems operating life support, Zai was not able to ascertain the answers he was looking for.   "Sorry, I can't answer. The ship isn't exactly being communicative." Zai stood, and then felt the shift in gravity before he drifted up off the floor. "Now this is just peachy." he said sarcastically.   The two drifted, making smalltalk, until Zai caught sight of a large object drifting near them. "My my... what do we have here?"   Zai's eyes glowed red as they magnified his sight, bringing the object into closer scrutiny. Zai let out a gasp as he recognized one of the smaller objecs floating around the massive mystery.   A corpse in a spacesuit... And there wasn't just one. Many, many bodies floated around a spacewreck.   "Zai, what do you see?" rin asked, he straining to see what was drifting near them.   "It's a dead ship. Maybe if the ship turns a little, I could see her name."   "Oh... okay. Are we going to crash into it?"   "No, though we might get a dead guy or two on the windshield, as it were."   Zai pivoted in mid air to better see the vessel, and indeed it did turn, first to reveal she was missing her entire backside, it looked as if the ship had been cleaved in two. But there was no other ship pieces, save random peices of debris, not another half of a ship. Then, thus did it turn a little more, and Zai was able to make out a name painted upon her starboard side.   Zai gasped, recognizing her. "It's the Hammer of Justice... So, here she is. Amazing the things we discover."   "What's the big deal? Space wrecks litter the universe."   "True, but the Hammer was considered to be one of the greatest mysteries of all time, aside from the disappearance of the Star Ocean."   "Okay, so what's her story?" Arin asked, pointing to the drifting ship. Zai shrugged. "Only the stern of the ship was ever found after she suffered a catestrophic engine malfunction. The bow was never found... until now. No one really knows what happened, the flight recorders were aboard the bow."   "Should we grab them?"   "No, it's better we stick with our own mission. We can inform the General of our discovery later."   The power suddenly flickered on, and a hologram of a young boy appeared as the two slammed back to the floor.   "I am Phoenix."   Zai smiled. His connections to the ship came alive again, and he felt a sense of relief to have it. "You have our data files, correct? Zai said, and the hologram looked to him. "Of course. You are the crew."
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    RPG Wasteland: Stranded

    A blow of steam and vapor accompanied Zai's cryo-stasis pod opening. His eyes opened slowly, and he could feel his body resisting movement. His body was still stiff, though that was a side effect of his body being artificial. It was much more prominent in articicial organic matter, from what Zai understood of the whole cryogenic process.   "Still in one piece, that's good news I suppose." He stretched, releasing tension in his muscle structures and allowing for better mobility. He began stripping off his cryo-suit. He stood naked, looking over to Arin. He looked so innocent sleeping there, and Zai smiled. "At least he isn't watching." Zai looked over his body, the flawless muscle structure and pale skin aroused many a soul, though Zai could take no credit for that. He was well manufactured, right down to his... endowments. Zai began dressing in more appealing and less tightly fitting clothes hanging on a rack near his pod, in fact his clothes he had been wearing prior to his stasis. Arin's were hanging next to Zai's. Pulling on a pair of black slacks and a studded belt, he pulled a white button-up dress shirt on and began fastening the buttons, He pulled his tie around his neck, tying it loosely around his neck and pulling it down some. He then put his vest on, a black and red paisley number with silver clasps. Thankfully, he'd never taken off his glasses. Lastly, Zai put on his leather boots, and tied the strings together, throwing the cuffs of his pants down over them.   Standing, Zai picked up his tablet, and began scrolling information about the Phoenix, pulling up schematics as a means to navigate the ship. He hadn't exactly had a chance to familiarize himself with it prior to the trip. From his vest pocket he pulled a thin, silvery cord, almost resembling a fine chain. He placed one end into an access point on the tablet, and the other he pulled up and behind his neck, plugging it into his own access point. His prosthetics did come in handy when it came to computers, allowing him to mentally comunicate with them, sometimes wirelessly, depending on the device. Wireless internet communications were a snap for him. Zai hooked into the tablet, and then using the tablet as an access point, he began to initiate setting up wireless connections with the Phoenix. Strangely enough, there were no firewalls, and he had complete access to the systems of the ship. Nothing was beyond his reach. The complete lack of any resistance to him was mildly disconcerting, but he shrugged it off. It wasn't important, and would benefit him greatly in the long run anyway. And severing connections with the Phoenix wouldn't be hard once the mission was over.    Once Zai had finished his preparations, he began accessing the ships outside cameras, to see what was outside. The glimmer of millions upon millions of stars greeted him, and Interstellar coordinates put the vessel at an estimated 72 hours until arrival at Wasteland. Arin was scheduled to begin thawing in two hours. "Well... we've made it this far. Hopefully things will progress smoothly from here."   Zai began moving around the ship, heading for the cargo bays. He found his spare bodies, housed in what appeared to be cipher-locked large suitcases. They were physically identical to the current chassis he was using, aside from hair color and eye color. They'd cost Zai a tidy sum each, but Zai was unconcerned with monetary things, as he'd amassed quite a fortune himself with his weapons and bounty hunting. The reason all of his bodies cost so much were the specialty parts they were equipped with, parts that greatly helped his fighting ability.   Pushing his glasses up his nose, he looked around the cargo bays, and found the suits the two would be wearing while planetside. They weren't hideous, but they weren't pretty, either. Zai's suit was considerably... less than expected. The scientists had taken into consideration Zai's prosthetic body, and had apparently felt Zai needed much less. Zai accessed the Phoenix's database files about his 'suit' and was pleasantly surprised. Zai's double wrap belt was his weapons ammo recharger, while the vest, while appearing to be merely cloth, was able to withstand much punishment, as were the pants of his suit as well. Included were comlink earrings, defense shield bracelets with a solid minute of protection time, and  Zai's vistion trailed to a glass-doored cabinet, housing the boys' weapons. "Excellent." Zai smiled, and instantly was drawn to it. He pulled the holsters for his weapons from a shelf, and then his weapons from the cabinet. He attached the holsters to the double wrap belt, and then the ammo clips to it. Zai's Red rose was lovingly placed in a holster, he running his fingers along it. "Don't worry, Rose, we'll see some action soon. I can feel it."   Zai proceeded then to the cockpit. Zai took a comfy seat by a video screen, and began pulling up files of various videos and movies. Zai found himself giggling like a school girl when he found the more... 'adult' movies. There were hundreds of titles to choose from, spanning all genres and races. Zai selected a video of two men doing the dirty, because the movie himself was a parody of a popular tween movie about supernatural creatures. It was cheesy, but amusing. Zai then began playing with his tablet, looking at various files, and promptly lost track of time.   Zai suddenly looked up when he heard the sound of footsteps coming towards the cockpit, porn still playing on the screen.   Arin entered the room, and stopped when he saw the movie playing. "Wow. Totally did not expect... that."   "Oh really? Sorry, let me play something more your speed." Zai tapped a few times on the panel under the screen, and the image suddenly changed to a horse type furry ravaging a tiger type furry. Both were male, and obviously enjoying themselves. Loudly. Arin's jaw dropped, a mix both horror and awe crossing his face, his eyes as bog as saucers. Zai began laughing hysterically at the poor furry's expression, tears coming to his eyes.   (Hey, Zai isn't trying to be mean, but funny. Let's just make sure that's clarified ^^)
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    RPG Wasteland: Stranded

    Zai was keenly poked and prodded after donning the cryo suit, while he listened to Arin talk about weapons. Zai held up his tablet computer. "The cargo manifest is right here... Looks like they did accomidate you. My weapons and two spare bodies are also here. Thankfully, the bodies were from my own stock of them." Zai looked down at the technician overseeing the preparations for cryo-stasis, and he observed them stick a needle into his left forearm. There began several needle insertions, and Arin shook his head. "Do you not feel that?" he asked as yet another was shoved into Zai's shoulder.   "I do feel it. It's just that this sort of thing is nothing compared to what's happened to me before." Zai shrugged. "Not much phases you anymore after that kind of punishment."    "I see... you're really something..." Arin grimanced as yet another needle was poked into him. Zai smiled. "You've just barely seen anything at all, but you'll see soon enough what I can really do."   Arin crossed his arms. "Really, is that so? I'll take your word for it. The doors to their individual pods closed, and Zai spoke once more. "Thank you. Rest well, Arin. You'll be needing it for the mission." Zai layed his head back against the plush interior of the pod, feeling his body begin to get cold from the needles now pumping an assortment of fluids into it. Closing his eyes, he felt himself begin to drift away, into the cold sleep of cryo-stasis.
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    RPG Wasteland: Stranded

    Zai eyes the holoscreen as the woman speaks, he paying close attention to the energy readings the space vessel had taken before crashing down on the planet's surface.   "Hm... that's peculiar..."   "What is?" Arin asks, craning his neck to look at the screen. "I don't see anything..."   Zai shakes his head. "I do. She's looking through preliminary scans the science crew performed. There's a power source that is different from those found on the planet at large. An anomaly."   "What's so weird about it?" Arin asked, his brow furrowed.   "Those energy readings aren't native to the planet, the signature is different." Zai continued. "I take it we are to investigate this as well?"   The woman nodded. "Yes. It's hard to garner what it is, but it obviously means we aren't the first ones to reach this planet. Early scans missed it entirely, but newer technology aboard the science vessel picked up on it. Whatever it is, its been there awhile, judging from the readings."   "It could just be old space junk." Arin surmised, shrugging. "But if its part of the mission to investigate, then we will."   "Agreed." Zai nodded, though he had a pretty good idea of what the object generating the power source was. Impressive. She never shut down. She still has active power systems... even after a century of sitting on the surface. Talk about a resilient girl...   The elevator opened, and the three were standing on a glass encased platform, near a loading bay. The woman removed two tablet computers from her labcoat, handing one each to the boys. "This is everything the scientists found, as well as what is generally known about the planet. These are synced to the Phoenix's computer mainframe, allowing file browsing across a multitude of subjects. But, now, its time to board. Are you ready?"   Zai sighed. "Ready as ever... Let's get this over with." Zai's mind drifted to the moment he had seen this job offer. The only reason he'd signed up was because of the interstellar coordinates mentioned in the brief summary of the job informing them of where they would be going. Knowing those coordinates only a little too well, he had put two and two together, and therefore signed up. Now he would be returning to the planet he'd only glimpsed so long ago. It was to be an experience, that much was certain. Zai's mind then drew up a question, and Zai had shake his head in amusement. Would his guest access code still work, even after all this time? Zai could only speculate. He would be finding out soon enough.   The boys were shuttled to their ship, where they were escorted to their individual pods. Zai wasn't looking forward to the nightmares he would be having. 
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    RPG Wasteland: Stranded

    Zai looked down at the hand offered. "Zai Renn. I mirror your sentiments." Zai took the hand, shaking it briefly before continuing on the path they were walking. "As for our chances of survival, in all honesty I would rather think about that when the time comes." "Can't say I fault you for that..." The blue furry replied. "Did I hear correctly you're a cyborg?" "Yes, you heard correctly. Why do you ask?" Zai glanced sideways over at Arin. "You're not exactly the most intimidating looking cyborg I've met. What's been cybered on you? Zai smiled. "All of me. And I have been a cyborg almost all my life." "Seriously? What happened to you?" Zai's eyebrow twitched, and he was hesitant to respond. "Very bad things. Next topic." Arin could tell by Zai's tone that it wasn't a topic for discussion. It was apparent Zai had indeed had bad things happen to him, things he was not going to talk about. The furry thought for a moment, before springing back with another question. "So... Can I ask about your cyberization?" "Feel free." "How does your body work? Do you require food and drink, or do you need a recharging station or something?" Zai cocked his head. "My body is organically based, meaning it does require nutrition much like a normal human body. Thankfully, I have a sense of taste. But its a long conversation about how my prosthetics work, perhaps later we can continue. For now, let's keep our eyes on the prize."
  6. I return to less than much bravado.

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      I know it's late. but welcome back.

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    Sign Up Wasteland: Stranded

    It's been awhile. I think I will reappear with this ^^ Name: Zai Renn Age: 127 Race: Human Species: Cyborg/ Type Model XZ-00000 Appearance: Personality: Life doesn't do returns on damaged goods, and Zai is case and point. He can be somewhat of an enigma, what with his wild mood swings, but he is normally bright and bubbly. As unpredictible as he is efficient with his weapons, he is a tactical nightmare, either three steps ahead or just winging it. No one can be sure just how he operates. Bio: Zai is the sole survivor of the Star Ocean, a massive vessel known as a 'space liner' that had by all accounts simply vanished over a century earlier. At the tender age of ten years old, he was aboard the vessel with his entire family. By the time of that fateful and final voyage, the Star Ocean was an aging vessel, though still fully operational and still in all her beauty. All was normal until a week into the voyage. The Star Ocean was viciously overcome by an unknown group. The locator device for the Star Ocean was disabled, as well as all communications systems before anyone knew what happened. Then the passengers and crew were all slaughtered.The attack seemed to be purely for the enjoyment of killing. Zai himself was forced to endure the rape and murder of his entire family, and then countless thousands of people, all the while being savagely abused and tortured. While enduring untold punishment, Zai was able to overhear the discussions of what to do with the crippled Star Ocean. She was capable of only operating at 35% efficiency, due to the 'fun' the pirates had wrought upon her and her passengers and crew. The Star Ocean was far too large to be destroyed beyond recognition, and she was too incriminating to just be left drifting. She was too high profile. It was decided the ship should be scuttled on the Wasteland Planet, which just happened to be nearby. The pirates then disembarked, having set the badly limping Star Ocean on a course to crash land on the planet. They left Zai to die, figuring the impact would kill him if he hadn't already died by then from his wounds. However, after the pirated had abandoned the Star Ocean, a medical droid was somehow activated by the vessel, and it found Zai and began to stabilize his condition. Zai was able to watch as the Wasteland planet drew near, thinking it was his last hours. The Star Ocean, and its cargo of corpses would crash and be incinerated by flame. To this day, Zai is unsure of what transpired. Zai could feel the ship enter atmosphere bow first, ready to piledrive herself into the surface. The Star Ocean then initiated planetside landing procedures, albeit not without difficulties due to damage to her systems. In all, it was a hard and loud, echoing thud that accompanied the Star Ocean coming to her final resting place on the Wasteland planet's surface. Largely intact, but never to lift off again. Due to her composition as a Space liner, she would be perfectly camouflaged by her surroundings in the urban environment in which she had landed. Soon after landing, the Star Ocean brought her single Cryo-statis pod online, reserved for dire medical emergencies, and Zai was loaded into it and launched into space once more. However, due to system malfunctions and glitches, while Zai was able to be kept alive, the identity of the ship the pod belonged to was lost. To this day, Zai has never spoken of it. Zai survived that nightmare, though forever scarred in mind and now in a body not his own. His body is fully prosthetic, though organically based and still operating by the same basic principles as an actual human body, but with far fewer limitations. His prosthetic body is also how he has survived so long. "Body swapping" as it were. He has consistently upgraded to the newest models every couple of years, and also when his bodies get damaged. During his extraordinarily long lifetime, he has managed to procure a name for himself as a weapons designer, crafter, and bounty hunter, as well as partake in combat training and survival training. Upon hearing of the rescue mission to the Wasteland Planet, he decides to join up, not only to face his inner demons, but also to visit the massive grave that is the Star Ocean and pay his respects to his family for the first time in over a century. Primary skill: Weapons expert Secondary skill: Artist Primary weapon: "Red Rose" A fully customized weapon of Zai's own design and unavailable on the market, this highly transformable weapon utilizes dual functionality as both a high caliber assault rifle, and a large scythe capable of slicing most wood and metals with ease, due to its polymer alloy construction. However, there are still materials Zai is not capable of slicing apart with this weapon, and to this day it remains untested fully. The weapon is colored to resemble the red roses Zai is so fond of. Because of the size, kick, and weight of the weapon, it is unwieldy for most, but due to the strength of Zai's prosthetic body, it is perfectly suited for him. Weapon is capable of compacting into a holster, though at its most compact is 14" by 6" with a depth of 3" Included is captured video footage of Zai while operating in a female chassis. Secondary Weapon: "Some Love" This weapon is designed to shoot lasers shaped like pink hearts. Amusing but no less deadly, and one of Zai's more whimsical designs to market to the ladies. Utilizing microrail technology, it is essentially a laser based SMG. Holdout weapon: Magnum .45
  8. Does anyone know if there's a gunslinger girl video game? Or any older snes games that were awesome? or GBA SP?
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    Discuss Armageddon: Afterworld

    Here are all things Armageddon. Ideas, issues, questions, and comments can all go in here. This first Post is where I'll be editing information in about known enemies and we're on the hunt for, as well as some of out allies. As the time comes, I'll be putting more and more information here. Once we start meeting up, our first order of business is to destroy the ghost hearse Black Death. We'll be handling that within a few posts. Here is your first enemy: Ghost Hearse "Black Death" Stories tell of haunted cars driving down the remains of highway crisscrossing what was once the Old United States. Some are good, some are evil. Some of the darkest tales told are about a black vehicle which is considered to be the harbinger of death. Even many of those who consider themselves to be evil avoid the car and it is told that other haunted vehicles avoid the evil Hearse as well. The car appears to be a black vehicle known as a Hearse, a type of vehicle also known as funeral cars. Most often the Black Hearse seems to be seen in the Southern parts of what had been the United States, especially the states of Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. It can also be sometimes found driving through areas of Mexico as well. The Black Hearse appears to have seen better days, the dark tinted windshield is cracked and the vehicle has rust spots and has actually rusted completely out in a number of areas especially in the lower side panels. The half top is also black but is ripped and frayed as well. The curtains inside the rear area are yellow from age and are tattered in many areas. The inside has cracked black leather seats and leather dash. If someone peaks through the curtains into the rear, they will see an open coffin with a rotting corpse or skeleton inside of it dressed in fine cloths and often dressed in elaborate jewelry. Sometimes the dead body is male and sometimes the corpse is female. The engine sounds as if it has blown multiple gaskets and makes sickly sounds as if it is on its last days. Unfortunately, this is not the case. From out of the exhaust pipe comes sickly green smoke and blood appears to drip out as well. Around the car, the sickly smell of rotting flesh can be perceived and there is just something emanating from the car which is pure evil. The Black Hearse seems to prefer the night and especially dark and dreary days. Rainy night are some of the most common times which it might be seen. While most sightings of the car have been at night, stories tell of the car being seen during sunny days as well, maybe it is on errands of its own. No one really seems to know what drives the car and those who have looked inside have never seen anyone in the drivers seat. There are many stories about the origin of the Hearse. One tells that the Hearse was owed by a serial killer who used his business as an undertaker to get rid of corpses and then refused to give up his stalking and murdering when he died. Some think that he was a necromancer. Tales also tell that he died in the Black Hearse and so became part of the car. Stories about the vehicle seem to have originated only a few years after the coming of the Rifts. There are reports of Coalition thugs having encountered the car and having attempted to destroy it each time. Other groups and even vehicles such as Grave Justice and Red Racer have tried to destroy it. So far, the car has survived every attempt at its destruction. Even though the car appears to be badly rusted, it is extremely tough and seems to have the ability to simply disappear. Whenever the car is hit, it leaks what appears to be human blood. Occasionally the car will stop to pick someone up although no one living has ever gotten out of the Hearse again. Even so, some people seem to be stupid enough to enter the car. Some mystic scholars believe that the essence of these people power the car. A story is told of two companions and one of the companions got into the car. The second person refused but weeks later the car pulled beside him and he looked in the back. He saw the rotting corpse of his friend. Stories also tell that a vampire can ride in the car without being harmed and that a vampire is even protected from the sun while riding in the car. It is also said that the car will sometimes stop to pick up a vampire and they will hunt together. The vampire will drag a victim into the car and it appears that both share the feast. It might be that the car cannot consume supernatural creatures because all victims, according to tales told, have been normal humans. In addition to consuming anyone who enters the car, the Hearse will sometimes engage in wanton destruction such as throwing evil magic to devastate a town or sometimes simply running someone over on the road. These destructive powers includes the ability to summon an army of the dead. It also has the ability to enchant the dead so they are invulnerable to everything except heavy weapons. One trick it has done which has been recorded several times has been to attack a village from one direction and quickly drive to the other side. It will allow its door to be opened as if it is means of escape and then it will consume its passengers. It is very unpredictable, sometimes it will just pull up to someone so they can just see the dead body riding in the back. [img]http://i19.photobucket.com/albums/b199/Ken_H/Auburn%202007/Picture242.jpg[/img] [img]http://i386.photobucket.com/albums/oo303/60elky/009.jpg[/img] *Note: Not actual car Type: 1959 Cadillac Superior Hearse Class: Haunted Pre-Rifts Commercial Automobile Crew: Zero or One (Can carry up to two passengers in the front area) Speed: Ground: Top speed on roads of 120 mph (193.1 kph) with a normal cruise speed of 66 mph (106.2 kph.) The car is not really designed for off road travel, top speed is 40 mph (64 kph) Statistical Data: Height: 4.8 feet (1.46 meters) Width: 6.2 feet (1.90 meters Length: 20.4 feet (6.2 meters) Weight: 4,800 lbs (2,200 kilograms Power Source:Magic, the Hearse's systems seem to work as if run by magic. Originally, internal 7.0 liter combustion engine. Cargo Capacity: The Rear Cargo compartment, if cleared of the coffin can carry around 150 cubic feet (4.25 cubic meters) of volume. Space has approximate dimensions of 10 feet (3.0 meters) long by 5 feet (1.5 meters) wide by about 3 feet (0.9 meters) tall. In addition, a small amount can be stored in the driver's compartment. Weapon Systems: None but can use various magic spells. Special Abilities as a Haunted Vehicle: Will of Its Own: The car sometimes has a will of its own and and operates completely independently. The car appears to chose its own course (Will not allow anyone else to drive) and it never allows any passengers (including vampires) to activate its own abilities. The Hearse is quite evil and twisted. Its alignment should be considered to be diabolic. It sees anyone who gets inside to be its prey. It also likes to simply cause as much destruction as it can including using its magic to rain down destruction and to run over living beings while it drives down the road. The only creatures it has not been seen to murder are vampires which the car seems to regard as its allies. Inexhaustible Propulsive Force: Range and fuel are not a problem; the car seems able to go on forever, powered by a magical source. Regenerates Damage: The Hearse will regenerate at 20% per day, meaning all damage will be restored within 5 days of being damaged. Even if a location is completely destroyed, it will slowly regenerate until completely restored. The vehicle will only be destroyed if the vehicle is brought to utter and complete destruction. Otherwise, the vehicle will regenerate all damage. Whenever the Hearse is damaged, it will appear to bleed. Rejects Modern Components: The automobile will not accept the addition of modern components and components will seem to fail within a few days. Natural Invisibility: The automobile is capable of assuming an invisible (Both Visually and on Radar) and perfectly silent state, even when running full out! The vehicle cannot engage in any sort of offensive action (such as an attack spell) without dropping its invisibility. Can engage this ability 4 times per day with a duration of up to 60 minutes at a time. Natural Intangibility: The vehicle has the ability to become immaterial and intangible, and ghost through solid objects. The car can drive right through solid objects and can drive over water when the enchantment is activated. The car cannot be harmed by normal weapons while intangible but can be effected by magic, magic weapons and psionics. Conventional weapons (used by a vampire passenger) cannot be used while the Hearse is intangible. Speed does not change while intangible. The car appears to be ghostlike when it goes intangible and cannot be detected on radar. Can engage this ability 4 times per day for up to 30 minutes at a time. Blood Sacrifice: When the car allows a living passenger to get in (or are forced in), the car uses their energy to power itself. The car will usually wait until it has traveled a little distance from where they had picked up the unfortunate passenger. If the person is in body armor, the vehicle will wait until its victim takes off their helmet. The person will suddenly find themselves with the seat belt pinning them in the seat. The belt will not release and the door will not open. The only way to escape is to have supernatural strength. Wires will then come out to strangle the rider and later carry them into the coffin. The Black Car can also fill the driver / passenger compartment with poisonous green gas to suffocate the victim. The previous corpse is simply tossed from the back of the Hearse. Death Aura:The vehicle fairly glows of death energy; anyone who looks at it can instinctively sense its necromantic energies. This death aura also shields vampires who are passengers from the effects of the sun. The vehicle also exudes a sickly smell of death and rotting flesh. Spell Casting: the Hearse is surrounded by dark magical energies and the magic spells appear to be necromancer style in origin. Magical spells are only cast by the car itself. The Hearse can also cast the following spells but is not limited to: Animate and Control Dead Command Ghouls Fire Ball Freezing Blast Cloud Kill Horrific Illusion Toughen Undead Necro-Armor Shockwave
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    RPG Monsters

    Dark shook himself as the confining energies dropped off, and then looked around. Kayin was floating in the air as the lich used his magic to carry him back. Dark saw that Mikhail was gone, and his eyebrow twitched and he felt a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. The lich let the unconcious half demon slip to the floor, and Akieen rushed to him, feeling for a pulse. She breathed a sigh of relief, he was alive. Dark moved over to Barracus, aensing his power had greatly increased. "Where is Mikhail?" Barracus closed his eyes. "I am afraid he has departed to the next world." Dark sighed. "What a waste. I pray he has found peace." Turning to the half demon, Dark kneeled down. He placed his hand over Kayin's chest, focusing on his heartbeat. "Naptime is over, wakey wakey!" Kayin stirred as Dark sent a wave of spiritual energy into him, waking him. Dark stood, and he shook his head, feeling dizzy. He'd expelled a great amount of magical power, and in a very short amount of time. He needed to rest some, but there was no time at the moment. "We need to get going. There is no time to waste."
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    What is your dream car?

    If money was not an issue, what vehicle would you cream your panties over owning? Personally, I'd have a 1955 Futura (The original Batmobile was modeled from this vehicle) or a 1980 Camaro.
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    RPG Monsters

    "Dark, we need something done about all this ash!" Akieen huffed as she sprinted to the others. Dark could feel not quite solid things trying to claw at the two. "You think I don't know that?" He retorted. "This ash and dust isn't normal. If you'll let me go I'll attempt to do something about it." Akieen oblidged him, and Dark turned to the skeletons and churning dust. He waved his hands in front of him, and the air began to move sround him. With a deft motion, he sent the mass of moving sir down the tunnel, blowing the ash away and leaving the group in the clear. Thr skeletons still advanced, but there were fewer materializing. Dark sighed, and he turned. "Come on, let's get going. We need to get to Sanctuary." The others nodded, and Dark sent another blast of air dpwn the tunnel to clear the way of more ash. "This isn't a permanent solution, but at least there's less ash in our path. Let's go." Dark and the others rushed through the tunnels, trying to make it to safety. Dark took up the rear, lobbing the occasional wind gust and fireball. He smiled some when skeletons exploded into fiery chunks. The others made headway, and the air improved slightly with every step. 'I hope this Sanctuary is close." Dark said.
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    I remember back OB when.....

    I still have the same screen name as I always have.
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    What is your dream car?

    I believe chibi has won the internet.
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    RPG The Atlantis Series Book 1: Stars Reborn

    Julian made his way to his designated living quarters, unsure exactly of what to expect. As he walked through the entryway, he was met with a splendor he had known at his previous home, though this was making his previous home look like cheap income housing. Julian treaded across the lush black carpeting, looking around. There were surprisingly few walls, and the entire floor was lined with floor to ceiling widows. Julian found himself drawn to a terminal, and had to whistle at the amount of electronic equipment that had been installed. Top of the line, and even making his previous terminal look like a child's toy. Julian pressed to on switch, and the various components hummed to life. He sat down at it, and began typing, instantly trying out trying to get into Atlantis' system. Unfortunately, he was caught. Warren's voice rang through, and Julian sighed once Warren pointed out his lack of skill and inability to hack the system.' Sorry...' he said, and that was that. Julian moved from the terminal, exploring more of his new living quarters. He looked into the bedroom set, and he smiled slightly looking at the bed, it was a canopied four poster with cherry wood trim. He pushed down on it, and found it was spongy in texture, and decked out in silk sheets and a matching comforter. Not far from the bed, Julian saw his charging station. It hummed to life with his approach, and Julian could sense the energy coarsing through it. It resembled a metal chair, but Julian was hesitant to sit in it while in his human form. Julian didn't know what would happen if he did. He walked away, now drawn to the windows. 'Clear panes.' He said, and the windows instantly went from opaque to clear. 'Lights off.' In the darkness, Julian looked across the city, taking in the sight of the night skyline. Pressing his hand on the glass, he felt nostalgic. Maverick tower had such a view. 'Maverick...' he said, and his thoughts turned to the home he'd lost. 'Mother... I feel so lost right now...' Julian didn't bother turning around when he heard the elevator open. He heard someone moving, though he paid them no heed. They stopped mere feet from him, and Julian heard Warren's voice. 'Enjoying the view?' Julian nodded. 'Yes, it is nice. May I ask what it is you want?' Warren placed a flat object onto a table. 'This is yours. It'a tablet and access control for the room you were in earlier.' 'Thank you.' Julian heard Warren move up beside him. Warren looked at him. 'Angelica loved this view. You look so like her. I was saddened to learn of her passing. She was a wonderful woman.' Julian closed his eyes. 'Yes, she was. I miss her very much. But now...' Julian sighed. 'Now I am unable to even have a picture of her. I can't visit her grave, either. More than likely, it's been staked out watch for me to appear there.' Warren smiled. 'A picture, hm? I think you missed something in your new abode. Look.' Warren pointed to a small table, where a small hollogram base sat. Julian walked ober, and placed his hand over it, activating it. A beautiful woman appeared, dressed in a stunning crimson ballgown. It spun like a music box. Julian smiled. 'You found this for me?' 'I thought you might like something to remeber her, considering the current ciucumstances of recent events. But, if you will excuse me, I have others to visit to give tablets to. Goodnight, Julian.' 'Goodnight, Jason.'
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    Gaming Guild Wars 2

    I've been thinking about getting into GW2, it looks like a blast. I used to play the first one, my guild was the Slaughter Fairies. Is the second one as good or better than the first?
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    Anime What are You Watching/Reading Now?

    Recently I started watching Ergo Proxy, and am four episodes in. It's pretty good so far. I also started watching Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt. It's hilarious. I giggle constantly like a psychotic schoolgirl. I've watched four episodes of that.
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    RPG The Atlantis Series Book 1: Stars Reborn

    Julian was making his way to the parking garage, holding his head. The throbbing was even worse now. A beeping signaled Julian someone had sent Julian a message on his mobile. Pulling it from his pocket, he sighed. It was a message from his father. He tapped the screen, and began reading. "You insolent, disgusting wretch of a human being. How dare you make an ass of me and vomit on me in front of the members of the board. You will be punished, ill or not when I get home. I should have had your mother abort you when I had the chance so I wouldn't have had such a problem in my life, your brother is so much better than you, and more worthy of my attention than you ever will be. I expect you to be ready for your punishment." Julian shook, his anger getting the better of him. His hand tightened on his mobile device, and it began to crack. The screen went on the fritz, displaying red tinged static, something it was never designed to do, or should have been capable of. With a deft motion, Julian completely shattered the device, with just his grip alone. All along the hallway, electronic posters displaying various information began displaying the same red static. "I'll show them... I'll show all of them!" Turning immediately around, Julian proceeded back to the board room, his hands balled into fists. As he walked along the corridors, more and more posters went berserk. Julian was on a mission, fueled by an anger the likes of which he'd never felt before. His skin grew silver in color, taking on a metallic sheen. He grew in height, and his finely tailored suit began to rip at the seams. His eyes began to glow with the same menacing red as the posters. Julian came to a wall, then only thing blocking him from his oppressors on the otherside. "Destroy... I must destroy..." Julian swung his fist at the wall, bringing it down in a cloud of dust. He growled, stepping from the debris and into the board room. He screamed, his rage taking him completely. He rushed into the room, and grabbed a man by the throat. As he picked the man up, the board members seemed paralyzed with fear. Julian squeezed, breaking every vertibre in his neck before tossing the corpse like a rag doll over his shoulder. The board members began screaming, rissing from their seats to get away from the monster attacking them. Julian looked around, and saw his father pulling an energy pistol from under the table. Julian raised his leg up, and brought it down as hard as he could, breaking the table and sending it into the air. He grabbed the nearest still airborne table piece, and threw it across the room to land on another board member, crushing them. He grabbed yet another board member, and held the man in front of him as his father began shooting. Julian only advanced, and his father shot the man full of holes. A sudden movement to his right brought his attention to his brother. Julian dropped the corpse, and his mouth turned up into a malicious smile. His brother stared, wide eyed, at Julian approaching him and tried backing away. Julian grabbed him from the floor, seized his arm, and relished both the sound of oi t breaking and his brother's agonized scream. Holding his own arm up, Julian felt a blade shift and ready itself. He tossed his brother into the air, and laughed when his brother fell onto it, severing his spinal column. He dropped the blade, and his brother slid to the floor. Finished with his brother, Julian turned onto his Father. "And now you die, old man." Julian raced at the terrified man. Julian stopped mere inches from him, his mouth turned into a smile. "Abort this." Julian grabbed his father's head, and snapped his neck, the man's eyes wide with the realization of the monster's identity. Julian screamed again, not content with his father's death. His brother moaned, still not dead. "Maverick will fall like a house of cards!" Julian exclaimed, before advancing on his brother. Julian stood over him, gripping his ribs and looked into his brother's panic filled eyes. "You and Father brought this upon yourselves. Now you will watch as I destroy Maverick Tower, you fucking bastard." Julian twitched his fingers, breaking several ribs before turning to continue his rage fueled rampage.
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    RPG The Atlantis Series Book 1: Stars Reborn

    Julian sat up in his four poster bed, and looked over at his alarm clock. He still had another fifteen minutes before he had to get up. Stretching, he yawn and rolled out of bed. He opened his closet door, and rifled through his wardrobe, looking for what he'd wear today. He picked a rather ornately gold trimmed suit, and smiled slightly. He'd be well dressed, that was for sure. Laying the suit across his bed, he then made his way over to his bathroom and began removing his clothing. "Set water tempertature to usual. Shower on." He said, and the bathroom bgan to fill with steam. He stepped inside, and began bathing himself. He had extra time today, so he took extra long in the shower, relishing the time in the hot water. His morning shower, sadly, was usually the highlight of his day. Once finished, Julian began to brush his teeth and then ready himself for the day. After putting on his clothing and slicking back his hair, he grabbed a set of keys from his dresser and headed for the garage. His family would be coming downstairs any time, and he didn't wish to make any waves this morning. Julian pressed a button on his terminal, and then a button on his keychain. The large black Insignia limousine revved to life, waiting for him to get behind the wheel. Looking down at his mobile device, he saw the time to get the car around to the front of the house was approaching. He had another five minutes. He eyed the terminal screens, and saw none of his freinds were online. Turning the terminal off, he made his way over to the car and got in. He pulled on a pair of gloves and gripped the steering wheel. He pulled the car around, and his escort mechs arrived just as he did to the front of the estate. His eyebrow twitched when he saw his brother was already waiting for him. "You're supposed to have the car here before I'm outside." "Anything for you, asshole." Julian replied. "Now, where's Father?" "Coming. And you're a bitch boy assistant. Now shut up or else." Julian snorted. "Make me, dick. I do half your job for you anyway." At that moment, Julian's father came out of the house, signaling it was time for the brothers to behave. Julian pressed the accelerator, and off they went. Julian drove like he usually did, fast. Listening to his father praise his brother for doing next to nothing while Julian always busted his behind to get nothing was very, very grating today for some reason. Julian was quite relieved to reach the offices. He pulled into the parking garage and his father barked an order. "Get coffee for ten people, boy. Then get to the conference room." "The board meeting is today regarding the new mech, yes? As you wish, Father." After his father and brother had left the vehicle, Julian parked the limousine and proceeded to make his way to the coffee room. Being such a large building, they had a single room dedicated to the stuff. On entering, Julian spotted one of his freinds, an intern by the name of Greg. "Hey, what's up? He called, and Julian sighed. "Coffee is demanded by the royal pains in my backside." "Well, how about this to cheer you up?" Greg produced a pair of saphire earrings, carved into the shapes of small hoops. "These had to have set you back a small fortune! I can't take these..." Julian exclaimed. Greg shook his head. "Don't worry about it, it's fine. Besides, they will totally compliment your eyes. Maybe you can dye your hair to match?" Julian hesitantly accepted the earrings, and began putting them on after he had started brewing coffee. Greg said his goodbyes and made hus way to his station. Glancing at his reflection in the coffeemaker, Julian smiled. The earrings were indeed very nice. After brewing several pots, Julian scooped them all up and placed them on a cart. He grabbed mugs and off he went. The conference room was a long elevator flight away, but any time away from his family was a blessing. Stepping onto.the elevator, Julian shook his jead, a mild pain was developing just behind his eyes. By the time Julian had arrived to.the floor he needed to go to, he was feeling slightly nauseous too. He walked swiftly to the confrence room, knocking before he entered. "My apologies for the wait, ladies and gentlemen. I have regular coffee, decaf, cream, and sugar for those who would like some." There were nods all around, so Julian went about placing the mugs in front of the board members. Suddenly, Julian's head swam, and he stumbled forward in his dizziness. The mug in his hands dropped to the floor and shattered. Holding his head, he apologized for his clumsiness. He stood up slowly, and grabbed another mug. He took a deep breath, and saw his brother and father glaring at him. Julian began pouring people coffee, adding what they wanted. As Julian began to wheel the cart away, he became dizzy once more and fell. "Boy, you better straighten up!" His father barked. Julian held his hwad, it was throbbing now. "My apologies, I think I may be coming down with something. I felt fine ten minutes ago." "No excuses!" His brother retorted. "You're all but useless anyway!" Julian looked up, and saw his father bearing down on him. "I'm sorry..." "Get up. You're trying my patience with you already today. Get up and get back to work, boy." Julian slowly stood. "I'm going home. I'm not feeling well, and don't want to get anyone else sick." Julian's father grabbed him by the lining of his jacket. "No, you're getting back to work as I ordered you to. Suck it up." Julian had had it. Feeling his stomach lurch, he tried to pull away, but his Father wouldn't let go. "Understand me-" Julian let go with a vomit blast right at his father. "Can I go home now, Father?" Julian asked, swaying on his feet, once he finished. "I told you I was unwell. Now do you believe me?" Julian's father stared in disbelief. "Mister Maverick, sir, please, it would be in your son's best interest if he went home. He is obviously ill." One of the board members spoke. "Fine. I was unaware of how ill. Julian you are dismissed for the day. I expect you to rest and be ready for your tasks tomorrow. Now leave, and I will clean myself up." Without another word, Julian left to go home.
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    Sign Up The Atlantis Series Book 1: Stars Reborn

    Name: Julian Maverick   Character: The Programmer   Age: 18   Appearance: Weighing in at 130 lbs soaking wet, he stands in at 5'5" and is of slight frame with a lithe and chiseled muscle structure. His eye color is a bright teal. His face is angular, and his eyebrows are brownish red, while his hair is shoulder length and dyed a poignant dark pink, usually kept slicked back. Usually, he's seen wearing a stylish black suit, but in his off time he can be seen in a pair of baggy work-out pants and a tank top, sometimes covered in grease and grime and other times not.   Personality: Bright, pragmatic, friendly, and always smiling, he's the very image of the polite decorum he is expected to be. He knows he's brilliantly inclined with cars, computers, robotics, and electronics, but he is torn between his desires for what makes himself happy and the desire to please his overly domineering father.   Snippet:   Julian sat down at his work chair, eyeballing the computer screens at his terminal. He looked over the data flashing across the screen, looking for anything out of the ordinary. Nothing. He sat back, and sighed. His encryption software was working at partial capacity, this particular mainframe was child's play to get into, at least for him and the equipment he was working with. He smiled, knowing it was his Father's company. He could see into any number of files, but he wasn't really interested in prying at the moment. And no one else had succeeded in getting into the mainframe, so he was even more disinterested. He reached out and typed a command on the keyboard, and the screen shut down and another turned on, this one showing vehicle data for the several registered in his name. He reached out and touched on a picture of a bright red convertible, enlarging the photo and looking at his work. He personally had restored the old girl to her former glory and installed several custom parts. Not that it mattered, it seemed Julian always came second to his brother and the company. A door leading into the garage opened, and Julian sighed. He knew who it had to be, even though he couldn't see over to the other side of the garage thanks to the various vehicles and electronics blocking line of sight.   "Boy, you better get your behind in gear and get dressed." Julian's father boomed through the massive three story garage at their overly large and opulent home. Julian had partially taken the garage over, what with the many computers, robotics, and partially disassembled vehicles in the back, and the family's company cars and personal vehicles in the front, away from Julian's projects and electronics. "Your brother and I need to get to the corporate offices within an hour."   "Yes, I'm aware, Father. I need only about five more minutes with this project, and it only takes half an hour to get to the offices. So relax. I'll be ready in fifteen minutes." Julian knew very well he wasn't working on anything, he just wasn't in the mood to be rushed.   "I said move it! Don't make me come in there and drag you out! You spend more time with your gadgets and whirlygigs than you do for what matters!"   "Which is?" Julian asked, knowing what was about to come next.   "Your brother and being his assistant! That's what!" His father retorted."You'll be helping him with the important and vital corporate workings when he takes over as head of the company. You should waste less time on this crap and use your time to do more of your duties! You waste your life with these pipe dreams and tinkering!"   "And what of what I want to do? What about me, Father?" Julian called casually, and to answer him, loud, angry stomps down the stairs into the garage sounded, coming closer and closer. by the second. Julian swiveled in his chair to meet his father, resting his elbow on the arm of his work chair and his chin on his hand. His eyes narrowed, and he waited for his father to come all the way to the opposite side of the garage.   His father stopped mere feet from Julian, glaring at him. "You seem to be under the mistaken impression that what you want matters." his father answered coldly. Julian's eyebrow twitched at his father's words, they wounded him deeply. "Really." he quipped. Despite his feelings, he'd learned at an early age to never show them to his Father, it usually only made things worse, anyway.   "Really." Julian's father spoke, in a rather final tone "You will be your brother's assistant, and you'll grin and bear it. How get off your lazy behind and get dressed. You will have the car ready in ten minutes out front. Now move, before I have you moved."    "Of course. The car will be ready in ten minutes." Julian swiveled around, picking up his tailored vest and putting it on. "Anything else, Father?"   "Get rid of some of this junk."   "Yes, Father. I'll handle it tomorrow. Now, if you'll excuse me, I must warm up the car." Julian's father walked away, seemingly pleased with the events that had transpired. Julian just sighed, putting on his overcoat, and then he walked over to the black limosine waiting to take his brother and father to work. He pressed a button on the keychain, and the car's engine started up, purring like a kitten. He sighed, and opened the driver's side door. He sat down inside, and put the car into gear. He pushed another button, and one of the many doors to the garage slid up and open, allowing him to move the car to the front of the house, as he had been instructed to do. It was going to be a long day in corporate hell.
  22. I crave something frothy. LATTE DELIGHT AHOY!!!!

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      like space zombies

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      Inuyasha Fandom

      hm. Do the space zombies implode in the newly furnished auxilary airlock?

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    RPG Monsters

    Dark turned to look at where the succubus had been before they left for the tunnels. New York... New York was nothing but a ghost town. The massive skyscrapers now stood dark and foreboding. Dark sighed, New York becoming as devoid of people as the deserts of the Southwest would bring people in by the droves once discovered, if it hadn't been already.    "And so they will come to the slaughter like moths to the flame." Dark commented. His lip curled in disgust and anger, and he lashed out with his fist into the cement bricks of the wall they were walking by. His fist punched a massive hole, and The others all turned to look at him. Dark's head hung low, his bangs in front of his eyes, hiding them in shadow and from view. However, it was impossible to miss the eerie emerald green glow coming from just behind his hair in his anger. He seethed in fury, his teeth bared and resembling those of a predatory beast. His shoulders shook he was so angry.   "Dark?" Akieen approached him, having never seen him this upset. "Dark?" she repeated,   "All of the people... all the innocent people... slaughtered! No creature in this good world deserves to be slaughtered as fodder for the apocalypse!" Dark shook even harder, and he swung once more on the wall, punching an even bigger hole this time. His bright red hair began to fade in color, turning from fire red to obsidian black. "The fear, the panic, watching others die and knowing there was no escape..." Dark swung again, this time decimating the wall. His hair flared up around him, moving as if it had a will of its own.   "Dark... this bothers me, too. But you can't let it get to you. You can't let-" Akieen was cut short as Dark turned on her, hissing and pointing. "You will not tell me to calm down! I will rend Rasputin's flesh! He will know the pain of the millions as they were cut down at his order! I will break him and make him beg for mercy that will never be given! And then I shall devour his soul myself, as putrid as it will be!"   Dark's black feathered wings manifested, bursting from his back and ripping his clothing. His fingernails blackened, and then lengthened to several inches, gleaming with a razor's edge.   The angel leaned over to Kayin, and whispered, "Does he get like that regularly or is this just his time of the month?"   "Can it, Angel, or you'll find out what color your innards are." Dark growled. He took a deep breath, and began to calm himself. His wings shimmered, and blew away as individual feathers before they too dissolved into nothing. His nails shortened, and his hair dropped and returned to the regular red hue. His eyes, however, remained obsidian with glowing green irises. He sighed, and looked to the cloudy sky. "I need to kill something." he said. "I need to kill many somethings... And use their intestines as Christmas decorations."   "Nice visual..." Baldr commented. "Don't worry, we'll kill something soon. So relax, okay?"   "Fine. But if we don't, I'm tying you up and throwing you in my closet. And don't think I can't, either."   "You'll have to catch me first." Baldr grinned. Dark smiled. "So I use a ball of yarn as bait. Understood, kitty." Baldr grinned wider. "I hope you're being facetious."   "Maybe... Have you seen what I can do with yarn?"   They proceeded to walk along the back alleys and side streets to the entrance to the tunnels, and then down they went below the streets. Dark snapped his fingers, and several small glowing pinpricks of light materialized around them, lighting the way for them. The smell of ozone hung in the air, the subway tunnels weren't far from them at this point. The steady electrical hum rang out, but the tunnels were dark without the trains moving through them. Dark kneeled down, inspecting the third rail of the subway. It was indeed live, as was much of the electricity in the city, but something wasn't right. "Hey, is this rail supposed to have this much of a charge?"   As if to answer Dark, a loud horn blared somewhere from within the bowels of the subway, getting louder and louder.   "The trains shouldn't be running, all the people are gone..." Akieen said aloud, looking around.   "Against the wall! Now!" Baldr yelled, and they all hustled to throw themselves out of the way of the oncoming train. Dark felt his anger surge again, as he saw the Succubus in the driver's seat, smiling and waving at them merrily as the train whipped by.   "Can I kill her now?" Dark asked once the train had passed. "She's really getting annoying."   "Later. The Sanctuary isn't far. You can kill her once we're done there." Baldr replied, and they proceeded on their way. They stopped once they were deeper within the tunnels, near an access point to the electrical generators to keep the trains running.   "Akieen, do you mind if I shut the subway down? I want to ruin that Succubus' free ride."   "Go ahead, it should at least annoy her as much as she's annoyed us."   Dark opened the metal door leading in, and then walked to the generator. The others walked over to the far wall, where Dark assumed the entrance to the sanctuary was. Dark's hands began to glow, and he began to tap on various places of the metal generators, the metal suddenly becoming red hot and melting instantly. There were crackles and pops, and they all heard the energy going to the rails outside die.   "Well, that's that. Now, let's get moving."
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    Discuss Monsters(Insert clever backstage subtitle here)

    Life isn't exactly the greatest, but it is progressing at least.
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    Discuss Monsters(Insert clever backstage subtitle here)

    Hey peeps, sorry it took me so long to get a post up, I was homeless and now I've found a place to stay. I just hope that it pans out well.