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  1. Dakota stood up giving a salute back to the young boy. "Well met Lt. Kiba. Staff Sergeant Dakota Storm Southern faction. This love right here is Etna Rhodes from the west though as for her rank I don't know so I could be defiantly overstepping the fratinization bounds. Then we got buttercup and lily pad here as well" He cut the salute after Kiba and jersey his thumb to the young male with the speeder and the girl with a bright green hair. Kiba looked at the half empty bottle in his left hand making him hold it out. "You want some kid?" "That won't be necessary" The woman behind him said, t
  2. Dakota awoke with a start as the shuttle came to a stop. Rubbing his alcohol bloodshot eyes for a second before polishing off the last swig of the bottle he stood up swaying a little at first before he centered himself. With his bag over his shoulder he dismounted into Central faction which looked a lot like the last one making him think that he was at the wrong place until an older man with a uniform showing who he was began to make his way through the crowd towards him. Lazily striking a match to light another cigar he waited as the base commanding general stopped in front of him. "Ssgt
  3. If someone could please crop this to fit for me to use as a signature. Not the best with that area. Much thanks.
  4. Very very true. Though would take quite a bit of thought to get a point across in such a short span
  5. I agree. It has caused a lot of rps to go to the graveyard. Posting orders has cause ones to fail cause the person who's turn it is never gets around to it or when there isn't one people don't want to post right after one another cause they feel like they are excluding people.
  6. I would defiantly be game for it
  7. It might actually be kind for fun and interesting especially with the tweet style. Be multiple responses in each post and therefore you wouldn't have to have any sort of posting order or others waiting for someone else to post
  8. Name: Dakota Storm Age: 32 Gender: Male Personality: Dakota is a very unusual person. Off of the field during down time he is always smiling, making jokes about himself, a functioning alcoholic, and loves to fight, workout and cigars. Always one for a good challenge and to learn something new he is quite smart but doesn't show it more taking the route of making himself seem less imposing towards others. Just a little over six foot with dark brown hair and a genetic albino mutation that turned his eye red though his skin still in tan. Polite and one to always open the door for others, he
  9. The games lifespan is across five years so your going to be waiting awhile for all the dlc. So far I haven't found anything wrong with the game. With your wait till the last patch comment the game is completely online so there will never be a last patch lol. What negative comments have you heard. I myself have heard a lot but it's mostly from people who the style of the game is just not for them or somebody figured out a trick before them and progressed farther in the game. Most of the ones I have heard are just your normal everyday whiners but I am interested in what comments you have he
  10. Been playing Bungie's newest creation since it came out and to be honest I love the game as do most of my friends. So far I haven't seen anything really wrong with the game and the stuff I feel like needs to be changed Bungie has already announced that they will. I told one of my friends about it and he blew up on me saying it was the worst game ever invented and this and that. As the debate went on between us he even deleted me off of his friends list. (Thus in turn made me laugh so hard I cried) I have also had a few other people tell me the game is going to fail and it's a piece of ****
  11. Destiny for the ps4 and ps3 Psn is MaelstromEternal See you at the tower
  12. lvl 28 on destiny finally

  13. Recently been playing DESTINY and got to say Bungie did an amazing job with this game. I have lost so much sleep to it running with the clan trying to get better gear and take on harder challenges. Currently trying to get geared up to start taking on the nightfall strike while I try to get this new exotic weapon bounty done I have heard a lot of people talk bad about it but I have no clue what they see is wrong with it. I currently along with most of my friends on Playstation have been on this game nonstop trying to get to the top event though I have heard it is ridiculously hard. I can't
  14. Xionis ran his hands slowly over the edges of the massive hole in the building then crouched down taking a closer look at the debris littered on the floor. "By the way the debris are, whatever it was made its entrance this way" "Guess he didn't want to squeeze through the door" Garrick commented causing Xionis to smirk. "Guess not." He took a step inside surveying the damage that had been wrought internally. Whatever it was had throughly wrecked the place. Tables over turned, equipment smashed, very few things had been left intact He carefully made his way through the mess looking for
  15. destiny is out. I got it for ps3. hit me up

    1. James


      Hey, what's your PSN? Mine is white-pikmin.

    2. Deadpool


      MaelstromEternal. I will add you when I get off work. Just got a clan going too

  16. "Its simple really" Garrick said with a smile that made Xionis cringe on the inside. "One of us needs to get arrested..." Xionis pondered the idea. "Actually that is..." "Then we can get closer to the feeds come on" He made a move for the door, Xionis falling in step with him. "We could..." Again Garrick cut off him with way they could execute his six second plan. "We need to come up with some sort of minor offense" Xionis tried to get another word in. "I agree but..." "Maybe start a fight...or get really trashed in public....no no that wouldn't work" Xionis tried six more times before giving
  17. Xionis groaned inwardly as he entered Garrick's ship the Felicity and followed him to the bridge. Of all people to work with, he had to be stuck with this very stubborn Terran. His foot hit an empty bottle as he entered the small bridge area. Not to mention messy. "You can upload you AI there but you will only have limited access" He said flatly as he took a seat and prepared the ship for departure. Xionis looked at the console and sat down in the chair, staring at the console quizzically. "Is he trying to access it with his mind?" The ship's AI "Flick" asked softly to Garrick who just shrugge
  18. "Approaching Destination. Requesting access" Kishal's voice echoed in the repair bay where Xionis was currently modifying a few things to himself.    "ID number 64977-xxv, bounty hunter Xionis Vasimo Zulas requesting access to dock for supplies and next target." He said sparks flying as he touched the laser tool against a circuit.    "Welcome to ICARUS, Xionis, access granted"   "Take us in Kishal" He replied as touch another circuit.   "Yes Xionis"   He finished his arm as the sounds of the docking tethers attached to his ship with a thud and
  19. Binhamck Quadrent, Planet Vanstia, North Continent, Planet Capital Asamma Hands flew across the holographic keyboards with speed as screens rapidly flashed not only over the four screens in front of him but on his retinas as well while he tore through the system's database. A groan behind him caught his attention signalling that the Vanstian, a bipedial race with four arms with an almost fur like skin well more peach fuzz was waking up. Advent Archives said they had amazing vision but that didn't seem to be the case. With one hand still flying across the holographic keys he reached behind
  20. Name: Xionis Vasimo Zulas   Age: 329 though looks 32   Height: 1.905 meters or 6' 3"   Weight: 116kg or 255lbs   Gender: Male   Species: Advent is a highly advanced civilization that relies heavily on technology, religion, music and fine arts. The first Advent were the children on human colonists that got lost in space after being pulled into a class E wormhole and sent to what is now labeled as the Angel Quadrant crash landing on the planet Jindra. They are the result of breeding between the humans and the now extinct Jindrans a race that had mastered nanos,
  21. get my Internet back tomorrow

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      Well the Comcast guy never showed up so no Internet until the 31st

    3. Boo
  22. Hey laweit my Internet is done so using my phone but go ahead and start this and I will post when it gets back up and running
  23. Hey go ahead and get the rp up. Not all main characters are introduced in the beginning
  24. Eh I will get to work on mine as soon as my Internet is back. Can only do so much on my phone
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