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  1. Awesome!

    Discuss Tweet-sized roleplaying

    I agree! Both seem like fun. Maybe the latter is more original and inspiring than just compact posts...
  2. Awesome!

    Planes suck

    Yes! I'd join! :] I looooathe the travelling to and waiting at airports. Feels like the biggest waste of time! Trains are " hop on anywhere and hop off somewhere else". Muuch better'
  3. Awesome!

    Has Google Ruined Everything?

    The other day I saw someone google "3x7" to find out the answer. -.-
  4. Awesome!

    Discuss Tweet-sized roleplaying

    Thanks for all the feedback! I think your concerns make sense, but I didn't plan on running or managing anything. I think RPGs should be something people enjoy for themselves, and not necessarily under somebody's reign. :) But I understand! If people would choose to go for an I-perspective a twitterfeed thing would actually work. I guess it is very ordinary for people to post multiple tweets in case they have something big to say, right?
  5. Awesome!

    Writing poem #150125

    Yeah, you could replace the word TV with PC to create a more current version, but it's cool. Short, but says enough.
  6. Awesome!

    Manga Your Favourite Manga

    I understand. Gundam is pretty kick-ass too.
  7. Awesome!

    Discuss Tweet-sized roleplaying

    Hiya! I thought it would be a cool idea to start an RPG with just messenger or tweet-sized snibbits instead of huge posts. What do you think?!
  8. Awesome!

    Manga Your Favourite Manga

    All You Need Is Kill, by far. So without Tom Cruise -.-`
  9. Awesome!

    New Members: Introduce Yourselves Here

    I'm new! How are you all?!