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    Personally, i think i'm awesome. but thats just me, i'm sure other people might disagree. Or will they...........
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  1. Name: Harvest Tigan Age: 26 Sex: Female Personality: Harvest is considered a sobering force amongst her people and in her work environment. She has a hard trained military mind set and looks at all people and subjects around her as pieces to be moved on a board. Having an overly analytical mind, she doesn’t have the easiest time communicating with people in the form of conveying emotion but shows little of her ability to care for others, besides her brother. Abilities: Harvest was gifted with the strengths of their father, granted powers from the mystical side in the form of runes that
  2. Hey there everyone! If you are reading this now it means you are interested in at least what is in this thread. Well, i'll keep it simple a straight to the point. I've started doing Youtube, Vine and other media things like that and I have noticed I am lacking a recognizable symbol or emblem that will set me apart. So, I need help, as I am art incapable and only mildly knowledgeable in Photoshop and other programs of the kind. I need help creating one for my channel, something I will put up on every video, will be seen by any and everyone who looks at any of my channels. Can you help me? If yo
  3. The world around them echoed with noises, meaningless conversations, gestures of romance, cat calls, laughter, screaming and many others that added to the cacophony of sound waves that filtered through Corâ??taks sound recognition system.   â??I despise coming to this place.â? Corâ??tak said in his harsh, mechanical voice sitting beside E as she held a cold bottle. Her favorite beer, or something like that as she took a swig of the liquid form the dark brown bottle.   â??You know we come here to get paid right? Youâ??ll survive Metallo.â? He looked around at all the destitute p
  4. â??Do we really need to go with this approach? This seem gratuitous.â? Corâ?? tak relayed through the link between him and E, standing in the haphazardly filled cargo bay. The lights dim in comparison to the green glow emanating from his body, casting ominous shadows that shifted as he altered his gaze throughout the bay. He shifted items around, boxes of miscellaneous items for E to maintain the ship or for personal use. Especially with that battle suit she loved so much, that alone required more specialized parts then Corâ??tak would have assumed otherwise.   â??Itâ??ll be fine Metal
  5. Name: Corâ??tak â??Metalloâ?   Age:  Undetermined   Height: 1.91 m (6â??3â?)   Weight: 136 kg (300 lbs)   Gender: Male   Species: Necrocytes: One of the oldest races in the known universe, they are a species of cold metal and barely living flesh hanging on mechanical bones. Very few are seen at any one time, but when they roam the stars it is typically seen as a sign of great peril. Necrocytes, also known as Necros, typically have a metal body made of any material they can fine; they are seemingly able to build themselves from almost nothing. Additiona
  6. Name: Kurogane Tsukino   Gender: Male   Age: 340   Position: Squad 10   Appearance: Kurogane- Kurogane is a rather simple man, he is of average height of 5'10" and average build but is a bit more toned. He wears the traditional Shinigami uniform with the regular Haori over it. The only difference he makes is that he wears a dark red sash and purple prayer beads around his wrists. He walks with confidence in most situations but can falter when a beautiful woman gives him her attention. His hair is medium length and is black in color and is usually let to sit wildly,
  7. Orcus convinced me to participate, we tried a few bleach rps and never got them off the ground so id like to be apart of one that does.
  8. I have Returned, its game time

  9. Everything was dark, devoid of any semblance of life or warmth. Things that made the world bearable and right was missing from this barren land. The world of shadow and darkness, the birth place of gods and demons alike and where the light goes to die, a world Dassem had been to before and would return to until the end of his life. But today was not the day for his end, at least he hoped it wouldnâ??t end too soon, he still had more to do before his clock ticked to midnight. He looked around in the shadow world, trying to forget how many times he had been here, and could see all the aberration
  10. I will try to get a post up tomorrow
  11. 0430- Dassem rose from his bed with a light fogginess, but became quickly alert as he touched one of his lamps and illuminated the solitary room with his legs thrown over the edge of the bed. Rolling his shoulders before fully getting up and making his way to the bathroom, turning on the hot water and letting the steam gather, breathing it in deeply before stepping into the shower and letting the water cleanse his body. A few bruises throbbed as he touched them, but the pain was reduced greatly from the previous day, the med team having done their job well enough. He had refused their healing
  12. "That was just a mess, might as well have thrown a hammer on our heads." Victor grumbled as he walked behind Dassem, the blind soldier keeping pace easy enough. Dassem didn't bother guiding him with touch, simply uttering short commands to keep him on the right track.   "It was a long time coming, they had been holding out on us for many years now and it was about bloody time they came clean." Victor raised a brow at the soldier, though Dassem couldn't read the expression, he could feel the questions boring into the back of his head.   "Don't play games with me, you didn't know j
  13. Things hadn't improved with Nayomi's dive into the ocean of bodies and lifeless corpses walking around. The demon had taken the opportunity to bolster her defenses and strike at the pair, Dassem having to duck and dodge, moving out of the blasts of her hellfire that want to burn his skin away. His runes had saved his life so far, but with his armor already compromised by her claws and the scorched runes fading out, he was running out of options. Chiron was doing his best, hurling his own power back but the connection between the two was doing something Dassem wasn't able to identify. She seeme
  14. As Nayomi charged the temptress it seemed savage and fearsome, but to Dassem's ear it was lacking in something that was needed for rending flesh from bone. She would charge, and she would would fail in her attack. It was part of her plan, but it was a plan that would hardly see any fruition and without Chiron involved, this would get messy. The link would need to be broken between the two, something he would of heard numerous times from any member of the Demos family. But, that wasn't his area of expertise, he wasn't a mage or a sorcerer or a rune lord, he was just a soldiers whose talents lie
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