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  1. Almost done moving out. Just got a hell of a lot of books to pack up.

  2. [b]The Crusade: [/b] 200 years ago there were no Wingers living in the Island Nations. They were native to the nameless lands until they stormed the islands led by Wynn the Silver who flew on white wings, a rarity amongst her kind. She was a true mad woman though claiming that she was chosen through divine rule by the White Lady and given the light of ruin. She strong armed her people by using her powers to whip them into a frenzy, leading them to war against the Alseid in a stunning display of destruction. Many of the ruins of the Island Nations date back to this period, there had been man
  3. A cool breeze blew across the deck of the ship as a dawn sun rose in the sky. The ship was known as the Dauntless, formerly the finest ship in the Alseid armada but had been stolen 50 years ago by the pirate known as Captain Alberto Irons who traversed the seas of the Island nations exploring ruins and hunting treasure. But that had been some time ago and the captain had long ago retired to raise a family, leaving the Dauntless hidden within a cave that was rumored to be haunted. But times do change and Captain Irons passed away a year ago, leaving the boat to his grandchild. Luca Irons was
  4. The sight of the hospital surrounded by police did not fill James with confidence as he approached the doors with his knuckles white from his tight grip on the neck of his baseball bat. He had initially attempted to enter through the third floor parking entrance but it had been barricaded and swarming with police who had turned him away. This confirmed that what had been a safe evacuation point already had the infected running about and could potentially be nothing more than a death trap. If it could get him out of this hell hole alive, he'd run through a pack of the bastards naked in orde
  5. James did not want to return to the bar that afternoon following the chaos from the previous night and let off an annoyed groan as the damage caused in the previous nights fight was every bit as bad as he had remembered it. He accepted that running a bar would lead to those situations, especially since life was starting to get tense following all the crap with the Green Flu going down out east. A few of the previous nights patrons had made light of the situation on the east coast and a brawl broke out, trashing most of the furniture and leaving broken glass strewn across the floor. Even worse
  6. Name: James Morris Age: 35 Occupation: Bartender and Bar owner Personality: Gruff and arrogant but very cunning with a strong will to survive. Appearance: 6'4 and 200 pounds of muscle. Short brown hair and dark blue eyes with a small scar running through his left eyebrow. Wears a white tank top and grey jeans with a tea towel tucked into the back pocket out of habit.
  7. Got started on a Let's Play of Sims 3 a couple of days and it has been ridiculous. Almost entirely autonomous except for my character and everyone is a collection of bizarre psychosis that it's just crazy. I've also recently picked up Valkyria Chronicles I, Catherine and Disgaea 4 so I think that I'm set for the next month when it comes to videogames.
  8. I'm more looking forward to Pokemon Conquest at the moment. I did enjoy the gen 5 games but they had nothing to do after you finished the story and that's the most obvious thing for Gamefreak to fix up.
  9. PWNED


    [i]2200 AD[/i] War has evolved. What was once fought by armies and humans has now become centred around the usage of gigantic armed combat vehicles, piloted by individuals known as Gearheads. They have become a necessity as the large regions of the earth are no longer capable of supporting human life and a venomous mist is common in these regions, dangerously fatal to humanity. Three factions hold the majority of the power; the Europan Imperiate which encompasses Europe and half of Asia, the Pacific Alliance which is a collection of the remainder of the nations of Asia and Oceania and th
  10. Man, why am I so sick today?

  11. Getting sick of the pornbots following me on twitter.

    1. Boo


      What should you care that Lyndy follows you on Twitter?

    2. Lyndy


      I -knew- that the one comment here would be of Boo mentioning me.

    3. Inuyasha Fandom

      Inuyasha Fandom

      Pornbots follow you on twitter?

  12. Cosprayers. It really says something when a meme has developed that "you say X is the worse anime ever but is it really worse then Cosprayers?"
  13. It's all about capturing the spirit of things. Look at the first two live action Death Note films, both are abridged adaptions of the series and change some events and details to speed up the pacing. I still think it worked well because it still felt like Death Note and the CGI for Ryuuk was pretty cool. Then compare it to the proposed Akira adaption. It is pretty much a wide strokes adaption at best and outright desecration of canon at worst, all for the benefit of americanising it. It's already drawn so much ire from the vast majority of anime fans (and film critics) that I think
  14. Can't pick between reviewing Mad TV or Blood Bowl. Help me out please.

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