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  1. Almost done moving out. Just got a hell of a lot of books to pack up.

  2. [b]The Crusade: [/b] 200 years ago there were no Wingers living in the Island Nations. They were native to the nameless lands until they stormed the islands led by Wynn the Silver who flew on white wings, a rarity amongst her kind. She was a true mad woman though claiming that she was chosen through divine rule by the White Lady and given the light of ruin. She strong armed her people by using her powers to whip them into a frenzy, leading them to war against the Alseid in a stunning display of destruction. Many of the ruins of the Island Nations date back to this period, there had been many grand cities and temples that had been destroyed at this point. The crusade lasted a month before Wynn was slain in battle. The location of this battle has been lost to time and the reason for her death is unknown. What is known is that the Wingers took up a home on the island of Easthaven, the people of the Island Nations had understood that Wynn had been responsible for the war and that these wounds would be healed through time. [b]The Elves[/b] The Elves are an ancient race that call the Isle of Dreams home. Throughout the year it is shrouded in a thick mist, preventing passage to and from the island. They do not possess a traditional town, it winds throughout the mountains of the island as well as being located in the forest at the base of the mountain. The elders of their race are well known for being xenophobic and hateful, considering the other races to be below their notice through how shortlived they consider any other sentient race. This has earned a certain resentment of the elven people as they are rarely accepted in towns. [b]The Wingers[/b] Native to the Nameless Lands and since having migrated to Easthaven, they're a stubborn and strong people. Normally born with bat wings, it is rare for a Winger to be born with bird wings of various colours which are considered to be indicative of a potentially great winger. There is only ever known to be one white winged Winger in history and that was Wynn the Silver, who was said to have been chosen by the White Lady as her champion. And we know how that worked out. [b]The Beastkin[/b] A human animal hybrids that once called the Isle of Dreams home. The constant skirmishes between them and the Elves began to anger the Beastkin who left the island to spread throughout the islands. The most common variation of Beastkin is either a wolf or a feline breed and their common personalities are just as varied as their appearance. -------------------------- If you want to ask about anything about the setting or history then feel free to use this thread.
  3. A cool breeze blew across the deck of the ship as a dawn sun rose in the sky. The ship was known as the Dauntless, formerly the finest ship in the Alseid armada but had been stolen 50 years ago by the pirate known as Captain Alberto Irons who traversed the seas of the Island nations exploring ruins and hunting treasure. But that had been some time ago and the captain had long ago retired to raise a family, leaving the Dauntless hidden within a cave that was rumored to be haunted. But times do change and Captain Irons passed away a year ago, leaving the boat to his grandchild. Luca Irons was an intelligent child with a passion for pre-crusade artifacts and had relished the opportunity to seek out relics and discover a little more about these ruins. Luca let a smile cross his face as he watched the horizon and flipped a coin absently thinking about what could be found today. It had begun to grow more dangerous to travel the seas now that Alseid had posted a grand bounty upon the crew of the Dauntless but he was determined to learn more about what had happened over 200 years ago during the crusade and to make a find that would never be matched. -------------- So welcome to Ruins and Relics, an rpg that will hopefully allow us to create an interesting tale of island hopping. This is a high-fantasy set in a region that consists of islands of varying size and so there are demi-humans and magic. The Backstage thread is going to essentially act as a lore thread explaining the history of the Island Nations and the crusade which is going to play a major part behind the driving backstory. Character Creation Go wild with character creation. I'd love this story to have creative and varied characters although your character will either be in Luca's crew or to meet up with one another early on. Name: Age: Appearance: Race: Human, Elf, Beastkin, Winger or any other reasonable fantasy race Equipment: Personality: Background: ------------ And now my character Name: Captain Luca Irons Age: 19 Appearance: [img]http://www.suikosource.com/images/chars/h/hix02.gif[/img] Race: Human Equipment: Luca wields his grandfathers blade, a winger blade that he named Hawk. He also carries two enchanted satchels, being able to carry far more than what they should possibly be able to. There is also some minor equipment that he has a tendency to find in his bags or pockets that get pawned rather quickly. Personality: Luca considers himself to be a heroic outlaw although this is hardly the case. While he is a good man at heart, he is hardly an outlaw as he rarely if ever resorts to piracy and instead is a mere treasure hunter. A brave leader and quite intelligent for his age, he is a friend to his crew and will often help whoever he can find. Background: Born in the independent port city of Alanur, Luca was bought up on tales of pirates although his father rarely spoke of his grandfather. Luca didn't learn of his grandfathers past as a pirate until he was 12 when Alberto began to tutor Luca in fencing and how to work on a small boat. He was told of how Alberto had stolen the Dauntless from underneath the nose of Admiral Nabukov and how he had traversed the islands, raiding ancient ruins and leading his crew in glorious battle. Shortly after Luca turned 17, his grandfather grew gravely ill and became bedridden. Alberto still held onto life for a year, handing the Dauntless and his sword to his grandson so that Luca could at least he could live his dreams and search for something that he had a passion for. Before Lucas 18[sup]th[/sup] birthday, Alberto passed away in his sleep. The last thing that they talked about was about the Winger known as Wynn the Silver who was a key figure in the crusade. In honor of his grandfathers life ambition, Luca has made it his lives goal to discover as much about the crusade as possible.
  4. The sight of the hospital surrounded by police did not fill James with confidence as he approached the doors with his knuckles white from his tight grip on the neck of his baseball bat. He had initially attempted to enter through the third floor parking entrance but it had been barricaded and swarming with police who had turned him away. This confirmed that what had been a safe evacuation point already had the infected running about and could potentially be nothing more than a death trap. If it could get him out of this hell hole alive, he'd run through a pack of the bastards naked in order to make it out. A thought was floating around in the back of James' mind that he'd probably get his shotgun confiscated if he walked through the front door and he tried to figure out a different plan. But there was no other option, the fire escape was being watched by police and every other door was covered also. "And I liked this gun too" he muttered under his breath as he approached the doors. Strangely enough he was not stopped as the officers watched him walk through with suspicious glares but nothing else. It was clear that the sudden outbreak was taking its effect on them and tension was thick in the air and he preferred that the zombies be the only ones that had it out to get him. There was a strange old man stumbling around and yelling randomly about how those within the hospital were sinners who would die as penance. If he had to guess, the man had lost everything to the zombies and had taken it poorly to say the least but was clearly a danger to himself and everybody around him. He could hear the infected on the higher floors who were pounding on walls and doors but there was the distinct sound of gunshots. The old man moved with a surprising speed and almost ran to the stairwell just as it opened. Reaching for his shotgun, James stopped just short of firing it as he saw four relatively normal people slamming it behind them with one of them assisting a very shaken young woman. And then the screaming started as the old man began to rant at them before suddenly stopping and reaching towards the wall. There was only one possible thing happening, the old man was about to pull the fire alarm. James ran as fast as he could towards the man in an attempt to tackle him before he pulled it but he was too late as the alarm burst into action as the deafening whirring and honking seemed to drive the unseen infected into a frenzy. There was only one thing going through James' mind as he tackled the old man to the ground in an effort to get some measure of justice for essentially be sentenced to death. That thought was "Running naked through the zombies is sounding much easier now"
  5. James did not want to return to the bar that afternoon following the chaos from the previous night and let off an annoyed groan as the damage caused in the previous nights fight was every bit as bad as he had remembered it. He accepted that running a bar would lead to those situations, especially since life was starting to get tense following all the crap with the Green Flu going down out east. A few of the previous nights patrons had made light of the situation on the east coast and a brawl broke out, trashing most of the furniture and leaving broken glass strewn across the floor. Even worse was that James had to further damage the bar to get everyone out, glancing upwards at the hole he made in the ceiling with the shotgun and muttering obscenities under his breath as he headed into the backroom to grab a broom deliberately taking his time to do so. As he rummaged around for a broom, he heard the telltale jangle of the bell over the bar door and yelled out that they were closed. Not hearing the bell go off again tipped James off that he hadn't left yet and he stormed out of the backroom carrying the broom in hand in an effort to look intimidating. He soon lost his bluster as he came face to face with the intruder, a scrawny man bleeding heavily from his nose and mouth. "Get outta here dickhead" James yelled at the man and pointed the broom towards the door hoping that this would encourage the man to leave. It instead had the opposite effect that he had wanted with the man let out an insane scream and starting flailing in an attack on James. Fending off the attack with the broom, James shoved his boot into the mans gut and pushed him flat onto his back. Snarling angrily as it scrambled back to its feet, it was soon struck in the head with the broom as it splintered and broke. James watched as it fell to the ground and struggled back to its feet and soon realized what was happening. Not taking the chance to mull over the fact that the man may still be alive, he vaulted the counter and snatched the shotgun from underneath the bar. "And now I have to deal with ******* zombies" James spat angrily as he fired a round into the zombies head as it turned to face him. Knowing that there could only be more of the zombies around, James grabbed as many shells that he could find underneath as well as the baseball bat that was hidden underneath and headed for the door. He half considered heading into the backroom to empty his safe but money was hardly important at this point in time. After all, you aren't going to need any money when it's the end of the world as you know it.
  6. Name: James Morris Age: 35 Occupation: Bartender and Bar owner Personality: Gruff and arrogant but very cunning with a strong will to survive. Appearance: 6'4 and 200 pounds of muscle. Short brown hair and dark blue eyes with a small scar running through his left eyebrow. Wears a white tank top and grey jeans with a tea towel tucked into the back pocket out of habit.
  7. Got started on a Let's Play of Sims 3 a couple of days and it has been ridiculous. Almost entirely autonomous except for my character and everyone is a collection of bizarre psychosis that it's just crazy. I've also recently picked up Valkyria Chronicles I, Catherine and Disgaea 4 so I think that I'm set for the next month when it comes to videogames.
  8. I'm more looking forward to Pokemon Conquest at the moment. I did enjoy the gen 5 games but they had nothing to do after you finished the story and that's the most obvious thing for Gamefreak to fix up.
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    Sign Up Gearhead

    [i]2200 AD[/i] War has evolved. What was once fought by armies and humans has now become centred around the usage of gigantic armed combat vehicles, piloted by individuals known as Gearheads. They have become a necessity as the large regions of the earth are no longer capable of supporting human life and a venomous mist is common in these regions, dangerously fatal to humanity. Three factions hold the majority of the power; the Europan Imperiate which encompasses Europe and half of Asia, the Pacific Alliance which is a collection of the remainder of the nations of Asia and Oceania and the United Americas which encompasses North and South America. The Gearheads are trained in various military academies which function as schools as well as relief forces as students inevitably are required to reinforce units and as a reserve squad. The most elite academy in the world is the Imperial Academy, located in what was once central France and has produced some of the greatest pilots in the world known not only for their talent but also for their sheer arrogance. But this is not about them; instead this is about the Brittania Academy, an academy that is rapidly reaching the stage where it is unnecessary and cannot match the quality of the Imperial Academy. But there is a current outpouring of students that may be good enough to drag their academy out of the hole that it has fallen into and perhaps they will help bring back a peace to the Europan Imperiate which has fought too many battles against the other factions and is beginning to crack at the seams. ---------------------Registration Form---------------------- Name: Age: (anything from mid-teens to late 20's.) Appearance: Background: Personality: Skills: Mech Name: Appearance: Equipment: ------------------------My Character------------------------ Name: James Addison Age: 19 Appearance: [url="http://images4.fanpop.com/image/photos/17500000/Anime-Guys-male-anime-characters-17560370-835-1188.jpg"]Click here[/url] Background: The son of a former general in the Europan Imperiate and from a privileged upbringing, James outright resented the fact that life was easy for him and turned against those who were in the upper class that didn't have to work for anything. Becoming an irritating presence to his father, he was shipped off to Imperial Academy where he would hopefully learn some discipline. Not wanting to be around the elite any longer, James instead worked to get himself expelled quickly and was sent packing after a week. Not wanting to back down, General Addison instead sent James to the Britannia Academy where he could at least be at home with the other delinquents that sat on the bottom rung of the academies, Personality: A delinquent through and through, James has settled into a life where he is away from the upper class and doing what he enjoys most. This is of course fighting and piloting his mech which means that he is happy as long as there is a scrap to get involved with. Contrary to what you would believe, he is actually a modest person that just has a very short temper and a need to prove himself as a man. He is still somewhat on the lazy side, sometimes lacking the motivation to better himself as a soldier. Skills: James has an almost prodigious ability to get himself into trouble but has shown a natural talent of holding his own in a fight. Due to his sometime laziness, he relies a lot on any natural piloting talents as opposed to applying himself and becoming a great pilot. There is talk amongst the teachers that he could be great if he showed the motivation to improve. Mech Name: Buru-Buru mk 1.5- Ramuh Appearance: [url="http://old.dibujando.net/modules/tutoriales/polykarbon/mecha/mechabig1.jpg"]Click here[/url] Equipment: Being based on the older Buru Buru mecha, Ramuh is designed for close ranged combat and has thick armour designed to safeguard it until it reaches melee range. The two thrusters upon its shoulders assists in manoeuvrability and its gauntlets carry an electrical charge, thereby explaining the name Ramuh. OOC: Why didn't I notice that I accidentally pasted it a second time?
  10. Man, why am I so sick today?

  11. Getting sick of the pornbots following me on twitter.

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      What should you care that Lyndy follows you on Twitter?

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      I -knew- that the one comment here would be of Boo mentioning me.

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      Pornbots follow you on twitter?

  12. Cosprayers. It really says something when a meme has developed that "you say X is the worse anime ever but is it really worse then Cosprayers?"
  13. It's all about capturing the spirit of things. Look at the first two live action Death Note films, both are abridged adaptions of the series and change some events and details to speed up the pacing. I still think it worked well because it still felt like Death Note and the CGI for Ryuuk was pretty cool. Then compare it to the proposed Akira adaption. It is pretty much a wide strokes adaption at best and outright desecration of canon at worst, all for the benefit of americanising it. It's already drawn so much ire from the vast majority of anime fans (and film critics) that I think the budget problems might just be another way of saying that it's being canned because they have already lost the existing fanbase and a widespread negative reaction would ensure that it would never make up its budget.
  14. Can't pick between reviewing Mad TV or Blood Bowl. Help me out please.

  15. I've been playing through Disgaea 3 and Valkyria Chronicles II lately. I might haved overlevelled in Disgaea while I've stalled at October in VCII because of that bloody mines mission. I am planning on playing some of the 1995 release of Blood Bowl because it looks like the likely choice that I'm reviewing next for my site (cheap plug!) and then moving onto Lord of the Rings Vol.1 on DOS and SNES. One of them is an awesome RPG while the other is almost the complete opposite.
  16. Another review because I was bored. This time it's Monster Bash. http://vintage-awesomeness.webs.com/monster-bash-1993

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      I've got it working. Turns out changing the title changed the address. Switched things back and it worked fine just now.

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      Cool, I didnt know that game 8D

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      It's pretty awesome and free. If you like any Sid Meier game then I think you'd enjoy it.

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    Gaming Let's Play!

    [url="http://officialfan.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=forumgames&action=display&thread=250624"]My Emerald one that I did on the Freaking Awesome Network forums.[/url] I reckon that it turned out pretty well for the most part although it's the only LP that I've ever finished.
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    Sign Up Breath of Destiny

    [font=comic sans ms,cursive]Name: Caolan McVeigh[/font] [font=comic sans ms,cursive]Persona: Puts on a facade of being cold and distant but is a reasonable and good man underneath that wants to protect those that need to be protected.[/font] [font=comic sans ms,cursive]Age: 27[/font] [font=comic sans ms,cursive]Mech: Eagle[/font] [font=comic sans ms,cursive]Mech Name: Kestrel[/font] [font=comic sans ms,cursive]Mech Persona: In her own world and[/font] caring only about what interests her. She is a fierce fighter when she has to but she'd rather do her own thing.
  19. Slick new design for the boards. Bit of a bugger that some stuff was lost but this happens sometimes.
  20. In my Dwarf Fortress game, a monkey punched out a Dwarven Baby.

  21. In my Dwarf Fortress game, a monkey punched out a Dwarven Baby.

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      True story. I was running a fortress when some Rhesus Macqaues got in and start raising hell. And then one of them punched a baby and knocked it out.

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      That's messed up, but oddly funny. lol.

  22. [i] The trouble with magic is that there's too much it just can't fix. When things go wrong, glimpsing junkyard faerie and crows that can turn into girls and back again doesn't help much. The useful magic's never at hand. The three wishes and the genies in bottles, seven-league boots, invisible cloaks and all. They stay in the stories, while out here in the wide world we have to muddle through as best we can on our own. [b]CHARLES DE LINT[/b] [/i] The realm of magic and that of the mortals has always possessed a fragile link; any drastic occurrences in one realm would have an equal effect on that of the other world and they exist as somewhat of a symbiotic relationship. They exist parallel to one another and this balance is kept by the Order of Magus, an ancient order of Magic Users who have the ability to move between the two realms. This bond would last until the end of time or until the death of the order. However, such an event may be sooner than any had hoped. The two worlds have started to fuse, breaching the barriers that existed between the worlds and somehow draining the natural magic of the mortal realm. And with this breach comes something even more sinister, creatures known as Forgotten Beasts and Titans have begun to pass into our world and wreak havoc upon the unsuspecting mortals. The cause for the breaches has to be discovered before the two realms can fully merge as it is theorized that it could result in a massive backlash that could consume both worlds. ------------------------------------------------ [i]Simpson Desert, South Australia 2016 ------------------------------------------------ It was unknown why the Order had sent Kyle here, an isolated desert in the middle of nowhere. He was more suited to places that were a bit more populated, as opposed to the empty desert. All the field study had concluded five years ago, not long after the first Forgotten Beast had breached the mortal world. A gigantic two headed dragon had headed straight for Adelaide and had razed it before the Order could intercept it. A million people were killed in its rampage before it was destroyed and it reminded the order that it had to be forever vigilant. "The barrier may have been repaired but it's fragile" he muttered to himself as he remembered something that he had overhead back at the center of operations. The Archmagus had assigned mages to each of the breaches in an effort to buy some time while they continued researching the cause behind the breaches. Each of them was to guard and observe the breach and to report back if anything occurred. "Are you still there magus?" a voice rumbled in his head, the familiar voice of his mentor Konrad. The old man had been the one to train him and to introduce him to the order although the old man had been quite tough on him "Aye and there is absolutely nothing happening" Kyle grumbled to himself and the voice within his head. He had neither the temperament nor the patience to act as a guard, he was more of an enforcer than anything else but the order was growing quite stretched and he was more than competent enough to act in this role. Konrad began to lecture Kyle about being patient and alert because the world could end if constant vigilance wasn't employed. He had heard this a thousand times before and knew how to seem like he was listening. After all, the link connecting them wasn't mental so there was no chance of Konrad hearing his surface thoughts. Time began to pass and a storm began to rise; Kyle began making his preparations to depart when he noticed a shimmering at the edge of his line of sight. He knew this all to well, the shimmering meant that something was passing between realms or that the barrier was being breached. "Konrad, I'm heading back home" Kyle yelled as he activated a rune stone that would transport him home "things are about to go to hell in a handbasket."[/i] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Character Creation ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Keep in mind that this is a story set in the real world, just that there is magic in it. Think of it like the Harry Potter novels, magic is kept hidden so that the populace don't find out about it. You can throw around magic but a gunshot to the chest is still as deadly as ever. Also, magic is not infallible. One cannot just click their fingers and make a problem simply cease to exist. It would probably be based upon Equivalent Exchange or that "Magic is consistent. Magic is functional. Magic is not free." This should keep any story breaking powers from occurring and should result in some form of drama although I will not reveal what this could be. Name: (Something relatively normal. This is still a real world story, just with a heavy magic influence on it) Age: (Something reasonable. I'd accept 15 at a minimum if your character was either a prodigy or an apprentice) Appearance: Personality: Background: Go wild with this. This world has magic but the general populace have no idea of its existence so your character could have anything (not including anything science fiction or sword and sorcery based) as their background. Abilities & Equipment: Character Snippet: (Not essential but it gives a good idea of the character. ----------------------------- I'll have something up later today.
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    Gaming Best of 2010

    So which is RDR: Undead Nightmare? A horror game or a funny game? It strikes me of IGN really reaching for something. Hell, I'd put Dead Rising 2 down as a humorous game before RDR. And what is so innovative about Heavy Rain in comparison to (using an older example) Shenmue II? Of course, this is a website that game God Hand a 3.0 for being too hard so I do not really have much time for them.
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