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  1. Currently playing 2 games at the moment, with one having the most of my attention since I'm currently at a stopping point with the other two: The Division: I have to say this is the first shooter I've enjoyed since the Halo series that I've actually liked and can't wait to get home from work to play. It's fast paced,deeply involved with a believable story line, and the online interaction is on point. I've only seen a few glitches, but that could be accounted to the numerous players playing on different servers, so it's really no fault to the game itself. Lego Marvel Avengers: Though campy and cute, Lego has never shy'ed away from making amazing games. Whether it be from our childhood to whats currently trending, their games are interactive, action packed and memerable to the players. I enjoy this game because it covers a lot of the major marvel cinematic universe from Captain America to Thor and more. The players are treated with in game voiceovers from teh movie to specific events, and there are lots of hidden contents to unlock characters withing the MCU.
  2. I've been a member since i was a sophomore in High school. The OB has taught me a lot about creative writing and putting my ideas out there without fault or rejection, and to improve upon myself my own skills and creativity. Not only that, but I've made some great friends through here from doing so, and we've created masterpieces worthy of being made into a novel, or even a movie (I gush at the idea but reading back, it could happen). OB was my sanctuary when I was alone or bored, and others joined in on the fun we created, I would definitely like to be as alive as it once was, those were the golden days for me.
  3. Belated I know, but Happy B-Day OB!!
  4. I would have to make a new skype but I don't see that being a problem, just let me know date and time.
  5. Sounds fun for sure, count me in, good thing I still check the site from time to time :-3
  6. I mostly stayed on the RP portion of the boards, Darth Vectis and I are trying to bring it back to life with some new stories and what not. If I believe correctly, he's the only one I have added on FB from here.
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    Trails of The Grail

    Location: Redmond, Seattle Desmond made it back to his family's safe house in the early hours of the morning, having little rest from his researching and deciphering of information he obtained from the safe house of the Witch of the Wilds. Though he may have been too late to stop the destruction and murder of their kin, he was able to secure several documents and talismans that would have raised too many questions had the normal police obtained them. Questions Desmond already had forming through his thoughts as he flipped another frayed page of Lady Morrigan's grimoire, the only items worth keeping after finding through the blood and charred remains of the house in the woods. Memories and incantations were saved here, time and effort put into a single leather bound notebook worth knowledge any mystical user would literally kill for had they the chance to do so. However, Desmond could only understand the spells, written in old arcane texts and script, the symbols would have to be for his sibling to decode and understand. That; was her specialty. Desmond closed the book with a shaken sigh, his nerves shot from the failed mission for answers, seeing the end result in person was not comforting to the man either. Still, for the past year, more and more of their kind have been either hunted by an unknown entity, or have gone into hiding. Those who've hid have stayed so, or have met their fate with this ominous presence searching for their mystical auras. The weary man rubbed his eyes some, the mornings light reflecting off the windows gave him little comfort, for the time his body has spent pushing itself beyond his physical needs for rest and nourishment finally began to take its toll. The man stood from his chair, stretching the sleep away from himself as best as he could, moving towards the kitchen to make some tea for his expected guest. Taking out the pots and kettle from their hiding places, Desmond worked swiftly to make his beverage when the slightest sound could be heard from below on the second floor of the town home. Ever so silent to the untrained ear, but it was enough for the man to set his pot on the burner before grabbing one of the filet knives from its collection block. Ever so slowly Desmond made his way towards the chairs, for his large and heavy frame, he was quite light on his feet when the need arose. "How interesting, an intruder at this time of day? I didn't think leeches could out while the sun is up....." The man carefully made his way downstairs to see the front door closed and locked as it was before, however there was a movement to his left that made the man react. Switching the knife to his other hand, a swift upward movement collided with metal with a large scraping clank sound, confirming Desmond's thoughts of an intruder. Before the man was able to react, a powerful kick to his sternum sent the taller mystic flying backwards towards the side closet, the crash along breaking the door as Desmond gripped what he could to stay standing. Peering upwards he could see a black object spinning towards the floor before being caught by a slender and small hand, and with lightning speed, it was pointed towards his weakened frame once more. Now, in front of him, two pistols were pointed and ready to take his life, leaving Desmond starring helplessly. "Reckless as always, I cannot believe you." The familiar voice, stern and scolding, brought a smile to Desmond's lips as he continued to huff for air. Standing straight and now towering over the small feminine figure. "You know...you could have just, oh I dunno, not done that" Desmond smiled as he finally caught his breath; the female took of her hat and stared upwards to her opponent. Her eyes telling Desmond she was not in the laughing mood. "You could be more careful with everything that's going on lately. You're too clumsy and forgetful, and I don't have time to pick up after you Desmond" The female holstered her two pistols and sighed. "Harvest we're not here to argue; and I'm not in the mood to deal with your brick wall tactics. Now come here and give your brother a hug!" Smiling wide and standing straight, Desmond extending his arms for the open invitation, until jingling could be heard as Harvest held a set of keys on the end of her index finger, same scowling look pinned on her face. Desmond peered at his own key chain and froze with a smile on his face. "You left it on the lock again idiot." Harvest narrowed her eyes before tossing them at her elder sibling, grabbing her suitcase and heading upstairs leaving the stunned man in silence. "And you left the tea on the stove too long, it's overflowing!" The shout brought Desmond from his phase as he ran back upstairs into the kitchen with great haste. The two siblings enjoyed a quiet breakfast with one another, quiet being the term of the day as they nibbled and drank their fill of tea with an assortment of fruits and cheeses, slices of bread to compliment the light meal. There were not words to ask about one or the others health, well being or current condition, both were stressed beyond belief with their current situation. The added stress from everyday "normal" life was enough to make either snap. But, their silence was a small token of their family time and bonding from growing up in this weird tradition. Desmond thought it might be fun to reminisce by tapping on the coffee table, their sign of Morris code. Harvest looked at her brother from across the table, shaking her head with a small smirk forming at the corner of her mouth. "You'll never grow up will you?" She huffed with content. "Some things you never forget." "Agreed, but we'll joke around later. Let's go over what we know now." Harvest placed her cup on its dish, Desmond sigh. "Straight to business as usual." "Someone has to be responsible." Harvest quick reply made note she was serious. Desmond didn't argue any further. "This is the third finding of slain mystical and magical users we've encountered in two months. Hearing about the recent one....means something big is happening brother. I think we can finally toss the idea these are random attacks, we've even spoken with werewolf and vampire covens near the sight of all three attacks, they haven't senses anything out of the ordinary until it's all said and done with All reports are the same, no evidence, just bloodshed. It's weird their only attacking human mystics; but with the treaties we have in place with other creatures, they can offer no aid." Harvest took hold of the dusted grimoire her brother was reading prior to her arrival, scanning the pages she could make out. "Even if they were able to assist, I doubt it would make much of a difference. With what I saw at the last sight, it was a straight-up slaughter. Even if some of those offspring were new, there were some well experienced. I sensed the magic flowing through the decay; those who fell were powerful indeed. Even the barriers put in place to protect the lands were left unscathed, so that means we do have a semi-mole in our family or someone out for blood." Desmond piled his bread with cheese and grapes before taking a bite, Harvest merely nodded as she scanned the notebook. "In any case, that's three safe houses down and more bodies piling up. You came back from Milan not too long ago, any word over there of incidents similar to this?" "Not a peep from what I’ve been able to gather. I did send note during my flight of the disturbance, they'll be in contact with me if anything similar pops up." "Still, the first happened in Pennsylvania, a family of four. The next was in Minnesota, a witch coven of 10, burned and hanged. Now the Colorado wilderness safe house run and operated by this....Lady Morrigan, and she wasn't present during the raid. Lucky her..." Harvest hissed under her breath, she made no attempt to hide her anguish from a familiar face. "What I'm getting at, is even though the attacks seem random, a trail from the East to West is laid out." "So, think whatever or whoever would come here to us? That's a bit of a stretch without proof dear sister." Desmond reclined in his chair somewhat content, yet troubled. "You can shovel for proof; I'll take action when I sense danger. Right now, I'm not feeling safe in my own home." Dead silence once more at the two exchanged glances. Desmond merely nodded in compliance with his siblings words. "I have a few ideas on..." "Your bed and room have been made ready; you're going to get some rest first. Then, you can be all gun-ho military killer later. No arguing with me either Harvest." Desmond rose from his chair and began to gather the dirty dishes. The grunt from his sister made the man smile as she rose from her chair as well and gathered her things; she took the grimoire with her along with the bags she brought. "You need your sleep as well. I'll see you at dinner time most likely." Placing a quick pat on his shoulder, Harvest made her way to the spare bedroom to settle in, Desmond finished the dishes sometime shortly after and retreated to his quarters for some rest.
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    Trails of The Grail

    I'll be beginning the story this week, if anyone is still interested in signing up, please feel free to. We hope to add on more creative minds as we work through this RP. Until then, see you in the game!
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    Trails of The Grail

    Guess I'll get the ball rolling :-3 Name: Desmond Tigan Age: 28 Years of Age Sex: Male Personality: Desmond has and always remains to radiate a calm presence to those around him Though he is quite lax with life and his well being, he is a master strategist when it comes to business. Every other function in life, he is as tamed as a stream of water. Since his years of growing, Desmond is ever watchful and worry some of his youngest sibling, Harvest. Now older, he is less concerned with her safety knowing hat she an handle herself, but more worried as any brother would be to his sister about her future. Being a pseudo-parent ever since childhood, the feelings still linger to always be available when she need. Abilities: Probability Manipulation: Desmond can control and manipulate the very luck and reality around him to his favor. In small concentrated dosages, Desmond merely needs to flick and twirl his wrist for a spot on spell completion. However, when facing another mystical user, more energy is needed to turn the tide and prevent harm to himself. This power takes a toll on Desmond, back-lashing with powerful migraines and fatigue if not careful. There have been instances where his powers have backfired towards himself and others; in such a case, the death of his parents at his own hands when Desmond became of age to harness his abilities. His power is ever growing, long periods of meditation is needed to keep his emotions and mental stress at an even level, so no backfires occur out of nowhere, especially when he's at work. Appearance: Desmond stand at an even 6 foot 1 inch with a well toned frame of a healthy 200 pounds. Lightly sun tanned skin adds to his complexion, added with shoulder length brunette hair that he keeps tied in a pony tail. Though he is a large icon in the fashion industry, Desmond usually parades around in simple jeans and short-sleeve t-shirt that compliment his figure. Relying on comfort than luxury when the apparent spring or chase may occur. When activating his abilities, his eyes glow a crimson red, as well as his body radiating the same color when large amounts of energy is displaced. Background: Product spawn of an Arcane Magister and Voodoo Sorceress; Desmond is the eldest of his siblings, followed by his sister Harvest. Both are mystical users who obtained their powers from their parents who are no longer alive due to the manifestation of his own powers at the age of 7. Desmond concealed the true entire story is kept from his sister Harvest, fearing backlash and rejection from the only family he has alive. The duo fended for themselves for the longest, Desmond always working and making sure his sibling was well taken care of to the best of his ability, the elder sibling used his probability manipulation abilities to swindle and steal, and make sure the pair had a warm place to sleep at night. Around the time Harvest came into her abilities years later, the duo were tracked by an old family friend and Grail member, Edward Stockling, who took the two in and raised them through their schooling years. During a their time with Edward, Desmond's powers grew and so did his knowledge of the world. Traveling abroad ever so often while Harvest continued her studies. Researching more into the world of mysticism, the elder sibling discovered their heritage of their clan and began training with Edward upon finishing his tour to bring the order back to its once prestigious status. After years of training, Edward and Desmond debated on the morality of their small Coven, either to come from the shadows or remain dormant from the world, eventually the feud subsided, but both parties stepped away. Desmond and Harvest were old enough now to make their own choices in life, but the two still stuck together like glue, as they always have. Desmond continues to travel around the world, thanks to owning and operating the worlds most highly favorable fashion line and marketing company; he is able to keep eyes and ears out for magical users on a constant basis, trying his hardest to keep his fellow users safe from harm. Even with such a lavish lifestyle and accommodations available to him, Desmond keeps his side project extremely hidden and covert. Occupation: CEO of Silk Line Industries, a fashion and cosmetic line used by high society families and heirs for their every day outings.
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    Trails of The Grail

    "For as long as the scribes of old could foretell in their stories, papyrus littered with ancient dust from a past now forgotten, powerful creatures roamed the lands of the living. Breeding, co-inhabiting, and even making history in the volumes of history. But that is not the tale we speak of in the light, for the shadows hold far more than secrets, it holds the very essence of our culture. Magic has, and always will be a necessity to keep the balance of good and evil. However, those terms cannot just describe a person, but an idea, a dream, a passion. That, my dear reader, is where the lines blur together, and more often than not, our of sight of its wielder. I digress, these words are not for comfort, but for an understanding of our way of life. I am called Morrigan, it is the name over the many moons I've walked upon the plane of man I've come to love most. I cherish it as if it were my own child cradled t my bosom. I am part of a long forgotten order of mystical beings who've banded together over the centuries to thwart harm to our people, and the world around us. Some say we perform blood rituals, others are persuaded we take life for pleasure. How wrong the fools are to come to terms with such trifles, our order simply keeps the balance of two worlds while remaining hidden. Times have changed, but the hearts of men sadly, have not. This modern era, full of gadgets and creations only dreamed of in my time now blossoms into a monthly update of information and wonder. But, so do the shadows. My order is called "The Grail", users of the mystic art that preserve our history and knowledge with one another, and seek out those who obtain their abilities and use them for the common wealth of our existence; for what little time we have it. Some of our family, my family, have come and gone to their maker...most however...were forced to meet an end not so kind to their charge. I remember such an instance when the nations of the world first interacted with our kind from lands far beyond the horizon of the setting sun, powerful dark arts merged with necromancy, and a new age of bloodshed was written. The massacre of many an innocent during the trials at Salem forced our hand to retreat into the shadows further, leaving our enemy to grow in silence and statue all too boldly. So in our retreat, we waited, we procreated, stronger and more vibrant youths to carry on our legacy of neutralization, theirs was a time of true and utter peace on this earth. Unfortunately, fate has never been so kind as to grant anyone immortal happiness....without sorry to follow. The Moon is that of the 10,000th Sun Burst Raven, or to be simple, two-thousand and fifteen. I've spoken with what little Grail members there are left in the North American lands, so few....which has me worried. Even to my core I know there is amiss stalking our my clan, but from where, I cannot say. After the loss of my own children, and grandchildren years prior, I've returned to the Arbor Wilds, my wilderness sanctuary to forget the pain. But no longer can I stay hidden...My small oven of wandering mystical users, both experienced and novice shall keep watch of these lands until I return. Their combined might should be enough to ward those who wish to bring evil upon my lands. I pray with the last of my love I have to give, that it is enough to rid them of the trials and tribulations we are about to face. Our time has come to cast our kind into the light, before the darkness swallows us whole. To any member of The Grail who come across this message, "The shade only covers you at midnight". If you are simply a weary traveler who happened to come across an old witch's babbling, may I give you my sincerest condolences. One should not seek power that cannot be controlled, and power like ours, should never be sought after....." A shadowy figure places the burnt piece of parchment back down to the ground, his eyes surveying the abandoned hut slowly and with every detail he could fathom during the hidden moons light. Nothing remained of this once sanctuary, holy ground to lost or traveling mystics. Family. The smell of burnt wood and herbs engulfed the nights sky, tracks of the attackers were long gone as the smoke continued to rise from the dead bark and land. The figure stood, grunting slightly as he viewed the now open layout of the fields, the crops destroyed, the wildlife slain for a mile that happened to cross the path of these savages. This was a sign. The figure reached into his pocket and produced a small flip phone, dialing quickly by memory as his eyes remained ever vigilant, glowing a faint crimson red every so often. "Report" A soft, yet commanding voice of a woman answered the line. "We're too late, this home was targeted strategically. Just like the others, that's another safe-house gone I'm afraid". There were no words spoken then, just a silent defeat. "This safe-house was older than the Pyramids themselves; something big is happening and we're chasing our own tail. Come home at once when you can, I don't think it would be a good idea to stay separated at this point. Especially not when an elder's home was taken down. D-did you find any bodies?" The small hitch in her voice made the figure sigh in defeat as well. "Yes, none that I recognize, but their mystical powers float about these lands now. Seven total, all underage. These were our people's offspring...." A sigh came from the other end of the phone. "Come home when you can brother, do what you must, but nowhere is safe now. I'm returning to our home in the woods. I'll meet you there." The line went dead with an affirming "click". The man closed his device and silently walked the same path that brought him to this hidden sanctuary, whispering a silent incantation, the cloaked man vanished in a quick flash of red light. The moons light slowly appeared past the clouds, shinning down onto the land once more, but this time, to an empty field of grass, no trace of the destruction to be seen. Hours later, in the terminal of Washington International airport, the once hooded figure now revealed in light scours the charred journal that remained a vital clue to their hunters, and their past. More members of their coven slain, and more their numbers dwindle before even a spark of life could be created. "This Lady Morrigan believed it was time to come into the light. Either she was a lonely old coot, or she was desperate. In either case, even our contacts are being taken out, and their sources as well. No one seems to be safe, we need a new plan to draw our enemies out, and keep the remaining mystical users who remain alive safe from harm. It's not going to be easy, but as this elder witch of the wild stated, nothing ever is...." Welcome to Trials of the Grail! This RP is set in modern time with ancient secrets to uncover along the way. The theme for this RP will be mystical/magical/supernatural abilities and humans now living in the modern world. Hunted by the shadows of the past, the goal is to remain alive long enough to band together and start a new chapter of The Grail Order. Our wold of magic and mystery are coming to light for the first time in human history, and not the version represented in movies and modern day stories, but in a reality where nothing is as what it seems. The darkness is ever surrounding and engulfing, will you let it consume your light? Sign Up: Name: Pretty Common Age: You know the drill. If you are over the age of 25 and unique in your abilities, you may be considered a new elder since most of the previous ones have been slain or are currently in hiding. Sex: Have a ball. Personality: See Sex portion for explanation. Abilities: Can range from mystic talismans to voodoo practices, witchcraft, transmutation, transfiguration, psychic, elemental or natural sorcery, spells, incantations, necromancy, etc. Please be detailed with your abilities and include limitations to said abilities as well. We can grown from our weakness' during the RP. Appearance: Description or Photo. Background: Are you flying solo? Spawn of a magical/mystic user? Related to a well known mystical user? Give us the scoop. Occupation: Hey, we're powerful, but not rich. Or are we? You decide!
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    Discuss Upcoming RP

    Howdy Howdy remaining, or whats left of the RP community here at OtakuBoards. Darth Vectis and I are collaborating on a new RP we'll be starting up sometime soon. We'll be going with a modern day "Justice League: Dark" theme kind of RP, consisting of mystical and magical elements. Still on the drawing board, but just reaching out to those who might be interested in joining in, we plan to do this as a collaboration together with or without extra minds to add to the mix. But, never bad to have others tag along from beginning to end :-3 ~Shwa
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    Discuss Godmod!

    Ah o.k, that makes more sense, literally controlling someone else character rather than you own, but for the whole time and not just to move the story forward.
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    Discuss Godmod!

    I don't get it.... o.0?
  14. Need to get back in the RP swing, I'm feeling rusty.

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      Throwaways should be starting up pretty soon, never fear!

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    Sign Up The Throwaways

    Name: Samuel Pratchett Codename: "Canary" Age: 25 Gender: Male Height: 5'11 Weight: 170 lbs. Appearance:   Specialty: Infiltration, Heist   Superpowers:  Sonic Scream - Samuel was born with an extra attachment to his windpipe, giving him the ability to intake a more than abnormal amount of air into his body to be stored.  As a result, when triggered by stress or concentration of the body, Samuel can project a violent sonic scream from his mouth towards his facing opponent.  While the range and and spread of the sonic cry is limited to a forward attack, the sonic scream can knock back and even concuss human and meta humans alike.  With training over the years, Samuel has practice his scream to knock down sturdy brick and steel walls, and even dent armor tanks with enough force.  However, the duration of the scream can only last for a timed 3 minutes before exhaustion, two minutes more than an average human.      Special Skills:  Samuel is currently at his physical peak, quick and light on his feet as he is patient and calculating when thinking about his next plan of attack.  Samuel is well skilled in computer programming and hacking, fast and accurate without fault for entering and leaving unnoticed.   Samuel has been trained in hand-to-hand combat, mostly in styles to defend and take down his enemies instead of killing.  He works best when entering and leaving unnoticed, but when encountered, Samuel is confident is his skills to defend himself.      Equipment/Weapons:  Canary/Samuel carries a utility pouch around his waist.  Mostly small computer equipment such as flash drives, PDA and small computer tools for breaking into hard drives.  Just in case combat is inevitable, smoke pellets and flash grenades are packed in case of an escape is needed.     Personality Profile:  Samuel came from a military family growing up, both parents and siblings serving as he grew up, eventually when the boy was of age, he joined the Marines as an infantry man.  Years of discipline have made Samuel organized and poised for personal and field duty when the time calls for it.  The solider has been called a "Loyal Dog" for his commitment to his causes, and always seems to have a calculating, yet hopeful outlook when faced with unforeseeable circumstances.     Even after being discharged at the age of 23, Samuel has remained a diligent soldier, waking up before the sun and keeping his vigilante activities consistent and  never changing.  After years of fighting overseas, Samuel doesn't feel the need to kill unless absolutely necessary to save others, or if his own life was in dire need.  He will only use his Sonic Scream on meta humans, feeling it is his only trump card when fighting is at fault.   After being recruited by Geist, Samuel was immediately assigned to organizing many files and classified documents for their missions and research out in the field.  His superiors will know he will report immediately and accurately with any information obtained for their mission and prepare strategies for future missions that follow.      Writing Sample:  The alleyway across the block from the bank lay covered with several hooded thugs barely breathing for life as Canary walked past their crumpled figures.  As the vigilante walked, he made a mental note to count each one as he passed, their weapons far from their reach after the ambush that Canary delivered.  Another cartel group taken down, but this time on his patrol, there were more.  The last several weeks have been tiring and exhausting, the gang Canary had been tracking and trailing around his neighborhood had gotten bolder and more stern with their security.  Canary came to the last assailant on the ground before pausing, raising an eyebrow.   "That's only nine of them...I know I didn't miscount before I-"  His own stopped as the click of a firearm could be heard forward as the vigilante looked  up to see his last, and missing body.  The criminal shook as he tried to balance himself and hold his weapon after the thrashing Canary delivered earlier.     "You damn freak, the Butcher Family won't take this disrespect anymore from a costumed freak like yourself."  The assailant pulled the hammer back on his revolver, the barrel shaking in his grasp as he struggled to maintain his composure.  To him, Canary was an ordinary man trying to stop their underworld deeds.   "If you value your sense of hearing, I'd put that down and give up.  You can't win this"  Canary warned, inhaling silently through his nose.   "See you in he..."  Words escaped the masked gunman as all sound stopped, his body felt as if a large cannon impacted with his stomach as the perps body was pinned to the brick wall several inches behind him originally.  A loud, echoing screeching blared on and off as the gunman felt as if gravity itself was trying to crush him in the cyclone of sound the Canary produced from his mouth.  Outside the sonic scream funnel, the ear piercing scream echoes through the street alleyway and into the once calm night air.  The scream lasted several seconds before the echoes died in the night sky, Canary looked on as his assailant collapsed on the street ground, ears protruding blood slowly as he twitched in his spot.  Sirens echoed in the distance, Canary's cue to hurry and head home and quick before reinforcements arrived, and with that thought he did out of the ally and towards his speed bike.   4 a.m came as Canary entered his apartment  as silently as a cat, closing the door behind as he bolted the door shut quickly.  Removing his mask, the soldier grunted and sighed, thankful to be home once again after a long night of patrolling the streets.  The crisp air cooling the solider from a heated encounter....but that was the problem, Samuel didn't leave the air conditioner on before he went out on patrol.  The lights suddenly came on as Samuel turned around to see a middle aged man treating himself to a cup of coffee at the small dinner table.     "Good morning to you Canary, or should I say Samuel Pratchett.   Former USMC soldier, current I.T Security tech at Laser Security Services, you've kept your record clean and stayed under the radar.  We admire that, and we also admire you're efforts cleaning the streets in your city.  However, it's chump change compared to what we can offer you."  The man was bold and direct, never skipping a beat and his attention centered on the stunned soldier.   Samuel calculated his options, but they all ended up badly in his mind, so he gave in.   "Who is interested?"  The man placed a card on the table and slid it towards Samuel, the soldier slowly drew closer to the end of the table and looked down.  "Geist Industries?  I've applied to them before and was turned down.  Do you expect me to believe they want to hire me now that they know who I am?"   "No...we're hiring on 'Canary', Samuel is just an added bonus to our cause".  The man placed his coffee down and stood up, buttoning his suit coat.   "What cause would that be?"  Samuel raised an eyebrow as he faced the mystery messenger face to face now.   "I'll explain if you agree, but like your family and yourself, you fought for a common cause to protect this country.  You can do the same thing, but on home turf.  Back to order, back to duty, and back to feeling like you matter in a large and confusing world.  So, are you game?"  Samuel processed the thought quickly, but he already knew the answer before the speech was made.   "Yes Sir."   (OOC:  Apologies for the late entry, hope this is acceptable)
  16. Save me a spot, I'll get a post up by tonight when I get home.
  17. If the majority of main characters are not to be found anymore on the boards, then it would be safe to say to reboot the idea, but keep what key players that you have as NPC or references during the game.  
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    Discuss Howl: Backstage

    As stated in the sign-up, we will primarily be playing the werewolf race, and during the years of cross breeding between the two before the first Immortal War, there will be new breeds of the clan with their own mixed abilities.  Some have been turned after the first war, so they will bring their own uniqueness and gifts to the table, making them the new later generation.  So they would already be later generations from their grandparents and parents, or a new one from the States side.  In fact, due to the lack of numbers of werewolves left (in this timeline), they would have their own abilities that are mixed from the norm.  There are possible few left in Europe and others who wondered off on their own as well, but the majority fled to the States.  However, you do bring up an interesting point.   Here me out:  If a newly transformed wolf that was turned (voluntarily or asked to), who does not know their exact origins might carry blood from another mythological creatures of fable times.  While their main form takes the shape of a werewolf, their secondary powers could show during battle or mostly in their human form.  It would, in part, be a new generation.  As you have stated, these immortals did originate in Europe, after losing thousands of their kind one could have gone off on their own and settled long before the werewolf pack made it to America to colonize.     If you have a character in mind for such an idea just hash it out with me and we can go from there.  The reason I say so is because the story is already set, and there will be different instances where we go back and forth between old and new characters to explain the main RP so as not to dilly dally or make things slow.  But, I welcome any and all back story to new characters.     Just remember, the main race/form for us are werewolves for our characters, but don't worry, we  will be seeing other were-creatures during the course of the RP, that's for sure.  I will be controlling several NPC's during the game, I do not see why others could not as long as the story moves forward and doesn't contradict the flow of things.        
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    Discuss Howl: Backstage

    Yes and thank you for asking, I've been a bit busy this week with work so apologies on not updating the rest.     The ladies of the land are known modern day today as witches.  However, they are like the immortals mentioned in the background story, however they are not as powerful as their creators.  The witches are elemental by nature, and there are very few of them that walk the Earth.  Each possessing elemental powers assigned to their living area or surroundings, such as woodland, ice, temper heat, aquatic life.  They are gentle souls by nature, wise and all knowing in their lands, usually the first line of defense to sense danger when it approaches.  They do spend time with the human populous, but very little, they mostly watch over the lands and their immortal kindred.  For this RP, our wolf Lady will be the "Lady of the Wilds", a nature powered witch.      
  20. ^ Ditto for Boo, I dont think we've done one together but if we had then hey, I wouldn't mind continuing or restarting it.
  21. Howl: Backstage   Welcome to the world of Howl, the werewolf/fantasy themed RP filled with mature and adult content.  This backstage area will be a focal point for references to the world we will be diving into, mostly for character references and helpful hints.  Here the original story will be explained, NCPâ??s will be introduced and free for other users to use if they so choose to (excluding some already taken).  This section will be broken down into multiple sections (posts) to get a natural vibe for the world at hand.  So without further to do, letâ??s get started!   History:   As far as the earliest recordings known to the creatures of the night, immortals were the first creatures to walk the lands.  Some even predict during the existence of dinosaurs, but that has yet to be proven.  What is fact is that these immortals have watched over the living beings of this planet, through their triumphs and failures, destruction and recreation, always keeping a silent voice and watchful eye over ever living being.  During the time of the great Egyptian empires rise to power, these immortals agreed to bring new life similar to their own in guarding the humans from one another.  Each immortals power harbor from the four powerful elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water.  To each element, a new creature emerged.    From the lands of the Earth came the were-creatures, shifters they are known as.  The wolf form was the first to be taken, and roamed Europe in packs before moving onto the new world during the time of Queen Elizabeth II, making themselves a key idol in the Native American tribe as strong yet wise creatures.  Their primal connection with nature is matched by none, and their physical strength knows no match.   From the core of the earth come the Vampires.  Fearsome and tactful, always thirsty with power that seems never ending.  Endlessly searching for others with their refined prowess and lethal methods of killing to join their ranks.  Though often misunderstood, these creatures feed to extend their lives, not to end others.  They are the royalty race of the four, and the most dangerous in combat.  Their loyalty, however, can be swayed if their gain is greater in the end.    From the smallest drop of dew to the powerful crash of an ocean wave comes the Circle of Magi.  Gifted users of the forces unknown mask their delicate and nonthreatening demeanor.  These creatures draw from force of life, and once their power is unleashed, a hopeless battle against a caster it would be.  Very few in numbers were created do to their sheer magical might; these creatures are the most wises of their race next to their creator.   Last but not least, the calm breeze of a summerâ??s day to the merciless tornado brings the Dead Zone users.  These creatures fear not even death, for these creatures fear nothing.  Their mental connection to all walks of life, living and not, has placed these souls into an internal limbo.  They always know; forever aware, and always ready to strike when needed.  Through countless wars and death, they have seen and conversed will all walks of life, small and large, and known their pains, joys, and dreams.  The human tongue today for these creatures are psychics, but their fellow brethren know their true nameâ?¦Grim Reapers.   As the centuries past, another immortal was spawn secretly, his power seeped free from each immortal Goddess while they each trained and created more of their offspring.  A male form incarnate of the negative and blood thirsty range the humans unknowingly or willingly let into their souls.  He stalked and baited his time, growing in murderous envy of the humans who senselessly slaughtered innocents and corrupted their very existence.  This, he knew was his inner power, his inner being.  He was Death incarnate.    One by one, creatures of the immortals were slaughtered, an act though impossible by each faction.  When answers were sought by the offspring, their mothers heard not their cries nor wiped their tears; summoningâ??s seemed to have no effect as it once had before.  It was as if their time on this mortal plane had come, and they had left without a mournful goodbye.  Each faction leader knew what must come next, and the impossible was done. Sebastian Louise LeBlanc and wife Isabella LeBlanc of the Werewolf faction gathered their armies together with the assistance of Anya and her husband, Vlad the Impailer, Dracula.  Therin, leader of the few magi joined the cause with is trusted men and women of the Circle, fearing losing more immortal brethren would disrupt the balance of power on these lands.  Angelica Tudor, the leader of the Dead Zone Users, did not answer the call.  For she knew the fate of the upcoming battle; and it would be too heartbreaking to see it in person.  Years had passed as more signs of this â??Dark Oneâ? emerged, killing off humans and immortals alike, he had taken a physical body for his own with powers stolen from each immortal child.  The time to strike was high.  At the eve of battle, all forces met on the night of the Blood Moon, surrounding their enemy in an open field caught aflame, as if to draw attention.  Before the first move could be made by the allied forces, they were struck downâ?¦a betrayal from the nation of Vampires sealed their fate.  Dracula struck down Isabella, swift and precise, Sebastian saw his face thenâ?¦cold and soulless, a friendship broken and a heart gone from the were-creatures body forever.  The battle continued for hours, a losing fight, but a fight none the less as each remaining allied side showed their lives were as precious as the lives they protected in the human world from the shadows.  The end was nigh, the vampirism forces halted as their charge on the Dark One pushed through.  Many were lost that morning, Sebastian cradles his dying wife as his family members and friends fell in battle, his own wounds never healing.  A small whisper escaped her lips, as did the strand of life that followed.  Sebastian looked now as it floated to the dark sky, and thenâ?¦.nothing but a blinding light.     No one can remember clearly the final events of the fight, but the Dark One was defeated, his mortal body destroyed and his soul scattered far from the lands form whence they came.  The faction of Vampires now banished from the alliance, now their kind were marked for death for centuries by all.  The Dead Zone Users and Magi have released their grudge, but Sebastian never let his go.  He has slaughtered so many in the name of revenge, but times have changed and so has mind.  Sebastian took his clan to North American to bury his wife and make a new settlement of wolves, adopting the kin who survived the first Immortal Battle under his own wing.  The night of Isabellaâ??s funeral, the Immortal Goddessâ?? looked down at their children and wept.     
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    A Shwa/Darth Vectis collaboration Present...   Howl   Betrayalâ?¦   Everything our clan has fought for, what we strive to protect and keep sacred had fallen under that single word.  Blood and tears, sweat and sacrifice were all but futile in the end, or so it seemed.  But the fighting spirit raged within each and every one of us who still fought to make sure justice and peace would flourish upon the land, so their offspring and future generations to come would only think of the past events of war and death as a chilling bedtime story.  Unfortunately for them, it would be more than such a passing thought; words to bring fear would be a reality.  Our numbers are little now, we lick our wounds and mourn the fallenâ?¦but so many fell with one wordâ?¦betrayal.   I start this too far ahead; my name is Sebastian Louis LeBlank.  I am 1014 years old, and I am a werewolf.   Donâ??t be so startled, I am not the only one of my kind to roam this planet we protect.  Though, there were thousands before me at one point, times were happier then.  Now, in the land of North America, as they renamed it, there are only 100 of my kind left.  Scattered about the lands and keeping a watchful eye over the human populous as they go about their lives, never knowing a fierce predator keeps a close, very close eye on them to ensure their safety.   The rest of the original pack I ran with centuries ago still remain in the many lands or Europe, and some moving to Australia and Canadaâ?¦even as far as Thailand.  But thatâ??s a story for another time.   During the human French Revolution, our clan allied ourselves with other were-creatures to fight against a powerful necromancer, his evil knew no bounds, and his blood lust never ending.  Others of our kind fell to his minions upon surprise and even in the bright light of day; I admit my fault for not dealing with the matter before it got out of control.  By the time all the factions gathered to strike, we were stricken down at our core, from the inside out.  When the impossible seemed to rise in the horizon, hope extended its hand of assistance from unknown creatures we had never encountered before.  The Vampires, the Ladies of the Lands, the Circle of Magi, and the Dead Zone Users.  The english tongue for them today however, are Psychics.  It was not the easiest of transitions to work with unknown creatures, but as time progressed we became family to one another.  Our kinds have mated with one another to create more powerful creatures of our race, it was enough to put up a fight against the evil one.  For a long time while the dark one slumbered and plotted his attack, things on earth were peaceful and almost a dream life, no one would have ever guessed it was simply a mirage.  We all knew the value of what we had close and dear to us, that is why we must fight to make sure it would remain for years to come.    At the Red Moons even of battle, we gathered all as one against the dark ones forces.  A single howl from my father rallied the troops to war, and war we brought.  At the peak of battle, thatâ??s when it happenedâ?¦betrayal.  I lost my children and wife that fateful night, and our numbers dwindled on all sides of our allied brethren.  As I cupped my wifeâ??s head in my hand, she spoke to me softly before she emanated a precious pearl white shine from her body into dark and bloody battle fieldâ?¦and then we won.  Itâ??s been many years, and I still cannot remember what exactly happened that we defeated the dark one; I only know we survived and protected mankind from this invasion at a heavy cost.  Alliances shattered and trust betrayed, even centuries after the fact, we remain hesitant friends with other factions, but remain in perpetual peace with one another as decreed by The Oath.  Its been so many years, I wonder if any of them even remember as I do...   I miss her so, and those of my kin.  But now, I raise a family of wolves here in the United States, some Iâ??ve found with my sons, others whose organic genes could survive the transformation of turning into a werewolf and join our cause.  With each transformation, they each bring a special gift to the table to add to our fight if the need should ever arise again. WE protect the human populous from creatures of the night that dare pray on them for a meal, making sure our exsistance remains in their fantasies of long ago.  I pray that it does not come to times as it has before, but I am no fool to deception and surprised.  They are my new family, my only family, and this time there will be no screw ups to happen.  Never again would I want to relive the sorry and despair, and I would never wish that upon my new children as well.   With every transformation, they remind me why I still keep vigilant and why I cannot let go of the past.    They howl.   Welcome to Howl   Welcome to Howl one and all, this is a Mature based RP that will include blood, violence, and all that fun stuff that you know so well.  This is a werewolf based story line with some added twists and turns to make the story and your own character stand out in their own way while contributing.  The introduction is kept somewhat mysterious in detail, as that will be explained more during the progression of the RP and more in the background section when itâ??s up and running.   I will be taking control of several NPCâ??s (Such as Sebastianâ??s) during the RP to explain the story and to help move things along when needed, however if youâ??d care to contribute to that as well please feel free to ask me and we can discuss in further detail.  Here is the sign up requirements:   Name: Any name will do, but try to steer clear of Asian/anime themed names since this story originated in Europe.   Age: Weâ??re talking werewolf age and human age.  No more than 500 years unless approved by me.  Most of the NPCâ??s will be 500+ since they would be from the original clan that was present during the Great War.   Gender: Have a ball   Appearance: This would require 2, either picture or description.  I would need your Human appearance and your werewolf appearance   Personality: Looking for all kinds, keep it civil and realistic though   Ability: This is mostly for the human aspect when youâ??re in human form.  Werewolves are animals by nature.  Our physical strength senses, speed and endurance are already increased, but since the mating between the different factions there is room for something more.  Can you read peopleâ??s thoughts?  Command the elements?  Fly?   Whatever the ability, itâ??s limited in human form, however much more powerful in your werewolf form.   Back Story: Born into it?  Volunteered?  Found by Sebastian?  Just be somewhat detailed, as I will be unraveling the story throughout the RP, I would like your story as well.  But what Iâ??m looking for is how you were persuaded to transform into a werewolf and join the clan.  I have reserved the â??being forcedâ? option for one user, because they will be a major center point in the RP that effects all of us.   Snippet:   Just a small sample, just what you're doing in human or wolf form.  We all live in the same house (think twilight vampires) so if you wanna try that it'll show your versatility
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