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  1. Ahah . Yeah I was heavy into DBZ at the time. There definitely might have been some numbers after my name for sure; like Roman numerals or something not quite sure.
  2. This thread has indeed been quite a trip. I was here back in the day as an immature youth in the early 2000's or so; getting banned a few times for being an idiot. I am hoping that 15+ years is enough to wipe that slate clean! If not..well then the trip down memory lane will be pretty brief! Pretty sure I was here as my current name, or something similar along these lines. I remember quite a few of the old members. James for sure! Pretty sure I crossed paths with quite a few of the people posting in this very thread as well. Good times. I spent quite a bit of time on these forums with a good friend of mine back in my high school days, not sure what his forum name was but there was something to do with Master Debater in his signature. that might have been it. I tried signing up for this months ago but for some reason something or the other would never work, could never get past the bot thing? Not sure if any others had that issue but after a winter storm up here and having to use some personal time at work I had the itch to try again, and it worked! Good times. Good see the place still up and running to some degree..and just in case 15 years isn't enough to wipe a slate clean, the path down memory lane here was awesome everyone!
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