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    Yeah, I'm never going to call zombie movies unrealistic again. If anything they show humans as too competent. Oh congrats Japan. Man reading that makes me feel old all of a sudden.
  2. Gavin


    Apparently a lot of American tourists have flown in recently and basically flouted quarantine so that's been fun. Ironically the same types of people who never bothered to practice properly themselves are the most up in arms about it.
  3. Oh wow, that's a blast of nostalgia, thanks Petie.
  4. Gavin


    I'm sure you could coax a few old faces into it you big charmer. 😉 Glad to hear people are doing OK, I try to lurk every couple of weeks when I remember to. Lockdown is mostly done here but there's fears of another wave of infections if people drop measures too quickly, I never did see that many people wearing masks or properly distancing when I had to do shopping.
  5. Gavin


    I'd actually forgotten about it till I saw this haha. Nice to be remembered all the same.
  6. Gavin


    As Japan mentioned the idea of a chatbox was explored by the staff, but it was felt TheOtaku's chatroom made it redundant given the large crossover between the two sites.
  7. Saw Beth's Facebook post a while ago and as Kei said it feels so surreal. I wish I'd known him as well as other people did, he always seemed like a great guy, funny, insightful, thoughtful and willing to lend a hand. I'm glad people's thoughts/memories/stories have been of some solace to your Mrs Goudy, your son was a very special person here.
  8. Not a bad little idea, nice to see so many old faces.
  9. Was seriously weirded out the day the Gen VI reveal because I'd got the bug to start playing Pokemon again literally the day before. Have to go and buy a 3DS XL now though which is the only pain about it. Heard an interesting rumour that all 3 starters might be dual-types and the type advantages will work both ways in other words: Grass/Dark Fire/Psychic Water/Fighting Of the three I'm drawn to the Water type Froakie over the others (haven't started with a Grass type since Gen I) though I'll have to wait to see their evolutions and confirmation of the types before I make any firm decisions.
  10. [font=tahoma,geneva,sans-serif]I'd say the fact Bach hasn't stolen Zanka yet, along with his repeated "Oh ****!" faces means he probably can't steal it, which would hint that compression type bankai (like Ichigo's and Yama's) can't be stolen using the medallions. West might imply that he's reached some form of merger with his zan like Ichigo is FGT form but that's pretty unlikely. Either way though, holy **** the old man has been awesome the last few weeks. [/font]
  11. [font=tahoma,geneva,sans-serif]This week's chapter was indeed glorious, I'm over on Narutoforums these days for my manga fix and the amount of butthurt from "Godpachi" fans has been hilarious. [/font]
  12. I can understand people having issues with the timeline, there are certainly questions which need answering with regard to how Obito has been "Tobi" for so long. I've seen theories that Obito may have some degree of time-control but I'm willing to just wait and see where Kishi goes with it. You read Eyeshield 21 by any chance? Finished it a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it.
  13. Gavin

    Gaming Guild Wars 2

    [font=tahoma,geneva,sans-serif]Interesting. I'll have to check it out, I'm actually moving out of my current place and won't have internet for a little while though so it'll probably be next week or later before I'm back online gaming.[/font]
  14. Gavin

    Gaming Guild Wars 2

    [quote name='Petie' timestamp='1346187348' post='712309'] [color=#0000ff]In the beta, I tried a Paladin and then, for like 15 minutes, a Thief. My main now is a Ranger though I also made a Thief to mess with as well. I may go back and make a Paladin eventually too but one issue I already forsee is that the game, at least the beginning, seems very linear and going through it multiple times in quick succession does not seem like a fun idea.[/color] [/quote] [font=tahoma,geneva,sans-serif]I've mostly tried to avoid playing the same race, or going into other starting areas if I can help it to avoid that. [/font]
  15. Gavin

    Gaming Guild Wars 2

    [font=tahoma,geneva,sans-serif]What classes are you guys maining OOC? I've got quite attached to my Warrior but I've been considering testing out an Elementalist in the next while.[/font]
  16. Gavin

    Gaming Guild Wars 2

    [font=tahoma,geneva,sans-serif]Cool. Am out and about at the moment but might see you this evening Petie. [/font]
  17. [font=tahoma,geneva,sans-serif]I suspect Kenpachi and Buckbeard's fight is going to be quite comparable to Driscoll and Yamamoto's, though I doubt Kubo will kill Kenpachi off in the end.[/font]
  18. Gavin

    Gaming Guild Wars 2

    [font=tahoma,geneva,sans-serif]Bought the game yesterday after much prompting from my WAR/SWTOR guildies. Currently playing a Norn Warrior and quite enjoying it. For those who remember him Jokopoko is also playing so perhaps we could get an oldies OB group together at some point. Username: Solkan.8524 Sever: [color=#000000]Piken Square[/color][/font]
  19. [font=tahoma,geneva,sans-serif]Few things in the interim. - If he actually is dead now Byakuya quite a well handled death. It's going to be weird reading Bleach without him. - Kenpachi is now competing with Hitsugaya for my least favourite Bleach character, the guy is as one-dimensional as they come. - Really liked this week's chapter, it was a nice development for both Yamamoto and Sasakibe who've been underdeveloped a long time in my books.[/font]
  20. [font=tahoma,geneva,sans-serif]Vindication that Tobito has been all but confirmed aside, I have to admit I've got quite bored of this whole arc. For a war that required all the Hidden Villages and the Samurai to team up, and then introducing fairly hyped enemies against them it's been spectacularly one-sided in their favour.[/font]
  21. [font=tahoma,geneva,sans-serif]What server are you on Juu?[/font]
  22. [font=tahoma, geneva, sans-serif]Started [/font][b][font=tahoma, geneva, sans-serif]History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi[/font][/b][font=tahoma, geneva, sans-serif] this morning and rampant fanservice aside, I have to admit I'm rather enjoying the humour and style of it. [/font] [b][Edit] [/b]Apachai is now contesting my favourite manga character spot, dude is all kinds of awesome.
  23. [quote name='Rinji' timestamp='1341208419' post='712119'] Crona from Soul Eater.[img]http://images4.fanpop.com/image/photos/18700000/Crona-1-soul-eater-crona-18753009-1024-576.jpg[/img] [/quote] [font=tahoma,geneva,sans-serif]Has it actually been confirmed Crona's a guy? I thought they were intentionally leaving that ambiguous. [/font]
  24. [font=tahoma,geneva,sans-serif][quote name='The Spectacular Professor' timestamp='1341116284' post='712117'] [font=comic sans ms,cursive]Really the entire thing felt like it was a bunch of good ideas marred by terrible execution. I love the idea behind Amon's identity, but the way they pulled it off just drained him of his dignity as the Equalist figurehead. [spoiler]A self-loathing bender who understands the lengths to which bending can be abused to oppress the common folk makes perfect sense as the leader of the Equalist movement, but Noatak's motivation went right out the window the second he decided to rely on bloodbending so heavily in that final fight. That was when he became an outright, unsympathetic hypocrite. This is a shame because the Equalists have a damn good point and [i]that was never once acknowledged[/i].[/font][/spoiler][/quote] I agree to an extent, the idea of [spoiler]a self-hating bender who sees the danger benders can represent to society when they don't look at themselves in the cold, hard light would've been a nice contrast to Korra's major sense of bending privilege and allow her to understand that being the Avatar is more than just being a bender. This could've been especially poignant if Korra hadn't just magically been able to airbend once Amon took her other bending forms and Aang hadn't magically asspulled her recovery with nothing learned. One of the things I really don't like about LoK is how 95% of the major bender characters in the series look upon losing their bending as a fate worse than death, as opposed to you know, just being like a normal nonbender who manage to live their lives. It's rather a gratingly superior attitude. However, making Amon Yakone's second bloodbending son and using their sob-story upbringing to try to pull a Hail Mary justification of Tarrlok's actions (which apparently worked for a lot of people) stripped away huge amounts of believability and likeability from the character. It brings Avatar back to the "sins of the father/family disputes affect the whole world" tropes that I really, really despise as plot devices. When Amon's identity is revealed, rather that redouble his efforts to maintain the ideology which he's been pushing for, he decides "Screw it, I'll just rely on my bending and completely destroy my organisation's credibility and the hope its members had for changing a flawed society". The shot of all the poverty striken benders and nonbenders living together in perfect harmony is a very clear indication Bryke are just going to ignore the actual credible points the Equalists had with regard to society. Personally I would've much preferred it if Amon had turned out to be the anonymous, burned, nonbender he claimed to be and that his abilities were just chi-blocking taken to its highest levels. Korra would've been forced to actually look at the Equalist ideology and how Republic City works (entirely bender composed governing body, all bender police which had no trouble violating civil rights, most popular sport restricted to benders, military seems bender exclusive or very heavily bender dominated) and come to terms with the fact she is the nonbenders Avatar as well rather than just "Amon is actually a Yakone's super bloodbending son, so all your grievances are somehow illegitimate".[/spoiler] [quote name='The Spectacular Professor' timestamp='1341116284' post='712117']T[font=comic sans ms,cursive]he entirety of the finale just managed to leave a sour taste in my mouth because it left me completely and utterly aware of how much better it could have been. It's like every cool concept they dished out had to be immediately crippled by some intense need to play it safe. Hell, I've spent the last month and a half hating the crap out of Mako, and I can actually envision a perfect way to pick up his character from as late as right before Aang hits the reset button and make him likeable and sympathetic right there. [spoiler]Speaking of Aang and his magical fix everything asspull, that's probably the single most infuriating thing this finale did. It's right up with that one Naruto arc where Nagato killed himself and magically brought back everyone he killed because Naruto had a name that resembled his. Before they did that, there were at least consequences for the events of the story. People suffered, we could relate to the loss the characters were experiencing, and it left open infinite possibilities for continuation. There was so much room to grow for Korra and everyone else with the concept of the Avatar herself losing her bending. It could have been amazing. But no, all we get is Aang popping in and being all CONGRATULATIONS ON CONTEMPLATING SUICIDE KID HERE YOU WIN THE PRIIIIIZE. She just gets everything handed to her because she got sad for a few minutes. Aang had to willingly give up everything important to him to truly unlock the Avatar State. How was this even written by the same people?[/font][/spoiler] [/quote] Yeah, head-canon is a terrible thing. The United Forces seem to have been introduced purely so IIroh could be added to the roster and shown to be a skilled Firebender, and to give the Equalists another military victory brought about by Hiroshi Da Vinci-Stark before they were all inexplicably defeated by Team Avatar, a group of untrained civilians. It would've been far better if the United Forces had been led by General Bumi with Commander Iroh serving under him, and Bumi actually verbally acknowledging how it feels to be a nonbender in a bender dominated world. Heck Bumi would've been the perfect mouthpiece for a moderated nonbender viewpoint seeing as he's the son of the damn Avatar. Also Dante Basco using Zuko's voice for IIroh felt really, really out of place to me. I quite liked Mako at the start of the series but I'd have to agree, he's just a douche. I could sympathise with him up to a point, but when he didn't even bother to try to work things out with Asami and left her utterly in lurch, it was just a **** thing to do. It's a shame because if Amon [spoiler]really was a self-hating bender, then Mako, having lost his parents to another bender, being forced to look after his brother and compete in a bending sport just to make ends meet would've been the perfect character to attempt to sway to his viewpoint to the Equalist cause and give Korra an actual personal stake in looking at its ideology.[/spoiler] I won't even speak of Korra's asspull ending with Aang, suffice to say I found it hilarious her Avatar state wouldn't trigger when [spoiler]she was about to lose her bending, seeing as you know, it's specifically described as a self-defence mechanism.[/spoiler][/font]
  25. [font=tahoma,geneva,sans-serif]I really didn't like the revelation of Amon's identity, it stripped away so much respect I had for the character.[/font]
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