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  1. Wonderful that you got to go to Japan! It is still on my list of places I really wish to visit! Note: Please forgive the double posting. I forgot to add my quoted response in the first post.
  2. I didn't post originally, but in retrospect I did do one thing that was my goal and that was gain experience in my area of work and do travel contract work. I almost gave up that goal because I at first struggled at my first job right out of school. I later got a the hang of things in another area and became seasoned at it even. As for the next eight years. I must say something about turning 30 gives you some perspective. lol Not so much predictions, but things I hope will come to be or am aiming for: I want to transition to a different field of work as my current area does not provi
  3. [FONT="Arial"][quote name='Ace'][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]That's probably a common occurrence. Most vaccinations work by infecting you with a dumbed down version of whatever they're supposed to prevent, which harasses your immune system into making antibiotics in preparation for when the real thing hits. [/QUOTE][/FONT] I kind of left out a few other things that have been going on with me and understated what I did mention here, but you're certainly right about my immune system's harassment. They often say the benefit outways the risk, well, I say to them I'd rather just get sick with
  4. [FONT="Arial"][quote name='Kenso'][COLOR=SeaGreen][SIZE=1][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Or at least for a year or two before everyone forgets about it. The hyped-up media crap about this annoys me. Needless to say, I'm not worried. Of course, the only time I've ever had the flu was the one time I got a frickin' flu shot, and that's about the only time I've been really sick, so I figure I'm good for this one, even if I am in AZ.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR][/QUOTE] I had begun to think that flu shots aren't as great as they are made out to be. Twice I have gotten a flu shot; in Fall 2008 and the ye
  5. [FONT="Arial"][quote name='Lunox'][font=trebuchet ms] [YOUTUBE="this"]Nn5jlrxcpkI[/YOUTUBE][/font][/QUOTE] This clip never gets old. But yeah some of the best comedy has some truth to it which is where the humor really comes in.[/FONT]
  6. [FONT="Arial"][quote name='Raiha'][COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Times New Roman"]Wait...so every time you were GOING to be disrespectful your parents could sense this magically and stopped you with the power of? Kryptonite? The moon? Psychic powers? Fire? Bricks? Sharp words and a 'time out' only work so far. A spanking for a child is not child abuse according to state laws in the United States. Getting smacked across the mouth for being cheeky is intentional harm to a child and qualifies as child abuse. But a spanking given for [b]open defiance[/b] is on a different order altogether
  7. [FONT="Arial"]I think there is a clear difference between a child who simply doesn't know any better and a child who is simply being disrespectful. And then there's the child who just doesn't care because at the end of the day they get away with it. Very little children tend not to know any better because they are usually still being taught what they should and should not do. I will give benifit of the doubt to a child who doesn't understand that what they did or said it wrong/rude. I lend a lot of behavior to "Oh she/he is only however many years olde, but at a certain age any child
  8. [FONT="Arial"]Now I'm not saying that swine flu is not dangerous as people already know that you can die from it, but I think the media has blown this up way too much. First off, under certain circumstances you can also die from the regular human influenza, pneumonia, and even the common cold. Being that I reside in Houston, Texas and go to school in the Texas Medical Center, does raise reason to be a little more cautious, but there's no need to start getting all paranoid which I haven't seen yet, thank goodness. Though I do find it odd how I have not been sick the entire school year
  9. [FONT="Arial"][quote name='Lrb'] [FONT=Tahoma][COLOR=dimgray]I've also got a notepad which I've been using a lot for various reasons. I've found its just extremely useful to have a [B]notepad[/B] handy at all times. I've been drawing in it, writing lyrics, writing stories, ideas for threads, not to mention little details I need to remember and *ahem* phone numbers.[/COLOR][/FONT] [FONT=Tahoma][COLOR=dimgray]So, whats in [I]your[/I] pants? :smirk:[/COLOR][/FONT] [FONT=Tahoma][COLOR=dimgray][RIGHT][SIZE=1]gogosexualinnuendos[/SIZE][/RIGHT] [/COLOR][/FONT][/quote] An enti
  10. [FONT="Arial"][quote name='Lunox'] I don't really aspire to go out in a blaze of glory, I just want a happy life of doing something I love and surrounding myself with family and friends. I don't know if I'd want to die peacefully alone or surrounded, but I definitely want to die peacefully. lol I don't see the huge deal of dying of old age. If I marry and have kids, I'd want to see my kids grow up and marry and have kids of their own, and then die. I'd like that, as corny as that sounds.[/QUOTE] I don't see death so much of a thing of fate, yet I do kind of see it like this: when it'
  11. [FONT="Arial"]You went to the same school for the past ten years? Hmm, was it a private school or something? (Sorry, I'm just curious) I think you'll be just fine. When people say they are not social I've found that's really ot the case or mean something else when they say that. People (that don't know me) describe me as being quiet, but I say I just don't run my mouth as much as some people do. I do talk and talk a lot too, but I also tend to (well, in the past) talk the least when I am around new people in new situations. This I found was not such a good thing to do though I never
  12. [FONT="Arial"]I concur, Lunox. I would go as far as to say that she seems to be the least interesting, personality wise etc. [SPOILER]I was glad to see her finally deal with her anger/hurt of losing her mom. Plus, the whole antagonizing Zuko thing was getting old. Tonight's episode was a nice break considering all that's about to go down. I rather enjoyed it, of course. Now, there are a few things I'm wondering about that have been hinted at: They always tie things in so I'm wondering what Uncle Iroh's been up to since his escape and what Sokka will do with that tile he receive
  13. [FONT="Arial"][quote name='Phenom'][COLOR="DarkSlateGray"]My GOODNESS! I did not know this series was that good. Now I've seen a couple of episodes here and there, but they never really hit me the way these 3 episodes did. And the action didn't stand out at the time. It was good then too, but narrow-minded-ness.. (You know how that goes :)) I was lost. Still lost so to speak because I don't know where the fire guy (sorry, I don't know names) came from, and he had a bald head. (with a ponytail.. or something) I know him and the main bald boy were enemies, and that's it. In these episodes that j
  14. [FONT="Arial"][quote name='Raiha'][COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Times New Roman"] .....sorry, too much sugar there. Yes, with the notable exception of the boots, this costume is 100% hand sewn, put together, stained with blood and tears, etc.[/FONT][/COLOR][/QUOTE] No wonder it looks so nice. Usually people's costume material looks so cheap and cheesy it's ridiculous. I'm happy to see some people take costume making seriously. I love your expressions and poses in both pics. : )[/FONT]
  15. [FONT="Arial"][quote name='SunfallE'][COLOR="RoyalBlue"][FONT="Lucida Sans Unicode"]No need to worry about that. It's easy for us to move something if needed. ^_~In all honesty, about the only real difference I noticed was that the time you have for doing fun things is a lot less on account of the responsibilities you take on as an adult. The trick, for me that is, to staying happy has always been to make sure I don't lose sight of having fun. The only thing that has made life horrible, other than genuine bad times, is not setting aside time for doing things that I enjoy. I've found that
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