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    I go by two names, but I prefer Rezzalia, or Rezza, for this website. :)
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    Aspiring author, fan-fiction writer, high school sophomore, choir soprano, theatre performer.
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  1. Hey there, remember me? Yeah I left for a while too, not sure if youll ever be back active here. But if you are let me know!

  2. [CENTER][FONT="Palatino Linotype"][SIZE="2"]I'm currently playing Radiata Stories. I can honestly never get enough of that game.[/SIZE][/FONT][/CENTER]
  3. [CENTER][FONT="Palatino Linotype"][SIZE="2"]I call it soda, but a friend of mine from Oklahoma calls it pop. Dr. Pepper.
  4. [CENTER][FONT="Palatino Linotype"][SIZE="2"]Good gosh. It's been nearly two years since I typed in the words "Lady Aura" and my password. Nothing has really changed, which is good for me. I'd feel stupid wandering around this website without a clue of what to do. How has everyone been since I left? Changes for me: Was a high school freshman, now I'm going to be a junior in four months. My short hair is long now! And I can legally drive.[/SIZE][/FONT][/CENTER]
  5. [FONT="Palatino Linotype"][CENTER][SIZE="2"]Anything that feels comfortable and suits the weather. Usually if its sunny and warm outside, I'll wear a tanktop and knee-length shorts. If its cold, a jacket and jeans, or sweatpants. [/SIZE][/CENTER][/FONT]
  6. [CENTER][FONT="Palatino Linotype"]I'm a daddy's girl, too, Paramount! Always will be. So of course I love my dad. I look up to him, and go to him when things are wrong. My mom... not so much. Her life resolves around her computer. My brother and I are nearly forgotten. =\ Oh well. Her loss. I love my best friends, Kayla, Britney, Shaynee, Courtney, Veronica, and Natalie. They've been there for me when nobody else would even try to help me with anything, even if it's just homework. My friends Ethan and Steve. Seriously. I love these guys. I know I can rely on them and trust them.
  7. [CENTER][FONT="Palatino Linotype"]x.x; There's a bunch of new threads! I need to read them when I'm finished with this... So, this thread is another advice one. My weight lifting class is brutal on me. I'm possibly the worst student in that class. We have a quarter-mile track behind our school, and every day that I have that class, we have to run around it twice in a set amount of time. Yesterday, it was two minutes and thirty seconds. Ha. I can't do that. I don't know why, but I get tired extremely quickly. If I don't stop when I feel myself getting tired, I get this
  8. [CENTER][FONT="Palatino Linotype"]First of all, I wanted to thank everyone that commented on my other high school post. It helped me a lot, although I still didn't sleep the night before. I met a guy. >///> In my health class. He's a Junior named Kevin. Oh man. He's amazing. Not what my friends would consider "cute" but he's different and unique. I like guys like that. Looks don't count, in my opinion. Anyway, he's really helpful. We wrote notes to each other today while the rest of the class was forced to watch Oprah. Yes. Oprah. Quote from my health teacher: "Don't stres
  9. [CENTER][FONT="Palatino Linotype"]=\ So, I went to the orientation for my high school today. I didn't know the buildings were going to be so huge. The main building is two-story, along with a few other buildings that surround it. I think my biggest fear about going into high school is getting lost, and having a panic attack. I have panic issues when I'm in a place with a lot of people, and I usually break down and cry when I become too paraniod. Also, I only have one class with my best friend. Choir. Not good at all. =\ She's my support. Always has been. I'm almost done wit
  10. [CENTER][FONT="Palatino Linotype"]I usually get some Oreos and a glass of milk. A classic! Although, I do not like drinking the milk when the Oreos are gone. It just doesn't taste right to me.[/FONT][/CENTER]
  11. [CENTER][FONT="Palatino Linotype"]I just finished the book. Wow. So, not as great as it was in the beginning of the book. And Clurr, I agree. [spoiler]Renesmee is a horrible name.[/spoiler] It made me sad, though. I thought back to Twilight, and Bella's relationship with Edward then. I never expected them to [spoiler]have sex and then have a half-human half-vampire baby.[/spoiler] Well, I did expect it... but not like that. Anyway, I'd have to say that Stephenie might've been on crack while she wrote this...[/FONT][/CENTER]
  12. [CENTER][FONT="Palatino Linotype"]Okay, so I just got her new book [B]Breaking Dawn[/B] today. I'm a hard-core Twilight series fan, and my dad is taking me to see the movie the day it comes out as a birthday present (it releases two days after my birthday). Anyway, I love the book so far. After getting lost in Barnes & Noble for almost an hour (the one where I live is HUGE), getting the book was worth it. I'm already on page 101, and it's amazing. I literally cried when I skipped ahead and read a certain part. Has anyone else bought/plan on buying/read/finished it? If so, what
  13. [CENTER][FONT="Palatino Linotype"]I had to have three root canals when I was in 6th grade. Really, though, it's not as bad as you might think. You don't feel it, unless you decide to be a smart-*** like I did and bite down on the needle-things that they put in your cavities. Dr. J (My dentist): Emily, don't bite down on those. Me: Mm-hm. -Bites down- Screams were heard from the waiting room. But if you don't do something like that, you won't have a problem. You won't even feel it because I'm sure that they'll numb your mouth. Just stay calm while the dentist is w
  14. [CENTER][FONT="Palatino Linotype"]I had a dream last night, and I have to share it with OB. I was walking down the street that I live on with my 12-year-old brother, Tyler. Suddenly, we hear some girl scream, "Taco Bell is on fire! Put it out with the cats from Candy Mountain!" So, Tyler starts crying because his favorite fast-food place is Taco Bell, and I try to calm him down. And for some reason, my cat Shadow flings herself against the street, and she starts talking to me. "Emily," she said, "the Andromeda Strain is taking over Nevada! We have to save Taco Bell! It's our onl
  15. [CENTER][FONT="Palatino Linotype"]I found The Ring Two extremely funny for some reason. I think it was the screwed-up faces. -Sigh- I have a sick sense of humor.[/FONT][/CENTER]
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