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  1. w00t :D

    random comment time :D

  2. Hey there, remember me? Yeah I left for a while too, not sure if youll ever be back active here. But if you are let me know!

  3. woooo! hi! i am being friendly!

  4. Endrance

    Art Photoshop CS5

    [color="#4169E1"]Im the same when it comes to digital art. Sketch and lineart in Illustrator, CG in photoshop. Unless of course im doing graphical design works such as logos or brochures, then the entire image needs to be a vector. Thats why im much more accustom to Illustrator rather than photoshop I suppose.[/color] [quote name='Cat' date='16 August 2010 - 01:39 AM' timestamp='1281915577' post='699458'] I love illustrator, maybe more then photoshop. I mostly use it to do digital drawing with my bamboo pad and vectors. I like how clean it makes lines. I do like photoshop more for coloring my sketches. The masks make it easy for shadings. Examples of Vectors [url="http://www.theotaku.com/fanart/view/333755/billy_idol_vector_art"]vector 1[/url] [url="http://www.theotaku.com/fanart/view/337868/solitary_man"]vector 2[/url] (The background was raster. I got sick of this one real fast) Digital drawings with bamboo bad. [url="http://www.theotaku.com/fanart/view/339162/oc_kirstin_lebeau"]DD 1[/url] [url="http://www.theotaku.com/fanart/view/337862/the_heartbreak_kid"]DD2[/url] [url="http://www.theotaku.com/fanart/view/339653/david_bowie"]DD3[/url] [/quote]
  5. Hey. Glad to see another fan of Burst Angel and Air Gear on the board. Hope you don't mind me adding you as a friend.

  6. Endrance

    Art Photoshop CS5

    [color="#4169E1"][color="#48D1CC"]I actually managed to get myself the entire CS5 master suite, and I gotta say... Im very impressed with photoshop, but what im most impressed with is Illustrator! I dont know if there any actual graphic designers here who do more than just signatures on photoshop, but Illustrator really blew me away with its perspective tool. Im quite happy that photoshop cleaned up its layout and added some more 3D tools to work with. CS4 was bullshite, CS5 is actually worth converting to.[/color][/color]
  7. is exhausted!!!!!!

  8. Endrance

    Anime Favorite Underrated anime

    [color="#4169E1"]Now, all I can say is that in my opinion there are alot of random stories and series about that I find way too overrated. But also, what I do know about, and what im very good at is finding non-mainstream awesome anime! I just want other peoples opinions on this, because I really think its just me... people have even gone so far as to tell me im not a true otaku because I dont take part in series such as Naruto and bleach even though I watched 200 episodes of each series to give it a chance.... a really good chance! Air Gear... highly underrated and freaking fantasticalphantasmagorialexcellenticallygreat! In all my years... ive talked to 3 people about this who actually knew a fluent amount about this anime. And what about other underrated anime like Burst Angel, and NANA! Cmon who still watches Nana?! I do... im sure many other old fans do to, but I also bet there are alot of people who havent even heard of it because the hype is way down. Even though In my opinion should be way up! Same with Beck! So talk to me guys! I hate to see hardcore Otaku out there missing out on gut wrenching, tear jerking, emotion driving anime gems out there! Talk about some of your favourite anime gems and lets get people hyped up on the good ol' flicks. Endrance, <3[/color]
  9. Endrance

    Anime Fullmetal Alchemist

    [color="#4169E1"]I take it we are all speaking about FMA brotherhood installation of the series yeah? Well, I watched FMA years ago. Actually on the date of it first release. I also read the entire manga... so im wondering, does Broherhood have anything else to offer me, is it worth going out of my way and taking time to watch it? I highly fanatical about it, but im just not sure if it has anything to tell me that I dont know already? Either that or the storyboard and animation has to be excellent for me to watch a repeated story. So, any thoughts on this guys?[/color]
  10. Endrance

    Anime What are You Watching/Reading Now?

    [color="#4169E1"]At the moment im reading air gear... though ive been finding it tough to actually find any new age anime to get into so ive been repeating my old favourites. ( any suggestions would be nice ). If you havent read/ watched air gear, I cant blame you for maybe passing it off as rubbish at first sight. But I swear, if you give it a chance you will be hooked after the first episode/volume. Because of it i formed a new hobby in inline skating![/color]
  11. Endrance

    New Members: Introduce Yourselves Here

    [color="#4169E1"]Hey guys, name is endrance. I havent been here for well.. at least 2 years! So far I havent seen anyone I recognise, so I dont expect anybody to recognise me either. I spent alot of time in the Anthology section as I love to roleplay, and also I was the winner of the first SOTW contest when it was actually going on. Nice to be back, hope I find a reason to be active again. Dont be afraid to get friendly with me because thats what makes me want to stick around! Time to get that post count back up. Love, Endrance.[/color]
  12. Endrance

    New Members: Introduce Yourselves Here

    Hey there, its been a long time since i have come by here and it seems not so much has changed haha. Some old members might remember me, also some might remember me as the person who won the first SOTW way back in 08 haha. Well it will be nice talking to you all again. All the best, Endrance x
  13. Endrance

    Writing My works

    Great, i could really learn something from you. My fave was More than Time. Well done.
  14. I have to do a descriptive essay due tomorrow and i gotta Ace it. Thing is i cant think of a good introduction. The topic is a haunted/old house. Any advice on where to begin? Snappy replies are much appreciated xD
  15. Endrance

    Calling Writers

    Ill just bump this once.