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  1. Chapter 386 so much info yet still not enough I need more. I never saw it coming can truly be said. To see that Madara[spoiler] founded the leaf just blows my mind. Though that doesn't even compare to the reason that Itachi kept Sasuke alive all this time very interesting now get on to their fight all ready! Hopefully we get some Madara flash backs for a few issues somewhere down the road and see how it all went down as this needs to be expanded upon.[/spoiler]
  2. Chapter 484: Squish This is definitely an interesting arc and I was waiting for [spoiler] Bartholomew Kuma to make his move. The crew is barely recovered after fighting Moria you have to wonder who will step up to defeat this new threat?[/spoiler]
  3. This manga is a bit different then most out right now even if the kids tend to look like Precious Moments figurines. Tegam Bach:i aka Letter Bee By: Asada Hiroyuki Currently found in: Jump Square Vol. 1, Ch. 1 Gauche Suede: A Letter Bee courier. His current letter proves to be a bit different from the norm. He however confirms correct postage and sets off to deliver it. Roda: She is Guache's Dingo. Dingo is what they refer to as their animal partners Roda is a dog or wolf. Vol. 1, Ch. 2 Lag Seeing: A young boy with the dream of becoming a Letter Bee. He is also searching for his mother. Niche & Steak: A young girl with a multitude of names and her pet/dinner it's never really decided. This manga takes place in a land of perpetual darkness called Amber Ground. It is stated their is three tiers of humanity. The first Akatsuki the capital city is made up of the upper class citizens. The second Yuusari is home to the middle class and lastly Yodaka is where those in poverty live. The Letter Bees work for mostly upperclass citizens or those that can afford it and deliver pieces of peoples hearts aka mail. They all seem to be working towards their own goals and will not take a job unless it has the correct postage. The series is currently up to chapter 12 and scanslated to chapter 5. It's different then what most mangas are doing right now and so far it seems off to a good start it is worth tracking down the first 2 chapter at the least and deciding from there. As I said up to the children looked like Precious Moments to me at first glance and I was ready to set this one aside but I kept with it and found a good storyline.
  4. She is definitely somone to be reckoned with. [spoiler]To see how powerfull she was shouldn't have been such a shock but it still was to me. Nell completely dominated that espada you have to wonder how he was able to crush her head?[/spoiler]
  5. Ichigo and Grimmjow so beautiful it hurt to look at. I'm glad we got to see some backstory for Grimmjow. But on to the current chapter 290 wow to see Nell [spoiler] returned to her true form good stuff one of the last things I was expecting. You really have to wonder if that Arrancar is really going to regret crushing her head or if she will turn on Ichigo as well?[/spoiler]
  6. Chapter 470 all ready I am really enjoying this one. As it's been 22 chapters since my last post I may backtrack a bit. So far I'm going to have to say the best fight belongs to Usopp and his special brand of talent. To see [spoiler] Oz come to life was pretty cool and now to see him under Moria's control and taking out Strawhats left and right is a bit scary. I have to wonder if Luffy will beat Moria or will Oz if Luffy's personality takes over again? I'm also wonfering has anyone besides Brooke recovered their shadow yet? Maybe this is why they are getting knocked around so much.[/spoiler] Edit- Geez I mis-spelled spoiler.
  7. Fairy Tail Created by: Mashima Hiro Published: 06/23/06 Style: Fantasy/Fighting/Magic/Adventure/Humor Main Characters - Lucy: A stellar spirit mage she uses keys to summon spirits of various abilities. Lucy is an aspiring author. Natsu: A flame mage who's goal is to find his foster parent and teacher Igneel. Gets motion sickness easily and doesn't know the meaning of take it easy. Happy: A cat who is Natsu's partner. Happy has the ability to use magic and speak. He also has the same temperamant as Natsu helping add to the trouble caused. Makarov: The guild leader of Fairy Tail a titan mage. Can use most magics and is a bit of a lecher. Gray Fullbuster: An ice mage who likes to butt heads with Natsu his elemental opposite. Has the odd habit of disrobing randomly. Erza Scarlet: Her magic consists of armor and weapons. She is the disciplinarian of the group and one of the strongest members of the guild. The storyline so far takes place in the land of Fiore and is up to chapter 53/54. I just started reading this recently as I came across references of it being a One Piece rip off and such. Seeing how Natsu was drawn I thought people may have been right but then I read through the first volume and realized the two series were alike but in a good way not a bad. The similarity in appearance and attitude between Luffy and Natsu's faces is pretty much where the comparisons end. Sure they are both in the same category Pirates(Nakama)/Devils Fruit users vs Guild Members(Nakama)/Magic users it may seem to be alike but this is a whole new adventure with a different flavor. I've read to chapter 51 so far and come away with a good feeling the series is moving along steadily and the supporting cast of characters seem to be coming along great with a good plot outlined. I feel if given a chance this series will grow on a lot of OP fans. Mashima Hiro all ready has one long lived manga under his belt in Groove Adventure Rave/Rave Master and I think has the means to create a stronger story and world this time around. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Currently at chapter 69 the last arc has been wrapped up. I can't wait to see where the next arc will take us.
  8. Well I have been thinking of this show for a while and decided it was time to sit back through it. I noticed Funimation was re-releasing it again in 14 episode 2 dvd sets. They are currently up to the 4th set and episode 56. Since I was a huge fan of this show I figured it was more then time that I started a legit collection so I picked up the four latest sets. I was happy with the first 14 episodes they were released untouched unlike the episodes on CN which had been re-inked. I was a little dissapointed that the subs were word for word the dub which had added chatter here and there which really shows up as there are extra lines when no one is talking even close to those areas. The second set starts off with the re-inked/touched up episodes I was dissapointed to see this but on the plus side the sub version is dead on here such a change from the first set that I can overlook the new style to hear and read the lines the way they were meant.
  9. Lol, Madballs good stuff now I don't feel so old. Seeing Rukia's attacker true face was interesting. I can't wait to see what comes of this. [spoiler] I wonder if one of those shrunken heads is Kaien and the other head the hollow that possesed him?[/spoiler]
  10. Chapter 448 the if I liked where this arc was headed before I love it now. It brought in the second [spoiler] Shichi Bukai named Gecko Moria. Since Luffy took on Crocodile the first of the six or is it seven(?) of their group I wonder if another crew member is going to handle this one. We all ready see the undead swordsman so we know that Zoro will be for that fight can't wait to find out who he was in life. Another thing that got me going this chapter was the group attack those crack me up every time.[/spoiler]
  11. 443 has some good humor nice to see the rest of the crews reactions to [spoiler]"Just Dead Bones" Brook. I think this is going to get interesting fast can't wait to see what the person that stole his shadow will look like.[/spoiler]
  12. These mod souls are starting to bug me now 112 and there still here interacting with a storyline that's already been finished. The company that did the fillers must be doing there own thing with whatever creative rights they have. Still if these don't get put in a closet soon or destroyed I'm going to be bummed. The rest of the episode was golden though layed out how it was supposed to be. Even knowing what is coming doesn't make it any less cooler when you see it in motion and color.
  13. While 441 left you wondering at the end what happened. Chapter 442 kept us wondering and went in a whole new direction. This is one of the best arc beginings I've seen in a while I wonder if we actually get a new [spoiler]crew member this easily. He is one cool looking character though and makes Franky seem normal in comparison. I hope he really did join [/spoiler]either way I can't wait until next week.
  14. 110 it has finally started up again even knowing what's coming I still enjoy watching to see how it will go down in color and with motion. :animenose The one thing that bugged me was the [spoiler]three stuffed animals from the filler arc are still around which leads me to believe they are saving them up for the next filler arc. Which wouldn't be bad as long as they don't add them into the story that has all ready been laid out in the manga I can blissfully ignore them.[/spoiler] I'm just so happy that the series is moving forward again.
  15. Is it true will February 15th be the end of fillers and the start of the storyline again? Please let it be true I stopped watching months ago I'd like to be able to have another show to look forward to again weekly.
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