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    Well lets see. I am currently 21 and a half years old, and i live in a small town in ontario canada. I love playing video games and hanging out with friends. that is currently my life. I am a pianist. Ive played piano for 16 years.
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    Currently Unemployed, Self-Taught Pianist(16 yrs experience)
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  1. Im listening to [b]Lamb of God's [/b]newest album,[i][b]Resolution. [/b][/i]If you are into heavy metal then you will love this album. ive been addicted to this album since the day it came out. I am a big metal head ive been to plenty of rocking shows like, [b]Zakk Wylde & Black Label Society, Darkest Hour, Lamb of God, Protest The Hero, GWAR, Every Time I Die [/b]and my favorite,e[b]Roger Waters The Wall Live!. I saw that in 2010 and i am seeing it again next month!![/b] Other than that i usually listen to anything i can learn on the piano. I am a composer so i make my own music. any other metal heads?
  2. Ive personally bee riight into Star Wars the Old Republic. I was always an Xbox fan ive got over 70 games but the console broke over a year ago so i decded to try an get back into a decent MMO, I havent played an MMO since the WoW days when it was fun. So i picked Star Wars up a few months ago and have been playing ever since. The storylines are really awesome it is so similar to the Knights of the old republic series which i loved!! Really a good game but not good enough that it got me hooked. i can still have a busy day and then at night i can relax and slice up some Imperials lol. Anyone else play this? Waddya think?
  3. Really? I couldnt staaaand those levels lol. it drove me up the wall trying to collect everything without dyiing over and over and over again lol. I think my favorite game level is Facility in Goldeneye 007. Set off the alarms and shoot people for hours lol i looved it.
  4. NES: Well this was Super Mario Bros 1 and Duckhunt combo. Beat Super Mario and then went to the Gold edition of The Legend of Zelda lol. SNES: The first game i Remember playing for SNES was Donkey Kong Country. I was so into the series and i started from the start. Collected everything that could be collected and waited for the second one to comme out lol. SEGA Genesis: This was definitely Sonic the Hedgehog 2. That game was awwwesome for its time lol. SEGA Saturn: Virtua Fighter I think it was called?? Gameboy: Pacman. lol First game for my GB which kept me busy until the Pokémon Red came out lol Gameboy Color: Pokémon Gold??? think that was the first one on GBC unless Yellow came out for GBC....dont remember lol Nintendo 64: Goldeneye 007. Best damn game in the world =) Ruined threee controllers playing that game so much lmao.... Then of course was Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Another game that paved the way for future RPGs. N64 made the best games that not alot of people had gotten a feel for before. Like before Goldeneye 007 for example. How many First person shooters did ya play and love before that beauty came out lol Playstation 1: Spyro the Dragon lol. What an awesome game when i was a kid lol PS2: MAFIA. Hated the game lol =P Xbox: Halo of course. That game was amaaazing and paved the way for so many other shooters and halo sequels. Xbox 360: Perfect Dark Zero.... lol totally wish that wasnt the first game i played. Gave me a bad first impressiong of xbox 360. But then Oblivion annd Halo 3 and COD came out and changed my opinion lol PC: Ready for this?? The first PC game i ever played was called Hugo's House of Horrors on Floppy A:\ drive lol. Such a cool old game. Also played Commander Keen, Goblins, and Duke Nukem lol. good ol days...
  5. Well ive always been a big gamer but my console broke down last month lol but i can give you what i think the best games ive played this year were. I also took a step back this year and got into the Red Dead Redemption games. I always got like halfway thru the game and then i would get bored of it or get into another game. So i decided to play it all the way through and ended up doing al the side mission and extra challenges as well. It became incredibly addictive. That game beat GTA 4 by far in my opinion. Then i bought the expansion for RDR , the Undead one. That was pretty interesting, however it didnt follow with the ending of the original which got to me a bit... Of couse another game i ot into was Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 lol. I kept telling myself i wouldnt get it right away becaus i really couldnt afford to put mony into any game at the time, but i ended up finding a way anyways lol. The game was good, i always like COD: MW series for the awesome storyline and stuff, not just the multiplayer. Another amazing game id have to say was Gears of War 3. If youve gotten into the storyline of the other games, and even the novels they released, then you should know how big the 3rd one was for storyline. Epic stories, graphics and gameplay. The only thing i didnt enjoy to much was the ending of the series... A feew things needed to happen in the storyline of that game which eventually did, gladly.. But i think the ending should have gone completely differently...but thats just me i guess.. Other than that ive been rocking Starcraft 2 a bit because im a huge SC nerd lol read all the novels n all. Great game adds to he storyline of all the novels and the original game. However i am still seeming to be more addicted to Starcraft 1. Ive been playing that game nonstop for about a month now. There will never bbe a game likee that original =P
  6. My car is broken down as well. Worked fine last year, drove it here and there.(Living in a small town where cars arent THAT needed lol) Winter came and my car battery died. Tried charging it, blew the battery. Bought a new battery, car starts. Then i gotta move to a new apartment. Find out the car had no brakes afterwards. So i tow it to the new place where i keep it running for a while each day. Then my neighbours decide they do not want to get along with me and decide to steal things and harass me verbally whenever id go out to my parking lot. So i got busy doing other things and forgot about starting the car unti a couple weeks ago. I went to start it and it wont start.... Thought it was the battery again. Charged it and still didnt work. So now i am back at step one..
  7. I am surprised this is STILL up for discussion lol...
  8. whats an amv?? ive never heard that term...
  9. Are people going to know who rated them good or evil?? or will it be kept anonymous
  10. [B]Evony [/B][URL="http://110.evony.com/s.html"]http://110.evony.com/s.html[/URL] Its a neat online game where you build a town and an army to go attack other towns and cities which are controlled by other players. You do the quests, build buildings,and wait for them to finish. Its a time consuming game where you click to build everythimng and then leave it for 4 or 5 hours while you do something else... but it fits in perfectly with my schedule lol.
  11. Haha i love that Varney picture props for puttin that up =P Yeah im getting my mom a Snuggie for christmas as well i keep seeing it on TV and as weird as they look, i know she'd love it lol.
  12. naw you can submit as many as you want:) The more, the better! However, to keep it fair to others who only submit one, We will only use one piece of art from each person to decide on the Top 5. I'll obviously take into consideration which piece of art I think looks the best in certain ways. I'm hoping this can work out nice and fairly =) If anyone has any better suggestions on judging them I'd love to hear em.
  13. I dunno what to think about this anymore i keep agreein with it but now hearing everyone elses comments, I don';t know if its worth it.. I mean it'd be neat for something to do... And no offense im not a fan of that good/evil thing that was brought up. I mean its neat...but i dont wanna be categorized as good or evil. Just my opinion though.
  14. haha very nice Gavin love the fort!! I haven't made a fort in so long. and now that i live on my own, i dont think i own enough furniture to even MAKE a fort lol. maybe i'll give it a try though... hmmm.. only 21 years old once..:P
  15. hey guys how do you add pictures that large onto the attatchment? i want to show my tree as well! the picture size is always too large though.
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