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  1. Currently progressing through Legend of Legaia. It's the first time I've actually played this game so it's gonna be tough. Also, everything is crazy expensive in this game and monsters don't drop enough cash. Edit: I'm also playing Catherine right now. It's got some pretty freaky things going on with it, just got past the third day so I'm gonna see even weirder things.
  2. I haven't. Can you tell me some stuff about it? Also. I think in the first part of The Legend of Legaia is pretty cool.
  3. Using Metal Gear Rex in Guns of the Patriots.
  4. I just watched Red Line. It was a great movie, with some pretty insane characters. The art style kind of reminds me of Dead Leaves for some reason.
  5. There are many games with impressive levels, it's just a matter of how much you think they're worth playing. Personnaly, I think that the mine cart levels from the Super Nintendo Donkey Kong games are good. Rolling around, jumping gaps that pop up out of nowhere, and trying to get all the collectibles. It looked so great T the time, too.
  6. I had a bad experience with pistachios recently. They were covered in garlic. I wasn't expecting it. And my dad was seriously pissed off because he hates garlic and was the one that bought the pistachios in the first place.
  7. You're going to enjoy Asylum, Shinmaru. It was great trying to solver every riddle and getting dossier info on characters. In case you didn't know, there's apparently a secret room near Warden Sharp's office. Finding it isn't important for a 100% play through, and you need a lot of explosives to get it open.
  8. So me friend DemonEyes wasn't lying? I have to apologize for punching him in his virtual throat, then.
  9. Amazon is going to take over all the shopping businesses in the world. It will be the end of days when it does.
  10. I should look for ome on Amazon, then.
  11. For a minute, I thought this thread was title Perverted Avatars and you were gping to talk about Boo.
  12. What's everyone's thoughts on macadamia nuts? I've never had any, but I want to.
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