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  1. [B]Name:[/B] Lenya Antonovicha [B]Age:[/B] 26 [B]Sex: [/B]Female [B]Weapon:[/B] one single shot pistol, one semi-automatic rifle and a combat knife [B]Soldier/Psionic:[/B] Soldier [B]Brief Physical Description:[/B] 5'6, medium build, angular features with cropped and slicked back chesnut brown hair [B]Brief Personality Description:[/B] Optimistic yet serious, Lenya is happy to follow orders, though not blindly. She is caring and compassionate regarding her fellow soldiers, but can be resolute and single minded when it comes to the enemy. She is intelligent, observant and well educated but is very cautious about parading this, concerned that she might alienate some of her comrades. [B]Reason for Enlisting:[/B] Originally the daughter of a high class doctor, Lenya sympathised with the plight of the front line soliders, disobeying her father's wishing and enlisting to aid them in the best way she could. [B]One distinguishing feature about your character:[/B] A single mole, high on her right cheek bone. [B]One way in which war has changed/will change your character:[/B] Privilege is a thing of the past, Lenya has been faced with the harsh realities of modern warfare and the casualties it results in.
  2. [SIZE="1"][B]Aquarius:[/B] Honest and intuative [B]Gift:[/B] The ability to see the truth in all its forms [B]Curse:[/B] The truth is itself a curse, for as they say, ignorance is bliss. No word that escapes her lips is a lie and of course, noone likes to hear the truth. She had always known the truth, had never known an untruth and had suffered for it. She knew that her mother did not love her, or, indeed, her father. She had known even when her mother denied the fact to her face. She knew that her mother spent her 'girly nights out' sleeping with other men, faceless and unnamed men that she never met and never would. She knew that her father knew of her mother's frequent antics, she could see it in his sad blue eyes as he rocked her to sleep as a baby. She knew of his anguish as he cajoled her with high spirited games. She knew how his heart had broken with an empty smile on his face. They divorced when she was ten. They said that it wasn't her fault, and she knew that to be the truth, perhaps one of the only truths her mother had ever said to her face. Her father loved her for her unwavering honesty, her mother, she knew, despised her for it. She always spoke the truth, though had never been taught to do so. As a girl she could never understand why many people resented her for it. Only the bravest and most self assured could bare to be in her presence, undeterred by her lack of falsehoods. "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all", her teachers said, but the truth was often far from nice, a lesson she had learned early on in life. In time she learned that many feared the horrible truths, preferred to swaddle themselves in comforting lies and calming fictions, if only to make the world more bareable. She learned to keep her truths to herself, though when asked they were all she could give. Unable to be comforted by stories and facades, she exists in a world where ever individual's true and terrible intentions are open to her should they dare to conceal it with a lie. Some could go mad with the knowledge. She does, however, find solace in those whose intentions are not so terrible. Those who hide their goodness behind a veil of modesty, those whose foulness hides a gentler truth. When her mother tried to placate her as a child with adoring words, she could see it for the charade it was. When her father whispered 'I love you, my darling Sophie', she knew it to be true. OOC:I know it's not really a situation. I hope it counts, if not please let me know and I'll change it [/SIZE]
  3. I suppose that Halloween is pretty much just an excuse to go cosplaying outside of convention season ^_~. I'm not dressing up this year, actually I'm not really a halloween type person. I much prefer to dress up when other people [I]aren't[/I] doing it, stands out more heh heh.
  4. [COLOR=DimGray]Tale of Two Sisters freaked me out, it also took me several watches just to figure out what the hooha was going on. Phone is pretty good, the scene with the [spoiler]body in the wall was incredibly creepy.[/spoiler] A cool Korean horror flick is one called The Dollmaster, which I recommend you check out. Its on a lower budget than most but its still cool and has some genuinely frightening moments. Ghost is another good one, though I can't remember whether its Japanese or Korean or what. I've seen so many they all just blend together in my head lol.[/COLOR]
  5. [SIZE=1]I buy my current comics at stores, namely Forbidden Planet and Travelling Man. I have two standing orders there so I never miss the ones I love ^_~. I get my back issues either from ebay, other websites or from markets.[/SIZE]
  6. [SIZE=1][QUOTE=DeadSeraphim][color=indigo][size=1][font=arial]So you like DC then? [/font][/size][/color][/QUOTE] Yup. I much prefer DC to Marvel, though I do pick up a few issues here and there (bought civil war 1 and 2 today par example). It just doesn't do it for me. The argument for Marvel is that its more down to earth, gritty and shades of grey. While shades of grey are good in moderation I have to argue. I don't want to be able to relate to my superheroes, I want my heroes to be...well, heroic, determined and idealistic, if I wanted gritty and worldly I'd watch the news. Also I often find Marvel a little hard to follow, what with all the different titles floating around e.g X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, Ultimate X-Men, New X-Men etc I don't really get many other publishers though I do like Top Cow now and again 'cause of The Darkness and Magdelena. Elseworlds comics in DC are like my side-quest. I search ebay and go to comic markets to find them, I have a pretty good collection of elseworlds going now ^_~.[/SIZE]
  7. [SIZE=1]Woah, lemme see now. All Star Batman & Robin Batman Birds of Prey Elseworlds JLA JSA JSA: Classified Moon Knight Nightwing Secret Six Shadowpact Supergirl Superman Superman/Batman Wonder Woman Plus whatever takes my fancy whenever I'm picking up my standing order. Multiple graphic novels TPB and HC. I love Wizard, its funny and informative lol. My favourites out of those above are probably Wonder Woman and Birds of Prey, though I am getting into Secret six and Shadowpact after the drama of Infinite Crisis.[/SIZE]
  8. [SIZE=1]Watching the door through which her recent companion had vacated Liane frowned. To a casual observer her expression could have been read as one of concern and worry for the young man. Prehaps she was concidering following him, ready to lend comfort, to inquire as to his well being or any manner of pseudo friendly actions. In reality the concern that Liane did feel were less for Bellerophon and more for herself. Now with the absence of anyone immediate to distract herself with, a whisper of nervous anxiety began to creep its way up Liane's spine. The pit of her stomach began to churn with an unconcious urgency and her mouth was Sahara dry. Pressing herself further into the cushioned chair upon which she sat, she cast a wary glance around the bustling room. The waltz had now given way to an easy sonata, allowing dancers to rest and more mingling to occur. Without someone upon which to focus her attention Liane was forced to cast her musings inward, something that she had put off doing since preparing for the ball. Caught in the middle of a world she did not know, with threats that she had no comprehension of, such thoughts could lead way to full mental panic. Liane decided that the best course of action in this sort of situation would be to ignore any worries to the best of her ability. There was little she, herself, could do to resolve the predicament, short of causing a riot. Indeed, it seemed that the Supreme Chanceller would be arriving soon to answer their many, burning questions. Hopefully these answers would be sufficient. The air in the ballroom was hot and heavy, something that Liane found oddly comforting in her current state. Letting her eye lids dip, she laid her head back against the head of the chair, listening absently to the hum of conversation surrounding her. The soft buzz, however, quickly declined into hushed whispers, causing Liane to once again open her eyes to regard the cause.[/SIZE]
  9. [SIZE=1]The band striking up the waltz suddenly had Liane on her feet. It was a tune she knew well, she had danced to Chopin's Minute Waltz ever since she was a small girl, stepping along with her father. With the insertion of something so familiar into a situation fraught with chaos and confusion Liane grasped it with both hands, or more specifically she grasped Bellerophon with both hands, dragging him onto the dance floor. Caught up in the music she was initially unaware of the young man's discomfort, leading as she was. She often lead when she danced with her partners. A small smile crept upon her face as she remembered her former lover, Danielle's, discomfort with the dance and as such Liane did not get to participate as much as she had liked. Liane was brought back to the present with a yelp as Bellerophon misjudged a forward step, crushing her sandal clad toes beneath his leather shoes. [B]"I..I'm sorry."[/B] The boy stuttered as he attempted to correct his step. Liane chuckled and rested a small hand upon his arm. "Non, it is my fault. I became caught up in the music and did not even ask you permission in the dance." Seeing his hesitant glance back towards the comfortable seats they previously occupied Liane smiled and ushered him forwards. [B]"Oui, I am finished. We may retourné la, s'il vous plait I insist."[/B] Bellerophon gave her a small, grateful smile as they returned to their seats. [B]"Thankyou, I...I'm not really familiar with that sort of dance."[/B] Liane nodded and looked around the hall. The room was starting to fill now, both with guests whom she assumed were in the same predicament as she and with waiters and servants, eager to cater the needs and whims of those same guests. [B]"It seems there are more here than I first anticipated."[/B][/SIZE]
  10. [SIZE=1]Just to mention, I shall be away for the weekend after tonight, so I obviously shant be posting. Of course Liane can be included in anyone elses posts, I trust you lot with my character ^_^.[/SIZE]
  11. [SIZE=1]After pressing the white panel and listening to its instructions Liane hear a soft click, indicating that the door was now unlocked and ready to be opened. With hesitant fingers she reached out and clasped the handle, opening the door cautiously and placing one foot out of the doorway to step out into the hall. The rather nasal sounding recording had directed her to turn right down the hallway and Liane was preparing to do so when her attention was caught by a a rather statuesque looking gentleman emerging from his room also. Rationalising that two heads were certaintly better than one under their current, unfamiliar circumstances Liane approached him. [B]"Bonsoir monsieur,"[/B] Liane greeted the man, boy if she was honest with herself. His tanned good looks made for the youthful appearance of a man who could be no older than 24, most likely younger. He was dressed for the occasion, his suit freshly pressed and his shirt crisp. Looking down at herself Liane was pleased to note that she was not overdressed as she had previously feared, stepping out of her room. Dressed as she was in a sleek burgundy evening dress, a single shoulder strap complimented by a high choker of a slightly darker shade blended with her tanned skin. Her short hair, which had been a birds nest when she had awoken, she had tamed with cream and a simple clip. Running a nervous hand down her arm she admited to herself that she did look quite good. [B]"Um..."[/B] The young man started. [B]"Do you happen to know what the hell's going on?"[/B] His accent was odd to place, Turkish prehaps. Liane smiled at him slightly. She was oddly reassured by his unease, something that she felt so keenly reflected within herself. [B]"I can assure you monsieur that I do not. Prehaps we should stick together in order to find out the answer, oui?[/B] The man nodded eagerly, his dark curls bobbing with the movement. Holding out his hand he bowed slightly, something he probably felt appropriate for the situation. [B]"I am Bellerophon, it is a pleasure."[/B] Chuckling softly Liane took his hand and inclined her head in acknowledgement. [B]"My name is Liane, the pleasure, of course, is all mine. An interesting name you have, Bellerophon slayed the Chimera in Greek myth did he not?"[/B] The man nodded, a red tinge colouring his ruddy cheeks. [B]"My parents..." [/B] [B]"Arrete, say no more,"[/B] Liane stopped him, resting a gentle hand upon his arm [B]"I believe it is time we made are way to this 'ball'" [/B] Bellerophon nodded and they both began to make their way down the hall.[/SIZE]
  12. [SIZE=1]I know that this might have been made apparent somewhere in either the sign up, arena or underground threads but I just have to ask; Is the Supreme Chancellor a man or a woman? The name is Dominiqué sure but that is a unisex name and I don't know if you;ve actually specified anwhere the chancellors gender? Enlightenment s'il vous plait. ^_^[/SIZE]
  13. [SIZE=1]A conundrum is it not. Thanks Petie ^_^[/SIZE]
  14. [SIZE=1]Okay, this is annoying me. It seems that no matter where I host my trusty banner linking just isn't working anymore. I've tried everywhere, I've tried different size banners, everything, all I'm getting is that lovely red cross whenever I try to put up my banner. Don't believe me? Just take a peek at my sig right now, it just ain't working. So yeah, what I'm trying to say here is...help.[/SIZE]
  15. [SIZE=1]Liane's forlorn features stared back at her from the dark reflections of the window she now stood before, overlooking the unfamiliar Parisian landscape. A soft sigh escaped her lips as she trailed her fingers across the glass. The room she had woken up in resembled nothing of her home and for a small moment panic had overwhelmed her as she sought to gain baring amongst her surroundings. Sense had prevailed over momentary weakness, however and Liane had composed herself to take proper stock. The room was decadent yet confusing in a most unusual manner. The drapes and bed-linen were made of the most luxurious materials and the bed was a large four-poster remeniscent of the style favoured during the reign of Louis XIV. The wallpaper was styled towards the late 19th century and the art which adorned it was a haphazard mix of nouveaux art, rennaissance and pre-raphaelite. Though most likely designed to illustrate the cultural and artistic diversity of this Paris 2 to her the visitor, all it served was to remind Liane of the thoroughly alien situation in which she had landed. Moving away from the window she sat heavily upon the edge of the bed, her face buried in her hands, her short locks sticking out at odd angles from previous, stress related ministrations. [B]"Mon Dieu. What have they done?" [/B] The small, pained whisper did little to convey the despairing feeling welling deep within her chest. A single tear sought desperately to escape, tracking its way down a cheek devoid of make-up. The salty drop fell from her chin to stain the letter she held between quivering fingers. The ink became smudged there, obliterating several words upon the delicate page. This matter little, however, the letter had been read several times over with varying degrees of disbelief and horror. A rather impatient and irritating woman named Anne had come and gone, apparently with the premise to check on her well being though Liane surmised that it was to make sure she complied and attended this ball or whatever it was her hosts had so graciously provided for them. [I]Them...[/I] Liane's mind dwelt upon that idea. She was not alone as a stranger in this unfamiliar world, there would be others like her, torn from their time, confused and afraid. In this she found solace and regained a measurment of courage. Approaching the wardrobe Liane began to set about selecting her outfit for the function. [B]"No sense in letting style go to waste, this is afterall still Paris."[/B] A soft smile brightened her, up until now, forlorn features as she gazed upon the gorgeous attire her hosts had provided. [B]"[I]Merveilleux[/I]."[/B][/SIZE]
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