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  1. Also, DOOM Eternal and replaying Final Fantasy's on turbo speed on Switch.
  2. Playing mostly boardgames and tabletops, because, well, yo. Epic.
  3. Trials of Mana, yo. Seiken Densetsu 3 Remake. They killed the Coop option, but it's still a sweet trip down memory lane.
  4. You‘re the man, Petie.
  5. What Petie said. And that‘s what she said. xoxo
  6. ... most interesting. I found myself saying this to a colleague of mine. For some reason he didn't think it was as funny and nostalgic as I did. Thanks, Gavin. Thanks.
  7. This news sucked so much. Des will always be cool and awesome to me. The world sucks more without him.
  8. I know, right? This is what he should be apologizing for.
  9. That's ******* gorgeous.
  10. I LOVE UX AND ANALYSIS I LOVE SHARING MY AMAZING MARKETING SKILLS Also, I've just been put on the SEO squad on top of my ridiculous amount of tasks. I LOVE SEO
  11. Woah, check out Becky Norris here going all thaininja on that chick.
  12. This. I'm currently a Marketing Manager for a photo printing company. Like, you can make photo books and posters and stuff via our website. Honestly, I hardly had a clue about marketing when I started, but I was Dutch and I could write and I could English, so they hired me. Now I'm a kick ass online marketing expert. To be fair, I could not do this job selling something stupid, like BMWs or knives or celery. But I like photos and photo books so it works. I never thought I'd work in marketing, but I'm enjoying the **** out of it. Have to agree with Vicky that learning a trade really well makes it more fun. Fun motivates progress. Progress is success. Success is fun. Fun motivates progress. CIRCLE WOOT. Also we have an elite coffee machine or two at my work, free sammiches and fruit and stuff, and very often cake/pie.
  13. Since you came back so we can like your stuff.
  14. Silversun Pickups - Better Nature Amazing album. Boris - Noise Amazing album. Glen Hansard - Didn't He Ramble Pretty amazing album. Marvin Gaye Several live and hits albums, including the duet-albums with Tammi Terrell. Bob Dylan Finally wading through his oeuvre. Keep landing at The Essential Bob Dylan, though. *shrug*
  15. My sister had an extra slot in her Netflix account so I started watching more series again. Actually, I watch all the superhero shows, for some reason. They're not that amazing, really, but have a relatively high entertainment factor. Marvel's Jessica Jones & Daredevil - I like the concept. The continuity of "this plays after New York was bombed by superheroes and aliens", and people are actually upset as well about the city being destroyed for a big part. Somewhat. Mostly, they quickly refer to the incidents of the Avengers, but you don't really feel the impact. Both shows are entertaining, but somewhat mediocre. DC's Arrow, The Flash & Gotham - I probably like these a bit more than the Marvel shows, but that's because I mostly like DC more than Marvel. Gotham has the most interesting concept, seeing Bruce Wayne as a kid, and having a police detective (James Gordon) as the main character instead of a superhero. Californication - Watched the first season when it just came out, which was great. Then second season came out, and I couldn't watch past the first two episodes. I finally pulled myself through, this year, and binge watched the entire thing, including that shitty last season. Ray Donovan - Kind of like the superhero series, really.The Americans - Cool concept. Also, pretty okay show.True Detective - Season 1 was ace. Season 2's first episode made me want to take a poo, which I did. Felt better afterwards.Fargo - Saved season 2 for when I have enough time. Season 1 was great.Reading: Terry Pratchett's books revolving around Death have been released as a fancy looking series. Picked up one of those the other day.Just finished Ready Player One which was a pretty neat read, though the ending was mighty cliche.Finished The Circle this year, which lived up to the hype, although Eggers could've made it a bit longer and deeper. Would've liked more vision in it, and an ending that wasn't a direct Orwell reference.Picked up Little Book of Language again for a quick fix of pop linguistics. I read The Rosie Project. Funny.Love Machines by Josh Trujilo. I read comics on the WebToons app now as well. For example the Star Wars comic.Stuff on SEO, Online Marketing, and similar stuff.
  16. OB has been a great place of learning, as well as an excellent testing ground. I certainly wouldn't have the same level of [...]* skills if not for OB. EnglishWriting Photoshop/Graphic design (including pixel art)TrollingHTMLAudio editingThese are basically all the skills I use for my job now so thanks for that. Then there's stuff like interpersonal communication. Didn't get much of that here. Most of you are sorta lame. No really, Charles summed that part up pretty well: It's been a great place to get in touch with all sorts of people, with all sorts of backgrounds. As a teenager, it's been really informative and inspiring to sort of get to know all of these people. Especially the relatively strong gay part of the community. But honestly, I've probably learned most from people who are/were complete douche bags in debates and situations, and/or who stuck strongly to some freaky clique. Makes you appreciate the others more. I'll stop now before I get some kind of identity crisis.
  17. Oh yeah, there was some important stuff on there. Thanks, Petie.
  18. PLAYER NAME: BorisFAVORITE OB RPG CHARACTER NAME: Boo "Dutch" (basically the same gist as Cyanide Kitts, so I'll just consider them as one, because <middle-finger>)CHARACTER'S AGE: 52CHARACTER'S ELEMENT OF POWER:Noir and grey-tones.PLAYER'S OB FORUM OF POWER:Art StudioPLAYER MONTH AND DAY OF BIRTH:October 7thCHARACTER'S IDOL:Max Payne?WHAT IS THE WORST DECISION YOUR CHARACTER EVER MADE? Sign up for OtakuBoards, and this RPG in particular. He's a depressed noir guy, so basically every decision he's made he'd consider bad, or he wouldn't make sense. ... I guess I'll be editing this once I know what the **** is going on, but here's my symbolic sign-up.
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