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  1. yea the cartlidge (sorry spelling) is more painful and yes there is a crunch :)
  2. :-D I agree. There is also a chance that you will wake up tommorow with your entire body paralyzed! :) I sugest if you ever want to get your tongue done, find a GOOD piercer you can trust. Also visit [url]http://www.body-piercing.com.au[/url] and check out the piercing guide. :) Lotsa info on that site :)
  3. I am a metalhead and hopefully not the onlyone here but if I am you can all gawk at me like those evil christian people were last week :) I guess i'll make a lil list of stuff that anyone else can do if they are into lotsa bodymod stuff... [b]Goal List[/b] Labret Right staggered lip ring another eyebrow bar industrials eventualy snugs to match tongue bar ...maybe more if i can think of something. -------- [b]Favorite seeing in a girl[/b] matching nipple bars! AHHH Belly!! AHHHHH LAbret AHHHH!!!! Eyebrows AHHH!!! lol and industrials that arent straight, but curved an mucked around in the middle! thats all.. please share your .... thoughts negative or possitive! :)
  4. I dont know if I can help you, but couldnt' you just go to a car show/convention and ask owners doing displays? Good idea to bring it up here I guess. myuselesspointer: get a fuel efficient car and be done with it! :)
  5. this is why i hide 'cos the way you look at me 'cos the place you take my mind this is who i hate the me you cannot see that s because your late and now i cannot breathe this is why i run 'cos the times ude run from me 'cos ther'd be no god damned fun that benevolant being, that herald's my demise it gives me the end i need this is why i run
  6. I hurt when I role play here. I do not know why, therefor you have no reasons. I am hereby dropping out by request of Shinkoru. Sorry. (or am I? ...thats what your thinkin danni so shove it)
  7. Ilythirtar hadn?t thought about anything so serious in so long. His trained elven mind seemed to take leisure in hearing things, all varieties of things. Whispers, screams, haunting voices, cackling death but now all he could hear was silence. Nothing. His physical senses were fine, but who?s wouldn?t be when tracking a giant? Leorik had only a few hours lead. Ilythirtar?s motives were anything but violent. His father had told him once that giants aren?t as stereotypical as one would think. The only one?s he had been warned about were the Storm Giants. Ilythirtar laughed, knowing he wouldn?t find one of them, not this far south. With a laugh, Ilythirtar began to ponder his chances in fighting one of those. Well first off they aren?t shy about fighting; they are almost like drow with size. Typically they are cumbrously slow but if alive, and this far south, he?d have to be fast or else he wouldn?t have too much to exhibit. He?d also have to be exiled for one reason or another. Is he a miniature? Likely. He smiled, loving the surroundings. His reverie doesn?t last long as he slams headlong into a tree which he could have swore wasn?t there a fraction of a second ago. When he regained a sense of direction he looked at the tree. ?hmm? what is this?? Moving closer, he started to read the inscription on the bark. ?She is in trouble?? He laughed; not understanding it, the only thing that he was worried about now was getting home safe and sound. Belly full and ready to sleep. He simply refused to let anything get to him, than he heard the scream. He sighed under his breath and muttered something like ?overacting drama queen? and looked up. ?Well I hadn?t practiced this stupid amphorication for nothing.? An instant later he was at the top of the highest tree in sight, his body simply shifting through the shadows, materializing on the branch. From his current vantage he could see the path which his giant friend must have followed and he smiled, taking his time, leaping from branch to branch until he reached the planes. ?I had seriously wanted to meet that giant, its rare. I should consult my liege on his eye color; he would know most definitely the breed.? In haste, Ilythirtar began a serious session of amphorication, stopping at ever field as the shadows are limited and he just wasn?t good enough yet, so he ran, ran as fast as he could. And eventually, he came to the forest of which brethren bonds had made him entwined with his companions, bound to uphold protective positions for any who may be hurt, even the damsel, Eve. Pity that Bleed wasn?t more creative. Ilythirtar felt like dying of boredom. He continued to walk towards the screams like everyone else. Eve?s screams were so attractive and appealing. Everyone who hears them mindlessly drones forth into a perfect story of an evolutionary being. The story is of Eve and everything surrounds her and everything adores her and it almost sickens him to think so cruelly. Anyway, not on his own accord, as he is caught up in his thoughts, Ilythirtar runs smack into hunter just like he did the tree. ?Bloody twit! Oooh its you, Serenol. Oh mighty savior? help your sister? ?I sense your sarcasm. Will you ever grow up?? ?Not as long as your self-righteous, no.? ?Than you will never grow up!!!? ?Indeed?? Ilythirtar laughed and pulled his cloak from his rucksack, donning it to his shoulders and so he disappears. But his voice leads. ?Are we going to save her or just let Bleed keep goin? Sooner we get this done the better.. I cant stand the nagging!?
  8. At that point in time, there wasn?t too much that could sway Ilythirtar from entering the Tavern. He had known about the settlement for a while and knew their harshness to those who are different. Even so, he wanted to get something into him. The glances were short and sweet. After all, his human composition was near perfect with his ears tucked away under his flowing crimson hair. He didn?t want to start anything so he kept as discreet as any of his race. The barkeep didn?t notice his heritage and so the grog and mushy bowl of what felt and tasted like a mixture of cow intestines and chicken broth was served quite quickly. At that moment Ilythirtar overheard two scraggy little creatures whispering. At first this set him off, wondering if they caught on. He than consumed his incredibly disgusting soup and even more useless liquor. It was than that he realized they were talking about an ?ogre?. ?The bloody twit musta been ten feets high! If wasn?t for me and my ?panion here. He woulda tore the place to bits!? Shouts followed and so did the cheers. Ilythirtar was suspicious as he knew that ogres don?t associate with humans on the best of occasions and least of all the two buffoons who were claiming they beat it. His eyes looked at the barkeep?s nervous eyes. He was hiding something and Ilythirtar knew it, he?d have to be a complete dipshit not to. ?So, was he a titan? What kind of giant?? The gaze changed from nervous to petrified in a second. ?I?un?oh boy, but youse best keep way from that monster. Is his eyes, they like yours?but..red. Ee, also wore white. His hair.. chrah des pinvoy eskabluar.? Ilythirtar almost broke out laughing as he got up and tossed some coins to the barkeep. ?Which way was he heading??
  9. The week had come to an end and with it?s end, marked Ilythirtar?s ability to rejoin civilization. For all it was worth, he was doing better without anyone else besides, being alone was unifying himself with his own spiritual self. At dawn he had searched for and found a nice, quiet spring. The springs were warm and like an inferno to his caked skin. Soon however, the soaking began to ease the dirt off his skin. Once clean, Ilythirtar instinctively scanned his surroundings, sensing nothing in particular, though he knew something was watching him. It wasn?t a problem because he had his trousers up and black steel in hand within a second but to his dismay it was only a feral hound re-claiming his ground. Obviously Ilythirtar?s apparent stench had driven the mutt wild with jealousy. Once fully clothed, and cleaned he began his trek for the nearest village; Halven?s Point.
  10. Illythirtar had spent the better part of a week in the bush, alone. Part of his cleansing duty was to ?live it up? in the wilderness, and that wasn?t really a problem given his origins. He was scruffy and unkempt but oh so proud. His graying eyes glistened in the blowing wind, tears forming from the gusts as his body swings up onto a nearby branch. Sitting, he took the time to wonder about things, about life, and most of all about Eve. She was kind of his obsession ever since she saved his ass when he was real young. I wonder, he smiled, pondering where his next meal would come from. He pulled out the small blade in his pocket and examined it, wiping it down with a spell he had recently learned. It was a simple emulation of silk, and it worked perfectly on a blade. Once the spell was in place, the silk would form a barrier on the blade so that whenever blood would touch it, the silk would clean it. It really made for quite a display of flying blood when attacking. He leaned back and looked up, through the canopy of the dense forest, loving the godly rays of light which managed to trickle through the canopy down on the underbrush. His tunic was matte black with dried mud and his face was unrecognizable but his elvish good looks projected far beyond the ugly stench of his bathless body.
  11. Name: Ilythirtar Nailo Age: 17 Race: Elf Bio: Ilythirtar, a perpetual dark-dweller. He is elven, but with a few perks. His father was an act-in henchman/dark doer. This inspired Ilythirtar at a young age when he was forced to move to the capitol. There he met Eve? Description: Ilythirtar, nomadic by nature, looks the part. His casual crimson tunic fits snugly around his body as a waist guard clamps down around the tops of his breeches. His face slender and almost grim as his pale grey eyes shadow his puffy eyelids. He carries a small dagger shaped like a tanto as he is quite limited in his abilities non melee. A vertical scar, his only mar, rests on his left shoulder blade, out of sight and without cause. His only distinct characteristics are his incredibly short stature which can almost lure those who expect a pushover.
  12. give me some wings and go dance with the angel take time out of life and go playing around in the allleyway make it known who you are and take your name to the stars argue your reason and dont take no for an answer discover it, renounce it, restore it and explore it but dont deny it, and dance dance with the angel you seek with the angel wanted to all along so give some wings and let me fly
  13. Sorry guys I gota drop this rpg ..my only rpg @ moment anyway but I just dont have the time nor the heart to play this particular character.
  14. why cos youve changed even more and its for our worse or somthing?
  15. tip of the tongue 4 now, an idiot poem without thought. [color=red][size=1][center][i]Touched, moved, heartfelt and warm. Thunder, lightening... the bolts of this storm, The colors, the words, the powers are mine, The becon, the testing, the sender is blind, My blender is churning and spitting out shit, The time has come for me to return it, The blender, symbolic and meaning unsheathed, The purpose now given but never released, The turning, the moving, the tumbling unrest. Is all about my bent-over failing best.[/color][/size][/center][/i]
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