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    Anime Central Guidelines

    [center][size=4]Anime Central Guidelines[/size][/center] Welcome to Anime Central, the center of anime discussion on OtakuBoards. There's only a few guidelines to keep in mind when posting here. [b]1.[/b] You're free to discuss pretty much anything anime-related here but please look over the first couple pages before posting a new thread to avoid repeats. We also maintain a [thread=38208][u]Thread Directory[/u][/thread] to catalogue general discussion threads for specific series. [b]2.[/b] To avoid revealing major plot elements of an anime under discussion, please use spoiler tags. They black out the text between them, requiring others to highlight the text to read the spoiler. Example: [indent][sp[size=2]o[/size]iler]This is a spoiler.[/spoiler][/indent]Becomes: [INDENT][spoiler]This is a spoiler.[/spoiler][/INDENT] [b]3.[/b] Threads that don't spark conversation should generally be avoided. Search threads, asking where to find something, are one example; simply use [url=http://www.google.com][u]Google[/u][/url] instead. Favorite threads, asking what people's favorite whatever is, are another and are only permitted if reasons are given for people's choices. If you have any questions, feel free to PM one of the Anime Central staff and we'll be glad to help.
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    Your Favourite Manga

    My fave mangas are Inuyasha, DNAngel, Case Closed, .Hack//legend of twilight, Azamanga Dahio, Orphen, Fruits Basket, and Megatokyo! :catgirl: I just love my DNAngel and Inuyasha, :animesigh :animeblus this is my first post yay! ya i'm a new member BYE! JA NE!