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    SunfallE got a reaction from Japan in RIP Desbreko 1988-2016   
    Like a lot of you I found out yesterday about Des. It breaks my heart in so many ways since I remember so many good times with him around. From his screenshots in chat to his video game walkthroughs to him just being that kind and thoughtful guy that he was. It's hard to imagine not being able to hit him up and watch some new anime and giggle at all the new screenshots he would take. Heck, even my avatar is from a show he got me started on. =(
    I lost my dad to Kidney cancer and I remember how much that hurt. My heart goes out to his family since I know the pain they must be experiencing right now. I hope they find some peace in knowing just how much he was loved by his friends here.
    Rest in peace, Dessy. You'll be missed.
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