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  1. Dante Leaned towards the assembled.

    "what we must ask ourselves..." he began as he looked each of them in the eye "is if our freind may be behind this in some way" he growled in a low voice.

    "It just seems a little too convenient to me, being invited to the Queen's ball after Geni here had to endure the slings and arrows of this haughty and sanctamonious time period's 'high society' I can't help but wonder if it is all a setup" he elaborated to their somewhat quizzical looks, as he sat down to finish the paper.

    OOC: SOrry everyone! I can only explain my several month absence by saying that I've had numerous computer (and exam) problems. so here's some filler from the now rare and elusive brain of dante!

  2. I'm having a problem Uninstalling a piece of software.

    I'd heard a lot of things about The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and decided to try it out, so I borrowed my friends copy as he was not using it. I have found that it is not to my liking and would like to remove it, however, whenever I click on "Uninstall", I get an error message, the heading is that of Installshield wizard. I went into add or remove programs, but it still won't work there either.

    any tips?

  3. OOC: just a smidget of filler, to let you all know that I can type again.

    Dante silently closed the door behind him. setting off in search of the raised voices. Locating the others, he fixed them with his glower.

    "IS everything ok out here?" he questioned in a quiet voice.

  4. As the others chatted animatedly amongst themselves, dante retracted into himself, mulling over the problem that was irking them. Minutes slipped by as he reflected inwardly.

    "And what about Dante?" a distant voice chimed. He was instantly snapped out of his thoughts.

    "What?" he said, sharply. It was Eclair that had spoken.

    "Why do you think your future you decided to come to the past?" she repeated, a light tone to her voice.

    Dante grunted a laugh, and smiled whistfully to himself. "If I was sure that any man had ever returned from this abyss, but as I have heard it, have not. Then I could say without fear of infamy" he saaid in a low voice, smirking. Geni's eyes snapped up.

    [I]I remember that! that's a quote from Keitaro's favorite book...![/I] she thought to him

    Dante's Eyes met hers, as he sent a reply.

    [I]The inferno[/I]

    Eclair and the others all exchanged looks of quizzical puzzlement.

    "Uh, DAnte, what do you mean?" Said eclair in a dubious voice. Laughing aloud, Dante smirked at her and said "It means that I can't say".

    HIs eyes met geni's again before conversation resumed

    OOC: sorry everyone! been having computer troubles!

  5. [QUOTE=SunfallE][COLOR=RoyalBlue]I did a quick look in the knowledge base for Microsoft and the only thing it turned up was that it could be this ?MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION? If it is here?s the link to the article on possible causes and how to fix it. [URL=http://support.microsoft.com/kb/329284/en-us]Article[/URL]

    I?ve actually had this happen before and it turned out that one of my memory chips was faulty and had to be replaced. If you have two chips, try removing one and see if you still get the error, if you do replace it with the other one, if the error goes away then the chip you took out is probably faulty. There are other reasons listed on the page as well. Anyway, good luck. ^_~ [/COLOR][/QUOTE]
    Thanks for the Help SunfallE! ^^

    The error message did run off of the left side of the screen, so there is a distinct possibility that it was MACHINE instead of CHINE.

    I'm a tad clumsy myself, so I'm gonna take it back to the shop to have the tech guys have a shufti at the memory chips and whatnot.

  6. I recently purchased a new PC (Advent T9207 with XP media center), and it keeps returning a BSOD (Blue screen of doom). its the same every time, including the exeption handler; which is one I have never seen before: CHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION.

    So does anyone know a) what this is/means and b) how to fix it?


  7. Hour after hour, through file after file. Constanly streaming through Files, records, databases and subdirectories, his eyes never left the screen. All of them were pretty standard looking files. Continuing on, Keitaro noticed that the occasional file would be in German. "what have we here?" he said to himself, hovvering his cursor over the file. "Ripper program?"

    White noise burst theough Dante's Eardrums, Overcoming his mind in the cacophony of lacerating sounds He sank to his knees.

    [I]"you... Have... stop..... Have...to stop....Stop......Ripper"[/I]The blisteringly loud message, concealed in the white noise, layered with clear urgency sliced into dante's conciousness like a physical blade. Dante Nearly passed out: this had not happened before.

    With a dawning light of sudden comprehension, He figured something out.

    He had to tell geni.

    (OOC: whew. Been a while, so I thought I'd try this. Any one has any problems, let me know and I'll do something aobut it.)-

  8. My avatar is something that came about when I was just beginning with Paint shop pro. I basically thought to myself "Hey, i know. I'll take an image of something, do stuff to it, and see what comes out!" this is the result. Most of the things in my Signature are Snippets of quotes and stuff. so yeah. Nothing really original here either!

  9. [I]Crikey![/I]

    It is indeed a real shame about Steve's semi-untimely death. I saw on the front of a newspaper over here however that steve's "dying wish" was to have his death broadcast on television.is there any truth to this, or is it just poor taste on the part of the newspaper?

  10. [QUOTE=musical_kitten]JunJun: Why is it whenever we fall I'M always on bottom?


    What? You mean this anime fall wasn't good, either?

    T.T I know I suck but someone please do something??? Don't let it die!!![/QUOTE]
    All: Whoah!!! cheesecake!!!!

    *mad scramble towards the cheesecake on a pedestal*

  11. Dante was relieved when geni Finally sat down. He could sense that she was uneasy on her feet.

    [I]"are you OK?"[/I] dante said without speaking, glancing over towards her.

    [I]"I am fine, Dante."[/I] came a quietly silent reply. Dante's brow furrowed slightly.

    [I]"Are you sure? You look a little pale still"[/I] he wondered if the Erronious ear was still upsetting her.

    [I]"Yes dante, I am sure."[/I] she smiled slightly at his concernly furrowed brow. [I]"However, something is bothering me a little."[/I] Dante's brow furrowed further, setting into a slight scowl.

    [I]"What is bothering you?"[/I] He asked silently. a moment, stretching into the bounds of infinity passed before she answered.

    [I]"Did you really converse with Eclair telepathically? Threaten her telepathically?"[/I] dante's brow slackended, and he broke into a smile.

    [I]"That's what concerns you?"[/I] He soundlessly replied, resisting the urge to laugh. [I]"Worry not, I do not have the telepath's gift, and if I did i wouldn't be using it to threaten one of our few team members, would I?"[/I] Genio seemed satisfied with his answer, and the two of them focused on the gathering.

  12. Well I suppose I could count [B]Love Hina[/B] as a 'Guilty pleasures'. Me and my group of associates viewed it (and some still do) as a mindless fanservice series. I was discussing with a friend of mine about how meaning can be found anywhere, even in shows like love hina. He of course Disagreed, and so I Watched the whole thing Once I actually sat down and watched it, focusing on the plot, It wasn't actually that tough to disprove my friend.

  13. Is it me, Or have I been on a roll lately? I've been on the list three or four times in a row now.

    Well I present you with a decidedly sucky caption, but it is the best I can think of ATM.

    tenchi: Noo! Ryoko heelp! I'm being attacked by a tree!

    Sasami\: Tenchi onii-chan!

    Ryo-ohki: Preeeaow!

    Meh. If you've seen the 2-series OVA, you know what I mean.

  14. [QUOTE=Ayi]Well I hope if you don't mind if I choose one, Lord Dante.


    Okay, for anyone who has no idea what anime that's from, it's a pic from Full Metal Panic? FUMOFFU

    Brown haired guy is Sousuke Sagara
    Aqua haired girl is Kaname Chidori
    And the white haired guy whom you can only see the back of his head is Hayashimizu, the Pesident of the school's autonomic student council.

    Good Luck![/QUOTE]
    Of course I don't mind Ayi. I was having trouble finding a picture! :D

    Chidori: So... you're saying that what Sousuke needs to do is just demand his yo-yo back?
    Hayashimizu: of course. we are the student council.

    Chidori: But isn't his teacher, y'know... his teacher?

    Hayashimizu: that is irrelevant. we are the student council.

    Sosuke: I told you the student council was powerful, Chidori.

  15. In my opinion, this couple have no right to demand money back. as petie said before: [QUOTE]Well, Extra Night + No Advance Notice = $0 back in my book.[/QUOTE].

    However, it may be best to return a token amount, and take the moral highground. you know that you were not in the wrong, and I think you should take solace in this. And yeah, I reckon the guy should do his own dishes ;)

  16. Dante stared at the bloody ear lying on the floor. He didn't know why, but it repulsed him. He had seen his share of decapitated body parts in his time, but the sight of a deceased human ear in the otherwise plush drawing room of Geni's townhouse made him feel nausious. His gase rose from the bloody appendage, to meet Eclair's eyes.

    [I]"Why did you and the watchdog hide this letter from us?"[/I] Dante venemously shot into her mind.

    Eclair's eyes widened in shock as she heard Dante's mental Communikay. He shouldn't be able to communicate mentally, He was just a Teleporter. She was just being paranoid, and hearing things.

    [I]"Why did you and the watchdog hide this letter from us?"[/I] dante said without speaking, louder this time, as his eyebrows drew together into his raptor glare.

    She could do nothing but mumble. Twice she was not hearing things. How on earth was he communicating? The others must hear it too, only a telepath can shield a mental communication, she thought as she scanned the eyes of the others. The others betrayed no signs of having heard Dante's malicious question.

    Her eyes widened. Something had happened to Dante.

    OOC: up relatively soon for a change. Any problems let me know and I'll change it to suit.

  17. I think it's that time, ladies and Gentlemen. The time to pick the winner.

    Honourable mention goes to: [B]Orbindo[/B] with:
    [QUOTE]Ryoko- OH YEAH! first place on Pet Stars here we come!

    Ryo-Ohki- mmmreowwwww..... (better get me the 1000 carrots or she'll find herself floating in space next trip[/QUOTE]

    Second place goes to: [B]Ayi[/B] with:
    [QUOTE]Mihoshi: I wonder which one we're going to eat first...[/QUOTE]

    and, Victory is FIGHT for [B]Chibihorsewoman[/B]! with:

    [QUOTE]Ryoko: See I knew I'd catch something if I just switched bait

    Sasami: Poor Ryo-oki

    Mihoshi: Ooh me next!

    Ryo-oki: Meow![/QUOTE]

    there you go. another round gone.

    Tally ho, chibihorsewoman!

  18. Had this game for a few days now. It's alright, and certainly good for a laugh. However It does feel rather unfinished. A japanese audio track, more characters and an overhaul of the jutsu system are needed I think. Ah well, I guess that's what 2 and 3 will be for.

  19. As Dante gracefully twirled Geni across the floor in an ancient waltz, He noticed that Geni was trembling slightly.

    [I]"Geni? what is it? what's wrong?"[/I] Dante said without speaking.

    [I]"It's nothing Dante. I... I.. I just...."[/I] She waverd in speech without speaking.

    [I]"Don't say it!"[/I] Dante yelled silently.

    [I]" Dante? wha..."[/I] Dante cut across her.

    [I]"Don't say it![/I] He reiterated, Glaring at Geni's wavering eyes [I]"I know what you're thinking. I know how you're feeling. Just forget about it, let go of fear and speculation. What-if's but-for's and might-have-been's have been the defeat of many a finer warrior than me, I can tell you. Just let it all go and Enjoy yourself. Loose yourself in the music,"[/I]

    Dante and Geni talked no more, as they continued in the ancient and gracefull waltz.

    OOC: wow. short and over two weeks late, and not my best work. still I got something up. ^^;;
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