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Thanks, Shinmaru!

So, if Sonic Team released a sequel to this great game, what characters would you include and what characters would you remove? Sensible answers please. For example, don't say that you don't want Amy in there just because she's annoying.

I'll start things rolling.
All of the old characters from Sonic Battle (but maybe make Chaos 0 a little less powerful and a little faster, as his slowness made him fairly boring to play as).
[I]Mecha Sonic (Sonic CD Form)[/I] - Who hasn't wanted to play as Sonic's coolest rival? Although, it would be stupid if he was basically a clone of Sonic.
[I]Espio the Chameleon[/I] - His ability to become invisible would be a godsend, and his ninja moves added from Sonic Heroes would make him a force to be recond with.
[I]Super Sonic & Super Shadow[/I] - These two would only work in a Story Mode environment, as they would be to dominating in other instances. How awesome would a battle be with both Super Sonic and Super Shadow against a tank of a final boss? Pure Heaven. :D
[I]Emerl[/I] - One of the best inclusions of Sonic Battle. Being able to raise up this little robot in nearly every way you want added a lot of replayability to the game, and it'd be sad to see this missing in the sequel.
[SPOILER]Storywise, he is supposed to be destroyed, but Shadow came back from what many assumed was death (Sonic Adventure 2), so you never know...[/SPOILER]

And that's my two cents. What does everyone else think?
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