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    V.I.O.L.E.N.C.E. WARNING- This rp is open to graphic violence, intense language and sexual situations. â? Only one man has ever escaped from Hell. His name was Frederick Castle, and he was a serial killer. He earned his infamy by slaughtering each and every person in a small midwestern American town and writing his name across their foreheads in blood. He traveled across America, leaving a trail of carnage in his wake. After the fifth city, the country went into a state of panic, and a bounty was placed on Castleâ??s head. Castle, however, was a ghost, and despite years of hunting, law enforcers were unable to apprehend him, and his murderous reign continued. The death toll rose unimpeded; until one day, 15 years after the first incident, when Frederick Castle walked into a police station in Washington D.C., laughed once, and then slit his own throat. The last drop of blood had hardly drained from his body when cold, demonic claws grabbed his soul and dragged him into the underworld. His soul was not judged or weighed--he was condemned to an eternity of torture as a drone, the lowest level of hellish denizen. But he did what no man had done before him. He refused his sentence, and, having meticulously remembered the route from the mortal realm to the afterlife, returned to his body. The combination of a dead soul encompassing a dead body opened a portal between the two realms and unleashed hordes of demons onto the Earth. However, this story is not about the undead dimensional gate known as Frederick Castle. No amount of technology or weaponry prepared humanity for the appearance of demons. Because the demons existed in forms highly reminiscent of creatures from folklore and myth, many people let their guard down around them. This mistake cost thousands of lives; the demons had roasted in the fires of damnation, many of them for eternities, and no longer possessed any sense of morality or mercy. They were chaos incarnate, acting purely on their desires. Governments around the world floundered in an attempt to mitigate the situation and crumbled under their own ineptitude. Only one man, a Spanish general, by the name of Horacio Vela, had the foresight, the temperament and the moral ambiguity to take control of the situation. He gathered together a massive army and threw waves of humans at the demons. Whilst his soldiers kept the monstrous hordes at bay, he entreated all of the worldâ??s renowned scientists to gather together in Britain to discover a means to defeat their enemies. Once they were, Vela had all of the fuel he needed to defeat the threat-- as he was effectively the only person with an army, and everyone capable of actually creating a defense system against the demons, the leaders of every nation had no choice to but to pledge their resources and allegiance to him. Overnight, Horacio Vela went from a skilled general to the leader of the United World Government. He imposed a series of strict, harsh rules, stripping people worldwide of their civil liberties but ensuring their survival. And somehow, despite coming to power more than 200 years ago, Vela looks younger now than when he took office. However, this story is not about the well-meaning world dictator known as Horacio Vela. Despite Velaâ??s severe governing and a new technology created by the scientists which erected an impermeable barrier around all major cities, many people still felt the wrath of the demons in their everyday lives. Smaller towns deemed unworthy of the expensive new form of protection were left to deal with the problem on their own. This violent relationship bred two developments. The first was a mass thinning of the population and of natural resources. The second, and more important development for the sake of this story, was a sharp increase in pregnancies among townspeople--demonic pregnancies. A year after the demons arrived, 300,000 of we half-demons were born. Mostly human, they nonetheless possessed demonic properties and abilities, as well as a predilection towards violence. Of the 300,000 born, only 270 were not immediately killed by their doctor or parents. Of those 270, only 90 demonspawn worldwide lived until adulthood. A law was passed demanding that all parents immediately murder any child suspected of being a demonspawn, though we have managed to save many. We 90 were despised and struggled every day to survive in the border between both worlds; demons viewed us as tasty humans, and humans viewed us as villainous demons. This story is about us. We crawled through the mud and spilled blood, through the shit and corpses, but eventually we found one another, and therein we found our power. Not telepathy or super strength or anything of that sort-- we had already developed those kinds of abilities in our adolescence. No, we found the power to lash out at the two worlds that had forsaken us, demon and human alike. We live in a world tempered by violence, so we became V.I.O.L.E.N.C.E., a so-called â??terroristâ? organization. Sometimes we protect humans. Sometimes we murder them. Sometimes we slaughter demons. Sometimes we sick them on government officials. We always save newborn half-demons. We do what we want, when we want. And thatâ??s all we can do on this god-forsaken Earth.   â? â? â?   Welcome one and all to V.I.O.L.E.N.C.E. an open world rp examining the lives of people born into a broken world. We stand little hope of banishing demons from the Earth, though some of us have ventured out into the world to find Frederick Castle, with the hope that his redeadening will close the portal between realms. We are at a loss against the might and military savvy of Horacio Vela, but many of us have and will fight to the death to depose him. No, for most of us, every day is just about living, about surviving, about venting our frustrations on anything and anyone. This story will be about your personal life, as you struggle through a decaying world that hates and despises you. You are free to do whatever youâ??d like, whenever youâ??d like. Feel free to interact with other players or travel solo and see the world, or maybe even the Underworld! You could even create multiple characters, if youâ??d like, and have one stay with the others and the other venture out alone--just be sure to keep your posts between the characters clearly distinguished. Donâ??t feel as if you need to play as a half-demon, though. Humans do overwhelmingly outnumber half-demons, so if you are interested in playing a human who hunts demons (or maybe half-demons!), or an average person dealing with the trouble of constant demon attacks, or even one of the people who lives in a protected city, go right on ahead! Now onto the sign-up!: Name: Age: Half-demons age at a drastically reduced pace, so even characters in their hundreds often look like theyâ??re in their 20s or 30s. No half demon is older than 240 Gender: Being half demons, itâ??s entirely possible you donâ??t have a gender Appearance: Every half-demon has a noticeable physical manifestation of their demonic lineage. For some, it is understated, like a pair of horns or a forked tongue, but for others it can be drastic, like possessing wings or being a horse from the midsection down. Personality: Living in a world as downtrodden, oppressed and carnal as ours is bound to have some negative repercussions on your psyche. Some half-demons, however, revel in the vile and unpleasant, as they are more in tune with their demon half. Species: This will be half-â?somethingâ? for everyone. Species Description: While many demons are simply denizens of hell, some demon races are actually the cursed forms of human souls; for instance, people who indulged in sexual activity for selfish and cruel reasons became succubi or incubi in the afterlife. Along with that information, list noteworthy characteristics and abilities of the species here as well. Abilities: Did you develop the ability to create poison from your Naga â??fatherâ?? Or perhaps impenetrable stony skin from your Golem parent? All manner of abilities manifest in demonspawn, so be creative! For human characters, list any skills you possess that help you to survive in your harsh environment. Supplies: What kind of weapons and other useful items do you lug around with you? This story does take place a decent amount of time in the future (2254 CE) so technology has advanced a bit. Once again, be creative. The only thing ubiquitous to all members of V.I.O.L.E.N.C.E. is an enchanted amulet which allows you to teleport back to V.I.O.L.E.N.C.E.â??s base, call for assistance from an ally, or teleport to assist another ally. Background: Doesnâ??t need to be too long, just a compilation of the formative events in yours life. â? â? â? â? â?   If you have any questions at all, do no hesitate to send me a pm or to post your questions in the backstage thread. I'll post my sign up after a few people have posted theirs.
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