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    RPG Yu-Gi-Oh: Forgotten Past [PG]

    OOC: Hey all, sorry about the delay between posts. I've been kinda busy. But anyways, here ya go! Careful, it's a long one. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [COLOR=Navy]I'll admit, I didn't expect that little move apprentice. But don't think this is over, you haven't won yet. And I still have a trick or two up my sleeve![/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]There you go underestimating me again, well we'll just have to see how good you realy are. And you'll have to be good to pull yourself outa this one. I flip my face down monster to reveal luster dragon! Which I will use to attack your life points directly, bringing you down to 2100. But that's not all! I then play hayabusa knight who's attack is 1000.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]Such a pathetic card, why would you even have that in your deck?[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]He may not be strong but with his special ability I can attack twice this round. Which brings you to 100 life points.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]You wretched little twerp! You're going to pay for that![/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Whatever you say. I place one card face down, and end my turn.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]I will now use another monster reborn to bring back my dark magician who I then equip with megamorph, doubling his attack strength. Bringing him to 5000 attack points! and the beuty is that since you brought my life points down to 100 theres no way that you can reverse the effect![/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Maybe, but at the same time you just insured that you can't increase your life points either.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]It doesn't matter I don't need them, my dark magician is invincible![/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]You should know better than to rely on one single card. Especialy after what I did to you just a minute ago. Now finnish your turn.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]Very well, since I can't attack this turn, I will place two cards face down, and end my turn.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]I will sacrifice my two cards to bring out my Red Eyes Black Dragon! Then I will place two cards face down.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]Ha! You call that a strategy? Your pathetic little red eyes is nothing compared to my magician![/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Power isn't everything you know. I flip one of my face down cards to reveal awords of revealing light! I end my turn.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]Just delaying the inevitable, how sad. Fine, since I can't attack for the next three turns I'll just draw and end my turn.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]I'll place one card face down, and end my turn.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]You only get three turns to survive, and you're going to waste them? Well it looks like I realy was right. You are just delaying the inevitable, and you know it.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Just move.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]Alright, I'll play this card which lets me see one of your face down cards. And if it's a trap then it is destroyed. Gee which one should I chose? I'll pick the one you just placed.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Very well then. You've destroyed my magic cylinders.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]That was your master plan? Sending my own attack back at me? Realy apprentice, I'm disapointed in you.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]To tell the truth I never realy expected that to work. But hey, no harm in trying.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]You won't be so cocky when I relieve you of your soul. Make your move.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Alright, I place monster face down. Then I play card destruction. We now throw out our entire hands and replace them with the same amount from our decks. I then flip my face down monster revealing magician of faith. I then use her ability to bring back one magic card from my grave yard to my hand. I chose card destruction, which I then use once again.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]And what exactly was that supposed to accomplish?[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]You'll just have to wait and see.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]I think you're just being desperate. You know you can't win, so you're foolishly searching for something that can save you. Pathetic.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]If you say so. I then play poison of the old man, increasing my life points to 5200. Your move.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]Well, since I can destroy you on my next turn, I'll just be nice. I end my turn. You should savor your last moments.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Oh will you just shut up already, that's getting realy anoying.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]Careful you might make a mistake.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Not likely. I'll bring out my Luster dragon, which I then sacrifice along with my magician of faith to bring out my red eyes black dragon![/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]Two red eyes black dragons? I was unaware you posessed a second. Not that it realy matters, even if you mannaged to combine both of their attacks into one it wouldn't be enough to destroy my dark magician![/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]I'm not done yet, you arrogant fool. I then play Monster reborn![/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]Oh what pathetic creature are you planning to summon out of your graveyard now?[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Who said anything about my graveyard? I use it to bring red eyes black dragon from your graveyard![/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]What? How could you have possibly drawn that from my graveyard? I never used it... Unless... You planned this! That's why you used card destruction twice in a row![/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Yeah, I'll admit, it was quite a risk. But it paid off in the end.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]But how could you have known that I woud have a red eyes in my deck?[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]You said it yourself. You have an exact replica of Jon's deck. I know his deck inside and out. What kind of friend, or duelist for that matter, would I be if I didn't know that. I've known him for years![/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]Well, I'll admit that was a surprising tactic. But it doesn't matter. You still don't have the power to destroy my magician. You may have caught me by surprise, but you won't beat me.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]It's your turn.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]Well it seems you've finaly accepted your fate. That's good since you can't do anything about it. Now my dark magician! Attack his red eyes![/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Not so fast! I activate my wall of revealing light![/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]What?! What does that do?[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]By paying lifepoints in intervals of 1000 I can stop any monster that has an attack less than or equal to that number from attacking. And I'll pay 5000 life points, the exact number of attack points of your dark magician![/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]No! I can't believe you stopped my magician's attack![/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Too bad for you. If only you'd had even 1 more attack point, I'd be in trouble.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]It doesn't matter, I have plenty of cards in my deck to get rid of that wretched card.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Yeah, but are any of them in your hand?[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]Ugh! Fine I'll end my turn! But it doesn't matter anyways, none of your monster's are strong enough to get past mu magician. And as long as he's on the field, my life points are safe![/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Sorry to burst your bubble, but these three dragons are all I need to finnish you off. Heh. You know, I've always liked dragons. That's why I based my deck on them. And I guess it was fate that my yami turned out to be a dragon too. And it looks like these little guys are gonna save my butt again.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]Can the speach, you can't do anything with those worthless creatures.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]That's where you're wrong. Now I'll play this card![/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]What's that?![/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]It's called Delta Attacker. When I have three monsters of the same name on my side of the field at the same time, I can activate this card to attack your life points directly with all three![/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]No! No, you can't![/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Yes I can. Go Red eyes! Finnish him off![/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]Noooooooo![/COLOR] And enourmous blast of energy scorched the entire room as the combined attacks of the three red eyes struck Lance directly. The eruption filled the room with a brilliant light and an earth-shattering explosion. As the dust finnaly settled, the room returned to the way it was. Leaving the two alone in the warehouse once again. [COLOR=Red]And that's the duel. You lose, by over 7100 life points![/COLOR]
  2. Darkblaze

    RPG Yu-Gi-Oh: Forgotten Past [PG]

    [COLOR=Navy]Shall we begin?[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Yeah, hurry up. Feels like we've been standing here for weeks![/COLOR] :smirk: [COLOR=Navy]Right then. Let the shadow duel begin![/COLOR] In a wave of fog, the entire room was engulfed by darkness. [COLOR=Red]Ugh. Why does it always have to be a shadow duel? Can't we just sit at a table or something?[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]Silence! And let your destruction comence. I will go first. I place one card face down in defense mode and place one card face down. And I will end my turn.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Alright, I'll also place one card face down in defense mode, and another card face down, and end my turn.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]Predictable. I place one more card face down and activate drag down to the grave. Now each of us picks one of our opponents cards to send to the graveyard.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]There's something wrong here... [/COLOR] Chris thought to himself. [COLOR=Red]Something about this seems farmiliar...[/COLOR] Chris revealed his hand to Lane. "[COLOR=Navy]Alright I'll just dispose of your wretched magical Cylinders. Wouldn't want to have my own monster strike back at me now would I? Now you chose![/COLOR]" Lane raised his hand to Chris revealing... "[COLOR=Red]Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl?[/COLOR]" [COLOR=DarkGreen]Chris! I know this technique![/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]I know, this is one of jon's.[/COLOR] [COLOR=DarkGreen]Then, that means that face down card must be monter reborn![/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Right. And if that's true I know just which card to discard.[/COLOR] Chris looked directly at Lane. [COLOR=Red]I choose your Dark Magician Girl![/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]Very well.[/COLOR] [COLOR=DarkGreen]Chris! What are you doing!? You know what he's going to do![/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Just trust me... [/COLOR] Chris said with a smirk. [COLOR=Navy]Thank you for the help. For it was through your own ignorance that you have caused your own downfall. I now bring back my Dark Magician Girl by using monster reborn! Lane smirked. But wait, there's more! I flip my face down monster to reveal double costin! And I will use its special ability to sacrifice it to bring out my Dark Magician! Now do you see?! Your fate is now sealed! You will be anihalated by my two magicians![/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Are you done yet?[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]You fool! You dare mock me? Are you so blind as to see your own doom before you? Fine I'll end my turn.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Alright, now I'll play my dark hole. Destroying all monsters on the field.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]What?! No! You can't![/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]You moron do you realy think I'm so pathetic that I could be defeated by someone using my own friends techniques?[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]So that's it? I guess my little trick had been revealed. For you see, this deck is an exact replica of Jon's deck! Except for that wreched god card of his.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Well excuse me if I'm not impressed. You may have his deck, but I'm sure your skills are far from equal.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]We'll just see apprentice! Now make your move![/COLOR]
  3. Darkblaze

    RPG Yu-Gi-Oh: Forgotten Past [PG]

    OOC: sory I haven't posted lately. Been realy busy.And forgive my spelling I'm writing this at two in the morning :p ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Chris yawned rubbing his eyes. [COLOR=Red]Man, what a night. That was nuts, I can't believe how close Jon came to dying. And that he was willing to sacrifice himself just to save me... Typical of him. Just trying to out do me again. Hehe.[/COLOR] Chris smiled as he wandered into the kitchen. [COLOR=Red]I wonder what Jon's up to anyway?[/COLOR] Just then the phone rang. [COLOR=Red]Speak of the devil. [/COLOR] Chris said as he reached for the phone. [COLOR=Red]Hello?[/COLOR] [COLOR=DimGray]Chris![/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Jon?[/COLOR] [COLOR=DimGray]Chris, I need your help! You gotta-[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Jon! You're breaking up![/COLOR] [COLOR=DimGray]-old abandoned building-[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Where?! Where are you![/COLOR] [COLOR=DimGray]Docks. Get here- uick! Help![/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Jon? Jon! [/COLOR] Chris yelled into the phone. Nothing. The line was dead. [COLOR=Red]Old abandoned building by the docks, eh? What would Jon be doing in a place like that? Something doesn't feel right here... Doesn't matter, Jon needs my help. And I guess now is a good enough time to repay the favor![/COLOR] -------------------------------------------------------------------- Half an hour later Chris had mannaged to find his way to the docks. There wasn't much going on around here. But one building stood out from the rest. It was old, delapodated, broken windows. If any building was abandoned, this was it. Chris made his way to the door. Slowly he pushed it open. The door hinges made an earpiercing scheach. There was no movement inside. [COLOR=Red]Jon? [/COLOR] Chris called into the darkness. [COLOR=Red]Jon, are you in here?[/COLOR] Chris stepped into the doorway. This place was super creepy, Chris thought. What was Jon doing here? Chris walked farther into the room. [COLOR=Red]Jon?[/COLOR] He called again. [COLOR=Red]Man this is weir [/COLOR] [COLOR=Orange]*Clack!*[/COLOR] Something hit Chris hard to the back of the head and he crashed to the floor. His last image was a fuzzy dark outline of a figure in the doorway. -------------------------------------------------------------------- [COLOR=Red]Ugh... [/COLOR] Chris moaned as he started to regain conciousness. [COLOR=Red]What hit me?[/COLOR] Chris thought as he felt the pounding pain in the back of his head. He reached to feel the bump when he heard the clattering of chains. [COLOR=Red]What the?! [/COLOR] He had shackles on his wrists and ankles. He was chained to the wall. [COLOR=Navy]Actualy it was a wooden pole that I found lying around.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]What?[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]That's what hit you, a little cowardly I'll admit. But better safe than sorry.[/COLOR] The voice's figure came into view. [COLOR=Red]Wha.. who are you? Why did you do that to me? Where's Jon?![/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]Oh, so many questions. Well first off, my name is Lane. And as for Jon, he's probably still at home right about now.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Home? But Jon...[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]Sent you a call? I'm afraid that was me. Sorry about that, but I needed to lure you here. And what better way than to pray off of your pathetic devotion to your friends. So predictable.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]What do you want with me?[/COLOR] Chris snarled. [COLOR=Navy]You? Nothing realy. You're nothing more than bait.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Bait? For who?[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]Why your friend Jon of course.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]So you brought me here so you could ambush Jon?[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]No no. For you see, you are mearly a distraction.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Distraction? What do you mean?[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]You are mearly here to draw Jon's attention away from our little attack.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Attack!? On who[/COLOR]? [COLOR=Navy]Why, Jon's apprentice ofcourse.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Apprentice? But I'm his apprentice![/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]Not you, the guardian's original apprentice, Konner.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Konner?[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]Yes, he was much more skilled of an apprentice than you. Though admitedly, he did have more time and experience. None the less, he is why you're here.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]So you brought me here so you could distract Jon so you could kidnap Konner? Kind of elaborate don't you think?[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]Perhapse, but it will work.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Well it is clever. But you just made one mistake.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]And what's that?[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]You picked the wrong person to use for bait! [/COLOR] Chris said with a smirk on his face. [COLOR=Navy]Ha! And what do you plan to do. Have you forgotten that you're shackled. Those chains are solid iron, no human could break them.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Exactly![/COLOR] Chris brased himself. [COLOR=Red]RHAAAA[/COLOR][COLOR=Green]AAAAAH!!![/COLOR] With a brilliant flash of light Neos tore at the chains, shattering them to pieces. [COLOR=Navy]No! That's impossible! How did you...[/COLOR] [COLOR=Green]You broke the first rule of combat Lane, know you're opponent.[/COLOR] Neos said as he slowly walked toward his former capter, chains still dangling from his wrists. [COLOR=Navy]No, stay back![/COLOR] Lane pleaded as he backed himself into the wall. [COLOR=Green]Now tell me where Konner is![/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]You'll never be able to save him, he will be sacrificed...[/COLOR] [COLOR=Green]Yeah yeah the leviathan thing again. It gets old, now tell me where he is![/COLOR] Neos said raising his claws high into the air. [COLOR=Navy]You wouldn't! I know you, you value human life too much to kill me in cold blood.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Green]Maybe, but maybe I'll just torcher you until you talk![/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Stop it Neos, you're going to far![/COLOR] [COLOR=Green]Relax Chris, I'm bluffing.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]If you kill me Konner is as good as dead![/COLOR] Neos flinched. [COLOR=Navy]You know... [/COLOR] Lane said with a smirk on his face.[COLOR=Navy] I hear you're rather fond of duel monsters.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Green]What of it?[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]Tell you what, let's have a duel. If you win, I'll tell you everything you want to know.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Green]And if I lose?[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]Well, you'll be offered to the great leviathan. But what does the great apprentice of the guardian have to worry about? Besides, if you don't save Konner, you and the rest of the Human race are as good as dead anyway.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Green]Very well.[/COLOR] Neos said, dropping Lane to the ground. [COLOR=Green]You have yourself a duel.[/COLOR]
  4. Darkblaze

    RPG Yu-Gi-Oh: Forgotten Past [PG]

    There was an enormous burst of energy as the two mighty egyptian god cards began to form into existence. Electricity filled the air, making Jon and Rikku's hair stand on end [COLOR=Navy]Well I'll admit, that was some impressive strategizing. But I'm sorry my friend, your monster is only at 5900 attack points. And since you can't attack this turn, I'll be able to draw a sixth card giving slyfer a total of 6000 atack points![/COLOR] [COLOR=DimGray]There's more to dueling than power Jon, you should know that.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]This comming from a power hugry maniac? You're not one to talk! Now hurry and end your turn![/COLOR] [COLOR=DimGray]Fine, I place one card face down and end my turn.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]Ha, you're finnished Jaq! Now I draw a card, increasing my dragon to 6000. Now atta...[/COLOR] [COLOR=DimGray]Hold it! You've activated my trap, "Power Anihalation!"[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]What the? I've never seen that card before?![/COLOR] [COLOR=DimGray]You can thank Kaiba for this card too. It seems that pathetic excuse for a duelist decided he needed even more cards to help him annihalate Yugi.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]So what does this new card do anyways?[/COLOR] [COLOR=DimGray]This card is activated whenever you increase the strength of your monster. Which you did when you drew that card. And now you must discard all but two of the cards in your hand.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]What?! No![/COLOR] [COLOR=Magenta]Jon![/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]But with my attack that low there's no way of protecting myself! ...ugh, I turn my dragon into defense mode...[/COLOR] [COLOR=DimGray]Hahaha! The mighty jon, forced to hide behind his monsters. Well I'll make this quick. Ra, destroy Slifer![/COLOR] With an earsplitting screach and a blinding bast of energy, slifer was desroyed. [COLOR=DimGray]Hahaha! Now draw your last card so I can finnish you off.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]It all depends on this draw...[/COLOR] Jon thought to himself as he closed his eyes and reached to his deck. Slowly he slid the card, and drew it into his hand. Nothing! It was nothing but a dark pendant. This was bad, Jon had no monsters and no trap cards. [COLOR=Navy]No! I have nothing... I...I...end my turn... [/COLOR] Jon said closing his eyes. [COLOR=Magenta]Jon! No! You...you can't! Stop this![/COLOR] [COLOR=DimGray]Fare well guardian! Give my regards to the shadows! Ra! At...[/COLOR] Jon waited for the inevitable, but there was just silense. He looked up to see Jaq wasn't moving. He had stopped with his hand in mis swing... [COLOR=Magenta]Jon... wha...what's going on?[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]I don't know Rikku...[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]You didn't realy think I'd leave you hangin did ya?[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]Chris?[/COLOR] [COLOR=DimGray]No, stop! This body belongs to me now! Obey me![/COLOR] [COLOR=Green]This body's allready crowded, I think you're just pushing it.[/COLOR] [COLOR=DimGray]No, obey me![/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]It's two against one. You lose![/COLOR] [COLOR=DimGray]No! Nooooo![/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]R[/COLOR][COLOR=Green]r[/COLOR][COLOR=Red]r[/COLOR][COLOR=Green]r[/COLOR][COLOR=Red]r[/COLOR][COLOR=Green]r[/COLOR][COLOR=Red]y[/COLOR][COLOR=Green]a[/COLOR][COLOR=Red]a[/COLOR][COLOR=Green]a[/COLOR][COLOR=Red]a[/COLOR][COLOR=Green]a[/COLOR][COLOR=Red]a[/COLOR][COLOR=Green]h[/COLOR][COLOR=Red]![/COLOR] Chris and Neos both yelled as they expelled a blast of elergy, creating a blinding light. [COLOR=DimGray]You'll pay for this! I swear it, I'll be back![/COLOR] Jaq yelled as the light dissapated. [COLOR=Green]I don't think so.[/COLOR] Neos said as he grabbed at the tail of the floating spirit. [COLOR=Magenta]Is... is that Jaq's spirit?[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Yes, now lets get rid of him.[/COLOR] Chris said from behind Jon. [COLOR=Navy]Ahhhh![/COLOR] Jon yelled. [COLOR=Navy]Wha... What the heck's goin on? Ho...how are yo...[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]How am I here and Neos there? You shoud know better Jon, the normal laws don't apply in the shadow realm. Now let's get him![/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]Right! [/COLOR] Jon agreed as the two raised their millenium items. [COLOR=Navy]Jaq! You're finnished![/COLOR] Jon yelled. The two released blasts of energy from their items, throwing Jaq far into the shadow realm, where he would stay. The shadows slowly dissapeared leaving Jon, Rikku, and the re-united Chris/Neos in the dark room.
  5. Darkblaze

    RPG Yu-Gi-Oh: Forgotten Past [PG]

    Chris burst through the door at full speed. He had to free Neos and stop jaq. There was no way he was going to let anyone hurt his friends. But even he wasn't prepared for what he saw as he entered the next room. The room looked as if it had been drawn by some demented artist. There were doors and starways everywhere. But they didn't seem to be bound by normal physics. Stairs were upside down, doors were on the ceiling and floor. [COLOR=Red]This is nuts. Where the heck am I supposed to go? Ugh, I don't have time for this![/COLOR] Chris yelled as he stared at this bizarre room. [COLOR=Red]No time to waste! I'll just have to rely on my luck.[/COLOR] Chris tore off to the nearest starecase at full speed. He entered the first door still climbing flights of stairs. When he finaly emerged everything seemed different. He looked up and realized he was looking at the floor. Or was it realy the floor? Who knew in this crazy place. [COLOR=Red]Darn it! This must be one of Jaq's tricks! He's just trying to delay me![/COLOR] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After another ten minutes of running and a dozen more tries, it seemed hopeless. [COLOR=Red]I can't believe I can't find the right door. After all this is all going on inside my own head... Wait a minute! This is all in my head! That's it! If this is just a physical manifestation of jaq's thoughts, then there's no reason I shouldn't be able to do the same![/COLOR] Chris quickly ran into the middle of the room. He stood for a second, taking a breath to focus his thoughts. At the top of his lungs he yelled, [COLOR=Red]This is my mind! And as your master I command you to show me the door! Do it now![/COLOR] He stood expecting one of the doors to light up or something like that. But as he looked around, nothing was happeneing. [COLOR=Red]Shoot... I guess it didn't wor...[/COLOR] He was cut off as the floor started to move. [COLOR=Red]What the?![/COLOR] Chris looked around as the entire room seemed to be rearanging itself. Bang! Crunch! Crash! The room eccoed as its walls slid against each other. After a minute, the room had become a perfect cube with only one door before Chris. [COLOR=Red]Well...That was certainly interesting...[/COLOR] He said, staring in amazement. But then it hit him, his mission. [COLOR=Red]Well I take it that this is the door.[/COLOR] Chris ran through the door and into the next room. This new room was hot, very hot. The walls were bright red. [COLOR=Red]Huh..[/COLOR] Chris said as he reached to touch one. [COLOR=Red]OW![/COLOR] He yelled pulling his hand away from the wall. It had scalded his hand. [COLOR=Red]Well, I don't think I'll do that again.[/COLOR] Chris looked around for a minute. This room seemed to actualy be a cooridor leading to a larger room. He began to run towards the opening when he was stopped in his tracks by a blood curtling screach. It was horrific, he had to cover his ears. [COLOR=Red]Ahhhh! What is that noise?![/COLOR] Just then, as if answering his call, a large beast entered the cooridor, blocking Chris' progress. It was a large snake-like creature, but it had wings. [COLOR=Red]What the?! [/COLOR] Chris yelled, as he jumped back. The creature started to fly towards Chris very slowly. There was something farmiliar about this creature. [COLOR=DarkOrange]Screeeee! [/COLOR] It yelled. Chris backed up more... Tssss! [COLOR=Red]Ahhhh! [/COLOR] He yelled as he brushed up against the scorching wall. The beast flew closer, and finaly came into view. It was a Kaiser dragon! Chris' favorite dragon card. I may not have been his strongest, but it was one of his first. And it had gotten him through many a duel. [COLOR=Red]Kaiser Dragon?![/COLOR] Chris yelled in amazement.[COLOR=Red] Is...is this real? No, it's in my mind. But in here that thing could realy fry me.[/COLOR] The dragon grew ever closer. [COLOR=Red]Kaiser dragon, don't you recognize me? It's me Chris, I'm your friend![/COLOR] The dragon seemed to stop to think for a moment. It landed and didn't move. It stood motionless for a minute, long enough to make Chris wonder what was going on. [COLOR=Red]Maybe I should run... [/COLOR] Chris thought. But just then the dragon moved aside, creating a path for Chris to walk past. Chris moved forward slowly, and hesitantly, untill he was sure that it meant him no harm. But the beast didn't move. [COLOR=Red]Thank you[/COLOR]. Chris said as he ran past and into the larger section of the room. It was realy hot in here, and for good reason. Chris slowly made his way into the room, it was enormous. Looking down he could see he was trapped on a ledge, and below this ledge was a lake of lava. [COLOR=Red]Just my luck... [/COLOR] He thought as he looked around. There! At the far end of the room was another ledge, there was something there! Could it be Neos? He couldn't be sure. [COLOR=Red]Now how in the world am I supposed to get over there?[/COLOR] Just then he saw a shadow looking over him. He quickly turned to see the kaiser dragon. He could tell it didn't mean any harm. [COLOR=Red]Hey there.[/COLOR] Chris greeted. [COLOR=Red]What are you doing followin me?[/COLOR] The creature seemed to understand and nodded its head in the direction of the other ledge. [COLOR=Red]You want to help me?[/COLOR] The dragon nodded, and crouched down to let Chris on its back. [COLOR=Red]This is gonna be weird.[/COLOR] As soon as Chris was on, the dragon took off. Soaring high above the lava. [COLOR=Red]I hope I made the right decision... [/COLOR] Chris thought. [COLOR=Red]If I fall here, I'm done for.[/COLOR] But as the creature drew closer to the other ledge, it was obvious it wanted nothing more than to help. Chris looked at the ledge as it came closer. Neos! Chris could see him. He was lying on some sort of stone slab. And bars of electricity surrounded him. As they reached the ledge Chris hopped off the beast's back. The dragon leaned down letting Chris pat its head. [COLOR=Red]Thank you my friend.[/COLOR] And with that the dragon flew away, leaving Chris on the ledge alone. Chris turned his attention back to the unconcious Neos. [COLOR=Red]Well let's see it I can figure this one out...[/COLOR]
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    RPG Yu-Gi-Oh: Forgotten Past [PG]

    OOC: I'm realy sorry, like Jon said, my computer's hard drive crashed. It took me a little bit to catch up on the reading, but I'm back. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Where am I?[/COLOR] Chris said as he woke up in a daze. [COLOR=RoyalBlue]What... what is this place?[/COLOR] As he looked around he seemed to be floating in an endless void. It looked much like when he had first met Neos. Could that be it? Was he once again in the spirit realm? No... no, this was different. It felt... empty. Evil. [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Hello?[/COLOR] Chris called into the darkness, expecting to hear his Yami's voice. Nothing. [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Hello? Neos?[/COLOR] He called again. And again nothing. [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Well, it looks like I'm alone... But how did I get here? All I remember is... Teristen, that jerk! I remember he came after me with that bat! [/COLOR] Chris yelled in a rage. [COLOR=RoyalBlue]But why? [COLOR=Black]He pondered.[/COLOR] No, there was something different about him... I could feel it. But, I have no idea what it was. I realy don't know Tristen that well... But he is one of Jon's friends, and I trust Jon's judgement, so he would never have had a friend like that. So... what could have been wrong with him?[/COLOR] [COLOR=Green]C..Chr..is.sss...[/COLOR] A crackling voice eccoed through the shadows. [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Who's there![/COLOR] Chris yelled looking for the voice. A sudden light began to illuminate behind him. Chris turned as a dim image of Neos grew aparent. But it was strange, like it was a picture on an old telivision with bad reception. [COLOR=Green]Ch..is... can..you hear me?[/COLOR] Neos questioned [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Neos! Yes, yes I can hear you! What's going on?![/COLOR] [COLOR=Green]No..t... much tiime...explain...[/COLOR] Replied the dragon. [COLOR=Green]Your...body...is being..con..trolled. ..evil entity named Jaq. [/COLOR] [COLOR=RoyalBlue]What do we do?[/COLOR] Suddenly in a flash of light a door apeared before Chris. [COLOR=Green]Throu.gh...door... find me...and we ca..n...stop him together...[/COLOR] [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Alright I understand![/COLOR] Chris replied. [COLOR=Green]Chri..s... Hurry! ...Jon.. is in da...nger![/COLOR] [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Jon!?[/COLOR] Chris said with a shock. [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Alright now I'm mad! [/COLOR] He yelled. [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Nobody hurts my friends! Don't worry I'm not going to let you guys down! Watch out Jaq, because you're about to unleash the fury of the dragon![/COLOR]
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    RPG Yu-Gi-Oh: Forgotten Past [PG]

    Jon quickly left the hospital, leaving Tristen and Rikku in the safest place possible. Because if Chris had been taken over, he didn't want her anywhere near him. And if it was still in control of Tristen, chances are he couldn't get past an entire building of people to get to Rikku. As he neared the house it began to rain. [COLOR=Red]That figures...[/COLOR] ,Jon said with anoyance. He rushed into the house just as it began to pour. The room was dark, he rooted around the wall for a light switch. He finaly found it, and clicked it on. [COLOR=DarkOrange]BZZZZZT![/COLOR] the socket zapped and popped. A bolt of lightning lit the room as if on cue. [COLOR=Red]Oh that's just great, as if this place wasn't creepy enough already[/COLOR] , he complained stepping further into the room. "Kachink" a sound rung out from beneath his feet. [COLOR=Red]What the?[/COLOR] The lightning flashed through the window again, revealing the broken glass that Jon was standing on. [COLOR=Red]I don't like the looks of this[/COLOR] , he said as he slowly made his way into the next room. He tried the lightswitch, again no light. [COLOR=Red]Man, I hope lightning just hit the power lines or something...[/COLOR] Jon cautiously made his way to the sairs. [COLOR=Red]Chris are you up there?[/COLOR] He called into the darkness. He stood in silence for a moment listening. The faint sound of footsteps could be heard comming from the second floor. [COLOR=Red]Chris?[/COLOR] Jon called again, and again no answer. Jon slowly started to make his way up the stairs following the faint noises. As he made his way down the hall he found a shut door that the sound seemed to be eminating from. He stood there for a moment.[COLOR=DarkRed] Just do it[/COLOR], Jon thought to himself. [COLOR=DarkRed]Don't make this any more painful than it has to be[/COLOR]. He quickly grabbed the door knob and flung the door open. [COLOR=Red]Chris, are you in here?[/COLOR] ,no response. Jon entered the room as lightning filled it with light, no one was here. Jon turned to leave and ended up face to face with chris. [COLOR=DarkGreen]Hello Jon.[/COLOR] Chris greeted in a deep voice. As he blocked the doorway. [COLOR=Red]Aw man, Chris you scared me. Listen earlier Tristen didn't touch you did he?[/COLOR] [COLOR=DarkGreen]Why yes he did.[/COLOR] Chris said taking a step toward Jon. [COLOR=DarkGreen]And you know, I'm glad that he did. Because I've never felt better.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]W-what are you talking about Chris?[/COLOR] Jon said taking a step back. [COLOR=DarkGreen]Haven't you figured it out yet? Oh great guardian?[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Wait a minute, it's you! You've taken control of Chris' mind haven't you?![/COLOR] [COLOR=DarkGreen]My we're smart aren't we? And you know I'm glad I wasn't able to take your body first because then I couldn't do this![/COLOR] Chris' body began to emit a briliant white light, and with a flash, Neos took his place. [COLOR=Green]Quite handy don't you think? If I had mannaged to take your body, this form may have been able to stop me. But now that I posess its abilities, I can defeat you, take your body, and while this worthless insect is lying helpless I'll desroy him.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]No you can't![/COLOR] [COLOR=Green]Just try and stop me![/COLOR] Neos lunged at Jon with his claws out stretched, ready to swipe. But while he was off ballance, Jon dove knocking Neos off his feet, and made a break for the door. Neos quickly slashed his tail at Jon, barely missing, and taking a large chunk out of the doorway. Jon quickly took off down the hallway to the stairs. [COLOR=Green]RHAAAAH![/COLOR] Neos yelled as he tore though the wall, into the hallway, sending slabs of drywall flying. [COLOR=Green]Get back here![/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Oh crap...[/COLOR] ,Jon said to himself as he leapt down the stairs. Neos quickly charged, and followed Jon into the living room. Jon quickly turned holding his milenium pyramid out stretched. [COLOR=Red]Stop right there![/COLOR] Neos stopped dead in his tracks. [COLOR=Green]Ah, the milenium pyramid. I know all about your little toy.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]If you know about it, then you know what it can do[/COLOR]. [COLOR=Green]Oh I know what it can do alright, that little item has the power to take over the world. Especialy now that you've fused it with your other items.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]How did you know I had fused them?[/COLOR] [COLOR=Green]Did you forget? I have full access to your friend's mind.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Well it's good that you know its power. Now let my friend go or...[/COLOR] [COLOR=Green]Or what? You'll blow your friend to kingdom come? I know all about you two Jon. I know that the two of you are the best of friends. And that you would never intentionaly kill him.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]You're right... He is my best friend... But if it is a decision between him, of the future of mankind, I'll chose to save mankind. I know that he woud want it that way.[/COLOR] The two stood in silence for a moment, lightning sending flashes into the room. And creating a pretty cool dramatic effect, I might add. [COLOR=Green]It seems we're at a bit of a stale mate, wouldn't you say? I want to rid you of that infernal pyramid and take control of your body. But on the other had, you don't want to hurt your little friend.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]So what do you propose?[/COLOR] [COLOR=Green]A shadow duel.[/COLOR]
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    RPG Yu-Gi-Oh: Forgotten Past [PG]

    [COLOR=Green]So you got the puzzle already, eh? I'm surprised, usualy things like this are extremely well guarded. I would hardly have stared my duel with Bakura.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]Well I did run into a bit of trouble. I was attacked by a thousand dragon, but my Black Meteor Dragon here made quick work of it.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Green]A real thousand dragon huh? Well that explains why you have your dragon out... But I don't know. You are the ultimate guardian, but It still seems too easy. I mean judging by the stories you've told me anyway.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]Yes, it does seem strange that this would have such little protection, but mabee it was never expected to be found.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Green]Hmmm, I guess that explains it.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]Well we'd better get back to the others. But before we do, mabee you want to change to your normal form, I'm sure that would cause quite a comotion.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Green]I'll bet your just gealous because you don't have wings.[/COLOR] Neos said spreadin his wings out. [COLOR=Green]Cool, eh?[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]Just do it.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Green]Fine, fine. Party pooper.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Uh how exactly do we do that? [/COLOR] Chris asked Neos. [COLOR=Green]Don't worry I'll handle it.[/COLOR] And in a blinding flash of light, Chris was reverted back to his original, quite handsome, form. [COLOR=Navy]Well come on, summon a dragon so we can get out of here.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Alright.[/COLOR] Chris said reaching for his deck. [COLOR=Red]It's gone![/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]What?[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]It's not here. That rat Bakura must have taken my deck while I was unconcious.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]Unconcious?[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Yeah, when we started the shadow duel, he used his necklace to help drain my energy. Then Neos apeared and helped he out.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]Necklace? But we have all of the millenium items.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Yeah, I'd thought about that, but I thought mabee he'd snaged it off of you, when you weren't looking. Speaking of which, where are the rest of your items?[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]I used the power of the pyrimid to absorb their powers into one item.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Well that's cool. But that doesn't explain our delema.[/COLOR] Chris said scratching his head and looking into the distance. Then suddenly something caught his eye. [COLOR=Red]Hey, Jon! Look, there's the necklace![/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]You're right![/COLOR] Jon said walking over to inspect the item. [COLOR=Navy]And here's your deck with it.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]My deck?! Great! That coward must have dropped them when he was running from me.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]Um, he was running from my Meteor Dragon...[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Yeah whatever... Anyways this solves everything![/COLOR] Jon picked up Chris' deck and handed it to him, then inspected the necklace closer. [COLOR=Navy]Aha![/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]What?[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]This necklace is a fake![/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]A fake? How could he have made a fake of the necklace in such a short time?[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]I don't know, it may have been because Bakura had so much experience with it, that he could replicate its abilities.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Well that's not good.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]Well it won't cause any more problems. [/COLOR] Jon said throwing the necklace into the air. [COLOR=Navy]I call apon the power of my pyramid of light to destroy this abomination. [/COLOR] And with that comand, a blast of blue and red light shot out of his pyramid incinerating the false item. After the blinding light and smoke cleared, there was nothing left but a pile of ashes. [COLOR=Navy]So, what d'ya think?[/COLOR] Jon Said with a smile. [COLOR=Red]Meh, it was ok.[/COLOR] Jon stared at Chris cockeyed. [COLOR=Red]Okay fine! That was freakin awsome, are you happy now?[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]Is someone jealous?[/COLOR] Jon said with a smirk. [COLOR=Red]Oh lets just get out of here.[/COLOR] Chris said drawing a card from his deck.[COLOR=Red] I summon Luster Dragon #2! [/COLOR] He yelled as an enourmous beast materialized before them. [COLOR=Red]And I use my three dragon treasures to raise my beast's attack by 1500, bringing it to 3800![/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]Exactly who are you talking to? I already know what those cards do.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Aw common let's just go.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]Hey lighten up. I'm just messin with ya![/COLOR] Jon said with a chuckle, as he patted Chris on the shoulder. [COLOR=Navy]Now let's get outa here.[/COLOR]
  9. Darkblaze

    RPG Yu-Gi-Oh: Forgotten Past [PG]

    Chris and Bakura both prepared themselves for the oncoming duel. [COLOR=DimGray]Well I hope you enjoy the shadows, because that's where you'll be spending the rest of eternity![/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Not if I have anything to say about it![/COLOR] Chris had been in plenty of duels before, and ha had won his fair share of them. But this was different... this wasn't for pleasure or amusement, this was serious. And Chris had a seriously bad feeling about this guy deep in his stomach. [COLOR=DimGray]I know you've been a friend of Jon's for quite some time, and yet I haven't ever seen you in person. Which leads to the logical conclusion that you have been apart for quite a while now, am I right?[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Yeah, what's it to you?![/COLOR] [COLOR=DimGray]"Ha, perfect"[/COLOR] Bakura thought to himself. [COLOR=DimGray]"He's never been in a shadow duel, and if I'm not mistaken, that item he's holding is new to him. So he can't possibly have learned to fully control it just yet."[/COLOR] [COLOR=DimGray]Then let me introduce a little trick to you. One that I'm very fond of.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]What, are you gonna pull a rabbit out of your pocket or somethin'?[/COLOR] [COLOR=DimGray]Oh, no. Not that kind of trick, this ones much more impressive. But I think it would just be best to show you.[/COLOR] With a wave of his hand, Bakura summoned the shaddows of the room to envelope them in darkness. [COLOR=Red]What?! What kind of trickery is this?![/COLOR] [COLOR=DimGray]This is what we lovingly like to call a "Shadow duel" And unfortunately for you these will be the last few moments you have in the real world.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]What do you...[/COLOR] Chris suddenly collapsed to his knees. [COLOR=Red]Wha...what's going on? I feel so... weak...[/COLOR] [COLOR=DimGray]Like you heard me say to your friend earlier, this room draws its energy from the millenium items, it craves it. It uses that power to make these shadows stronger than they could ever be otherwise. And the shadows themselves draw off of your energy, you life force. Your only hope would be to draw out your Yami using your item. But too bad for you, you haven't had near enough experience with that little toy of yours to know how to. Ha ha ha ha ha![/COLOR] Chris could barely hold himself up. It was as if his very soul was dying. He couldn't hold out much longer. [COLOR=Red]No, no I can't give up. I.... I won't[/COLOR] [COLOR=DimGray]Hmmm, you're far more persistant than I gave you credit for, but let's see how you fare to this! Darkness I feed you with my power! I strengthen you, using my necklace! And now, vanguish this lowly rodent![/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]What?! No! N...[/COLOR] The darkness enveloped Chris's entire being draining him of his energy. Finaly losing his last ounce of strength, Chris collapsed on the floor in a heap. --------------------------------------------------------------------- [COLOR=YellowGreen]Chris.....Chris wake up. Chris...[/COLOR] Chris slowly opened his eyes. He couldn't see anything but fleeting streaks of light is a vast darkness. He slowly lifted himself to a sitting position. He still felt weak, but he somehow had enough strength to move now. [COLOR=Red]Where the heck am I? What is this place? He said to himself.[/COLOR] [COLOR=YellowGreen]Chris...[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Whoa! Who said that?![/COLOR] Chris quickly leapt to his feet putting his fists up in a defensive position. [COLOR=Red]I'm warning you, I'm a good fighter![/COLOR] Suddenly a figure came out of the shadows. [COLOR=YellowGreen]Hi Chris[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]AHHHHH![/COLOR] Chris yelled falling over. This figure, he was not human. He had dark green scaley skin, and long sharp teeth. He had long tan horns extending out the back of his head. And his face was elongated like some type of lizard. On the top of his head was a long green spike-like crest, covering his head and down the back of his neck. On each of his fingers were long claws that looked sharp enough to tear Chris to shreds, the same with his toes. And he had a long green tail with two blades raked toward the tip. [COLOR=YellowGreen]Hey, hehe. Chill out will ya.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Wha..what the heck are you.[/COLOR] [COLOR=YellowGreen]I'm your yami.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]My yami? You're my yami? But, you're not even human, you're like a freaky snake man.[/COLOR] [COLOR=YellowGreen]Hey, I'm a dragon thank you very much! And besides I'm part of you ya know, so show some respect.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]um, sorry er..um.. dragon..guy.[/COLOR] [COLOR=YellowGreen]The name's Neos, Neos Forme[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Neos?[/COLOR] [COLOR=YellowGreen]Yeah, it's not so original, it's from an ancient word that means new. Which seems very form fitting because basicaly I'm a new form of you.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]So, you're like the inner me?[/COLOR] [COLOR=YellowGreen]Sort of, but we'll have time to talk about that later. Right now we have to defeat Bakura, and go help Jon.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Bakura! I'd forgotten about him! Where is that little snake![/COLOR]Chris yelles looking around. [COLOR=YellowGreen]He's not here, this is a spiritual realm. Basicaly it's a place where the two of us can communicate.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Wow, that's cool. So uh... how do I fight Bakura then? I don't realy know much about shadow games.[/COLOR] [COLOR=YellowGreen]That's where I come in. [/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]What do you mean?[/COLOR] [COLOR=YellowGreen]I can help you. We can use my energy to keep you safe, and alive. Just trust me and we'll be fine.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Okay I trust you, I mean hey how could I not trust my self.[/COLOR] [COLOR=YellowGreen]That's the spirit! [/COLOR] Neos said energeticaly.[COLOR=YellowGreen] Now [/COLOR] He said leaning real close to Chris' ear [COLOR=YellowGreen]WAKE UP![/COLOR] --------------------------------------------------------- [COLOR=Gray]That was too easy. Now all I have to do is find that looser Wheeler and I can claim my prize. [/COLOR]Bakura said as he turned to leave the room. [COLOR=Green]Not so fast![/COLOR] [COLOR=DimGray]What!?[/COLOR] Bakura yelled as he turned to see the new neos version of Chris standing before him. [COLOR=Green]First you'll have to go through me.[/COLOR] [COLOR=DimGray]What?! Who and what are you?![/COLOR] [COLOR=Green]Oh it's still me, Chris. But my yami and I have mannaged to thwart you're little plan to win without a duel.[/COLOR] [COLOR=DimGray]You son of a[/COLOR] [COLOR=Green]No need for that. Now get ready, because this battle has just begun![/COLOR]
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    RPG Yu-Gi-Oh: Forgotten Past [PG]

    "[COLOR=Blue]Apprentice?[/COLOR]" Chris thought to himself. After the duel with Jon Chris had gone back to his hotel room on the other side of the island. Where he sat contemplating Jon's offer. "[COLOR=Blue]Jon has always been a better duelist, ofcouse, that's why he's the ultimate guardian, but he had never beaten me that easily. Has he realy progressed that far in the short time that we've been apart? But then again, I was trying a new strategy... yes that must be it, he still might have beaten me, but at least I wouldn't have looked like such a novice.[/COLOR]" Chris got up and walked to the sliding glass door, leading to the balcony of his room. "[COLOR=Blue]And if I go see him at his new home, then mabee I can get a rematch out of him. Then I can show him my true abilities. Though I'm not quite sure yet if I'm ready to be an aprentice to the ultimate gueardian... But then again he said he'd introduce me to Yugi. And who am I to say no to a chance to meet and mabee duel the most famous duelist in the world?[/COLOR]" A sly grin crossed Chris' face as he made his final decision. "[COLOR=Blue]Then it's settled.[/COLOR]" He said with a chuckle. And at the top of his lungs he called out into the moonlit sky, "[COLOR=Blue]You hear that Jon?! I'm comin' for a rematch! And you'd better not think I'll be so easy this time![/COLOR]"
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    Anime No DBZ on DVD

    I'm sure this toppic has already been covered, but I'm still pretty new here. Doese anyone know why the DVD's for DBZ cut off right before the cell games and don't start again untill the world tounament? And doese anyone know when it will be completed? Again I'm sorry to bring up a subject that has probably been covered, but I would realy like to know. Me favorite episode is in there!
  12. Darkblaze

    Anime Trunks' Hair cut

    My friend and I were talking about it the other day and we were wondering, doese the type of haircut Trunks has have a name?
  13. Darkblaze

    Anime AF? oy...

    Ya know, I still haven't figured out why people think that there ever was going to be a Dragonball AF. The makers said they weren't going to and even if someone else was going to make one it realy wouldn't make sense. Dragonball GT realy bombed in Japan because it wasn't ever made as a manga. I have friends that swear it is out in Japan but I can't figure out where they got the idea. Can anyone tell me where this AF crud came from?
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    Gaming Help with tony hawk 4

    In Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 I have accomplished absolutely every goal except one. I cannot accomplish Rune Glifberg's pro challenge. I can get to where it tells you to do an eggplant on the roof but I can't even get close to it how am I supposed to jump that high?? Thanks alot!
  15. Darkblaze

    Anime Live action DBZ movie!

    I was just checking out dragonballz.com and I saw something that realy surprised me. Apparently 20'th century FOX has bought the rights to dbz, and are planning to make a live action DBZ movie!:D :naughty: I don't know too much about it but if anyone else doese please tell me! thanks alot!