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  1. BigCajones

    Gaming X Box Quiz

    Probably more games than you think, but maybe the most well known is Halo. Sorry I've got to go on holiday so someone else can input a question and by the way the cost of the weapon was 12,500. Be back soon...
  2. BigCajones

    Gaming X Box Quiz

    [color=teal]Will edit this post next time forgot to say, sorry I need price. I feel like being picky lol.. [/color]
  3. BigCajones

    Gaming X Box Quiz

    [color=seagreen]I'm not quite sure what Guess ment by the joke weapon but that is incorrect. The answer you put Marty is Spawn's 10th weapon, you need to input the last one (the 11th if that's any help), its cost, its attack, and its defence. :whoops: [/color]
  4. BigCajones

    Gaming X Box Quiz

    [color=seagreen]I believe the answer is Team Leader, Demolitions, Sniper and Heavy Weapons. On Soul Calibur 2 what is Spawn's final weapon called? How good is its attack, its defence and how much is it? *hopes it is not different in USA*[/color]
  5. [color=indigo]Well done the only weapon you forgot was the three arrow crossbow. Answer: 1. Geyser 2. Gauntlet 3. Decoy 4. Phalanx 5. Vector Cannon 6. Halberd 7. Wisp 8. Mummy 9. Homing Missle 10. Floating Mine 11. Zero shift I think that's it.. My memory may lack from when rented out the game. I'm pretty sure that's the order as well. Ahh I'm rubbish at thinking of questions... *an hour later* Sorry about the boring question. I will try to think of better ones: In Jak 2: Renegade how many types of hoverbike is there? Also name the 4 different weapons... Bonus: erm, how many out-of-town environments are there?[/color]
  6. [color=royalblue]Sorry to bring up an old topic but there doesn't seem to be a question set at the moment. I've been reading into XIII so how many firearms can you get? Bonus: How many levels are there?[/color]
  7. BigCajones

    Cabin Fever

    [color=crimson]I saw this movie yesterday with loads of mates and it definetely got my approval. I find comedy in horror movies to be a good thing as long as it doesn't throw away the tension altogether. I found most of the jumpy bits in the movie to be pretty predictable but then I guess that's the idea to keep you off your seat knowing something is going to happen. The most predictable thing was most probably when [spoiler]*forgot name* (not Burt, not Paul) [Super back up memory tells me Jeff, thanks for pointing out my mistake Russ] was shouting "I've made it, I've made it!" and then gets shot repeatedly by the police officers.[/spoiler] The funniest part in the movie apart from friends and I shouting out numerous funny comments about the movie, was probably [spoiler]the comment "What's the rifle for?" -- "The niggers" (when you see the shambles at the end you realise it's not as much a racist comment) and Dennis the he/she was also hilarious- "Pancakes, PANCAKES!" *Stunning martial arts display*. Also some of the deaths were pretty humerous. [b]Edit:[/b] Bert wanting to kill squirrels with his gun because they are gay was also quite laugh in the cinema. Quite a realistic thing to say nowadays in England if he was a bit younger lol.[/spoiler] I don't think the pornography was essential, but I guess it shows what children are like these days. :angel: I think it's a bit unexplained about the virus itself, but it was definetely portrayed better than Resident Evil's T-Virus. That movie sucked bad! [spoiler]I'm not sure if the virus itself would of killed anyone because I just saw killings I didn't actually see them die from the desease, but sure came close. Maybe the dog infected people with a bad case of rabies lol. I know the people in the cabin got if from the water because the man who originally had it ran into the resevoir because he was on fire.[/spoiler] I'm interested it how it all started, so if anyone could tell me I would be grateful! :box: None the less it was an excellent film. I can't think of anything else to mention except I bet the parents regret renting out that cabin... :demon:[/color]
  8. BigCajones


    [COLOR=crimson]First Name: Grant Age: 15 Hair Color: Blonde/brown Eye Color: Blue Height: 6'1 Wardrobe: Baggy trousers, T-shirts, party shirts, vest tops, hoodies, various colours just anything I like really. Personality: Shy around new people or when I'm on my own with people I haven't really talked to and get embarrassed easily in school :mad:, but when I'm with my mates I'm crazy!! I've been told I'm sweet and nice? I tend to vary how confident I am with people but when I like the person I try to talk more. Just give me some alcohol and I will be more sociable. ;) Hair Style: Usually I just have my fringe up but I enjoy trying new hairstyles like a mohecan haircut or all spiked up. Hair colours are also funny to try. :) Favorite Music Type: Whatever I'm in the mood for listening to really. Metal, Rock, Rap-Metal, Nu-Metal (anything like that). Also a bit of Punk and a bit of Hip-Hop. Favorite musical Band/Artist: Linkin Park, SOAD, Foo Fighters, RHCP, Incubus, Blink 182, Limp Bizkit, Metallica, D12, Eminem, Adema, Drowning Pool, AFI, Korn, Sum 41, Slipknot, Ramnstein, Green Day, etc. There is sooooo many! Hobbies: Going out with mates, going cinema/theme parks/swimming/parks, having people stay round, playing computer games, surfing internet, playing football (English), watching T.V, GIRLS!!, etc. That's what I class as hobbies anyway. :p [/COLOR]
  9. BigCajones

    Gaming X Box Quiz

    That's wrong I'm sorry. If anyone else guesses I will edit my post to say whether they are correct or not. :box: [b]EDIT:[/b]Tommy you are right about the town and close enough to how much to see Ren. It was $500 by the way. Edit your post to input a question when you read this. :box:
  10. BigCajones

    Gaming X Box Quiz

    I'm sure only Xiahou Dun has a scimitar on Dynasty Warriors 3! A nice easy question for people with the game. In Shenmue 2, where does the 'Heavens' gang live (town) and how much money do you have to get to meet Ren of Heavens?
  11. [COLOR=indigo]Some game developers create a decent game, but the main character for instance ruins it. I think two of the best scored games around have two of the worst characters. Master Chief off Halo just does/says nothing and is a pretty basic character I reckon the developers should of included him more in the plot. Talking and making him seem like he has a purpose. Tommy Vercetti looks alright, but GTA the free roaming game doesn't suit him really. He needed to talk more at enemies or ignorant civilians/gang members. He doesn't look too much like a thug either, he should of been more like Mark Hammond from The Getaway. I also think Ryo of Shenmue has no personality, but at least he speaks lol. Other things like SSB:M characters moves being copied but for the use of different characters is a bit cheap they should of changed the moves or the characters, but these are still quality games. Anyone else got opinions? I think a decent character is Snake; detailed, with effort and simply a true warrior of destruction. Not much else to say on that just comment on your ideas. ^^ [/COLOR]
  12. BigCajones

    Gaming Pok

    [COLOR=firebrick]Has anyone heard news of a Pokemon Fire Red and Pokemon Leaf Green which should be coming out in Japan? I heard it will link up with Ruby, Sapphire and Colosseum. I've also heard colosseum will be much better than the N64 Stadium games with an added RPG mode! Ninty will also be releasing Red and Blue, but at first they were only going to release one. I'm a bit confused about the situation so I would be greatful if someone could clear it up and give updated information. :) //[i]Grant[/i]//[/COLOR]
  13. [COLOR=indigo]This is quite a random subject I know and I probably won't get many replies lol. My example would have a be Ryo from the Shenmue series. My friend Sammy reminds me of him a lot. The way he talks, his intelligence and hes even pretty strong but not in the form of martial arts. They look a bit the same .. I guess, but totally different dress sense as Sammy doesn't wear the same clothes everyday heh and he has much more of a personality .. And well he doesn't have to avenge his father's death unlike Ryo lol, but still the similarities are there. If I had put this in the Microsoft forum (Shenmue) I'm sure I would of got even less responses, so it can be about any character from any game on any console if you would like to mention someone. ^_^[/COLOR]
  14. [color=crimson]I think Meteora is addicted to Linkin Park... Lol can't you just post all the songs that remind you of things/people in one post instead of keep having to repost? Well I guess you may think of more later on, like I can't think of many at the moment and I know there has been many in the past, but still you could just edit your post. Most songs should remind you of things because of the lyrics involved sending out a statement e.g. Papercut by Linkin Park - Paranoia as Meteora said. Anyway a few songs I can think of are: Liam Lynch- Whatever (reminds me of my friend Marty and his attitude) Beyonce- Crazy in Love (the video imparticular reminds me of this girl I dated *misses those times*) Tenacious D- Tribute (reminds me of my friend Chris doing his rendition of this... Very funny! Any song can remind me of him because he has the tendancy of getting lyrics wrong when he sings along especially Linkin Park lol) Holly Valance- Kiss Kiss (reminds me of my friend Alex as he did a very erotic dance to say the least which included putting all my underwear from my draw on his head and I think you've heard enough lol) Not that I like those songs but they remind me of people. I may edit more come in my head.[/color]
  15. [color=royalblue]I'm sure I have seen Incubus threads here and there, but I don't mind posting my opinion again. They are a pretty good band, not the best but they do produce quality stuff. I recall 'Drive' being my favourite but I'm sure if I listened to 'Morning View' and 'Make Yourself' on a more regular basis to what I do now then I would find a better track to get into. 'Drive' sticks in my head the amount of times I've heard it on T.V, etc. I find there latest music something easy to get into, not too heavy just something I enjoy to relax to. Also I usually get told to play them by Chris (Zidane) whenever he comes over. Anyway not my favourite, but still they have potential in my eyes.[/color]
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