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  1. Gaming

    soul calibur 2 looks great...the game is obviously better than the first, which is hard to believe in itself. link is the character i look forward to using the most, so the gamecube version is definitely in my future. i think they should have picked someone else to "grace" the playstation version other than heihachi...but maybe its just me... oh well, the game should be awesome just like its predecessor so go get it. D
  2. Anime

    perfectionist at work...said,been.have a nice one.D [size=1][b][color=darkblue]Don't double post, especially when you are double posting nonsense like this. -Shy[/b][/color][/size]
  3. Anime

    who saud anything about us ONLY watching anime on cn? i really do hate it when people make assumptions about things they know nothing at all about. the fact of the matter is, we are just trying to help a show that should be there survive. bebop has beem there for awhile, so now its time for something else to take charge. oh, and in terms of ratings, maybe if they showed Inu a billion and two times like they do bebop, it would have better ratings.remeber,this thread is not for doubters. no skeptics allowed.D
  4. Anime

    akira toriyama( the brain behind dragon ball/z) is thought to be a genius to many people nowadays, and why? I'll tell you why...Dragon Ball. Must people know AT only for his work with db and dbz and nothing more, but anyways, do you think Toriyama will ever be able to create a series that will generate as much buzz as DBZ? will he ever gain recognition from another series? Or will AT forever be remembered only as the guy who thought up kaoikens and green guys named nameks?heh.D
  5. ummm. i dont know if anyone has said these but..... *Iria *Project AKO *Grappler Baki *Blue City Oedo *Orphen(good movie) *Naruto(i think its the name, not 100% sure) thats all i can think of off the top of my cranium, oh yea, Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust is pretty nice too.D
  6. Anime

    c'mon fellas this is pretty serious. cb has been on the air a little too much, and its BEEN time for another fresh anime to take its spot. Not that cb is a bad show, in fact it is pretty good, but remember, too much of anything is bad for your health. I can understand gokents' strong feelings for the whole issue, and for those of you who want to do nothing but bash cb, find another thread. gokents, im with you, Inuyasha must remain.cn, prepare yourself for some heat.D
  7. Anime

    yea...interesting huh? i think the creators knew about this too. maybe you should go to the dragon ball Z/GT section if the otaku and look at the name fun section, maybe that'll help a bit.D
  8. Anime

    gokents that is the most sensible answer out of all of these.thanks man.D
  9. Anime

    shaolin soccer eh? nope, never seen it. maybe, if you want, you can give me a few details regarding this movie.maybe.D
  10. well, this question is a tad fafetched, but...bare with me.heh. anyways, this question is in regards of the concept of dragon ball Z's combat systems. The Z Fighters, all of them, through vigorous training, have learned techniques that wow the ordinary martial artist. anyway, if these types of powers could be obtained by human beings in reality, would you pursue it, and to what lengths would you go to to achieve these powers.thanks in advance for the input.D
  11. Anime

    thanks for the input...i feel the same as you two.dragon ball, and anime in general are both great to watch on television, but i feel that you aren't getting the 'true' anime experience unless you actually buy a dvd and see the animes as the directors saw them. im not talking down on any of the MILLIONS who just watch toonami and dub themselves "true" anime fans, im just saying that maybe people should go out and do a little research and actually see what anime is truly about.D
  12. console releases are things that may avid gamers line up for, but aside from all of that, what do you think makes or breaks a console? raw graphical and hardware capabilties, or a very good game library?hope this thred can be debated, if not, the otaku boards have my apologies.D
  13. Anime

    bulma is the best looking out of the "regulars", but aside from that, i would have to say...launch. she looks best before she sneezes though....well...at least to me. (we're judging cartoons.heh)D
  14. heh. to the guy who was wondering about the i channel...if you have digital cable(time warner), your i-channel should be 75. dbgt airs every wednesday night @ 9 or 9:30, i forget. anyway, there you go, hope you enjoy it, it still has about thirty to forty something episodes left, if not more, i dont watch them anymore. oh, and has anyone else heard that cartoon network was going to get Trigun?rumor or truth?D
  15. Gaming

    heh. the devil may cry series is getting a new and improved version of a game that was alreasy pretty darn good to begin with. dmc2 will give dante new abilities, and we also feature a playable female character. i forgot her name, but i do know that she will be able to wield two knives, and can probably upgrade her weaponry like dante in the previous dmc.anyways, the game is to be released january 28th. happy huntin,die demons.-D-