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  1. boredchick

    Gaming Question about Bugsy.

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure Bugsy is a guy as well. I remember watching the episode with him in it, and I remember being shocked at the fact that he was a guy (his hair is really too long). I could be wrong as well (with the way I pay attention to things) but I'm kinda sure Bugsy is a guy.
  2. boredchick


    I think you should tell him, if he doesn't listen to you then, oh well. I was in a similar situation a couple months ago, I told my ex his new girlfriend was cheating on him, he didn't listen, but that's his problem.
  3. boredchick

    Late Bloomers

    I don't know if I'm a late or early bloomer. I have always been very mature for my age, but I'm 14, and I'm only 5'2". Maybe I'm just short, because maturity wise, I'm definitely an early bloomer, but my height speaks for itself.
  4. boredchick

    Being Sick

    When I'm sick I can usually write depressing things better, because it's the way I feel. So, I guess I can find inspiration when I'm sick.
  5. boredchick

    Gaming Favorite

    My favorite Pokemon would be Suicune. I guess I like him, because nobody really knows that much about him, so he's a mysterious kind of Pokemon. He's also pretty strong.
  6. boredchick

    Anime 2 questions on the ending of DBZ

    I think the rest of the world should have seen who weak Hercule really was, but I guess you can't win them all. P.S. I don't think anybody likes how soft Gohan became. He really had potential to be the strongest out of everybody because of his hidden power, but when Goku died and didn't come back, his mother always made him studying. Books will make even Gohan go soft, especially after how many years Gohan went without training, but just studying.
  7. boredchick

    Anime Natural Talent and Abilities...

    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by GriffXL [/i] [B]After watching the history of bardock and dbz it seems like saiyans who are classified as weaklings or low levels seem to be stronger than the elite saiyans. ex goku vegeta, bardock and some elite dude (lol).[/B][/QUOTE] lol, this is true. Although, I think it's b/c the saiyans who are classified as weaklings try harder than any of the "elites" and since they try harder, they come closer to death. And everybody knows that after a Saiyan has healed from near-death they are stronger than ever. After awhile, they just seem to get stronger than the "elites" b/c they've kept on healing after near-deaths.
  8. boredchick

    Anime Natural Talent and Abilities...

    yes, that's true as well. I remember my dad (who's totally into DBZ) telling me that, now that you say it. Although, I think if Gohan would have trained more, he definitely would have been the strongest, despite how strong Goku was at the time. He has more hidden ability than the other characters.
  9. boredchick

    Gaming It would be cool

    I agree. Ever since Gold and Silver came out, I kept hoping for some sort of 3D online game, where you can do just about anything. I think Pokemon would be so much better if you could customize the field, and how your character dresses. It definitely would be cool to have an online game with being able to join Team Rocket, trade online, etc. I think everybody's been dreaming for a Pokemon game where you can customize certain things, and be able to do whatever you want, like join Team Rocket, create your own gym, and things like that.
  10. boredchick

    Anime Natural Talent and Abilities...

    The truth is, the more emotion they express, the more powerful they are. Look at Gohan, for instance. He is only half-saiyan, yet as an 11 or 12 yr. old he was strong enough to defeat Cell. That is much more than Goku could say. Then, there's the carefree Goten, who was a Super Saiyan at a very young age. I agree with the emotion thing. Because Gohan and Goten are half human as well as half saiyan, they have the ability to hope and love, yet they still have the strength of the saiyans. So, since Goku has lived as a human for most of his life, he might as well be part human. All Vegeta cares about is his ego, which makes him arrogant, and takes away that boost of strength that always seems to come to Goku in the time of need.
  11. boredchick

    Anime Vegeta's Pride

    This ep. was definitely one of my favorites. Vegeta has always been one of my fav. characters, and seeing this change in him was amazing. Of course, you could see a small change when he sacrificed himself to try and kill Buu, but this episode showed you how living on Earth with a wife, son, and with friends totally changed his attitude. Vegeta is definitely the most interesting character to watch, because of how he was in the earlier episodes.