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  1. Sorry to be so off topic but: Hey Vince, Aussie football rules. (You are talking about league aren't you?) And the blues ripped the maroons last week. It was great :toothy: ! And to add. I like someone who enjoys the simple things in life and knows how and when to relax. You get to a stage in a life when you are in limbo and society beckons you to take on the full weight of responsibilty for yourself. Its a bit screwed doing it alone. How I'd love if had a girl right here, right now to hug and fall asleep next too.. *sigh*
  2. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Juuthena [/i] [list] [*] No nicknames like 'sweetie', 'honey'... or anything like that. >>;;;[/list] [/QUOTE] A couple when I was in high school always called each other "bubby" he was one of my best friend but I swear I could have hurled a brick into his face at times. (juss jokes) My ideal girl would have to be smart girl, with her own opinions and views cause I love to talk about a lot of things. She has to be accepting of me, like how loud I am. She would have to be a kind person I could spend time with together and not always have to talk to as in those quiet nights you have at home together watching anime :toothy: ! I also like girls with [i]long[/i] hair who is shorter or the same height (You'll find that with heaps of guys I'm sure). Other that a fun girl who knows how to express herself.
  3. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Emme888 [/i] [B]Whether of the mind or body...Love is just prolonged lust. [/B][/QUOTE] I think it would be very sad if you were to think that there is no love in this world. The idea or [i]prolonged lust[/i] sounds like something you get when your man takes too much viagra. I believe in soulmates. But I don't believe there is only one person for you. It depends on how much you nurture a relationship... its just as easy to blow it, believe me, I feel that I did just ruined my relationship with a potential soulmate a month ago. I really like the idea of people [I]becoming[/I] soulmates. That is the real power of love. For two people to reciprocally make each other their soulmate is what love is supposed to be about. Building each other up and sharing the time you have on this earth [i]together[/i]. That is what I believe. I will find such a person... one day.
  4. Astroboy is the earliset I ever remember. I know it was the first cause when I was around 3-4 my mum used to mousse up my hair when I was being shampooed to make two points on each side of my head, just like astroboy! I've actually got the first episode of astroboy when he was still a real boy. Brings back heaps of memories of early mornings as a kid. Transformers was also a huge part of my childhood viewing. I had countless robots. I remember trying to change my optimus prime as fast as it happened on TV (Which is basically impossible) and making that "chuchu cheche chuchu cheche" sound while doing it (anyone ever wonder how optimus prime's traler just appeared from nowhere?). I know it's commonly believed that transformers is american, but I've seen so much transformer merchandise in japanese that I believe it is Japanese. Other memories are of voltron thundercats and this other one... "Silverhawks?" I think that was it. It had these people who could fly by doing that batman-spread-wings-thing by whacking your thighs, and they had these cool silver masks that would cover their faces when they activated their wings. The evil guy was on a red chariot with a spiked helmet(Thing of voldo from soul blade/calibur in red). Man, I don't know how I remember this (just reminiscing). Again I'm unsure if all three are [i]Anime[/i], but voltron just has to be. I had the voltron figurines too but its all long lost in a move. Nothing that long ago ever really hooked me. I liked it enough but it started when I saw two anime movies, Porco Rosso and Ninja Scroll on SBS when I was about 15. The story and animation was amazing. I've loved anime ever since and only recently become an fanatic collector. Also I used to play RPGs, now only sometimes. The first time I've ever spent so long on a game was on Secret of Mana. I finished it after playing it for about 8 months. I also played Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 3, Seiken Densetsu 3(Secret of Mana 3) and Tales of Phantasia. I absolutely loved my SNES.
  5. I feel the following is what makes Anime, [I]Anime[/I] : 1. It's made in Japan 2. The style is terminally Japanese, no other animation really has this unless it is trying to be Anime 3. It is the Japanese word for Animation therefore being Japanese as I said. Here's my spiel: Manga is a huge part of Japanese culture. They've been creating manga enjoyed by all ages for the past 40 or so years (correct me if I'm wrong). Naturally this moved to Anime which is why the bulk of Anime is based on Manga (Others based on games, purely anime or other). Now the underlying difference in anime to other western forms of animation is that the majority of western animation is directed at children. Anime/Manga on the other hand has genres that cover all ages. Manga seems to have a wider range though. This is why we get deep and meaningful anime to super psycho-anime to soapy shoujo anime to super violent anime and all the "pink" in between. I like to think that manga->anime, is the japanese equivalent to westerners book->feature film. I'm not saying manga is equivalent to a book but the [u]story[/u] can be just as immersive and powerful. That's my 2c
  6. The music is a bit repetitive yes, but they are two different anime. I guess my lack of punctuation is the fact that I've been typing into a hidden screen cause I'm doing this from work. All the smilies and stuff, don't really convey a productive worker on-screen, so its all stealth from here. Have you seen GTO by any chance? Board Romances What is with the board romances here? I'm curious about your marriage with pirosan, Is it just a fun thing people do in this forum? Do people have romances completly over the net? [SIZE=1][color=indigo]I combined your posts, please do not double post in the future. ~HC[/color][/size]
  7. Hey All, I've just fisished watching GTO: Lesson 20 yesteday. Its been bugging me since watched the fist lesson, what is with the American theme music the Japanese seem to have for their american manga/anime characters? Its also the same music for whenever maikeru appeared in marmalade boy. I'm sure this would be true with other anime, but since this case is between two different stories (shonen/shoujo) and their creation was spread apart (I think abotu 5 years) it must be some kind of music associated with the american image in japan. Can anybody shed some light on the topic?
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