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  1. Painful Choice: When I play this card, can I choose the five cards, or do I have to use the top five cards from my deck? I just started using this card, so I need to know. [b]Thanks in advance[/b]
  2. crazygirl, I read that the deck got you to a good placing in the tournie, but what is the theme? I say you need s/t removal, such as Mystical Space Typhoon. Right now, I'd rate your deck 5/10. [3] DMOC [1] DM [1] Jinzo [3] Gemini Elf [3] Skilled Dark Magician [1] Breaker [1] Cyber Jar [1] Fiber Jar [1] WOTBF [3] MST [1] HFD [1] Heavy Storm [1] Dark Hole [1] Raigeki [1] Monster Reborn [1] Premature Burial [1] Pot Of Greed [1] Graceful Charity [2] Nobleman Of Crossout [1] Thousand Knives [1] Painful Choice [1] Mirage Of Nightmare [1] Change Of Heart [2] Diffusion Wave Motion [1] Dedication Through Light And Darkness [1] Mirror Force [1] Call Of The Haunted [1] Imperial Order [2] Torrential Tribute [b]Total Cards: 40[/b] The theme is clear enough. Just to prefent arguments, I will not add Ring Of Destruction, but I will consider all other suggestions. I'm thinking of removing Jinzo for another non-trib monster, but since they are essential to the theme, I cant remove DM or DMOC. What suggestions do you have?
  3. Volshard Dragon is quite right. Decks must have a clear focus, or they'll never win. Water is good way to go, since you have LF and ALO. Some cards you can remove right now are Gravekeepers Servant, Whiptail Crow, Second Coin Toss, Horn Of The Unicorn and Dian Keto.
  4. [b]The_IvIATR1X91[/B] I suggest you remove all the dark magicians. Even if it has a different picture, it still counts towards the 3 card limit. Unless its Dark Magician Of Chaos. Also remove both Wingweavers, and take out Thunder Nyan Nyan. Her effect makes her a liability and a waste of space in a deck that isnt a pure light deck. Also remove REBD, not strong enough to be worth 2 tributes. Cut down on the amount of traps you use. Go for traps like Waboku, Mirror Force, Call Of The Haunted, Imperial Order, maybe Ring Of Destruction, if you dont mind taking damage from its effect.
  5. I'm sorry if I dont consider Ring Of Destruction a staple. Why dont I just attack myself and get it over with? You can do more and actually tell me cards you think I should put in. Anyway, I suggest you remove hunder Nyan Nyan, Magician Of Faith and Asura Priest from your side deck and put in three Thunder Dragons. You can discard one, get the other two, and then discard those two. A judge I trust told me that one.
  6. Wave Of Death, your deck's theme is all over the place. Exodia is best in a deck thats full of drawing cards. You have too many tribute monsters, plus two illigal cards, plus two BEUD which are only in Japanese, so, in most English tournements, they cannot be played. I suggest cutting most of the tribute monsters, the God cards, Exodia (unless you want an Exodia deck), and rebuilding the deck with a viable straightforward theme. Right now, I'd give your deck 1/10 (I hate to give 0/10). [b]My Skill Drain Deck[/b] 3x Giant Orc 3x Zombrya 3x Armor Exe 3x Goblin Attack Force 3x Cat Of Ill Omen (Thinking of removing two to add 2x Jurai Gumo, or two Berserk Gorilla) 1x WOTBF 1x Fiber Jar [b]Total Monsters: 17[/b] 1x Raigeki 1x Monster Reborn 1x Premature Burial 1x Dark Hole 1x Graceful Charity 1x Pot Of Greed 1x Change Of Heart 3x MST 2x Nobleman Of Crossout 2x Nobleman Of Extermination (only included to put the deck at 40, any suggestions on what to replace them with?) [b]Total Spells: 16[/b] 1x Mirror Force 3x Skill Drain 1x Imperial Order 1x Call Of The Haunted 1x Magic Jammer [b]Total Traps: 7[/b] Should I remove a Nobleman Of Extermination for a Cyber Jar?
  7. Yeah yeah, I dont have Jinzo, or the traps you mentioned. I think Scapegoat is a waste of space, and will have no place in this deck. There's no need for it here. Paladin, at least, fits my theme, and it has a good effect, two actually. Maybe I shouldnt have posted my deck, I just realised I like it the way it is.
  8. My newly remade Light Deck, simply known as......[b][color=gold]White Thunder!![/color][/b] [1] BEWD [2] Sanga [3] Soul Of Purity & Light [4] Airknight Parshath [5] Hysteric Fairy [6] Hysteric Fairy [7] Hysteric Fairy [8] Thunder Nyan Nyan [9] Thunder Nyan Nyan [10] Thunder Nyan Nyan [11] Kaiser Sea Horse [12] Kaiser Sea Horse [13] Kaiser Sea Horse [14] Manju [15] Asura Priest [16] Paladin Of White Dragon [17] WOTBF [18] Cyber Jar [19] Kuriboh [20] White Dragon Ritual [21] Raigeki [22] Dark Hole [23] Monster Reborn [24] Change Of Heart [25] Premature Burial [26] Axe Of Despair [27] Graceful Charity [28] Pot Of Greed [29] Luminous Spark [30] Luminous Spark [31] Nobleman Of Crossout [32] MST [33] MST [34] MST [35] Gravekeeper's Servant [36] Mirror Force [37] Waboku [38] Waboku [39] Waboku [40] Call Of The Haunted [41] Robbin' Goblin [42] Shadow Spell [41]
  9. You cant flip monsters into defense position, they go into attack mode. Unless they were flipped by an attack from an opponent's monster.
  10. You know you can tell me the English names so I know the cards. I know very little of the Japanese names. I reconise Jinzo's name, but Volt Girl? Is that Thunder Nyan Nyan? Anyway, I'm just using cards I have. Anyway, the reason I have 4 trib monsters is Kaiser Sea Horse's ability.
  11. My Light Elemental Beatdown [1] BEWD [2] BEWD [3] Airknight Pershath [4] Sanga Of The Thunder [5] Thunder Nyan Nyan [6] Thunder Nyan Nyan [7] Thunder Nyan Nyan [8] Neo [9] Neo [10] Neo [11] Asura Priest [12] WOTBF [13] Kuriboh [14] Cyber Jar [15] Senju [16] Shining Angel [17] Shining Angel [18] Kaiser Sea Horse [19] Kaiser Sea Horse [20] Kaiser Sea Horse [21] Paladin Of White Dragon [22] Malevolent Nuzzler [23] Change Of Heart [24] Monster Reborn [25] Premature Burial [26] Dark Hole [27] Graceful Charity [28] Pot Of Greed [29] Luminous Spark [30] Luminous Spark [31] Nobleman Of Crossout [32] White Dragon Ritual [33] MST [34] MST [35] MST [36] Mirror Force [37] Waboku [38] Waboku [39] Waboku [40] Shadow Spell
  12. Nightmare Wheel. Can I place my NW on my own monster and still have it's effect cause damage to my opponent's LP?
  13. Yeah, I know I posted this kinda deck before, but I just cant get the side deck right. The theme for my deck is Weenie Rush, using monsters that can attack LP directly. I need to make my side deck into a sort of burner, just in case. 2x Inaba White Rabbit 3x Jinzo # 7 3x Servant Of Catabolism 3x Rainbow Flower 3x Mystic Lamp 1x Cyber Jar 1x Des Koala 1x WOTBF 1x Kuriboh Total: 18 1x Creature Swap 1x Premature Burial 1x Nobleman Of Crossout 1x SoRL 3x Messenger Of Peace 1x Scapegoat 1x Pot Of Greed 1x Monster Reborn 1x Dark Hole 1x MST Total: 12 1x Mirror Force 1x Robbin' Goblin 2x Magic Drain 3x Gravity Bind 1x Minor Goblin Official 1x Waboku 1x Secret Barrel Total: 10 Total Deck: 40 Side Deck 1x Magician Of Faith 1x Cannon Soldier 1x Gravekeeper's Curse 1x Nightmare Wheel 1x Ceasefire 1x Magic Drain 1x Just Desserts 1x Magic Jammer 1x Fake Trap 1x Black Pendant 1x Nobleman Of Crossout 1x Graceful Charity 1x Book Of Moon 1x MST 1x Giant Trunade How can I make my side deck more burnerish? [QUOTE=Jim Hawkins]My deck only has 40 cards because I have all 5 cards of and the smaller the deck tbetter the chances and the reason I have witch of the black forest is because after she dies you pick 1 card from your deck. All I need is two more god card I'm almost there.I also have 3 Penguin Soldiers because once they die you pick 2 cards. Exodia The Forbidden One x1 Left Arm Of The Forbidden One x1 Right Arm Of The Forbidden x1 Left Leg Of The Forbidden One x1 Right Leg Of The Forbidden One x1 Dark Magician x3 [b]Get rid of all three[/b] Blue Eyes White Dragon x3 [b]Get rid of all three[/b] Ultimate Blue Eyes White Dragon x1 [b]Only out in Japanese, so...[/b] Mirror Force x3 [b]Isnt this restricted to one?[/b] Magic Cylinder x3 [b]I know this is restricted...[/b] Dark Girl x2 [b]You mean Dark Magician Girl? Take out[/b] Obelisk The Tormentor x1 [b]Take out!![/b] Monster Rebon x3 [b]Restricted to one[/b] Trap Hole x3 Rageki x3 [b]Restricted to one...[/b] anti Rageki x2 Witch of the Black Forest x3 [b]Restricted to one....[/b] Penguin soldier x3 Man Eater Bug x2 :devil: :flaming: :mad:[/QUOTE] You have the worst Exodia deck I've ever seen. Try getting cards like pot of greed, graceful charity, any thing that gets you to Exodia faster. Dont have tributes. [COLOR=#503F86][SIZE=1][b]I merged the two posts. I understand it's a new point, but if you want to add something please edit your original post. -Solo[/COLOR][/SIZE][/b]
  14. Here is my Ritual deck. 2x Legendary Flame Lord 1x The Masked Beast 1x Jinzo 1x Sangan 1x WOTBF 1x Bazoo The Soul-Eater 1x Fiber Jar 3x Gemini Elf 3x Goblin Attack Force 1x Magician Of Faith 1x Senju Of The Thousand Hands 2x Sonic Bird Total Monsters: 18 2x Incadesent Ordeal 1x Curse Of The Masked Beast 1x Change Of Heart 2x Graceful Charity 1x Harpie's Feater Duster 1x Giant Trunade 1x Monster Reborn 3x MST 2x Nobleman Of Crossout 1x Pot Of Greed 1x Raigeki 1x Creature Swap Total Magic/Spells: 18 1x Call Of The Haunted 3x Magic Drain 1x Mirror Force Total Traps: 5 Total Cards: 41
  15. [quote name='daermon_nashabe']Remove Messenger Of Peace for Graceful Charity because all your monsters have below 1000 attack points.[/quote] [quote name='argolisdragon']Whats your theme exactly[/quote] My deck is Weenie Rush, if your wondering. I need Messenger Of Peace to stop my opponents monsters. Messenger Of Peace will only stop my opponents monsters. I need it.
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