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    [COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1]Lets see. First off I've never come to Suggestion & Feedback before because the OB never needed it but in these past months I'm seeing a decrease in a desire to frequent these boards for a few reasons..

    1. It seems that we get new members by the bundle every day and that?s fine, but when most just won't clean up their post quality and make an active effort to abide by the TOS it tends to make the boards look trashy. I remember a time when the OB was a, 'shape up or ship out' kind of message board. What happened?

    2. Our moderator staff. This is a big one in a few ways such as the Arena Underground mod Bio. He hasn't posted anything since February and he was last active at the beginning of this month. Is that not dereliction of duty? More so than inactivity is the age range of our mod staff, and lack of experience. Some moderators are only 14 or 15 (Aaryana is 13!), have less than 500 posts and haven?t even been here a year. Another mod that has caught my interest is Ozymandius Jones, who seems a bit lazy for her own good. Why does it take 150+ posts to figure out a thread is sorely lacking in quality and must be shut down? How about a certain Pokemon RPG that is still up after Ozy warned them to clean up the post quality? Hello? Thread lock yet?

    Then there is Charles who seems to disregard and blatantly flame other members and bounces around and mods where he feels like it and the porn avatar? I?m not sure about you guys but isn?t a moderator supposed to be a sort of role model for other members as well as the police of the message boards? The signal that Charles?s avatar sends me is; ?Hey! I don?t give a crap about policy, and you shouldn?t either!?

    Don?t get me wrong, there are plenty of moderators who do their job such as Bombu, Revelation, and Retribution among others. I guess what I?m getting at is that the situation in the Role-Playing forum needs to be addressed, and the younger mods like Aaryana, Amelia, and while not young but still newer to the boards indifference also need to be replaced by members who have been here longer and are as competent and more deserving.

    I guess those are my main issues with the boards as is. If these issued were addressed then the OB would reform greatly and we?d all see the OB re-emerge that we loved back 2 - 3 years ago. Take this as you will but its just me exercising my freedom of speech.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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