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  1. false- We dug oup our lawns TPBM would rather be a pirate than a ninja(I had to ask )
  2. false- black people don't do the chicken dance T P B M is going to lie no matter the answer
  3. false- they all taste around the same to me TPBM has been assaulted by a japanese kid on golden inline skates with a bent golden bat
  4. there are no people like that in the bahamas so I wouldn't really have a solid opinion. From what I've seen they seem like people who need lives and will eventually committ suicide
  5. false-i love nuclear weapons. they inspire so much fear most paries are afraid to use them knowing there is a possiblity that he/she will die TPBM thinks byakugan is better than sharingan
  6. The sooner I fall behind, the more time I have to catch up This has guided me through school. Use it wisely
  7. false TPBM thinks france will beat italy btw the last place i did this game has over 19000 replies
  8. false-im a hip hop person TPBM wants to visit North Korea
  9. I tried this before in another forum I'm in You say a statement about the person below you and the person below you says whether it's true or false and starts a new statement. For example: User 1 TPBM is going to the prom. User 2 True. TPBM is going to Italy for summer. User 3 False. TPBM...and so on. Okay, I'll start: TPBM really likes basketball.
  10. It would have to be ninja for me. As tempting as being a pirate is, I think a ninja's life is best for me. If I were a pirate I would die of alcohol poisoning pretty quickly or plundering 5 ships at one time. Ninja skills are pretty awsome and i like the weapons
  11. Crazy Ace


    [QUOTE=Aaryanna][COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Hmmm...considering this: [COLOR=RoyalBlue][INDENT]HIV infection rates in the Caribbean are the highest in the world outside of Africa, with an estimated prevalence of 2.1%. By the end of 2003, UNAIDS estimates that approximately 430,000 individuals were living with HIV/AIDS in the Caribbean, compared with 330,000 individuals at the end of 1998; this same report cites that the true number living with HIV may be as high as 760,000.[/INDENT][/COLOR]Then the infection rate there must have been horrendous back in the 80's. [/COLOR][/QUOTE] the caribb
  12. Crazy Ace


    [QUOTE=SunfallE][COLOR=RoyalBlue]Actually infection rates have increased not decreased. Part of the problem is that about one third of those who are infected do not know that they are. As a result even more people are getting infected since they don't know they have HIV yet. Just take a look at this that I found here: [URL=http://www.avert.org/worlstatinfo.htm][COLOR=RoyalBlue][B]Worldwide epidemic statistics[/B][/COLOR] [/URL] [INDENT][COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]During 2005, some 4.9 million people became infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), which causes AIDS. The year also
  13. "The sooner I fall behind, the more time I have to catch up" I'm always late or procrastinate with things. I still get all A's though so things are working. I hope I can say the same thing next year in college.
  14. Crazy Ace


    I'm surprised to see that quite a few people don't know much about HIV. AIDS was a big problem here in the late 80's and early to mid nineties but now the rate od infections here has dropped drastically. From primary school straight throughout grade 12 here we are always being educated and given information on HIV/AIDS. AIds and everything to do with it is basic common knowledge. Pixie are your really sure you have HIV. Who knows, maybe there was some mistake. If you do have it I wish you the best. Why don't you take a vacation down here if you are feeling down. Peace
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