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  1. ZytaZiouZ

    I need understanding

    I am going to guess one of two things. It may be a purely emotional problem, or it may be a chemical embalance. They are far more common than people expect. It isn't anything serious, and it is an easy probem to fix. My other guess is there is something you know you need to do, but you feel like you can't for a certain reason. A while back I was in a situation like that, and when there was something that reminded me, my chest would star hurting really badly, almost like something was caught in my chest trying to move. I would shiver, but I could keep that under control. I basically knew what I had to do, but I wouldn't accept it. It was like, maybe if I ignored the problem everything would go away. I used the excuse that I am clostraphobic (although I am to a degree). Anyways, make sure there isn't anything you feel like you need to do, listen to any suggestions that seem plausible from other people, and see a doctor.
  2. ZytaZiouZ

    Sleeping Patterns

    Let's see, on school days I go to sleep somewhere between 12:30 and 2:00, and then I get up around 5:00 or 5:30. On other nights if I have nothing to do in the morning I go to sleep somewhere between 12:00 and 3:30, and sleep for 12 hours. During really long breaks I literally sleep 12 hours or more everyday. For college, I hope I have early classes, because I love being awake at around 5:30 and 6:00, because in the mornings everything is so peaceful, and the sky looks so bright. That is the only time I know of when the moon seems bright enough that you could easily walk without any other source of light without running into anything.
  3. ZytaZiouZ

    Favourite car

    I like Fierros. They are not one of the most popular, but they are awesome cars. My friend has one, and it is fast, and reliable. Evidentally they have the same engine as the car I have now, but they are much faster. I know I love my car, although it is slowly dying (quite old). Even though it is dying, I can still go faster than 90 very quickly, and without flooring. Not many cars can do that when they are supposedly on their last leg.
  4. ZytaZiouZ


    You already told me who it was in IM, and I already knew he was gay then. That is why I said you shouldn't worry about him.
  5. ZytaZiouZ

    ANimal Rights

    My opinion: animals should be eaten. I know many people are vegan and vegetarian, and that is fine. That is their choice. I just think that animals exist to be eaten. We ourselves are animals. Animals eat eachother. That is life. Why is it so odd that we do the same, since we are also animals. There are extremists who abuse and mistreat animals, and that is wrong. I do not beat animals. If I see a hurt animal, I try to help it. One time I thought a cat had been ran over because it wasn't moving in the road, so I went and checked and the thing scared me to death when it started running. Anyways my point is I am not in any way abusive to animals, and I still eat meat. Killing an animal for food and torturing it are two different things. On another note, Peta is very extreme. I have heard of this organization having people chained to trees so that they would not be cut down, and even worse, property being damaged because an organization "mistreats" animals. This organization has even had people throw red paint on people with fur coats. ...I am not sure if they realize this, those people are just going to buy another fur coat.
  6. ZytaZiouZ


    No, I wasn't talking about him. I can tell your ex has a few problems (fear of commitment= number 1). That, and thinking about it, he would almost fit the bill for chauvinism. Well, so far the only person I can think of is someone with the same first name as me. But he didn't try to get back together with any ex, unless that was something I just didn't hear about. I guess I have no idea who it is.
  7. ZytaZiouZ

    Guilty Pleasures

    Well, I always indulge myself in instant messaging, posting on various forums, playing games, watching anime, downloading new games for my calculator (oh yea, I need to restore one), messing with electronics, and sometimes even watching a tiny bit of tv while I should be doing homework (I should be doing homework nor!) Another thing I do, if I have anything that I can imagine is a sword, I always end up swinging it around like it is one. This would not be too bad if it were not for the facts that I am 18, 6' 1", and have a low ceiling. I have broken lightbulbs by hitting them and spreading the glass everywhere...
  8. ZytaZiouZ

    Gaming Is it right?

    Um, FFX-2 put the fans down in many respects. It reduced a Final Fantasy to a game that is promoted through skimpy clothing, it is a sequel, it is in my own opinion not a true Final Fantasy, etc. They changed too much just trying to get a little profit. I mean, come now. Final Fantasy is a series of linear RPGs that are unrelated, and primarily exist to tell a story. This game should not be entitled to have the name "Final Fantasy." Maybe they should call it "Stare at Rikku you filthy minded people!" Yea, I am a hardcore Final Fantasy fan who is upset with Final Fantasy X-2, and am not too happy with FFXI. I have issues, I know.
  9. ZytaZiouZ


    Love is both a chemical reality (emotion) and a choice. You can experience the emotion, but when things go bad, you have to choose to continue to be there. One must evaluate the relationship very thoroughly. I was in a relationship that lasted for 19 months, and at one time I thought it was love, until I noticed some things tended to be one sided. I would try to talk about our problems, she would get mad and ask why I keep bringing them up. I would try again, and got the same reaction. And then I stopped trying, and she wanted to know why I never talked about our problems. And there were other problems, like her never being ontime, not calling when she said she would, one specific friend of hers getting quite jealous when my ex spent what little time she did with me, and then my ex seeming to take her friend's side. I'll stop naming reasons, too many memories. Anyways, it is both an emotion and a choice. After all of that, I knew what would be the best choice, although it took me quite a bit of time to make it. On a side note, brain scans show that hormones effect people the same as drugs. With that in mind, does alot more make sense?
  10. ZytaZiouZ


    Wow, I am always very quiet and say next to nothing at school, and yet people still figure me out. Anyways, people who do that are annoying, but if it is who I think it is, I must never see him when he acts that way. Then again I only see him around his girlfriend, and then there they are next to eachother usually listening to any others who are there talking. Oh well, not really important who you are talking about.
  11. ZytaZiouZ

    Gaming Seiken Densetsu 3

    Isn't Seiken Densetsu 2 the same thing as secret of mana? If so, then I may definitely have to try to get this game.
  12. ZytaZiouZ

    I need gf help

    I would say, try planning something special to SHOW this girl you still love her. Take her to somewhere nice. It doesn't have to be money nice, it can be some awesome looking place like a stream, river, hill, etc. The one thing I can say is this, never hold it in. I ruined a two relationships that way. When you don't express yourself, you explode one day and say "they should leave me in peace." You will find your "peace," but you will not find true "peace" until you face your troubles. If you try to express yourself and are basically shot down, tell that girl "goodbye" and leave. Feel free to IM me if you need to talk directly to someone about relationships. I enjoy counseling people about their problems.
  13. ZytaZiouZ


    As a guy, I hate guys and girls who act this way. I hear guys talking about girls as something less than human, and I want to smack them. When I see a girl act like she is better than a guy, I want to walk up to her, start laughing, say "You are so stupid," and walk off in my usual nonchalant way.
  14. ZytaZiouZ

    System of a Down

    System of a Down is awesome. If you think the singer has no talent, listen to Roulette. That song has no yelling in it, only singing. The one who assists at times in singing isn't quite as good, though. As for those who do not like this band, do not criticize those who do. I could go on and on about the bands I don't like and make others mad, such as icp fans, boy band fans, and NIN fans. I think unless by listening to this music, we will somehow bring harm to you, shut your trap.
  15. ZytaZiouZ

    Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

    Ah, I am sure he will be cool. For one thing, Tidus was always stuck on hating his father, while Cloud was, and more than likely will continue to seek revenge on Sephiroth.