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  1. Bubble Boy

    Ok, lets get to know each other.

    Question 1. What Video Game systems do u have? Dreamcast and a little ole' 64, but I'm getting XBox as soon as Best Buy gets them back in. Question 2. Whats your favorite Video Game? Dead or Alive 3.... Question 3. Whats your favorite anime? I'd have to say.. Mobile Suit Gundam: The 8th MS Team (My added-in question bit) Do you have a Blog/Livejournal/Weblog? Uh, why yes, I do! [url=http://www.11am.cjb.net]Click Here[/url]
  2. Bubble Boy

    Linkin park

    No, Linkin Park is NOT, I repeat, NOT a boy band. There's proof! 1. They play all instruments themselves. 2. Thier DJ performs with them, boy bands have computer generated DJ effects that, in my opinion, just plain SUCK. 3. Boy bands DON'T have moshpits at thier concerts, Linkin Park does.... 4. Boy bands don't even play thier stuff, they just moan into the mic to attract some girls.. and that concludes it. If ONE more person calls Incubus a boy band, I'll have to slap you with a wet, three month old carp..
  3. Bubble Boy

    Gaming what games are you guys getting?

    XBox is mine this Christmas, so I guess it couldn't hurt.. 1. Dead or Alive 3 (The reasoning: I've been a huge fan of the DOA girls since 2 for dreamcast. With the XBox's specs, the "bounce" should be sucfficient ~.^) 2. Project Gotham Racing 3. Taking suggestions...
  4. Bubble Boy

    Man, this place has changed.

    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Voodookanaka [/i] [B]hey dude, sorry 4 that crap I put u through with slating u n posting your pic n stuff in the past. u come back to stay or u just browsing? Retro otaku? as in completely unstable, and ways around the system so we can have pic sigs??? woohoo!!!!!!!!!! (Im fully aware this wont happen) [/B][/QUOTE] Talking to me? ::thinks he's wrong::
  5. Bubble Boy

    Man, this place has changed.

    OB kinda looks the same compared to when I left, but it's always the same place I guess. Where did everyone (from the older Otaku Boards) go? The only people I recognize are the Admins, Mods, and a small group of others >.
  6. Bubble Boy

    Yo check this out

    The problem with having cats and dogs is that most of them don't get along. Just give them thier own space, that should fix it. If you kick the cat you get reported to the ASPCA!!!! You don't want that do you?
  7. Bubble Boy

    Mecha artists

    I found a site some time ago with some mech tutorials on it. [URL=http://www.polykarbon.com]Polykarbon.com[/URL] If that's wrong, tell me.
  8. Bubble Boy

    My boyfriend died in the NYC accident...

    I heard about this right after I left school. I'm very sorry to hear this Anime Girl....It sickens me to think that someone would want or even plot to do this..... and they were celebrating? My mom has friends in NYC, and my cousins dad is in the reserve, all places around here, including the nuclear power plants are under heavy guard.... I can't even....it beats my mind to death thinking about this, and why smeone would want to cause it. They've linked it to....what ever his name is...and I beleive that they have bombed, with a cruse missile, but I'm not sure. Bush said it right...Hunt them down, and make them pay... God, what is this world coming to??
  9. I was watching CN cause I got bored, and Space ghost Coast to Coast was on. I kept watching. Soon, it ended and I saw all this "Adult Swim" Stuff. I heard "Not for anyone under 17, all kids out of the pool" and I was like WHOA! Cowboy Bebop is on it and it airs sunday and thursday nights at 12 estern and pacific. Way to go cartoon network! They actually showed a full, uncut anime episode! Don't beleive me? I didn't even beleive myself, but it's true, [url]http://www.adultswim.com[/url] See for yourself, it is very real....
  10. Bubble Boy

    If you could live anywhere...

    I would live in Japan, but I probobly will later on, so there ^.^;
  11. Bubble Boy

    The 100 Post Club!

    I don't get the point of this... See, most people reach over 200 posts in 1-3 days of signing up nowadays.... Er....wait, I didn't XD!! Oh well, I'm not around much and don't have 100 posts back yet, so nope, I'm out.. I'm not a goddamned n00b!!!
  12. Bubble Boy

    Total Insanity....I swear....

    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by MysticBabe [/i] [B]:flaming: Hey! no need to make fun of me :mad: i like the smilies:wigout: :smirk: [/B][/QUOTE] Uh hm..... Don't have to tell us that... it's kinda obvious that you LOVE the smilies by now.....
  13. Bubble Boy

    Gaming Darn Cheats!!!!

    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by SSJGOGETAMASTER [/i] [B]AFTER I USED THE HO-OH CHEAT,I TRANSFERED IT INTO PKMN STADIUM 2 AND WHEN I GOT TO GMBY TOWER,MY PKMN GOLD DATA WAS GONE!!!!!!! BUT THERE SENDING MY A COPY OF THEIR EMPLOYE'S GOLD VERSION.IT HAS WAY MORE PKMN THEN MINE. [/B][/QUOTE] Er....you could have used the other topic for this you know... ::rolls eyes:: Stinking Noobs... and I am NOT a newbie....it's my stupid post count, it is, I swear!
  14. Bubble Boy

    Gaming I Have Gold Versian Cheats!!

    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by SSJGOGETAMASTER [/i] [B]I DIDNOT USE THE CHEATS MY SELF,I DIDn't EVEN CATCH HO-OH.THE ONLY LEGENDARY PKMN I CAUGHT IN GOLD WERE ENTEI,AND A RED GYARADOS. [/B][/QUOTE] So how do you know the cheat works? and the text, please, come down off of whatever you're high on and type like a [i]normal[/i] or [i]semi-normal[/i] human being.. thankyouverymuch... :)
  15. Bubble Boy

    Favorite Ice Cream Flavors

    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by MysticBabe [/i] [B]i'll stick with chocolet, thanks :tasty: cookies and cream :cross: blech. [/B][/QUOTE] How DARE you disgrace the name of cookies and cream!!! ::throws tons of it at her:: :P Well, you know my answer, and if you're so ignorant that you don't, please seek help.