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  1. FMP had too many sub-plots beneath the main-plot, too many for how short the series was. I didnt mind the character attitudes, since they're so steriotypical that they dont bug me anymore. The fact that he had what seemed like 300 Lbs of weapons on him at all times, even though meant to be humorous, just got old after the first 5 eps. I do think after a while into it gets much much better. But overall its just an average anime in my eyes. On the otehr hand you have FMP, Fumoffu! which i found very very entertaining. I loved Fumoffu, it was more focused around one plot, opposed to many. I
  2. I dont think its the disk drive, I got my Xbox 3 days after it came out and it plays KOTOR flawlessly. I've heard of this bug before though, its not all that rare. What i've heard is that if it keeps freezing in the same place, then you have to restart your game. I mean start a new one. But if it happens occasionally just disregard it, and reload the save file...
  3. ElvenSlurpee


    I hope they dont push it back again. But if they do it would be for the best, when i get this game i dont want there to be any bugs in it... I've been waiting for it since they announced that the name changed to fable, not too long, but i'm still wetting my pants in anticipation.
  4. I was thinking Initial d, too. But its just another take on the street racing genre which has been overused lately. I would rather be able to play as any of the drivers and not just the main character, see how their racing careers went. I already know how the tofu guys did, i wanna some of the others...
  5. I never even thought about being able to cammand a fleet of ships. That would be awesome to see, i dont think it should feature any of the main characters. Even if it is rare, i would rather have it be a freeform RPG that simply took place in the Last Exile world and time. Maybe altar egos of the main characters, but not an exact replica of them... Still cant the thought of commanding the ships outta my head, if it looked anything like the show (animation-wise) it would be...stunning. It would be like the first time you look at the sunset on Dantooine in KOTOR.
  6. It matters on what anime it is and what time of year it is. If its a short anime (13 or lower) I'll watch it in a weekend if i dont have anything else to do. Yet if its an anime that i need to "absorb" and keep thinking about i'll just go about doing daily things until i think i've understood the episode completely (I tend to zone out during the boring talking sequences) which results in me sometimes rewatching the same episode. Usually this is the case when its winter and theres not much to do but snowboard outside. In Summer i usually try to watch an episode or two a week. There's too
  7. I would have to say Legend of Dragoon. That was one of the only Turn Based RPGs that i could stand to play. Even the FFs proved to be to, just...um... ahck, for lack of a better word. LoD would just be cool to watch, it would probably make a decent 13 or 26 episode series. And another game that would be fitting as an anime is Deus Ex, it would appeal to me at least. Big Fan of the modern/Near Future Animes, all of the characters in that game as anime incarnations would be pretty interesting to see. All the cyborgs runnin' around investigating stuff. Man, this is beginning to sound like G
  8. I agree with a Cowboy Bebop RPG, that would be great. If they made it into a PC style RPG, open-ended and if the gameplay was similar to Morrowind and the like. Man, i would wet my pants... Scryed would also look appealing if you made your character and would either pick or make your own altar ability. Then go through the game developing it, oh yeah and you have to pick whether your a native altar or an altar working for HOLY. And you would go on jobs for the respective place you started. Last Exile, too, although i've only seen 4 of the episodes. It does seem like an original game c
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