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  1. Salemcigman

    Request Helghast Banner and Avatar

    That's one sweet banner and avatar. Thanks much.
  2. Salemcigman

    Request Helghast Banner and Avatar

    I was thinking of maybe like a black backround, and the Helghast's goggles light up reveling his helmeted head or something to that degree. It has to say Helghast on the banner, though.
  3. Salemcigman

    Request Helghast Banner and Avatar

    Okay, since playing Killzone, I've been in love with the one and only Helghast. So if you could please make a banner and a avatar for me, that would be lovely. Thank you.
  4. Salemcigman

    Request Dynasty Warriors Guild Banner

    The hyperlink is in the name next to the dash. Thanks again!
  5. Okay, this is kinda of a strange request........I need a banner for a Guild I created in a forum, the Dynasty Warriors Guild. It just needs to say "Dynasty Warriors Guild" on it, and I would like Sima Yi on it, preferably this picture-[URL=http://kongming.net/i/?game=dw4&path=/i/portraits/&image=simayi.jpg&width=550&height=491]Sima Yi[/URL]. But, anything that would make it look good, add it on. I know this is quite a big request, but have fun with it! You have my deepest gratitiude.
  6. Could someone make a First Sergeant Keruru banner for me, please? [color=teal]EDIT:[/color] This banner isn't for me, it's for my brother, just so you know i'm not greedy for banners. [color=teal]Notice the edit button. It's your friend, heh. -Syk3[/color]
  7. Salemcigman

    Request Gir Banner and Avatar

    Thank you much! Looks great!
  8. Salemcigman

    Three fave shows!

    Okay here are my 3 favourites: Invader Zim: Although i hate that pretty boy Jhonen Vasquez, this is an outstanding piece of work, hurrah for GIR! The Simpsons: THE ORIGINAL COMEDIC FAMILY! Or at least in my opinion, all of those other crapped out shows like Family Guy just suck, futurama is an exception because it was created by The Simpsons guy. this is a hard one but i'll go with.......Transformers(any): I loved the original, beast wars, energon, and armada. But they could make it better by kciking out the humans, because everytime the Autobots go into battle they ssay "Protect the humans" I would think that would be a pain, btu I love the decepticons, my fav. is Megatron, but I my only favourite on the Autobots would have to Optimus Prime. No matter how good he is, he's still one badass robot.
  9. Salemcigman


    I havn't seen that movie yet, would you recommend people see it? And that guy who was in it from old school was Vince Vaughn I think.
  10. Salemcigman

    Request Gir Banner and Avatar

    Could someone make me a Gir banner and avatar, please? (He's from "Invader Zim" for the people who don't know him"
  11. I can most relate to Coroporal Giroro of "Sgt. Frog", he's so mean to everyone is always plotting something evil, also he loves his guns!
  12. Salemcigman

    Request Corporal Giroro Banner

    Hey, thanks much, it looks great!
  13. Salemcigman

    Request Corporal Giroro Banner

    COuld someone make a Corporal Giroro banner for me? He's from "Sgt. Frog" :D