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  1. Okay Britain is the worst place for anime ever! About 14 people in my school of 2000 like it. Thats 0.17 out of 100 (i thik :wigout: ) There is almost NO anime on cept Cartoon Network in which there is very little I get all my anime/manga resources from Amazon cos over here that is the only place to get it over here I posted something on a skater website with my homepage as an Anime website and when someone replied they said and quote " Why do you like that Japanese **** its all **** just like you!" Thats just how popular it is, we are a dieing race here in England...
  2. Nintendo Ds is cheaper then the psp so less work for me! The best series of games ever Metroid will be realesed! Pic chat is ace its just like MSN messager except portable! Touch screen has so many possibilitys like maps on Metroid Prime Hunters it will be easy to access and won't go away from the game play errmmm... Nintendo have the best games like Metroid! Okay thats it Peace out all
  3. Technicly you can shoot on both of them and its in a 1st person shooter hence that they are both fps. Also Mp is the best fps game on the Gamecube (in my opinion) and Halo is the best on X-box. There is alot of exploring in MP and just straight foward in Halo I will admit. Can't really complain as you like MP better like me and as for apples or oranges I perfer oranges :p
  4. Okay my fav chara on Bloody roar is probably that mole guy (forgot his name not played it for so long!) because he is a ninja guy and ninjas are the acest! As for soul caliber 2 I have no clear favourite but if I had to I would say Nightmare cos hes neither good or evil he is the struggle between them a lot like me!
  5. I agree that if I like a game I like it not because it is a sport. MP is strong in storyline and 1st player mode but imagine if mp was multi player even co-op! you could go around a living and breathing metroid world with your m8s helpin ya! I thimks that would be class, thats the onlu weakness I can think of, no multiplayer (as I am used to the metroid games and used to exploring that isn't boring anymore) Halo has advantage in multiplayer but when MP2 is out I just hope its internet playable! Finally does Halo have a foxy bounty hunter as the main chara. No! The pure joy of playing
  6. Which is better? Discuss it here! In my opinion I believe that Metroid Prime is the better of the 2 games for the following reasons... First of all both Master Cheif and Samus have visors but only Metroid Prime has visor effects eg. steam and water flowing down the screen Second of all you gat the best weapons in the game on the first mission on Halo, the Pistol and Assault rifle although in Metroid Prime each of the weapons has a special effect eg. freezing and you are forced to use each one to defeat certain enemys Lastly there are 4 visors in Metroid Prime, my fav the x-ray visor
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