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  1. O sorry your right here are a couple of links of what im talking about...... [URL=http://images.quizilla.com/Q/QU/QUI/Quizer200/1146021453_iesAxel2.0.JPG]LINK 1[/URL] ...............[URL=http://amethyst-angel.com/tutorials/firewheelreference.jpg]LINK 2[/URL]
  2. Could someone make me a sweet Axel banner and Avi please!! The avi can just be of him but can you make the banner have him spinning his weapons or something thanks and kudos to whoever attempts this! :D
  3. Umm for some reason it isn't letting me host the images, are you sure there jpg? I like the focus on the avi and banner but the colors...could you possibly change it to like a light black?? Thanks!
  4. Hey can someone please make me a kick ***** banner using this [URL=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:XIII_Order_11_Marluxia.png]------------LINK----------------[/URL] If you can do anything to the pic to make it look cool- backround color changes, etc. then please do so. And for an avatar i just want the Organization's Symbol[URL=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:XIII_Order-Logo.png]-----------------AVI-------------------[/URL] Thanxs so much to whoever creates this! :D :D
  5. Hey can someone make me a banner of this image [URL=http://www.gamersmark.com/miscimages/media/1243/11112539381.jpg]-------BANNER-------[/URL] and an avi of this image [URL=http://www.playingzone.com/images/jeux/ps2/shadow_of_colossus_sc0.jpg]------------AVI---------------[/URL] . On the banner i would like it to be bigger than a normal banner because it will be for a gaming website and they allow bigger banners. Also i would like a SWEET border on it, with kind of an earthy theme to it maybe vines or something. MAJOR KUDOS to whoever makes this and i will be sure to tell everyone who made it. THNXS :D :D
  6. Hey guys can someone please make me a banner of this image [URL=http://www.rpgkingdom.net/images/articles/img/gungrave/7.jpg]LINK----Banner[/URL] and maybe clean it up a bit (make it a cleaner image and maybe put a border around it or add some flair to it) and a avi of this image..[URL=http://www.asylum-anime.com/posterscrolls/po_gungrave2.jpg]Link---Avi[/URL] Thnxs ALOT to whoever makes this :D :D
  7. WOW thnxs guys those all look so sweet, thank you ALOT!!!!!! :D :D
  8. Hey guys/gals can anyone here make me a avatar of just Ares head, and a banner of maybe kratos doing Army Of Hades on some enemies, also if someone could put "VashTheStampede" in red at the bottom right corner. Thnxs whoever makes this, you will be greatly appreciated!!! :animesmil
  9. Will someone please make me a banner that shows Zodd in his apostle form. and a avi of Femto's head with his helmet on. Thnxs to whoever makes this! :D :D
  10. I would like a banner of the *original* request pls thnxs.
  11. Hey guys can someone make a really cool and crisp banner showing Sasuke doing chidori please. thnxs alot
  12. Can someone make me a sig of Gutz from Berserk, i would like it to show him slicing someone in half(if the mods allow it) or if that doesn't work show him facing off against SkullKnight or Griffith. Avatar just has to be a pic a Gutz thnxs in advance to whoever :D
  13. Can sum1 make me a MGS3 banner that has The End maybe in a sniper position or something and at the bottom to kinda fade out as it goes along, to say "This is the end snake..." maybe white to black or whatever you think will look best. Avatar can just be a pic of snake or MGS3 idc thnxs to whoever makes this u rock!!
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