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  1. Hi! I'm using Firefox and I can't access my myOtaku. It says that the user profile I'm trying to access is currently turned off but it's not. It works fine with Internet Explorer. Can you please help me. Thanks. :)
  2. [COLOR=Indigo]well i don't know if this is horrible but for me it's sort of horrible. hmm... I'm an only child well as far as I know, i had a sister but she died after she was born and my mom had a tumor in her uterus so when it was removed, her ovaries were also removed. so basically, she can't have babies anymore. for the past 21 years of my life I know that I was my mom and dad's only child. they called me "unica iha" which means "only daughter". my dad always tells me that he wants to have a baby boy because it would fullfil his life. i didn't mind him coz i know that he really loves my mom. my mom is working abroad and they haven't seen each other for 5 years now. my dad tells me that i have a little brother and always ask what would i do if i see my half brother. I didn't mind him because i know that he was only teasing me. I always tell him tht i would only believe him if I see the boy. then three weeks ago when we were at the mall, a girl carrying three year old boy approached us. then the boy said "Daddy!" I was shocked. I was speechless. At first I thought that my dad was playing tricks on me. then i saw the boy's eyes, it was like mine, and his eyebrows were like mine too. i got them from my dad. i took a look at both of them. the boy was like the replica of my dad. mixed emotions filled me. i wanted to shout. i wanted to leave. but i can't. I've wondered what would my mom say. for three years my dad have lied to us. he had betrayed my mom! i was really mad at him. that's the most horrible time of my life. until now my mom still don't know about it. and i haven't told her that because i know that i don't have the authority of telling her. if there's someone who has the right of telling her is my dad. it took me a week for that event to sink in to me and now. I'm not that mad anymore with my dad. maybe a little. well i'm not mad at my not so brother but sometimes i get jealous because i think my dad is paying more attention to him. well i don't blame him coz he's only 3 years old and I have accepted him as my not so or should I say half bro. well, i'm just hoping that this horrible event won't cause too much trouble when my mom gets home and knows all about it. coz if they decided to split up, i'll definitely go with my mom. well I don't think if my experience helped but [B]ScirosDarkblade[/B] is right, there are so many horrible things that happen to everyones life you just hve to know how to deal with it. [/COLOR]
  3. Opening Theme of Hunter x hunter - Ohayou :D i like this song...
  4. [SIZE=2][COLOR=Purple]These are lines from one of my favorite movies; A walk to remember This is the scene when jamie told landon that she has a cancer. [B]Landon:[/B] So why didn't you tell me? [B]Jamie:[/B] the doctor said i should go on and live my life as best as i could, i... i don't want people to get weird around me. [B]Landon:[/B] including me? [B]Jamie:[/B] specially you. you know, i was getting along with everything fine, i have accepted it, and then you happened! (Jamie started to cry) I do not need a reason to be angry with God. Everytime I watch this movie, i always end up crying. :) [/COLOR][/SIZE]
  5. 1. [B]hair:[/B] either shave or long hair for guys, clean cuts re too common 2. [B]height:[/B] maybe 5'6 or taller. i like guys taller than me. :D 3. [B]eyes:[/B] i like guys with brown eyes, coz form me it looks natural 4. [B]guys who can sing:[/B] so they can serenade me with their heart melting voice 5. [B]guys with dimples:[/B] i really find guys with dimples really attractive 6. [B]guys who have sense of humor:[/B] i like guys who can make me laugh
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