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    Tatsubei Yagyu got a reaction from pattypv4 in Naruto Manga [Warning: Spoilers]   
    [COLOR=Navy][FONT=Comic Sans MS][QUOTE=r2vq]Actually, Uchiha Sasuke is a type AB.
    [SIZE=1]Kakashi and Sakura are type O.
    [SIZE=1]Ambitious, athletic, robust and self-confident. Natural leaders
    Arrogant, vain and insensitive. Ruthless [/SIZE]
    ([i]doesn't sound like her though[/i])[/QUOTE]

    She used to be uber insensitive to Naruto, and totally ruthless to his face...right? :animeswea

    [quote name='itachionikage']hi guys am new here.Do you guys like akatsuki???[/quote]

    [I][B]DEIDARA!!![/B][/I] :D

    I'm sorry but when he was attacking Suna, the line he said, "Art is a [I][B]BANG!!![/B][/I]" is one of my absolute favorite panel in the entire manga!!! I was devastated when he was going to[spoiler]explode, but was totally relieved once he revealed it was only a Bunshin.[/spoiler] And also, how he says "...yeah." after every phase. I think he's my favorite Naruto Bad Guy like Rock is my favorite Good Guy...

    Thanks for asking. :p [/FONT][/COLOR]
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