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Manga Naruto Manga [Warning: Spoilers]

Ryo the Tactician

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Hey All,
I have to say, I thought that the end of Naruto volume 6, when Sakura finally fought, was the most awesome fight in Naruto so far.

I've been waiting for Sakura to fight since the very beginning of the manga, and she hasn't. She said everything I'd been waiting for her to say, "I've always sat on the sidelines, they've always had to protect me," etc. All the staff I was saying outloud while reading the manga and watching her whimper like a coward. When she pulled out those kunai, I mean..wow, I thought it was unbelievably awesome.

I wanted to know what other peoples reaction to her fighting were. Personally, I'm dying to read Naruto volume 7. Post your opinions, I'm looking forward to reading them.

~Ryo the Tactician.
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I thought it was awesome! Like you i'd been waiting to see her in action. Like how she mastered her Chakra a lot easier than Naruto or Saske, She has more brains, Saske has the power and Naruto...um...has...a demon sealed inside his gut! :animeswea
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I just hope this isn't a one time thing. And do you think she can do anything but the most basic technique, the substitution? I'd like to see her pull off some nice moves (though that trap was pretty cool). Now, I just have to wait another four months to see her fight continue.

:animedepr ...


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You really have to respect Sakura for her intelligence. If you remember, she was the first one to complete the tree-climbing test in manga volume 2 or 3, I forget which actual volume. Also thhe fact that she can put up a good fight without having to resort to some kind of ultimate-supreme-uber-ninja technique like Naruto or Sasuke just goes to prove how capable she truly is at being a ninja.
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  • 3 weeks later...
[quote name='Sailor Ganymede']yeah, I'll commend Sakura for that, but one of the best fights is Lee vs Gaara and Neji vs Naruto in the chuunin exams, and Naruto vs Sasuke.[/quote]

Sailor they haven't gotten there yet.

But yeah, the Sakura fight against the Sound Ninjas was pretty cool. She can be great at making tactics and plans, even if her ninjutsu and taijutsu skills are a bit weaker. I just think the fight was too short though.

And I hate how it ended though. BWAHAHA. I get a look into the future with my scanlations.

Kishimoto-kamisama is very sexist and treats his women with such little respect.

[quote name='Darkartic the Sword Slinger']Anyone care to catch me up? ^_^[/quote]

Welcome Darkartic and Genshiken. I hope you guys will help contribute to the Naruto thread in the future. ^^

As for catching youup... I don't think that's very possible. xD A lot has happenned since then. But I'll give you the highlights. I really think you should just keep reading the manga though.

[spoiler]The preliminaries for the Chuunin Exam.
The third Chuunin Exam.
The war against leaf.
Naruto and Jiraiya have to search for a cure for Sasuke and Kakashi.
Chasing Sasuke.
How Kakashi gets the Sharingan.
Time skip.
Gaara dies and Sakura becomes strong.
Kakashi and Sasuke are replaced by Yamato and Sai.[/spoiler]

And that's where we are now. ^^

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[COLOR=Navy]Who's read ch. 290 yet? I have!!!! *raises hand wildly* lol ok so here's the deal.
[spoiler]Yamato senses he's about to be revealed and so he pulls out his kunai and Orochimaru appears and Kabuto is freaking out, but then when it looks like he's about to strike Oro, Kabuto turns around and slashes Yamato (who did a henge to look like Sasori) and then Oro whips out his snakes and they bite Yamato on the neck and when it looks really bad...poof it wasn't Yamato but a kawarimi. So Yamato appears and he motions for Sakura, Naruto, and Sai to come foward. AND THEN *gasps for air* Orochimaru says "I'll decide who has gotten stronger, you or Sasuke..." :animesigh [/spoiler] and yeah it's a cliffhanger and I can't wait for the next chapter. Also Orochimaru says something interesting..[spoiler]He says, "I've seen that face any number of times, and the kyuubi boy is here as well" so..that got me thinking a bit...and I went to another forum and I find that someone was thinking along the same lines as me... he wrote:[/spoiler]

[spoiler]"Could Sai and ANBU "Root" be clones of elite ninja of Konoha, or elite ANBU at the least?

With all of the theories of Sai being an Uchiha going around, I was thinking about his similarity to the two Uchiha brothers, and Itachi in particular, as well as the word "Root" and what that implies. In 285, the unknown ANBU stated that "Root" is there to support the great tree, known as Konoha, from within and in secret. Also, the roots theirself allow a tree, or any plant, to grow and be strengthened. Roots can also help a plant to regrow itself if the stem or main body is destroyed in some way. As long as the roots are intact, it can regrow and rejuvenate itself.

It's that idea that's made me think that the "Root" of ANBU are possibly cloned from previous elite members of ANBU or of just any ninja that displays extraordinary skills in Konoha. Itachi became an ANBU Squad leader at the age of 13. He seems like he'd be a prime candidate to be cloned. Kakashi became a Jounin at the age of 13 and became a Chuunin at 8, since he was in ANBU it would make sense if he was also cloned and there's a younger Kakashi running around in there somewhere... without the mask covering up half of his face, although he would still have the ANBU mask covering up his whole face.;) Also, remember that Danzou mentioned that Sai was the strongest of his "generation". Since no one really seems to know of him, it's possible that this "generation" he was speaking of could be a generation of clones. It's also possible... that Naruto could've originally been from Root. Perhaps he really was the clone of the Yondaime, which Yondaime learned about, and he therefore considered him able to hold the Kyuubi. It would make alot of sense if Naruto does turn out to be from Root, assuming that Root is made up of clones, since he has NO family AT ALL and there has been much mentioned about his similarities to Yondaime. It would really turn things around in the story of Naruto. Not only would he be a jinchuuriki, but he would also be a clone."[/spoiler]

Yeah sorry it's so long of a post but I felt compelled to post it up here.. what are all of your thoughts?[/COLOR]
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That's nice thinking xD.

I automatically assumed he was talking about Sakura.
But if he [i]was[/i] talking about Sai...
And what if Naruto really [b]was[/b] a [spoiler]clone[/spoiler]. Think of the irony that happens every time he uses [spoiler]Kage Bunshin no Jutsu[/spoiler]. Though it would explain his natural proficiency, wouldn't it. xD

That would be such a great plot twist.
Though it's slightly amusing how you found yourself at "[spoiler]Naruto's a clone![/spoiler]" after Orochimaru only said "[spoiler]I've seen that face any number of times.[/spoiler]"

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[quote name='Gaara kun][COLOR=Navy][spoiler] AND THEN *gasps for air* Orochimaru says "I'll decide who has gotten stronger, you or Sasuke..." :animesigh [/spoiler'] [/COLOR][/quote]

[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Yeah I though that he was going to come out after I read that and I was the same..but mostly thinking ZOMFGLOLBBQEXPLOSION! Is he with them?! However what is probaly going to happen is that Orochi is just going to say something like. " Is that the best you can do? Saskue was able to penetrate the skin atleast." Then I will be sad and probaly go on and cry in my corner..[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Hey animefire13, welcome to Otakuboards!

Just so you know, this isn't that kind of forum. Since this is the Naruto thread, we pretty much talk about Naruto!
Also, since your post is so short, the moderators might consider it spam. So just try to join in the conversation. xP

As for Sasuke, Gai, and Lee's clothing? I always assumed that they had some zipper in the back. xP Of course, it's possible they use some sort of... clothes fitting jutsu... o.O

So is anyone feeling Naruto-manga withdrawl this week? I feel like I should be looking at the RAWs right now, but I'm happy because a friend of mine just got back from Japan and handed me the two most recent volumes for Christmas. =D (That and a VJump full of Narultimate Hero 3 goodness) *drools over game*

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[COLOR=Navy][FONT=Comic Sans MS][quote name='r2vq']So is anyone feeling Naruto-manga withdrawl this week? I feel like I should be looking at the RAWs right now, but I'm happy because a friend of mine just got back from Japan and handed me the two most recent volumes for Christmas. =D (That and a VJump full of Narultimate Hero 3 goodness) *drools over game*[/quote]

Roar, I want to play that game... And there wasn't any manga this week... :animesigh

Anyway, it's my birthday today!!! January 7!!!

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[QUOTE=Tatsubei Yagyu][COLOR=Navy][FONT=Comic Sans MS]

Roar, I want to play that game... And there wasn't any manga this week... :animesigh

Anyway, it's my birthday today!!! January 7!!!

[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Meh..We should just go over to your house so we all can be able to play it.. I wonder, although I havent checked if the anime store down the street.

Happy birthday Tatsubei! -hands some kind of very realistic looking Sharingan contacts- Its funny though, If you were to take a picture and then when people look at it they can be all...WTF??! Thats somethning that I would love to do...Why does everyone have a birthday that is over mine though! My birthday isnt for another 15 days but..yeah.

Well r2vq... Your not the only one who is feeling just an absolute and complete withdrawl from manga, I am as wel. Almost all the scanlations that I read are all just on a break... I feel like I want to just rip out my insides from that though. Its like a part of me has been ripped out... Its just that I HAVE to see the next manga because I have a feeling that [spoiler]Saskue will come out and we get to see him older and such..[/spoiler] Although I dont know for sure.. I just want to be sure!l[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Aww it's sad nobody talks about Naruto anymore T_T well I'm here to save it!!

Update on anime (subbed) THE FILLERS WILL FINALLY END!!
*dances for joy*
In 12 weeks fillers will be no more and the Naruto story will continue like it should. I really hope Naruto sounds a bit more mature and stops squinting at everything.

As for the manga....ZOMG!!! 291 is an amazing chapter!
So here's the deal:
[spoiler]Yamato does indeed have some of the 1st Hokage's cells making him clonish like..but not exactly, because he doesn't look like the 1st and apparently he can control the demon inside Naruto, how that is possible I do not know. At the moment though Naruto is outta control and rips apart Oro's fake face. Then it flips over to Jiraiya and he's showing Kakashi (who's awake now) a huge scar that Naruto gave him when he unleashed a 4th tail. (Remeber when Naruto fought the death battle and the red chakra was protecting him?) Well apparently it's not, what happens is it hurts him and then when it goes away he rapidly heals making him have a shorter lifespan. Poor Naruto, and if that isn't enough, when the 4th tail sprouts out, Naruto cannot tell the difference between friend and foe. With all this kyuubi chakra leaking out, Jiraiya thinks that Yondaime's seal might be weakening. This chapter is one gigantic cliffhanger. Oro is talking about Sasuke and the last page shows Naruto ready to spring with the 4th tail coming out.

SO it leads us to some thinking, but the main question still stands, when will Sasuke reappear????[/spoiler]

That my friends, is the million dollar question at the moment.[/COLOR]
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[quote name='Gaara kun']Aww it's sad nobody talks about Naruto anymore T_T well I'm here to save it!![/quote]
Hey, it's not our fault there was no Naruto for weeks! :P

First off, a very belated birthday to Tatsubei Yagyu.

Secondly, about Chapter 291. I have to agree with Gaara kun. Though it had a lot of talking, soooo much was revealed in this chapter that it makes me drool with anticipation for the next.
Yamato [spoiler]uses Mokuton (wood element) Jutsu, and that was a great hint to what was revealed in this chapter. I remember somebody (it might not have been this forum) theorizing that Yamato was a descendant of Shodai but who would've thought... he was created by Orochimaru with Shodai's cells? Who would have thought...[/spoiler]
Naruto [spoiler]seems to be so much more powerful, now that he can summon four tails instead of just one. I wonder, though, why the mangaka decided to skip revealing the second and third tail.[/spoiler]

That reminds me. I noticed that Kishimoto seems to have reverted to that annoying pattern of story telling where he hypes up a specific character by having other characters talk about how strong he is (in this case [spoiler]Jiraiya[/spoiler] was [i]oh so conveniently[/i] talking about [spoiler]Naruto[/spoiler]) and then continuing the fight.
When Sasori was about to reveal his [spoiler]Kazekage puppet[/spoiler] Kishimoto ruined the surprise by having the Sand Council [i]oh so conveniently[/i] talking about how strong he was in life.
He also did this during the Sasuke-chase-arc. Whenever one of the Genin was about to fight a Sound-nin, Orochimaru and Kabuto were [i]oh so conveniently[/i] talking about that specific Sound-nin and how horrifying they were.

My friends and I all thought this was pretty poor story telling technique that slowed down the pacing of the entire arc... Did anybody else notice this? ^^

Finally, everybody's been saying "Sasuke will come in the next chapter! I can feel it!" or something along those lines. xD Is it just me, or is Kishimoto-sensei doing a great job at dragging everybody along. I think it's very possible that he will show up soon, but it doesn't seem like he'll be [spoiler]joining the ranks of Konoha[/spoiler] again very soon.

Random Naruto Fact of the Day: 8) three of the five hokages are blood related.

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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1][FONT=Comic Sans MS]o.o My my r2vq, Impressive job on becoming a mod! -claps and such- since I am also stating random facts about such, I want to wish a happy birthday to me as well ^_^

After just reading the chapter though there is one thing that slightly worries me. [spoiler] At the end of the chapter, Naruto already had three tails out and to me atleast was indicating that there was a fourth one comming out. If it does and he beats what ever kind of a living thing Orochimaru is, and saskue does indeed come. Wouldn't he just rip everyone to shreads until nothing was left?

One more thing though is the whole " the more he uses the power thimhy he will slowly shorten his life span." Doesnt that sound oddly familiar to the effects of the curse seal that saskue has? Then it can also mean that naruto may die before he becomes the next hokage. We all know that deep within ourselvs that we know if Naruto does ever end, Naruto will be the next hokage.[/spoiler]

Don't fret now, just one last paragraph!

[spoiler] With the whole seal weaking thingy. That...really can't be good now that one was to think about it. It can mean the the fox will be able to burst out of its seal and destroy everything around him? We all remember what he was like the first time Naruto went to go visit him right? I still am in a state of shock trying to imagine what exactly naruto looks like with nine tails though.[/spoiler]

So in the end I find myself at the brink of ripping my eyeballs out of my head at the state of what this chapter leaves me on. One thing to look foward to is only 12 more weeks of fillers.. then we are free...

EDIT: Er...just missed it, My birthday was actually on the 22..not the 23 [/FONT] [/SIZE] [/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Sadly r2vq you're right,

[spoiler] Sasuke won't be coming back to Konoha for a while. But if he [i]does[/i] show up in the next chapter, and with Naruto has his 4th tail up, he won't be focused on bringing him back, he'll most likely try to destroy him for causing him so much suffering. Oh wait..Naruto becomes unconsious to his movements with the 4th tail so nvm. It's just sad for Naruto right now, and if the 4th tail causes him this much damage then just think of the 5th and 6th tail sprouting up, I think Kishimoto didn't show us the growth of the 2nd and 3rd because they aren't as exciting and all they do is increase Naruto's power. The 4th tail is where everything's at.[/spoiler]

sorry it's so long, just a bit more theories!!*girl scouts honor* lol

[spoiler]When Tsunade was talking to Yamato before the mission began, she talked about how it was good Naruto was wearing the 1st's necklace. (The one Naruto won)
well maybe that's what controls the jinchuriki and all Yamato has to do is use a jutsu or scroll.[/spoiler]

Any thoughts? [/COLOR]
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I reread Chapter 291 (from a higher quality scanlator) and I'm wondering what you guys meant when you said that at the end Naruto was developing the [spoiler]fourth tail.[/spoiler] I can see the first three... with the second and third being still incomplete, in their bubbly disgusting-ness. But I can't see any trace of a [spoiler]fourth tail![/spoiler]

As for Shodai, I'd have to agree with Gaara kun. As Orochimaru said, [spoiler]Shodai was supposed to be able to control jinchuriki. The way Tsunade mentioned the necklace, it's obvious that it has something to do with that.[/spoiler] If it were just a scroll or a jutsu, the team captain wouldn't be the only one who could do it. It has to have something to do with his genetics... Kekkei Genkai? Nah. xD

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Well that's sort of not true.

[spoiler]The 4th tail IS there!


Yamato's jutsu from the 1st (mokuton hijutsu - the giant wood box), nobody else knows. And the sealing jutsu isn't known to everyone. So it could be possible that only Yamato knows it.[/spoiler]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1][FONT=Comic Sans MS]I leave this thread alone for this long and this is what I come back to?...For shame on myself...

Well, I think you both may be right on one end. Since Naruto does seem to go all freaky, crazy, "watch me kill everyone" when the fourth one comes out, It may just be foreshadowing that the fourth tail is comming. Who knows?

Even though I hate him...I want to see what saskue looks like.. ; _ ;[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Navy][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Sigh...So much recapping to do...

I've been busy and stuff, especially yesterday, for I borrowed the Gamecube Naruto game from a friend! (:catgirl: :catgirl: :catgirl: )


[quote name='r2vq']First off, a very belated birthday to Tatsubei Yagyu.[/quote]

And a very belated "Thank you," Mr. Anime Lounge Mod. :)

[quote name='tomieharley'] I can't wait for the Chunin exams to start.[/quote]

The Chuunin Exams were probably my favorite part considering everybody showed what they were made off (Especially Rock Lee!!! :flaming: )

Now for my post:

I keep noticing things that I didn't notice by re-reading the volumes off Naruto I have (Like Inari's old dog, and Lee's look-alikeness) and found some more things!!!

Has anybody noticed this in one of the Chapter covers during the Zabuza bridge battles, has Naruto looking at a sign with a kunai in water and a senbon (needle) through a leaf?

And in volume 4, when Kankuro was picking on everyone, he used chakra strings to trip Naruto secretly...if he could do that then, then why hasn't he ever do it again? Wouldn't it be a huge asset? *Shrugs* :animeswea

Annnddd...Has anyone notice that the Third Hokage and Asuma-Sensei have the same first/last name? Well, it's true. Yep.

Anyway, I put the pix on this post so you could see for yourself...

ALSO!!!! IN THE DUB!!! ROCK LEE FINALLY APPEARS!!!...but at the end of the episode....

I just heard Dosu and Zaku's voices!!! They soind cool...but I still worried about Lee's...

I'm done...man this was a long one...I'm gonna finish watching Naruto now. Then I'm gonna play the game again.

Laters. :p [/FONT][/COLOR]
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[size=1]o.O they do have the same name (in a way). You catch alot of stuff.

Now, onto the new part of the manga! The only thing I really want to say is: Sai is a total jerk and I hope he dies on this mission! [spoiler]He was even told to help Sakura while she was falling and he just flew by, not even caring that she's falling to her death!! I do really want to know what his secret mission is. I have this feeling though that his special mission is to kill Sasuke instead of bringing him back to Konoha. Orochimaru is gross and Naruto's ganna rip him to pieces sense his 4th tail is coming out! I hope Sasuke hurries his butt up and appears, I'm not a big Sasuke fan, but I want to know what he looks like after being Orochimaru's pet for a couple of years. [/spoiler]

I really love Gaara's voice in the dub, I think it fits very well, but I don't like Temari's much and Rock Lee and Neji's voices sound to similar, though I still like them. I like it when Kakashi and Iruka fight ^_^ ok, i'm done rambling...

EDIT: i'm talking about chapter 292 ;) [/size]
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Tatsu (and all the people I haven't acknowledge)- thx ;)

NOoooooOOO! I missed Naruto again! >.< And in the process I missed Rock Lee!!
Oh whell. *sighs* It was a good episode too. The episodes back then kinda blur together... did I miss Gai-sensei too?

About Asuma Sarutobi and Sarutobi the Sandaime, yeah, I knew about that. I read a lot on Wiki and they mentioned it there. Though, a lot of people hypothesize that Sarutobi is Sandaime's given name, meaning that Asuma and him are not related. Remember, that's hypothesize.
Actually, on a similar note... Asuma, Sandaime, and [spoiler]Sasuke[/spoiler] were all (apparently) named after the same character! There's somebody in Japanese culture named Sarutobi [spoiler]Sasuke[/spoiler] and that's who they were supposed to get their names from.

About Kankuro... we already know that puppeteers can move people's limbs. We saw this when [spoiler]Sakura and Chiyobaa fought against Akasunano Sasori[/spoiler]. I just think that Kankuro isn't strong enough to do it against any of the people he fights against. He was able to use the technique on Naruto when they first met (and this surprised him) but all his opponents after that were much stronger. (of course, this is all my theory now)

I love that symbolism with the kunai in water and leaf with senbon sticking through it. I never noticed that before... Maybe I should re-read too. xD

KKC, are you talking about 291 or 292? I want to read your spoilers but I don't know. xD
And it's amazing. From the little I heard, I was okay with Temari's. But I didn't like Kankuro's very much, and I was on the fence with Gaara. Of course, I didn't hear very much since I missed [i]this[/i] week's episode. xD

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GAH 293!!! [spoiler]OMG amazing Naruto is freaking insane!!! HA I knew the 4th tail would show up, it was just a matter of time. But anyways here's the synopsis:
Naruto hunches over as the chakra boils around him. Inside himself he reaches out to a spectral Sasuke and the liquid in the Kyuubi lair fills. Naruto passes through the gate barrier and the Kyuubi encloses his paws around him. In the forest, Naruto?s flesh begins to peel off, revealing skin similar in appearance to his feral whiskers. Orochimaru remarks the chakra feels different this time around. Elsewhere Yamato assists Sakura and she asks where Naruto is. Yamato explains and then sends a wood clone towards the disturbance. Kabuto heals himself and remarks it is no surprise why Akatsuki wants a jinchuuriki's power so bad. Sai watches from above as a sphere of chakra surrounds Naruto. Naruto wails and an explosion rips from his location leveling the surrounding forest. Yamato forms a wood barrier and Sai's bird is destroyed. To Yamato's surprise and Orochimaru's delight, a totally feral Naruto with claws, ears, fur and four-tails crouches ready...

like I said amazing. You can only imagine how mad he'll be once Sasuke appears.[/spoiler]
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