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  1. Wow I haven't been on here in such a long time! 314 was cool. The new Akatsuki seem very [spoiler] arrogant and what is up with the death religion?? Kishimoto is really...well never mind. I was hoping to see more of the 2 tailed in action. I wonder how many the Akatsuki have so far. The Sarutobi connection didn't really surprise me that much but I would find it very interesting if Asuma was Konohamaru's father. Reunion! Of course...now Kishimoto has an excuse to further prolong the actual training of Naruto.[/spoiler] But as for this technique...[spoiler]Rasengan is alrady
  2. You did good at summing up Tatsu. I think Sasuke is using [spoiler]genjutsu of some sort to peer into his mind. Don't you think it's weird that Sasuke still doesn't know what is inside Naruto? You'd think Oro would've told him...or at LEAST because of Itachi's new obsession with the Kyuubi. I think in 309 Sasuke will foolishly break Naruto's seal (dirty symbology) thinking that it will be a way to gain the kyuubi's power. But what happens is that the kyuubi now has full contral of Naruto's body (possibly sprouts all 9-tails) and Naruto will have to fight for control of his body from wi
  3. [COLOR=DarkRed]Hiei: "Not his gumdrop buttons!" After watching Shrek, Hiei is mortified that Lord Farquaad made an attempt at the gingerbread man's gumdrop buttons.[/COLOR] [SIZE=1]Ahh..I'm satisfied. XP[/SIZE]
  4. [COLOR=DarkRed]Ahh so his weapon was indeed a [spoiler]sword. Sasuke is blindingly fast! (307 is out) There were a lot of flashbacks in this chapter. Then Sasuke draws his sword out and the chapter ends. Near the beginning, Sai pulls out his weapon and possibly he'll deflect an attack Sasuke makes to Naruto? Now my question to everyone, is why isn't other Jounins around? What else could possibly be important to keep them back from a major battle with Oro? Yes I understand Konoha needs to make money, but why is it always left to the inexperienced ones?[/spoiler] *sighs* I can't
  5. [COLOR=DarkRed]Fireball: *deep breath* Billy.... I am your father *deep breath*[/COLOR] [SIZE=1](The name came out of nowhere ;])[/SIZE]
  6. Ah that would be [spoiler]Kimimaro. Maybe Oro misses his amazing ability and is trying to dress Sasuke up like him. Hmm I'm surprised his outfit doesn't have the Uchiha fan on it somewhere. Maybe his weapon has it. Speaking of that...what do you all think his weapon is??[/spoiler]
  7. I'm sorry but Sasuke looks totally [spoiler]fat in that outfit. It really wasn't that exciting at all and frankly I was expecting some scars or SOMTHING different but all that really changed were his clothes. [/spoiler]
  8. [COLOR=DarkRed]GI Joe learned very quickly that cartoons can teach you something useful.[/COLOR] [SIZE=1]Yay! Worst caption ever![/SIZE] or [COLOR=DarkRed]And we have found yet [B]another[/B] glitch in the game..[/COLOR]
  9. [COLOR=DarkRed]The appearence of the early stages of voodoo.[/COLOR]
  10. Maybe he's bipolar...and REALLY his [spoiler](Sai's) brother is really himself. Hmm Now how interesting would that be??[/spoiler] Totally irrelevant [spoiler]Personally I think Jesus can't really walk on water and was actually on the Dead Sea where you float anyways. :D[/spoiler]
  11. Well that's on of the reasons why Naruto is so great. The different personalities etc.. OMG I saw the movie and a lot was [spoiler]distorted! Especially Sakura.[/spoiler] :rolleyes: I thought the storyline was interesting could've used a little work other than the routine Naruto turning a bad*** into a kind-hearted person T_T So repetative.
  12. Then the solution would be to PM Tatsu...
  13. [COLOR=DarkRed]haha nice.. everything about this is great. XD Nobody can fool Sasuke...except maybe...Orochimaru and his ways O_o[/COLOR]
  14. [COLOR=DarkRed]Yeah I know it's golden week but still... I'm studying Japanese so I'm loaded to textbooks and such...it's not a guess. You'll see when the translation comes out. [spoiler]Don't worry. I will laugh when Sasuke dies, jump out of my seat and do a little dance. I really want somebody to die. Right now I don't really care who (exceptions: Gaara and Naruto) but only because Kishi doesn't let anyone die unless they are very old (Sandaime and Chiyo) And I'm not counting all the nameless people because they don't count.[/spoiler] I'll be very happy if it IS Sasuke th
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