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  1. [B][IMG]http://i3.tinypic.com/11cd1k1.jpg[/IMG] I guess you guys have figured that it's not updated every day now, lol, been too busy. Sigh* P.S. Notice Sasuke's eyes are Sharingan while he was playing DDR? P.S.S Thanks, K.W, for the idea. :animesmil [/B]
  2. Just a song about a relationship, that I've been having forever, and a girl...that....ripped me apart. [B]Burn,Burn it all Take it away Take it away Somebody Save me Burn my heart Burn my soul Strip me from my control Darken skies Your clear blue eyes Turn to cold black Its hatebreed You hate me And now, I can?t stop... Everybody in the room will [DROP] This love This place I hate it Talk to him Talk to her Leave me here Just go away Leave me here To fear you I fear you I hate you Why do I? Why do I love you? Burn burn now Turn turn now Away from me Leave me here Take it away Take it away Save me[/B]
  3. "I told you Paris Hilton was too much for us man"
  4. "Heie did a dramatic pose for the cameras, at the world premiere of his new movie, 'Demon Wars III: Heie strikes back' which is coming to your local Walmart real soon."
  5. This is from a something Rurouni Tatsu said a while back, about Gai. I turned it into a joke, lol. :animesmil [IMG]http://i4.tinypic.com/10him8p.jpg[/IMG]
  6. [B]Clueless Computer gamer: How do I shoot? How do I shoot? Clueless gamer 2: Square button! Square button! C1: I don't think there is a square button! C2: I can't believe we found treasure already! (C1 finally opens box) Computer: A Box-monster was hidden inside!!!! C1: Oh no! Whatever will we do? C2: How bout we quit and go watch Tellitubbies, after drinking a glass of milk and listening to Cristina Algulara? C1: Yeah, that's an idea! This game is too scary! (Later that night) C1: I'm scared Bobby, hold me... (Secret voice in shadows): A Box-monster was hidden inside! Duhnnnn-dummmmmmmmm[/B] That was officially the stupidest worst caption ever, plus it was very long, lol. :animesmil
  7. In this thread, you can give us your favorite AMV, and tell why. Simple enough, yeah? [B][url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4bpsbyvp8p0] This Naruto Video[/url][/B] is my fave. I love the band Three Days Grace, and this is my favorite song by them. It's sad, and angry at the same time, and it really speaks to the video. The video is mostly about Sasuke, so yeah, I love that too. He's consumed with hate and anger, but under that, you know that he sorta has a soft spot for his pals, even though he barely ever shows it. So, "I hate everything about you, but why do I love you?" is extremely accurate to his personality towards his friends. Sorry to keep it short and sweet, folks, but I love AMC's, so I'm waiting to see some of your favorites. :animesmil
  8. [B]It's back... :animesmil Well, new season of it, and I started doing it again for fun. This is low quality, but the joke is solid. [IMG]http://i4.tinypic.com/zwe3gn.jpg[/IMG][/B]
  9. [B]Let's see what you guys think of this band when you see....This! ...MCR searches on the interent always turn out to have something strange on one of the links for some reason...LOL. [url]http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=7697176279595390871&q=My+Chemical+Romance[/url] Hmm, I love MCR, they are one of my fave bands, but sadly they are being overrun with posers. :animesmil ...poserlcious people call me weird...It's funny ccause in another week, MCR'll probably be a trend again. Heh. My favorite song is "You know what they do to guys like us in prison" I love the soothing sounds, turning into screaming, and techno girly voices, with a added effect from the lil girl laugh at the end. That was tight. :animesmil Heh. (I always put heh at the end of a paragraph) Hang 'em high is an awesome song too...'cause lord knows how many times I've wanted to be a cowboy. [/B]
  10. We finally found Master Cheif's long lost sister.
  11. Hmmm... My favorie [I]Element[/I] is Neon. Oh...but Hydrogen is cool too... :animeswea :animesmil Oh wait...we're talking about different things...Umm, I like Darkness and Water. Darkness is stealthy, and scary, so yeah I love it. Water, well, I love floating around in pools ponds and toehr sources of water. Just love swimming, so I had to say water. :animeswea
  12. Umm..yeah..remember girmaster, my mom's dead. Well, Kazuwa's mom is dead. Helba died of cancer long ago.
  13. Ichigo- Dude, you're single right now, right? Ishida- Yeah...why? Ichigo- Ohhh...no wonder you were making a doll. (Think real hard 'bout this one....)
  14. Sam Fisher(Splinter Cell)- "Meheeheehehee....Raiden and Ocelot bet me two cents to do this...Maybe EVA'll like me if I'm rich...Back in the old days, two cents was abunch...I wonder how come those two dudes don't see me...I didn't think I was so stealthy... Maybe Snake'll finally love me and make me a part of his videogame. Mine sucks compared to his, so that would be cool." Sam's boss- Dammit Sam, what the hell you doing? That was so retarded. LOL. :animesmil I had to add Splinter Cell and MGS together LOL.
  15. OOC: This RPG is nearing it's end, but even so, I'm thinking about making another one to continue on what happens in this one, LOL. And no offense, girmaster, but you could try to put in a more Constructive post, so it's easier to understand, other than that, you're doing fine, except that Clipper is with her....werewolf-type friend user Caspin, at the moment, so, jumping in with meeting her is a little off-topic. Anyway, glad to see a post. Tempest/Bloody_Moon :animesmil . By the way, I have no clue what OOC means. :animesmil [B]Nomura and Repth were still at it. The battle had lasted for at least twenty to thirty minutes. Nom hoped Rikku was okay, but right now, he had to focus on Repth. Repth slashed with the one hand he had, waving around his long bladed staff. Nomura was breathing hard, and was now moving slower, and barely dodging Repth's attacks. "You were right. You don't quit." Repth said. "I've forgotten why we're fighting now. Oh yes...Your brother..." Repth smirked and struck Nomura in his wounded arm. Nomura screamed out in agony. Dark's powers were doing nothing for him. Repth smiled at Nom's expression. He uncovered his necklace and looked down at the man inside. "Poor Izuwa....Kazuwa didn't even get to save ya..." Repth frowned, and threw the small necklace to the ground. He swung his staff at it, and then stepped on it. He laughed, and looked up at Kazuwa. Nomura stood there, in shock. He blinked many times, and the third time he did, he opened his eyes, to discover that he was in a different place. Or...maybe in the same place...but...he couldn't see, no matter how many times he opened his eyes. "Time to wake up Kazuwa." said a woman's voice. It was familiar. Kazuwa knew it well. Helba was standing over a small Kazuwa. She pulled back his covers, and shook him awake. Nomura woke up, and looked up at the dark-haired woman. "Mommy? Where's Izuwa? Isn't he coming with us to the park today?" "Who?" Helba asked. "Big brother," Kazuwa exclaimed. "Kazuwa...you...don't have a brother..." ------------- Gasping for air, Kazuwa shot up from his hospital bed. A nurse shouted "He's awake! Nomura's awake!" She smiled, and looked at the boy. Kelac and Rikku looked down at him. "J-just..a nightmare..." Nomura muttered. "What?" Rikku excalimed, as if Nomura was deaf. Nomura smiled at her and layed back down on the white bed. He smiled. Izuwa was okay. A doctor came in the room, and sat down in a chair beside Kazuwa. "So, how do you feel?" Nomura smiled and replied "Better than when I was in comatose" The doctor laughed and looked down at his shoes. A worried expression was on his face. "There's...something we need to talk about." "Yeah?" "Izu...Izuwa passed away last night. The neighbours found him passed out on the floor...we brought him in...and...we..did all that we could..."[/B]
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