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  1. [B][IMG]http://i3.tinypic.com/11cd1k1.jpg[/IMG] I guess you guys have figured that it's not updated every day now, lol, been too busy. Sigh* P.S. Notice Sasuke's eyes are Sharingan while he was playing DDR? P.S.S Thanks, K.W, for the idea. :animesmil [/B]
  2. Just a song about a relationship, that I've been having forever, and a girl...that....ripped me apart. [B]Burn,Burn it all Take it away Take it away Somebody Save me Burn my heart Burn my soul Strip me from my control Darken skies Your clear blue eyes Turn to cold black Its hatebreed You hate me And now, I can?t stop... Everybody in the room will [DROP] This love This place I hate it Talk to him Talk to her Leave me here Just go away Leave me here To fear you I fear you I hate you Why do I? Why do I love you? Burn burn now Turn turn now Away from me Leave me here Take it away Take it away Save me[/B]
  3. "I told you Paris Hilton was too much for us man"
  4. "Heie did a dramatic pose for the cameras, at the world premiere of his new movie, 'Demon Wars III: Heie strikes back' which is coming to your local Walmart real soon."
  5. This is from a something Rurouni Tatsu said a while back, about Gai. I turned it into a joke, lol. :animesmil [IMG]http://i4.tinypic.com/10him8p.jpg[/IMG]
  6. [B]Clueless Computer gamer: How do I shoot? How do I shoot? Clueless gamer 2: Square button! Square button! C1: I don't think there is a square button! C2: I can't believe we found treasure already! (C1 finally opens box) Computer: A Box-monster was hidden inside!!!! C1: Oh no! Whatever will we do? C2: How bout we quit and go watch Tellitubbies, after drinking a glass of milk and listening to Cristina Algulara? C1: Yeah, that's an idea! This game is too scary! (Later that night) C1: I'm scared Bobby, hold me... (Secret voice in shadows): A Box-monster was hidden inside! Duhnnnn-dummmmmmmmm[/B] That was officially the stupidest worst caption ever, plus it was very long, lol. :animesmil
  7. In this thread, you can give us your favorite AMV, and tell why. Simple enough, yeah? [B][url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4bpsbyvp8p0] This Naruto Video[/url][/B] is my fave. I love the band Three Days Grace, and this is my favorite song by them. It's sad, and angry at the same time, and it really speaks to the video. The video is mostly about Sasuke, so yeah, I love that too. He's consumed with hate and anger, but under that, you know that he sorta has a soft spot for his pals, even though he barely ever shows it. So, "I hate everything about you, but why do I love you?" is extremely accurate to his personality towards his friends. Sorry to keep it short and sweet, folks, but I love AMC's, so I'm waiting to see some of your favorites. :animesmil
  8. [B]It's back... :animesmil Well, new season of it, and I started doing it again for fun. This is low quality, but the joke is solid. [IMG]http://i4.tinypic.com/zwe3gn.jpg[/IMG][/B]
  9. [B]Let's see what you guys think of this band when you see....This! ...MCR searches on the interent always turn out to have something strange on one of the links for some reason...LOL. [url]http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=7697176279595390871&q=My+Chemical+Romance[/url] Hmm, I love MCR, they are one of my fave bands, but sadly they are being overrun with posers. :animesmil ...poserlcious people call me weird...It's funny ccause in another week, MCR'll probably be a trend again. Heh. My favorite song is "You know what they do to guys like us in prison" I love the soothing sounds, turning into screaming, and techno girly voices, with a added effect from the lil girl laugh at the end. That was tight. :animesmil Heh. (I always put heh at the end of a paragraph) Hang 'em high is an awesome song too...'cause lord knows how many times I've wanted to be a cowboy. [/B]
  10. We finally found Master Cheif's long lost sister.
  11. Hmmm... My favorie [I]Element[/I] is Neon. Oh...but Hydrogen is cool too... :animeswea :animesmil Oh wait...we're talking about different things...Umm, I like Darkness and Water. Darkness is stealthy, and scary, so yeah I love it. Water, well, I love floating around in pools ponds and toehr sources of water. Just love swimming, so I had to say water. :animeswea
  12. Umm..yeah..remember girmaster, my mom's dead. Well, Kazuwa's mom is dead. Helba died of cancer long ago.
  13. Ichigo- Dude, you're single right now, right? Ishida- Yeah...why? Ichigo- Ohhh...no wonder you were making a doll. (Think real hard 'bout this one....)
  14. Sam Fisher(Splinter Cell)- "Meheeheehehee....Raiden and Ocelot bet me two cents to do this...Maybe EVA'll like me if I'm rich...Back in the old days, two cents was abunch...I wonder how come those two dudes don't see me...I didn't think I was so stealthy... Maybe Snake'll finally love me and make me a part of his videogame. Mine sucks compared to his, so that would be cool." Sam's boss- Dammit Sam, what the hell you doing? That was so retarded. LOL. :animesmil I had to add Splinter Cell and MGS together LOL.
  15. OOC: This RPG is nearing it's end, but even so, I'm thinking about making another one to continue on what happens in this one, LOL. And no offense, girmaster, but you could try to put in a more Constructive post, so it's easier to understand, other than that, you're doing fine, except that Clipper is with her....werewolf-type friend user Caspin, at the moment, so, jumping in with meeting her is a little off-topic. Anyway, glad to see a post. Tempest/Bloody_Moon :animesmil . By the way, I have no clue what OOC means. :animesmil [B]Nomura and Repth were still at it. The battle had lasted for at least twenty to thirty minutes. Nom hoped Rikku was okay, but right now, he had to focus on Repth. Repth slashed with the one hand he had, waving around his long bladed staff. Nomura was breathing hard, and was now moving slower, and barely dodging Repth's attacks. "You were right. You don't quit." Repth said. "I've forgotten why we're fighting now. Oh yes...Your brother..." Repth smirked and struck Nomura in his wounded arm. Nomura screamed out in agony. Dark's powers were doing nothing for him. Repth smiled at Nom's expression. He uncovered his necklace and looked down at the man inside. "Poor Izuwa....Kazuwa didn't even get to save ya..." Repth frowned, and threw the small necklace to the ground. He swung his staff at it, and then stepped on it. He laughed, and looked up at Kazuwa. Nomura stood there, in shock. He blinked many times, and the third time he did, he opened his eyes, to discover that he was in a different place. Or...maybe in the same place...but...he couldn't see, no matter how many times he opened his eyes. "Time to wake up Kazuwa." said a woman's voice. It was familiar. Kazuwa knew it well. Helba was standing over a small Kazuwa. She pulled back his covers, and shook him awake. Nomura woke up, and looked up at the dark-haired woman. "Mommy? Where's Izuwa? Isn't he coming with us to the park today?" "Who?" Helba asked. "Big brother," Kazuwa exclaimed. "Kazuwa...you...don't have a brother..." ------------- Gasping for air, Kazuwa shot up from his hospital bed. A nurse shouted "He's awake! Nomura's awake!" She smiled, and looked at the boy. Kelac and Rikku looked down at him. "J-just..a nightmare..." Nomura muttered. "What?" Rikku excalimed, as if Nomura was deaf. Nomura smiled at her and layed back down on the white bed. He smiled. Izuwa was okay. A doctor came in the room, and sat down in a chair beside Kazuwa. "So, how do you feel?" Nomura smiled and replied "Better than when I was in comatose" The doctor laughed and looked down at his shoes. A worried expression was on his face. "There's...something we need to talk about." "Yeah?" "Izu...Izuwa passed away last night. The neighbours found him passed out on the floor...we brought him in...and...we..did all that we could..."[/B]
  16. [B]"Ehn...Eh..." Nomura gasped in pain. He didn't know what was going on. All he really knew was that he no longer had his right arm. "Nom-Nomura!" Rikku exclaimed staring at the bloody arm. The spear had went right through the middle of his arm, when he was trying to stop the spear from hurting her. [I]Bad luck, Kazuwa. Heh, This all started when...I met...them....[/I] thought Nomura. He laughed under his gasps for breath. Then he looked up at Repth with glaring eyes. "You just don't quit do you?" Repth growled. "Not tonight, I won't. One of us is gonna die. And it's not gonna be me!" Kazuwa yelled, pulling the bloody spear from his limb. He took off his black jacket and wrapped it around his wound. His black undershirt, was just a regular shirt, and if Repth attacked him, it wouldn't provide any protection. All Nomura could do now was dodge. "Think again, boy." Repth said smiling. Nomura smiled back, and ran at Repth, holding his claws out. His right arm hung down, but he could still move it a little bit. Repth's arm was barely grtazed, but still had three bloddy scratches running down it. "Hey Rikku, get as far away as you possibly can, okay?" Kazuwa said. Rikku nodded, and ran with Dark in her arms. They ran until they were out of sight. Repth and Nomura clashed again and again, Repth dodging, and pulling off a counter-attack. Nomura constantly dodging, and slashing his claws more. [/B]
  17. Just to think..this started out as two members of The Otakuboards debating whether Rock was better than Rap or not.
  18. [B][I]No. I can't....I won't let him take Rikku, I can't...[/I] Nomura thoughts were bouncing around in his head. He hadn't any idea what to do, but he knew what he really wanted to do. He wanted to run with Rikku in his arms, away from all the troubles. Yet, he couldn't move. He was frozen with fright. "What's wrong, boy?" Repth said in an evil way. "Cat got your tongue?" He said in a suspicious way. He laughed and threw a soft object at Nomura. Nomura looked down at what he had thrown. A small black cat, beaten to the core and bleeding Golden-cyber digits was laying there, dying. "D-Dark...No.." Kazuwa choked out, picking up the small creature. "He did nothing to you, Repth. Why would you...." Kazuwa muttered. He glared up at the man. Repth jumped down from the stone castle that Kazuwa had come out of recently, near the two teenagers. "You're like me Kazuwa. Never knew his dad, always trying to keep things close to him when he knows that he can never keep them any closer, always wanting to strike down everyone else because of what you've seen before..." He said. "I'm....Nothing like you!" Nomura shouted, looking back down at Dark. "C'mon Nom, come strike me down..." Repth said smirking. "I've got better than that.." Kazuwa said, more calmly now. "And what's that?" Repth asked. Nomura smiled, and got a handfull of data from Dark's lifeless body. "DataGain." He drank the gloden bits and peices, and was covered in rings. He was returning to a digital character, but he would instead have a much different version from his usual. He would probably have something that resembled Dark, more. [IMG]http://avatar.gaiaonline.com/gaia/members/ava/3b/9d/40a0b1732f9d3b.png?t=1146420215_3.00_10[/IMG] His body couldn't take it, he was kneeling on the ground, before he knew it, then, his body seemed weightless. Blonde-hair, with white cat ears was his new look. His black clothes were even darker in the fog, so his body looked almost invisible. He had claws that resembled a cat's, but that was his only weapon besides a bouquet of dark-blue flowers. He was still no match for Repth. Laughing, Repth walked closer to Nom."What will you do? Smuther me in Flower Pedals and Kitty litter?" Nom looked down at the useless flowers. He frowned. He held the flowers up, and then he stood up. He stared down at the flowers. [I]Why are these flowers so cold?, [/I] he thought. Repth, still laughing ran at Nomura and struck the flowers. Everyone gasped as his hand froze into ice. Repth's eyes were wide, his expression dumb-founded. He un-stuck his hand from the bouquet and staggered back. He couldn't take his eyes off of his hand. Nomura took the chance and struck his hand with his new Cat-Claws. Repth's hand broke into a hundred peices and shattered against the stone ground. Rikku stood back. This would be a real fight.[/B]
  19. [B]Gav, whatever you want to do. ll would be nice or Adventure-duo would be good too. Whatever you like, I'm trying to make this as comfortable as poaaible for the reporters :animesmil LOL, and Sandy, it's bad, cuz I actually knew you were a he, but......for some reason I got a little confuzed. Basically a typo, I type fast, not think fast. Would you like me to post the article, or not? :animeswea [/B]
  20. [B][I]Where...Where am I?[/I] Kazuwa stood up from the cold ground he was laying on. Dry blood was all over his shirt. He held his side and looked around the dark room he was in. "Aura? Aura? Where did you-" "Boy, that wretch isn't here, but I...am." A robed figure came out of the darkness, into the moonlight. Moonlight was shining brightly from a hole in the ceiling, where a few stone bricks had fallen down to the ground below. "Why do you keep coming for me? I'm just a player! I've done nothing to you!" Nomura shouted at him. It was the NPC. "You stupid NPC!" "Listen Kid, the name's [I]Repth[/I]. Not NPC. And, I was once a real player like you." "Huh?" Kazuwa lowered his body and relaxed a little, to hear what Repth had to say."What? What did you just say?" "Nothing...now you asked what I wanted. I want Balmung's wings. I want your Belts of Kilika.I want the data on Tsukasa, and that girl named Aura. Simple enough, right? I didn't want to hurt anyone...Oh yeah, I want that girl Rikku dead, and that guy Kelac too. They get on my nerves." "Nerves? Is that it? You seem scared of them to me!" Kazuwa smirked. "Hmmm...scared maybe then, but not right now. Now...I know a way to defeat that man, Kelac. Rikku's no prob." Kazuwa glared at Repth. "And what this "way to defeat them"?" "Your brother hasn't been to your hospital room once, I wonder why." Repth smirked, and revealed a necklace from under his robe. Kazuwa gazed into the necklace, and saw a small figure inside. "He go too close to figuring out everything, and telling. Naughty kid." "That's my-My brother?" Kazuwa screamed. He charged at Repth, but was shot backwards by a ray of light. Repth laughing, disappeared into the darkness once again, leaving Nomura to himself. --------------------------- Tears swelled in his eyes, but he knew he had to get out of here. He was in a game right? Even though the character of the game looks different, he still has the same abilities, right? Kazuwa tried jumping up through the hole in the ceiling. He failed, and didn't even get within twenty feet of the ceiling. He tried once again, and again. Tears fell from his eyes as he jumped up and down. Please! Please! I have to get out of here! I have to- Two golden-chain belts flew out of his palms, catching onto the ceiling with their metal spikes on their tips. Nomura shot up through the hole, surprised. He smiled, and looked around him. "Rikku? Is that..Rikku!" He shouted seeing Rikku throuhg the foggy night. It looked like a small child was with her, but he slowly faded away, so Nom couldn't tell. He ran up to Rikku, and hugged her. Their tears fell onto each other, as they held each other closely. They were together, at least. And right now, that was the happiest moment of Kazuwa's life. [/B]
  21. LOL, this next one is a long poem about...well...love mostly, but it also has other elements if you pay attention. :animesmil Oh yeah, the person I'm talking about "Sister" in this poem, is just an awesome friend, not my sibling. :animesmil This actually has a name! Yay! [I][B] Though I hate me, please, love me[/B][/I] This is for the sadness of my Sister This is for the hatred to myself I know I'm a joker Wild-eyed and covered with lies But someone should suffer more than me? I must, I know what I really am. I'll shed my tears, but please don't give in Her sadness destroys me Like a dangerous fee To being close to me I don't want this any more than you Your hatred is for me to do... Away with So hate me for now, So you won't cry..when I let you down. Sister, smile Don't want to see that frown. Never again. No, not ever again. I'll lie Don't cry Just the nature of my own. Put it on my back, and settle youself into your throne. at least, you're comfortable happy, it's so indescribable how I feel. And how, I deal, With this burden Burden to love you. Can't help this feeling So I'm kneeling On my knees I still want you to love me.
  22. [B]She slowly walked towards the lifeless body. Her heart was beating furociously, and her hand was outstretched to Kazuwa. She grabbed his hand and began to speak. "Kaz?You awake?" She asked. Kazuwa just layed there, lifeless. Rikku was about to speak once again, but then a crash was heard outside of the room. The three hurried outside to see what was going on. A maid had simply tripped, while carrying a tray of food. The three helped her, and walked back into Kazuwa's room. Rikku gasped. Her tears fell from her face, which was the only thing moving. She looked helpless, not knowing what to do. Nomura was on top of the window seal. His face was set into a cold frown. Fresh blood was coming from his side. "Kazuwa! No!" Kelac jumped forward. Kelac frose as he was running towards the window, he looked down and saw two belts wrapped around his feet. He couldn't move. "It...hurts...it hurts. Where's m-" Kazuwa choked out. "Where's...who?" Kya asked him. "Where's...Where's mom?" Kazuwa acted as if he didn't even see the three there. "Cancer? No....will mommy die?" Kazuwa kept speaking, from his memories. "Why is mommy in that box? Brother...Where are they taking her? No! Make them bring mommy back! I don't want her under the ground! No!" And with that Kazuwa fainted. The belts around Kelac faded away, and he caught Nom before he could fall to his death. "Wh...What the crap was that all about?" The two looked back at Rikku. She had apparentally fainted too.[/B]
  23. Sorry guys, I've been on a trip lately, and I've obviously not had my computer with me, I can post the one article I have from Sandy, or just wait for next week and post it with her other one, and mine/gavin's. I'm thinking about switching to Bi-Weekly like Sandy requested, since this is getting a little harder to do in a week's time. :animesmil
  24. I got lost on the path of life! I'm back, but I'm very busy at the moment, LOL. So, I might or might not post another psot for the RPG, sorry guys. :animesmil
  25. You can join, but go to the inn, and look up the rules in the thread .hack//THE WORLD 3.0. :animesmil
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