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  1. [B]LOL, it takes forever for it to get to your house after you order it...it took 3 weeks for two videogames to get inside my mailbox. Walmart said...three business days. Not weeks... So, it would be alot more fulfilling for the impatient person (like myself) to just go out and buy it. Are you aware of the KH storyline? Cause if you are, you should get this book. If you're not...then...get it anyway. Heh, that's the best I can explain it.[/B]
  2. lol...Please, just PM me if you want to sign up, so it's straight to me, (I catch on quicker that way) Be glad to have ya White, and to have an article from ya. And Ikkilion too... :animeswea
  3. [B][COLOR=DarkRed]"Heehee....Got her right where I want her..." LOL :animesmil , nobody knows what Leon will do next! So lame.... P.S. RE4 rocks...even if it's the only one without zombies from the RE franchise. :animeswea [/COLOR] [/B]
  4. [B]You can have any Anime characters powers you want! Uuuuuuummm...I wish I was Miroku (from InuYasha). Ten minutes later...(on the telephone with his dad, while his dad's at work) "Uuummm dad, I just....sorta swallowed the shed in my windtunnel...And the dog...and your new Mercedes... Yes, the new one. The red one. No, not blue . Red. Oh, you know that restaurant down the road? You favorite one? The Mexican one...Yes, that's it. It's gone. No they didn't move back to Mexico. They got swallowed into my windtunnel. No, I don't think they'll sue. But the neighbor might...Why? Well... you know Cassie? Their daughter? Yes, that's her. She sorta came over....and...." :animesmil LOL, That was so stupid. :animeswea [/B]
  5. [B]Kelac's blades were in his palms, but he didn't want to get up and go into a server to fight monsters. He was leaning against a wall, lying down in Mac Anu. His dark red eyes glanced from user to user as they passed him by. Nomura suddenly fell to the ground, and Rikku rushed him out of The World. He didn't know what had become of them. What if Nomura didn't recover? He watched each user go by, and then he noticed a small cat. A small black cat. "Hey, little fellow? What are you doing here?" He said. The cat turned and stared at him. It meowed and walked over to him. Kelac pet the cat, and then a message came out of the cat's collar. It said: Name: Dark Owner: Nomura Message: Have you seen a user named Nomura??? Kelac gasped at the massage. This was Nom's cat. He smiled. Nomura must've had a good partner, and it was a cat. "Heh...So he hasn't logged out, but he hasn't come to get you, eh? Boy...I"m worried about him too." Kelac said, rubbing the cat's ears. "But...We'll find him soon."[/B]
  6. [B][COLOR=Navy]Major Zero: Snake, Snake , are you alright?[/COLOR] [COLOR=DarkGreen]Snake: Well, I"m not exactly hurt.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]Major Zero: Not...exactly?[/COLOR] [COLOR=DarkGreen]Snake: Listen, I gotta go...This guy thinks I have a bomb stuck in my underwear....Now he thinks there's a big gun under there...[/COLOR] [COLOR=Sienna](Ruffleing sound, pants unzipping)[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]Major Zero: Snake...what's that sound?[/COLOR] [COLOR=DarkGreen]Snake: Oh! OH MY GOD! He's feeling around! AAAGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH![/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]Major Zero: Snake! Snake! Aww....I knew I shouldn't have put him on that mission. Infiltrating the Metal Gear Drag Queen base was too much of a job for him...[/COLOR][/B]
  7. Waldenbooks. 5.63 at Walmart .com :animeswea Most bookstores have to sell the same price as it says on the book, so it should be 5.99 anywhere.
  8. [B]HHHmmm... I can't tell if Zeke wanted to try out or not. She said nevermind, LOL. Okay JJ, PM me whenever you're ready to start. I would make the format like that....but...I'm afraid it'll take too much! We only have a certain ammount of time, and it's already a pain to write these articles. LOL. Ill try it though, if you can get me that format. P.S. I think a small one-shot section would be a great idea, for people to submit small stories or etc. :animesmil [/B]
  9. LOL, heh, thanks K.W. I'll fill in for you, and be careful in Holland! Come back in one peice!
  10. Bad, like it's bad to the bone, or bad like it sucks? If I were you, Stafal-chan, I'd go out and buy all three volumes of the mnaga. Each one is only 5.99, and they're definitely worth it. Basically a bargain, since the book is actually good for a game-to-book series. :animesmil
  11. K.W, Not a giant fan of FB, but your siggy still rules. I give it a 8.9 because of the wonderful colours and angles of the characters. For some reason, it really appeals to me. I give you avi a 8.6 because of the happiness she gives off. Smile is one of my fave words :animesmil and the Colours are beautiful as ever in this one too.
  12. Well, first they have to finish making the series for the first game, but it would be even more nice if it went through Chain of Memories, and into KH2 later, but that would take forever wouldn't it? :animesmil
  13. [B]Wow, Rurouni Tatsu...you're good. The first one is the worst one, concidering that it's still prettty good. LOL, Rock Lee was a good choice! My fave is the one of Kakashi reading...his dirty li'l book, heh. Ah, but we can't go into details now can we? :animesmil Since I can't take my time writing a novel on each drawing, I'll just rate Tatsubei, if that's okay with you. 1st- Rock Lee 7.6 (I like this one because it shows Lee doing his supermove, LOL, besides that Lee looks a little short, heh.) 2nd- Rock Lee 8.3 ( Rock Lee was done great in this one. You do him good, and you also do hands really good, LOL. But...His hair looks like Hinata's and his smile is funny. Yet, for some reason I like the funny smile. :animesmil ) 3rd InuYasha 8.8 (InuYasha was awesome and it looked just like he does when he does that...odd facial expression. Good work, nothing is wrong about this one!) 4th 9.5 (it looks just like Kakashi, with great artwork. Great Artwork!!! I just might even say it again for th heck of it. Great!)[/B] :animesmil
  14. yesh...2 minutes takes forever, imagine 2 hours...LOL, anyway, the story has gotten quite complex. As in the ending of dotHack Quarantine, Aura was reborn anew living, and the Aura playing the game now is her. :animesmil I'm in a coma, yet I'm still logged in, and lost. So, until I'm found, I'll play as Kelac [SPOILER] Who just happens to be Kite's son, heh [/SPOILER]
  15. LOL, sure Ikkilion....or should I say....sand dragon disguised as Ikkillion? :animesmil
  16. [B]Well, I've yet to read past posts, to see if you guys like it or not, all I really know is that I like it. To be constructive... I was amazed. Shiro Amano really did character design great, and all the Disney characters look exactly like they do in the old movies. The art work for the other characters is great too. The Final Fantasy characters were the life of the book aside from Sora, Riku and Kairi. Cloud is so awesomely drawn! Sora's hair is always shaded, and so is some other stuff, so it's never completely black and white, but it's not the best shading around, still good though. The story tells you some of the stuff you didn't get in the game, more thoughts, reasons, and quotes etc. Yet, the story tends to lose me sometimes, but I catch on to whats going on. Probably because they don't detail the backgrounds good enough. If they did, I'd get what was going on a lot better. KH isn't very long though, not nearly as long as the game's storyline. It's only a lil bit over 100 pages. So far the the third is the largest with over 130 pages...around 160 pages. If I was to rate this book series, I'd give it an 8.7 out of ten. I've gotten the first three volumes of the series, and quite frankly, I can't wait for the fourth. :animesmil [/B]
  17. [B][COLOR=MediumTurquoise]Wow methinks the new one is good, great even! :animesmil Me being an FMA fanboy, I obviously like this pic. The picture is great, because it shows the sadness of Ed, after all that he's been through. And basically, it's his fault, so the phrase on the picture is just what it's supposed to be. The red colour goes great, and alot better than it would be if Ed was coloured normally, or coloured any other colour. And yet again, the swirls kick butt! :animesmil [/COLOR] [/B]
  18. Yesh...I am one of them. I tried to get over them after they kicked out of Greece, but my bro bought me a Slipknot shirt for christmas...And then went back into my room, and got back into them. Heh, not as big a fan now, but I still know that their music is pretty good, Music-wise. Speaking of gods, what gods do Wiccans worship? Just Wikka? Or others?
  19. [B][I]Where am I? Is this the world?[/I] Nomura stood up, holding the wound in his side. He glanced around at the stone-palace he was in. It was dark, and eerie... Nomura screamed out in pain as shocks went through his body. What was going on? How did he get here, and what was this pain? ----------------------- "Clear!" exclaimed a tall man in a white coat. Rikku sobbed watching him in the room. The men kept doing it. Shocking him, and finally they took him to the hospital. ----------------------- Sirens and buzzing sounds were killing his ears. They were so loud....and everywhere. He couldn't escape them. He held on to his long silver hair, and his headband broke and fall down to the ground, digitalizing into nothing. Then his scarf, and his jacket. He was slowly drifting away. ------------------------------------- VIRUS! VIRUS! "Nomura? Where did he go?" Dark meowed, but only meows came out. He could sense it. Kazuwa was in bigger trouble than ever. -------------------------------------- Nomura awoke in a small bedroom, but this time, he was dressed in schoolclothes, and he looked just like he did in real life. Aura was sitting on the bed. "Years ago...Hareld created this game. The dotHackers helped everybody in the game overcome the many problems within the game that were destroying the real world. And when they did...Hareld's daughter was born. Aura... Then...on her seventh birthday, she noticed how much her features were nothing like her parents'. She was of Hareld's. Then, when she learned of this man, she began playing the game to find out more. The problems began once again." Aura said quietly. "Nomura...I am her. The living NPC." Nomura stared at her. He had heard of this. Hareld, the creator did in fact make a NPC of the daughter he never had, and legend says she was reborn as a new person when the dotHackers saved the real world. It was true. And he knew it.[/B] [B]Nomura gasped out in pain a he fell on to the bed, he slowly blacked out. [/B] [COLOR=DarkGreen][FONT=System]{I'll control Kelac until you guys find me again, LOL}[/FONT][/COLOR]
  20. no offense... But renayiiq can really bring some good come-backs! Wow....She got me where it hurts. :animesmil Not a pedestal really...more like a recliner, but thats good too. Stereotypes, huh? Don't believe in stereotypes. When I said Goth, I did in-fact mean the stereotype of Satanworshipers, but otherwise I'm Goth. Fave colour's black, my wardrobe is 3 quarters black...and my music....gives headaches to my elders (They're not used to the melodies I listen to) Because some music is Satanic or whatever the crap the holy-people say. It doesn't change me. Me the same either way :animesmil Ahhh...but then you come off as me being stuck up, and my life being all dandy? Hmmm, then you obviously don't know me, now do ya...(flashbacks) LOL, I can see I really have an army in this thread...K.W is about the only person that is standing behind me on this one... OK, Sorry guys/girls if I offended anybody in this thread :animesmil
  21. Heh, White :animesmil [CENTER][FONT=Book Antiqua][COLOR=Navy][SIZE=3][B]The Otakan News![/B][/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT][/CENTER] Second Edition launch in 5,4,3,2,1... Well, it?s that time again. Another week, another paper. This is the second paper in this little project. Enjoy! To start things off, I?d like to bring up a small article that I?ve researched into just a small bit. [B][I]?I?m an existentialist--freedom and passion are the most important things to me-? Quotes Shintaro Ishihara, governor of Tokyo. Freedom and Passion? He sure didn?t give passion to Mickey Mouse! Yes, Ishihara insulted our little mascot that gave Britney Spears a chance to be noticed. The mouse is from Disney, and is now in Kingdom Hearts? videogame series. But, some people say that he is saying this because it comes from America, and that he?s a racist. So...racist? Or maybe he just hates cartoons...Disney movies evolved the art style of Anime, believe it-or-not, sorta like an influence. Of course, you wouldn?t expect a political person to know or care about that. Oh well, everybody has their opinion.[/I][/B] [COLOR=Red][B]Anime and Manga[/B] This week, we?ve got some good news, and maybe some bad news if you like Biblos... [CENTER][IMG]http://www.theotaku.com/media/news/1184.jpg[/IMG] [/CENTER] Fruits Basket once again on Booklist , this time as #48. Volume 13 is out, and smells like fresh manga, and judging by the fandom of FB on the Otakuboards, you guys should be going nuts. Kingdom Hearts Manga volume 3 is now on the shelves...And yes more people are going crazy. This one is pretty good, and I can?t wait for the fourth to hit shelves. [CENTER][IMG] http://www.icv2.com/images/94829Startrekmanmd.jpg[/IMG][/CENTER] Now..on to the interesting stuff! Star Trek fans unite with Otakus...and get a manga? Chris Dows, Gregory Johnson, Jeon-Mo Yang, Jim Alexander, Joshua Ortega, Michael Shelfer, Mike Barr and Rob Tokar are all working on this project, and I for one am not a ST fan, but I?m still pretty excited to see this hit stores in September! Hitting off with a 192 page volume from TokyoPop, even more crazed fans will be screaming as it (and the 40th Anniversary celebration) blast into the media. [CENTER] [IMG]http://www.icv2.com/images/90153transformers_poster-md.jpg[/IMG][/CENTER] Transformers....LIVE MOVIE! EVEN STEVENS! Shia LaBeouf stars in the new re-make of the anime Transformers. It will start playing in May of 07....and....I?m sorta scared. And last but not least, Biblos, yaio hit company...Went huzzah in bankruptcy. Sucks for the fans, sucks more for the company. But...just maybe, they?ll make a comeback. Heh, just maybe...[/COLOR] [COLOR=Sienna][b]Hardwired[/b] This past week there has been an interesting discussion in the [b][url=http://www.otakuboards.com/forumdisplay.php?f=12]Play It[/url][/b] ?forum whether [B][url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=52686]video games are art or not[/url][/B]. Well, you can have varied opinions about that, but as the term ?art? is so hard to define (or because everybody has a different definition for it), there hasn?t been a conclusion to the sprouting debate. It?s really an intriguing subject, though, so be sure to check it out. In the [b]PC/Mac[/b] ?section, there?s a thread about people?s [B][url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=52454]history with MMORPGs[/url][/B], which stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games, for those of you who were unaware. To put it more understandably, they are those addicting online games that cause people to forgot to eat and take care of their babies. Anyhow, the thread itself is pure quality discussion, with no ?WoW is bestest!!!1?-type of replies. It also gives you some respective on [i]why[/i] people play those games as well (not like it's something inconcievable, though). [CENTER][img]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/e/eb/Final_Fantasy_VII-_Advent_Children_DVD_Cover.jpg/200px-Final_Fantasy_VII-_Advent_Children_DVD_Cover.jpg[/img][/CENTER] In case you aren?t aware, both the European and American release of the DVD of the computer-animated movie [b][url=http://www.square-enix-usa.com/dvd/ff7ac]Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children[/url][/b] is nearing. It?s the [b]24th[/b] (PAL-regions) and the [b]25th[/b] (US) of this month, guys and girls! See the extra-hot Cloud and the extra-hot Tifa in extra-hot FMV action! The two DVDs are said to include following special features: [b]Disc 1:[/b] *Reminiscence Of Final Fantasy VII: a video compilation of scenes from the original game to help viewers catch up on the storyline pre-Advent Children [b]Disc 2:[/b] *Deleted scenes *Distance: the making of the film *Venice film festival footage *Sneak peak of upcoming games in the franchise including the eagerly awaited Final Fantasy XII *Trailers That?s something to wait for ? even if you aren?t a ravaging FF-fanboy like me. - [B][i]Sandy[/i][/B] [/COLOR] -------- Alas...I must...get this DVD. Sandy makes it sound so good. Heh, this week Amelia has given us a li?l list of some cool stuff in M,M & TV. Check it out. [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][B]Media[/B] ? This week in Music, Movies, and TV, there have been some slightly disappointing threads. Remember to care about good post quality, eh? ? If you?re interested in the TV show House, Disney Movies, Rob Zombie?s new album, or the upcoming Halo movie, there are threads available for discussion. ? Friday was ?The Biggest Night of Degrassi Ever? on The-N, hope ya saw it, and if you didn?t, You gotta catch the reruns. ? Now, for a tidbit of my own excitement ? AFI?s seventh album, Decemberunderground, is scheduled for release on June 6, 2006 (notice the date, anyone?)[/COLOR] - [B]Amelia[/B] --------------------- AFI?s new CD should be pretty good, and The Degrassi season premiere was definitely good! [COLOR=DarkOliveGreen][B]Otaku Lounge and World News[/B] This week....there?s a thread about God. And, apparently the people that post there don?t like me. Heehee, Was it something I said? LOL. Check it out if your interested in God...or me getting beat down by some really good come-backs. Heh. There?s also a thread on Homosexuality. Hm, one time some guys my friend was gay. He?s not, but they think he is ?cause he?s optimistic all the time and dresses funny. That?s just plain wrong...They judge him by whats on the outside, and come to a conclusion that?s exactly the opposite of what he is. And what if he was? Why is so wrong in today?s society to be homo? If you ask, me it?s not right. We?re all equal. Doesn?t matter what ?team? your on. Comments? Insults? And last, but not least. Here?s a list of other threads that need posting, that seem pretty interesting at the moment. Magic -tanukioh Be careful what you wish for- Amelia Anybody have any klutzy moments?- ladydark Jrotc- FBI-chick How big of a deal is it?-Chie And check out some of the threads by Gun preacher. He?s got some good ones! If he didn?t then why would I be highlighting him?[/COLOR] [COLOR=Magenta][B]Art[/B] Well, in this weeks Art by Request, there hasn't been that many requests lately.... the only new one so far is the Rurouni Kenshin Banner and Avatar Request by Samurai Mix. So far, only KW (me... I know) has answered to his call for help. If you or anyone else wants to contribute... please, reply to his thread and help him out! And also, there are a couple of threads still waiting to be answered by some users! If you want or are in the mood to make a set for anyone, then go ahead and help some users out with your artistic talent! In other news, the Art Studio has some very interesting threads up and about. The Rate The Sig Above You thread has been popular lately... so if you want your avatar and sig rated and have some constructive criticism, then reply to this thread here and rate some artwork! Also, there are threads that are showing users different works of art and need some loving! Look up some of Delta's, White's, Retribution's and Keyblade's work and tell them what you think of their art by submitting a post in their threads. Whatever you tell them, I'm sure they'll take it lightly.... I think... XD And... last but not least.... as you all have heard, the Graphic Worm thread has been shut down momentarily. Yes.... the most awesome thread showing people's works placed together has been stopped to a halt, until Retri can find another good site to post it on. Let's hope that he finds one soon... because a lot of us want to see great artwork by great artists. Want to post your artwork? Want a new banner and avatar set? Or maybe you just want to look at art.... well, stop by the Art Studio and you'll have what you're looking for! [B]Ads[/B] [CENTER][IMG]http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c307/CloudsOnly189/nailcopy1ph.jpg[/IMG][/CENTER] Want to add some pizzazz to your life? Well... order your nail today! Introduced by the famous White. Want your ad posted in The Otaku Paper? Well... PM me, Keyblade Wielder, or Nomura and send us your ad![/COLOR] -[B]Keyblade Wielder[/B] [I]Editorial- Yes...We should be done for the week....We still need somebody to do RPG section, and the Anthology section. Gavin is doing the RPG section...but...he didn?t PM his article... LOL, sad story I know. And White, you can help out as well! PM me whenever you?re ready. Spellchek done! ....I forgot to put the c in spellcheck... I?m gonna work on my spellcheking skills! -Nomura, editor in chief[/I]
  22. [COLOR=DarkRed][B]Well, here is just a bunch of poems about love and etc. that I am making up with as I go. I want to see how good I am at this. :animesmil You seal me with an arrow This path Is so narrow I go one way, but it doesn't work And the other way seems to hurt So why I am enclosed with a duty that I can't take my part? But if this is suppossed to be love from your heart Then why is your love so dark? Here's my chest, and you've made your mark Here's an arrow through my heart It's Valentines, And I'm so shy My throat is so dry Would you fill me with with the red of roses? Blue as violet? But white as the clouds? My mind is blinking on and on It's screaming your name so loud I stood forward, and you heard me out No tears today, todays a drought Take heed this message This message you'll face Love is hurtful, but I still fight I fight for this love This love I will chase This message is brief It is nearly over But you must drink from the cup of love Please don't be sober LOL, they were off the top of my brain. I need practice with off-the-top-of-my-head poems[/B][/COLOR]
  23. LOL, No Retri, that not what I mean. I mean, that good thing they were Christians. and pray to him....Cause....If someone saved my life...I'd be praying to them too (or for them). God saves many people. The smart ones, know that God helped 'em and get saved soon afterwards. No, I'm not saying that if you're not a christian you're dumb either....Darn. You got me to where I don't even know what I'm saying. Okay...Maybe I should give you MY religion and what I do in the religion....a little more. I'm a christian, yeah. I go to church slmost every sunday and Wednesday. I don't pray as much as I should, and I'm pretty sorry that I don't, since I know I should. I do listen to Rock, and small peices of rap, but that doesn't change my religion one bit, but I know someone will give a lecture on it. I'm sorry that Jesus died for us....Us being the creatures of today's society, and us being pretty much living a life full of all kinds of things that God doesn't like. I feel really bad for Goths(etc) Most are beaten or set into a world of sadness...and they turn to Satan. That makes their life even worse, I think. Ah...I'm writing too much... The point is, I'm a christian, I want others to be Christians too, and that I'm just sohappy that my friends went home last night safe and sound. :animesmil One thing....I always wonder. If god knows what we are going to do, and it's usually something we shouldn't, why won't he stop us? P.S. So, Retri, you're saying that he shouldn't listen to what God has to say? That it doesn't matter? Or are you saying the opposite? ...I'm soooo confused... :animesmil :animeswea
  24. If...I was wearing somethng fruity...would you find that...crap! I don't know the last word! :animesmil
  25. Ok...now im confused! Ok...Sakura sees a flying NPC...You say it's you...We fight it...It deletes me...I hack back in...We fight...Kelac hurts you...You see that its him...You gate out.... You're an NPC, so you dont have a life outside of THE WORLD. That's all an NPC is, and so far, you have become an enemy to Nom, Sakura, and the others. Are you still lost? :animesmil
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